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Randy Quaid Exposes the Hollywood “Star Wackers”

Randy Quaid Exposes the Hollywood “Star Wackers”

Randy Quaid: Disclosure of the Hollywood Power Elite…Murder, mayhem, mind control embezzlement, fraud, and stalking:

Stating facts and names…among the “wacked” stars: Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, David Carradine…Listen to the comment by the reporter at the end, describing Quaid as “delusional”. A rare and dangerous glimpse into the Hollywood New World Order Mind Control grid…but all big business really runs like this!

Randy Quaid: Conspiracy to kill him and other Hollywood stars:



And to the list we add: the murder of Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen

Clues To the “Shift”

Clues To the “Shift”

Posted by Randy Maugans | Exotica| Articles

I keep trying to understand, and explain, what the nature is of this period we  are entering, called “The Shift”. It is spiritual, and it involves an expanding of our present consciousness—but what is this thing we call consciousness? 

An article by the philosopher of science, Ervin Laslo, goes far in helping to define this paradigm:

First of all, what is consciousness? The commonsense assumption is that consciousness is a stream of experience produced by the brain. As long as the brain functions, there is consciousness; when the brain shuts down, consciousness vanishes. This, however, is not necessarily the case. It could be that our brain no more produces consciousness than the radio produces the symphony that comes through its speakers. The symphony, too, disappears when the radio is shut down, yet we know that it’s not produced by the radio. Both the radio and the brain pick up signals, transform them, and display the result in our stream of conscious experience.

A truly evolved consciousness would have the quantum-receptivity of deep prayer and meditation, but it would operate also in the everyday context. It would display a broad EEG wave-spectrum, embracing alpha and theta as well as beta waves. And it would show that the two brain hemispheres are highly coordinated, so that the information processed by the quantum-mode receiving right hemisphere is readily communicated to the sensory-information processing left. An evolved consciousness is wider and deeper than the everyday consciousness of people today, and more functional than the consciousness of those engaged in deep prayer and meditation.

In the past this kind of consciousness has been limited to exceptionally sensitive and creative people: to healers and poets, prophets and spiritual masters. In the future it could spread to a wider segment of the population. Humanity could be evolving its consciousness. – Excerpted from “Cosmic Symphony — A Deeper Look at Quantum Consciousness”, by ERVIN LASZLO on APRIL 9, 2010

As we learn more about our own consciousness, we also begin to grasp the immense power inate within us as spiritual creations—expressions of the GODHEAD—and the deeper mysteries of who we are, and how we transcend space, time, and physical being states. The shift is about those in humanity who want to move out from the stagnant states of carnal thought. In one sense, there have always been those who transcended the conditioning; those we would call adepts, avatars, messiahs; but humanity is bifurcating now—the veils are being rent.

We Are THEM?

We Are THEM?

Humanity seems poised to transition into a hybrid…but of WHAT? Current “mainstream” science accepts the postulate that a hybridized human would be the ideal. While experiments in human-software grafting continue to ramp up, the ultimate composite may be more sinister: Human-ET hybridization. The notion that we would become “advanced” in terms of physical capabilities misses the point that MAN is a spiritual creation and that we would become LESS in exposing the human interface to limited atomic creations:

Brainjacking will lead to the emergence of software hybrids

CYBORGS have walked among us for many years: humans fused with devices such as pacemakers, prosthetics and cochlear and retinal implants. Now the opposite approach is being embodied in a new kind of cyborg: a robot with an animal’s nervous system (“Part moth, part machine: Cyborgs are on the move”). Some bots run on grey matter culled from a living creature. Others run software based on
“brainjacking”, for example, the pair of robot legs that learned to walk using a lamprey’s nerve signals.


Visions of the Future – Sim Card Man by Nigel Kerner-New Dawn Magazine

SIM Card Man Even Closer

‘Part moth, part machine: Cyborgs are on the move’ - ‘Cyborgs walk like a lamprey, dance like a moth’ - by Duncan Graham – Rowe 
New Scientist 3rd November 2010

 Cyborgs are on the move





Why “Christianity” Fails in Helping Abductees

Why “Christianity” Fails in Helping Abductees

by Randy Maugans | Exotica| Articles|11-07-2010 
Related: Apocalypse Concrète-The UFO Cult of Christianity

I was searching the web to locate abductees who have had a Christian background—and I know there are many; but what struck me most was how the stronghold of denial grips the so-called “Christian” researchers. Several years ago, I interviewed well know MUFON researcher, Joe Jordan, for another program I host and was informed that “the Name of Jesus stops alien abduction”. 

Jordan’s basis for this claim comes largely from hisJoe Jordan conclusions that the ET are demons, and by using traditional Christian deliverance methods, one may be set free from further episodes of contact. Jordan, of course, lacks a broad enough statistical base for any such conclusion; and when pressed will admit that this does not even work in all his own cases due largely to his conclusion that these failed efforts are the individual’s own “strongholds”, i.e. belief structures that are “occult” or non-Christian.

Again, in searching I found even more such egregious conclusions from a website called Christian Information Ministries, under the sub-heading of “Weird Things”. I think that classification alone excludes any dispassionate research. Reading the article, The same old themes emerge: “new age” channelers, a  “counterfeit rapture”, alien abduction is just “demonic possession”, and worse: the culpability of the abductees (they are not properly “born again”…). from the article:

Abductee surveys have revealed that the overwhelming majority of abductees have shown an interest in paranormal activities, Eastern religions, and [the] New Age world-view.” 9 Other common characteristics of abductees are other abductees in the family, a marked openness to new and unusual experiences, a highly dysfunctional family background, and victimization by sexual abuse as children. Some abductees, but not all, have had several UFO sightings prior to their abduction. The fact that very few born-again Christians show up among abductees is instructive. 

This rock-ribbed, die hard “Christian”, or I should say, “evangelical” viewpoint, not only lacks the broad base of research available from so-called “secular” researchers, but denies the testimonies of tens of thousands of experiencers outside the domain of so-called Christianity. However sinister the ETs may be, we cannot conclude that they are, in fact, “demons or “fallen angels”; in fact that summation is far too simplistic for even those spiritually inclined toward a belief in Jesus Christ.

Worse still, these religiously biased “researchers” stifle inquiry and limit the base of investiagtion by creating a climate of fear and shame for abductees, especially those who come from a religious background; and many stories are heard of those who are expelled out of the churches for daring to admit such a thing. Nice work!

From a personal perspective as child contactee and abduction subject—and having come from just such a religious background—I can testify of how impossible it is to share the horrors with those who do not believe you…or worse would subject you to psychiatry and medical treatment because of the effects of abductions. That the religious work within a narrow understanding of how things work, merely makes ET contacts and abductions another Salem witch hunt! 

I WISH the name of Jesus, or a so-called “born again” standing did protect us—I wish my faith had protected me. In fact, as an adult with four children, I do know there is power in spirituality—real spirituality. But abductees seeking help, and a compassionate ear are not likely to find amongst the narrow-minded researchers such as this article cites. I will have a lot more to say on this very soon.