Kidnapped by Mind Control Weapons, and Sent to US Embassy in Hong Kong (Soleilmavis)

Kidnapped by Mind Control Weapons, and Sent to US Embassy in Hong Kong (Soleilmavis)

The following article represents the “tip of the iceberg”of what occurs around the world under the banner of numerous projects emanating from the globalist cabal. I have been in contact with Soleilmavis (not her real name) for several months. She is, in every sense of the word, an activist, crying out from behind the wall of suppressed peoples globally. 
While I have requested a voice interview with her, there is no way in which to do this because of her location inside China. We are going to do an interview via email and attempt to corroborate, as much as possible, all of the details of her story. Because this case is trans-national, having been (apparently) initiated in Australia, then moved to the US Embassy in Hong Kong, this particular case gives us a glimpse into the extent of such activities on the global scale. EVERY human on this planet needs to understand that we ALREADY have a New World/One World order, and that the scale and reach of insidious technological invasion into the human mind is pervasive and GROWING! 
Bloggers, “truther” websites, media projects, and journalists can HELP by re-posting this story and any subsequent follow-ups around the internet. The window of time is closing for us, even here in the so-called “free world” to raise awareness and begin to reverse the trend toward a GLOBAL mind control grid, and begin to give attention, INTENTION, and hope to any/all who are victims of scalar technology, satellite surveillance, and quasi-legal abductions under color of international law. Make no mistake: we are ALL intended targets. PLEASE, help make this story go viral by posting links, re-posting the story, and publishing the details. We are also seeking people who are knowledgable in international human rights law to investigate State Dept. covert activities agaainst international citizens—WE ARE THE WORLD! -Randy Maugans, December 13, 2011
Kidnapped by Mind Control Weapons, and Sent to US Embassy in Hong Kong Soleilmavis

Nickname: Soleilmavis

Citizenship: Chinese

Year Torture began: Dec. 2001




Here I wrote the Fact and Evidence, Not an argument of my story.

On Apr 2002, I was kidnapped by mind control weapons and was brought inside USA Embassy in Hong Kong.Because I was harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control weapons, I could not remember clearly all the details, but I tried to write more details.

Even I did not know WHO used mind control technologies and brought me inside USA Embassy in Hong Kong; and WHY?  but I tried to write details of ‘WHAT Happened’.

Details of my stories:

I became a victim of mind control weapons abuses and tortures, when I was studying Master Degree in Australia on Dec 2001.

I had reported to police but I could not get help to stop the abuses and tortures in Australia.


I tried to talk to many people about such matter; most of them said they never heard such technologies, 

Some voices said to me:” USA has the most advanced technology in the world. You can go to USA; maybe you can cure your diseases there.”

I went to the USA embassy in Melbourne to apply visa, paid the application fee. But when I came back home from Embassy, Some voices said to me:” Go to USA, we will arrange for you, don´t have to apply visa.” They also said:” We will apply medical leaves for you.” 

Because I thought those voices would not lie to me, and my brain was being harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control weapons, I could not even use my brain to think anything carefully.

I went to airport. At a ticket office, I showed my passport to a young lady and asked for an air ticket to USA, the lady looked at my passport carefully and said:” Yes, You don´t have to apply visa, trust me!”

I hold the air ticket and passport to a check-in officer, I asked him very carefully:” They said my passport did not need visa to go to USA. Is it?” He let me check-in and gave me boarding passes and said:” Yes, go to USA, you don´t have to apply visa.”

Inside the airport, there were few people checked my bag very careful, I asked them again:” They said that I did not need visa to go to USA, is it?” They said:” Yes. You don´t have to apply visa.”

I waited for the airplane for a very long time. Finally it was the boarding time. But At the gate of the airplane, a man and a lady stopped me; they said they had some questions to ask me. They brought me to a small room. They only asked me few simple questions.

Ask:” What have you been doing in Melbourne?”

Answer “Study Master Degree.”

Ask “Have you attended your classes?”

Answer “Of course!”

Ask: “Why do you go to America?”

Answer: “Go to see Doctor”

Ask: “Have you taken your medical leaves?”

Answer:” Yes.”


Later someone brought my luggage to the small room. They said:” We must check your luggage.” I asked:” Why?” They did not say anything, but opened my luggage and checked very carefully, even a small piece of paper. They took few of my telephone number books but finally returned back to me. After they checked all my things, and then told me:” You cannot go to USA, but you can go to Malaysia, Singapore, Holland or Hong Kong.” Finally they changed my ticket from Melbourne to Hong Kong to Amsterdam. After wait a long time, a lady brought my passport and air ticket, boarding pass, sent me to the airplane to Hong Kong. (Please see attached photos
 return-ticket (Melbourne to Washington) ;( 2) ticket (Melbourne to Amsterdam)

In Hong Kong, Airline stopped me and not allowed me to go to Amsterdam without visa. They said they would contact the office who issued the air ticket to me. I had to wait in Hong Kong.

From 6 Apr to 12 Apr 2002, I stayed in Hong Kong.

One day morning, I woke up early, I went to US Embassy in Hong Kong and wished to apply visa to America. (It was the first time I went to Hong Kong US Embassy)

(Because of under mind control weapons abuses and tortures, I was really like a Zombie. And I could not  remember all the details, but I try hard to give as more details as I can)

I arrived to US Embassy very early in the morning. At first I took my breakfast in a small restaurant opposite the US Embassy. After I finished my breakfast, I went out the restaurant and a man approached me and I heard a low voice “follow me!”  I followed the man (I was exactly like a Robot with totally empty mind), and walked inside the US Embassy.  No body stopped me and asked me anything.

When I entered the main building inside the US Embassy, I saw in the right side, there was a small room, a man (with black skin color) wearing uniform was sitting there. It was the security guard. I thought I should register, so I walked toward the man.


When He saw me walking to him, he stood up and asked “Can I help you?” I said:” I want to apply visa to America”.

And I showed my passport to him. He had a look at my passport and told me: The visa office was outside of US Embassy; you need go out and turn a right, walk about 50 meters”.

I could not think, but I knew my purpose today was to go to US Embassy and apply visa. So I followed his instruction and walked out US Embassy. And the man I met outside the US Embassy also disappeared.

I went to Visa application office, but an officer told me that my Chinese passport could not apply visa in Hong Kong. 

I went to Thailand; I went to US Embassy again. But they said they could not help.

In the following one month, I was kidnapped few times and even was jailed by some people for few days. But those people had disappeared; the places where they jailed me or where they sent me to, also could not be found again. 

But US Embassy in Hong Kong was the only place which was still there. – A place where they had sent me to after they kidnapped me with mind control weapons.


At Thailand, I sent a letter to USA president George W. Bush by carrier letter dated 22 Apr 2002, but I did not receive any reply. (Please see attached photo of the receipts of carrier letter: EMS to USA (Bush))

In the coming years, I had written many letters to USA and complaint that I had been torturing and harassing by secret mind control weapons. But I did not get any reply.

I also worked with other victims together and started a worldwide campaign against Secret Mind Control Weapons/directed energy weapons abuse and torture since 2007.


Because government had covered such horrible crime for many years, and they did not help me when I called for help. I suffered horribly from the abuses and tortures and big losses in my life.


I was kidnapped by mind control technologies and sent to USA Embassy in HongKong. USA government must take the responsibility to investigate such horrible crime. And because my human rights were violated within the jurisdiction of USA, even I was not a USA citizens, USA must compensate my losses.


I strongly urge US government to immediately investigate such horrible remote mind control weapons abuses and tortures.

I strongly urge US government immediately stop the abuses and tortures of remote mind control weapons which I had been suffering for about 10 years, and compensation for my losses caused by the abuses and tortures.

Thank you and Best Regards!

Yours Sincerely,


I had written many letters to USA government, but I never received a reply.

It would be much appreciated that if anyone who can forward my story to USA President Barack Obama and his administration; and other authorities.

Supporting Documents:

Supporting Documents will be sent by requiring.

(1)   Scan Copy of return-ticket (Melbourne to Washington) and boarding pass.

(2)   Scan copy of ticket (Melbourne to Amsterdam) and boarding pass.

(3)   Scan copy of receipt of EMS to USA(Bush) 

(4)   Soleilmavis Case summary of secret mind control weapons abuses and tortures

(5)   Soleilmavis details stories from Dec 2001 to Jun 2003…

More Information about mind control, directed energy weapons



These are fax numbers of USA government and Congress, Could anyone from USA help to fax my this story to them? (It was very expensive to send fax to USA from China) (you may also fax this story to other government officers and senators)












The White House



I wish reporters and journalists could report my story according to all facts and evidences.

Richard Dolan: The Need-To-Know-Petition

Richard Dolan: The Need-To-Know-Petition

I like Rich Dolan, he is authentic, very academic in his approach and—I think—struggling with this whole discosure juggernaut. The problem is that there are two governments: the one people vote for (not me, mind you) and THINK represent them; and the one that sits in the catbird seat serving the elites and off-worlders who REALLY run this planet.

So, assuming that Obama (or whoever serves as the Empty-Suit-In-Chief) even had the political power to pursue the truth about UFO/ET presence and activities, it would be political suicide (and maybe literal “suicide”—one of top ten methods of silence by intelligence agencies worldwide) and would suffer the same indignities as the Warren Commission’s Investigation of the JFK assassination  or the hilarious 911 Investigation.

Ruling powers do NOT investiagte themselves—they whitewash, sanitize, and obfuscate. it serves the mass mind control grid to “officially” deny any such presence of extraterrestrials, their craft, or activities…all the while (wink, wink) giving a myriad of discloures via the media of film and TV. This way we never have to deal with the nasty repercussions of Roswell, millions of abductees worldwide since the late 1940s, or the ramifications of the mass sell-out of human souls that has been accomplished through Vatican/Illuminati/Nazi/Intelligence Agencies’ unofficial treaties, allowing exchange of human subjects for technology transfers…way too much liability there, even for global lizards!

I appreciate the sincerity of Rich’s efforts, but the White House has already shut down any such requests and abjectly denies there is ANY evidence of such thing…we are UTTERLY alone in the universe…and what are you people smoking? Back to sleep, move on…nothing to see here. But thanks for asking!

Related article: White House Officials Deny ET Presence and Govt. Complicity

Letter To Kerry Cassidy-Project Camelot

Some times things need to be said. I was off the net for most of last week, due to a nasty attack of dark energy directed my way for an extended period of time. I became aware of Kerry Cassidy’s blog article via an alert I got from a source on Saturday, and when I read it my jaw dropped! Not because it defended Richard Hoagland, but because of the veiled intent to create a mental “wall” in the minds of the readers, utilizing tactics that controllers regularly employ. Kerry Cassidy has styled herself as an astute reader of mind control…and she is! Sadly, she has now bought into the notion that truth is an elastic perception, and that some of us just don’t “get it”.

I “get it”…this is an elitist stance obvious to any student of Machieveli—that when you suspend objective judgment in favor of intangible, ephemeral “interpretation”…and when you style yourself an expert, as did Cassidy as here:

“Learning to discern, cross-correlate and understand the complexities of right and wrong, who the good guys are etc is an intense discipline and takes years of experience, a level of detachment and discernment that few people are able to master at this time.”

My bullshit radar goes full tilt. Right and wrong is NOT complex—rationalization is complex…the mindset that believes, or installs “the lie is different at every level” is complex…truth does not require the modus apperendi of intelligence agencies, or the guile of serpents. Truth looks for the signals of authenticity and observes the subtle contours of human nature. The “truth movement” has suffered long from the deftness of “masters” who became interpreters and mediators, rather than reporters and earnest champions of integrity.

Below is my email to Kerry Cassidy dated December 4, 2011. I publish it here, as it was posted to the Late Night In The Midlands website, by Micahel Vara after I sent it out to a select group of people. I make no apologies for the frankness, or the occasional street language…and I make no bones about the fact that this was a destructive piece of work that must be challenged. -Randy Maugans, December 5, 2011

The full article can be viewed at:

Dear Kerry-

This is sad beyond what I can express…even in an article. The tumult surrounding claims originating from the Late Night In The Midlands websiteand Richard Hoagland, on first reading, smelled to me like the usual internet intrigues of personalities and positioning. But, “higher discernment” said otherwise, and I pursued what I could of the evidence, and contacted Michael Vara personally. I reposted their material, with some of my own comments last weekend, and scheduled, first Michael, then Michael and Gary for an interview. I really did not devote much more attention to the matter until I saw your blog post, dated Dec. 1. I am NOT a reactionary person, and actually dislike intrigues…but given the stakes involved witha high-profiler like Richard, it seems we have stepped into an inevitable conflict. I have others, who are connected to both you and I, who have expressed some real concerns both about Hoagland, and now you, and Project Camelot.

I will preface by saying that I am literally NO ONE in this media realm…I don’t have pretenses to such, I am a person with “experiences” in my early life, who decided to step out into this big pond of internet media. I don’t have a “position”, nor do I covet one. My background in media goes back to high school and college, as a radio host and writer…my life took a different direction for many years before I re-connected to those roots. For me, Project Camelot, when I found it, was a breath of fresh air and resonated big time…and I have maintained high regards for you and Bill’s work. I know the truth about what is taught in “J” schools to budding journalists…I know the ‘standards’ are so much whitewash for the mind control of big media…I know that people with integrity have NO chance of making it…in New York, or Hollywood, or anywhere else that the elites have cordoned off for their exercises in mass brainwashing…and I KNOW that people with stories…like UFO abductees and govt. project subjects…have NO chance to get stories out, especially when hard evidence is hard to supply (and even when it IS presented)…so I am thankful for the work of everyone from Bill Cooper to the brothers at Red Ice Radio…even when what is presented cannot be substantiated and vetted by hard evidence!


That said, what I posted (below) today in an update to my blog article on Richard was deeply saddening. The charges made by Gary are fairly consistent, and actually documented—at least by what is preserved of posts, emails, and verifiable third-person testimony. Can we dismiss the inquiries made by Gary to MAJOR Hollywood players, Chuck Sellier and Lee Shackleford, and their replies regarding the Face On Mars images? IF that anecdotal evidence is correct, what can we presume about Richard’s defense in hiding them WHEN THEY WERE ALREADY PUBLICLY AVAILABLE? If your response is that Hoagland’s life was threatened, then I have to ask: What was going on when he originally presented them? And WHY now, 14 years after the fact, are these same images SO damning? AND—IF Richard is truly credible, what part of “Yes, my life is in danger…” does he not get? I would also ask: Have YOU asked these fundamental questions—of yourself, or of Richard?

Yes, witnesses die, as with your Mr. X…others are targeted and re-programmed, or have threats against loved ones…others live in constant peril, as both your witnesses and mine have testified. You have been a target…I have been a target (my websites have been hacked, phone calls and computers jammed, and “dark energies” are a constant companion—my car, with my family in it, was the target of “road rage” attack on a Pennsylvania highway in July!)…and that is the price of disclosure…many have been suicided…it goes on and on and will until this juggernaut is brought down. That all said, what is at stake here is INTEGRITY…and this has nothing to do with Richard or Gary…the issue is the veiled assault YOU made in your blog post—outright installing the meme that Gary was mind-controlled into this attack on Richard! THAT is a veiled form of yellow journalism—the low watermark of reporting. Sorry…

The particulars are in the article, I won’t reiterate here. I DO plan to follow this through by asking hard questions in the scheduled interview. What is at stake, based on your statements regarding this matter, ARE the issue here. If your own line of reasoning can be extended, then reportage of the type done by Camelot/Avalon, and by extension, my own work, IS DEAD! We can roll up the sites, kill the pretense to any level of integrity…because* de facto*, EVERYONE IS MIND CONTROLLED! What’s the point? You shot yourself in the ass with that article. Your faithful readers/listeners/viewers will, of course be there…I get that…but *lingering in the corner of every interview you ever do  from now on is this meme: *”the lie is different at every level”…what a mind fuck! Spoken by a master dissembler in true Masonic double-speak…it defuses the base assumption of integrity by creating a wall of doubt…my question is: What LEVEL are you on, and at what level was Richard when he spoke with you…or Nouri (wink,wink…)

Examine the clever psychological disconnect that was installed with this meme—and your repetition of it generates an amplification/echo effect (I understand installed memes quite well, thank you)…so now YOU become the repeater signal that forever reverberates around anything connected to disclosures, whistleblowers, and witnesses…it’s GAME OVER…nice work, Hoagland! IF you truly understand mind control, please see your own complicity in the words you produced regarding Gary Legierre. If Gary is lying, or the story fails to reconcile, this will come out…one way or another. I, for one, dislike taking down the integrity of ANY person…but Richard IS a public figure, and he has produced a fair amount of bullshit in recent months over Elenin and YU-55… both of which I have examined and rejected. Richard made very precise predictions with great certainty—and lacking ANY evidence—all with great dramatic flourish. So if he eats it, at least he eats his own…that same privilege should be extended to the claims emanating from the present matter…on all levels.

You still have a gap here to do the right thing: retract the meme you have installed in your article, quietly pursue whatever truth is to be gleaned, ask the questions without prejudice, and help lower the signal-to-noise ratio on this matter. I plan to do my interview, post the results, and leave the rest to those who process the information. What I would not do is label someone as “mind controlled” without inquiry or observation…and THAT I will put to the record. I hope for a positive outcome for all, ultimately truth does assert itself.


Randy Maugans-OffPlanet Radio