Hosting Freedom Reigns with Deatra and Drake

I have been asked to host the Thursday evening Freedom Reigns show on BlogTalk Radio which will feature Drake, along with Deatra Loomer. This is an opportunity for me to ask important questions, and for the audience to share knowledge on the basics of freedom. While many are skeptical about the announcements made by Drake in the David Wilcock interview (and I have been among them), and quite fairly feel that some issues have not been addressed; it would be irresponsible to ignore what is occurring both in the US and globally at this time.

I will note that there will be no open chatroom on BlogTalk, but WolfSpirit Radio will host a chatroom—and it WILL be closely watched. Questions that YOU may wish to have asked should be posted as comments to this blog post…PLEASE, no emails. Also, I am NOT an “expert” on common law, strawman, or any other subjects, but have studied the freedom movement and their methods for 10 years…we will share the collective wisdom, often called “crowd-sourcing”.

Freedom Reigns with Deatra, Drake, and Randy Maugans

by Mz Mugzzi

Thursday April 26, 2012 – 6-8 PM-EST | 5-7 PM-Central| 3-5 PM-PST

Call in to speak with the host: (646) 649-0866
Updates with Drake and Deatra on current events.

Randy Maugans will be covering topics such as Common Law, Strawman, and Birthcerticate.  Learn where the laws are now currently, and how we are changing back to the law of the land. Learn how your Strawman is being used.  You could be worth more than you know. 

Spiritual Warfare: Game On!

Spiritual Warfare: Game On!

Anyone who follows this blog, or blogs from Sarah Stanga, Anya Briggs, or Duncan O’Finioan knows that ex-project subjects (“super soldiers”, or whatever) are being assaulted physically, electronically, and astrally. I have reports from a dozen people who are enduring horrific attacks on a daily basis. Add to that the amplified Earth energetics and the heightened activity by DESPERATE cabal overlords and we have before us a PERFECT STORM.

Not only are these ex-project defectors being assaulted, but they are turning on each other in some cases. What most people do not know (and in some cases, even the subjects themselves) is that programming was installed in mind control operatives that makes them hostile to the “others” who are not directly in the “command and control” level of their personality alters. Translated that means: they are hard-wired to attack (even kill) another!

This NOT, I repeat, NOT just a “super soldier” problem. Everyone on the planet has been dosed with heavy metal nanoids as result of the global “aerosol” projects called “chemtrails”. Do not think for one second that YOU are not “mind controlled”, or are exempt from the toxic infiltration on Earth of black energies. This is not just a problem for ex-CIA black operatives—this is a problem for HUMANS—we have been “terra-formed”!

If we do not recognize the problem, if we simply dismiss the overwhelming evidence of the above statements, and we simply WAIT for someone else to rescue us, or worse, if we act in the same manner as the reptoid overlords, then “THEY” have won! It is either “game over” or “game on!”

I assume that the people who follow this blog and my radio shows are SPIRITUAL people. I also assume that you are a cut above the media-fed masses, who still practice religion, watch mainstream media, and continue to FEED the cabal’s global stranglehold by acting like CATTLE. I assume that you also are proactive and will now begin to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER—are we on the same page?


As spiritual people (and YOU get to define that…we do not follow or prescribe dogma), there is a way out of the oscillating EMP fields (like HAARP—you did your homework on this, didn’t you?) and black magic spells woven over this planetary matrix. There is a Higher Power (Force, ONE-ness, or Creator) which, if properly engaged, can not only withstand, but overthrow their designs. This is where you—me—everyone reading this (and PLEASE circulate this post wherever you can) get to TAKE BACK OUR POWER! We are all creators, we are all part of the Universal ONE-nes…the “I AM”), and we are each potentially “LIght Warriors” (that is a real term, not some nice jargon wielded by weak, ineffectual wanna-bes). Ascension is 100% voluntary—ride the tiger, or be eaten by the lizards. Khris Neal at the Clandestine Rage site has posted the (below) notice of HOW we can now become proactive. It’s your choice: Do something, or Be Nothing.

It’s On! ♦ Sunday 04/22/2012 ♦ We Unite! ♦ Please Join Us!

by clandestine rage revealed

Khris Speaks



There has been an overwhelming response to my request for a collective effort to counter the efforts of the dark cabal being levied against us. The idea is for the people on WordPress and perhaps over venues to unite in contemplation and meditation and focus our intents and energies collectively. The main goal is to provide protection and relief to all of us who are experiencing, lethargy, confusion, irritation and other negative symptoms. Many are getting triggered or feeling suicidal.  There is a blatant attempt to stop the healing and spiritual progress of those of us who’ve been in MK-Ultra, Monarch, Milabs etc.  We shall not take this lying down.

 The plan is to have as many of us as possible on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 to go into a quiet space and focus, meditate and do whatever spiritual actions you feel comfortable with or believe in and negate the negative, destructively qualified energies and frequencies being thrown at us all.  Many of us are going to be in action around 6 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday. If you cannot join us in that time zone, please choose any time on Sunday to participate. Please ask that your efforts and intents be merged with the intents of everybody else that has participated on Sunday.  If you have any questions or further thoughts, please contact me. My email is

 Here is a list of my intents and items I will be working on. Much is this is from Michael Relfe. You can do an internet search on him.

  • Demand-Ask-Request- All scalar Attacks be cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request -All Radionic attacks cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Psychotronic attacks cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Remote viewing and remote surveillance be cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Witchcraft, dark magick, curses,spells,hooks (including disease and death hooks) be shattered and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Command & control operations of the enemy be destroyed and FOREVER prevented from being operated in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Energy supplies, drains and remote influencing be severed and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- God, I AM, Higher Self, etc. to Destroy all the bases, assets and ships of (Negative) Reptilians, Winged Serpents, Draconians, Gray Aliens, Insectoids and FOREVER prevent their diabolical plans from manifesting against any of God’s people or substance.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Soul ties,contracts, communication points, insertion points and all Implants be severed, rendered unusable and inoperable to the negative ETs military intelligence, NSA, CIA, DOD, NID, FBI etc.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- Impregnable shields, force fields, walls of protection be put around all who are holding to the higher ideals and attempting to serve life the constructive way. Demand they be sustained infinitely without end and constantly expanding
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All demonic attachments and possessions be removed and the person(s) be forever sealed from further intrusion or attacks.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All stalking: Gang, cyber, dream lodge, and in the waking state be FOREVER PREVENTED.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- The sinister plans, operations, bases, equipment, activities of the enemy be made revealed to all man kind and their intentions exposed.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- Divine intervention on behalf of all children everywhere on the Earth from being kidnapped and placed in programs where they are systematically tortured, raped, humiliated and slaughtered. Demand divine dispensations to stop all Military Abductions and needless desecration of children and adults.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All energy, life force and essence that was sapped, drained, stolen from any and all of us be returned immediately.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All irritations, lethargy, exhaustion, negative thought forms, triggers,health problems etc. be shattered and FOREVER prevented from acting in our lives and worlds.

 Here is a list from the comments section of  ideas and suggestions. I love these ideas too and will utilize them. Thanks to everybody that helped me get this organized.

Demand-Ask-Request – All GOD consciousness trapped in programming cubes and in other forms of traps must be released and never trapped again.

In addition to your list which i think is brilliant, here is my two pence worth, some more ideas,some of it you may find useful if not disregard. as you can see this takes into account another angle which may be present:

1.Theta healing commands

It is commanded to:

Remove any and all guilt
Remove any and all false beliefs that you are evil
Remove any and all belief that you deserve to suffer and be attacked
Remove all beliefs about needing to suffer to do penance, such as karma
Remove any curses put on you by yourself or others in this and other lives

Download knowing what it feels like, knowing that it’s possible to, knowing how to (all the following):
• Forgive yourself
• Accept God/Creator’s forgiveness (and download creators definition of forgiveness)
• to know that you are a perfect and innocent child of God/Spirit/Creator [whatever works for you]
• to know that as a child of God you are perfectly invulnerable.
• To know what its like to live without attack
• To remember your true identity as a child of God

All of the above removals and downloads to be done:
• On all 5 levels
• For all parts, alters and the spaces in between
• On all dimensions

2. hopono opono (spelling?)
To do this you consider in your mind the attack situation, and while holding it in mind say these four phrases to God/creator [note you are saying these to Creator, not to any attacker]
-I’m sorry
-please forgive me
-thank you
-I love you
Can be said many times the more the better

3. This prayer from A Course in Miracles, has saved me from attack and dispelled all kinds of adverse situations for me. To the perceived attacker, in your mind say:

“I give you to the Holy Spirit as part of myself
I know you will be released unless I want to use you to imprison myself
In the name of my freedom I choose your release
Because I recognise we will be released together.”

May sound very weird i know,all i can say about the last is, it’s saved my life a few times I think.





The EMP Attacks on Human Ascension

I had the following brief exchange with Rebecca Jernigan this morning over Skype. The synchronicity was thick…I have been struggling, as have others, with the various physical and psychic side-effects related to Chemtrails and HAARP, including respiratory issues, skin problems, appetite and sleep disorder. I am also aware of the intense disruptions that are occurring in others around me, and the many struggles of intuitives, psi warrioirs, and especially children with regards to episodes of depression, rage, and hoplessness. It is apparent the battle is in FULL ENGAGE…we are being hit with unimaginable ferocity, largely due to the advancing energetics in the planet, and our own changing DNA and spiritual structures. 
Rebecca and I will be doing a special edition broadcast to talk about this, the details are here.
[10:17:23 AM] Rebecca Jernigan: “Chemtrails contents include pathogens, polymers, nano-particles, heavy metals.  Lung disease has skyrocketed corresponding to chemtrail spraying. Life expectancy has  plummeted 8 years in the U.S. and Canada, corresponding to chemtrail spraying.”  [Chronolog] “Toxic levels of barium create immune system problems, and it can also cause miscarriages. Aluminum toxicity leads to muscle cramps and memory problems.[1] Dry mouth and attenuated tissues is a symptom of barium poisoning. Barium, strontium, and aluminum are principal heavy metal components of chemtrails.  Overnight and today I have the return of the same early symptoms of the “mystery respiratory illness” everyone is reporting from India to Labrador to Florida”
[10:49:15 AM] Randy Maugans: Great summary on chemtrails, Rebecca! I am having respiratory problems, memory issues, and signs of immunity breakdown (which I am remediating with slected herbal supplements). Also-very important: they are deploying EMP via the conductive upper atmosphere using HAARP to disrupt the human electromagnetic system, with designs to short-circuit the ascension process which is now ongoing…even psychic manipulation is occurring via satellite stalking and mass distuption of sleep cycles and much needed
dream state.

Considering the Latest Drake Interviews: Ascension and Liberation Pitfalls

Listening to the audios coming out from Drake, along with posts from David Wilcock, and the news stories that indicate Obama is listing towards collapse…these are all fascinating tidbits…but I have never seen this President as succeeding, rather as failing to complete his term. That said, there are major issues not addressed by Drake’s information, AND there appear to be factions on the edges of the media stratum which either do not ask the right questions, or operate from surface level perceptions:

We agree that certain elements of medfia are fear-mongers. Alex JonesSteve Quayle, Bill Deagle and many of the so-called “patriot” media operate from a fear basis (for profit…survival supplies and gold are a huge profit center for these hosts). That said, it does not mean they are completely incorrect.

  • We have the issues of underground bases—both human and negative ET hives. Unless the military forces presently outlined by Drake and Co. are fully equipped to deal with these forces (who made pacts with the military in a technology-for-human specimins deal in the 1950s) and their military counterparts, the feet-on-the-ground assets could be overrun.
  • Drake does not directly assert the presence of benevolent ET forces working with human assets, but this would clearly help to clear up those issues…we still have a layer of potential deception regarding ANY extraterrestrial presence.
  • It now seems Ben Fulford is backing away from his “White Dragons”, realizing they are part of the cabal disinfo media ruse…David Wilcock’s Monaco Group…is likewise splintering apart because they were infiltrated from the beginning by agents of the cabal to usurp any financial resolutions (please refer back to the January 1, 2012 James Martinez video) …The Thrive Movement under Foster Gamble was never a viable solution, merely another paper tiger to appease the restless with “nice” solutions” that have failed in the past.
  • This is a complex series of scenarios playing out: there is the multi-national aspect; very complex information, especially coming from the Wilcock/Fulford axis where we are seeing the seams fraying on original sources. AND— I still do not discount Alex Collier’s information that there is a massive ET deception planned.
  • …and then there is CERN…(listen to Duncan’s remarks on this, and article here). There is also a book I am reading that connects to the CERN scenario, and while it may not mesh completely, I do recommend checking it out: Beyond 2012: Watch Where You’re Going by Jaimy Mauricio (paperback or Kindle)

“In December 2012, the world learns the horrifying unimaginable: a reactor from a large hadron collider in Geneva, Switzerland has malfunctioned. Despite their frantic efforts, scientists are unable to control the damage and as a result, a black hole forms and it will begin to consume the earth; the world will be destroyed.”

I am NOT a “doom and gloomer”, nor do I simply believe that this global cabal (with off world handlers) will be simply resolved without significant hardships. I am a realist and a dreamer: humanity is deeply involved in a complete spiritual war that affects every aspect of our lives. Concurrently, we are in ascension on the soul and planetary levels, and the various dark control grids have sought to circumvent this evolutionary process’ rapid conclusion.

We need to be VERY CAUTIOUS regarding armed insurrection, even insurrection headed by “patriotic” military types: the cabal has been embedded for thousands (if not millions) of years. This war is not simply about assets, logisitics, or strategies (legal or military). This war is spiritual on every level, and the individual humans, who do yet apprehend their own spiritual dimension, are at risk of becoming spiritual cannon fodder! 

Consciousness operates on many levels from the individdual soul to the collective streams of consciousness inside the 3-D/4-D matrix. We are ALL creatorson the individual layers, and also collectively impact the destiny of our planet and the human occupants. Every measured atack on ONE is an attack on ALL. We are connected by the threads of the 5-D realms and need to escape the gravity well of the closing age.

Each one of us elected to be here for this phenomenal period in the ascension of the galaxy and earth, each one of us has the capacity to choose our ultimate reality; and each of us can either assist in the ascension, or pull down the collective efforts. Operating in higher discernment will aid us in deciding what is disinformation vs. genuine efforts in this process. Educating those around you, at whatever level is appropriate, goes a long way towards preventing a “still birth” of the processes. Our own personal spiritual state impacts those around us on a scale that must not be underestimated. Ultimately, understand YOUR role in this time, understand you CHOSE to be here along with 7 billion others, and above all: follow your peace. 



“Drake”- 04-14-2012-Wolf Spirit Radio interview with Bill Brockbrader

“Drake”- 04-14-2012-Wolf Spirit Radio interview with Bill Brockbrader

Drake Interview and update with Dave Corso and Bill Brockbrader-updates the current status of the “take back” of the global system, pending arrests

Download audio MP3Uploaded: Apr. 15, 2012   |  File Size: 13.70 Mb

Source: Kauiapele’s Blog

Secret Service scandal deepens; 11 put on leave

(AP) CARTAGENA, Colombia – An embarrassing scandal involving prostitutes and Secret Service agents deepened Saturday as 11 agents were placed on leave, and the agency designed to protect President Barack Obama had to offer regret for the mess overshadowing his diplomatic mission to Latin America.

 The controversy also expanded to the U.S. military, which announced five service members staying at the same hotel as the agents in Colombia may have been involved in misconduct as well. They were confined to their quarters in Colombia and ordered not to have contact with others.

 All the alleged activities took place before Obama arrived Friday in this Colombian port city for meetings with 33 other regional leaders.

 Put together, the allegations were an embarrassment for an American president on foreign soil and threatened to upend White House efforts to keep his trip focused squarely on boosting economic ties with fast-growing Latin America. Obama was holding two days of meetings at the Summit of the Americas with leaders from across the vast region before heading back to Washington Sunday night.

 DOD may be part of alleged prostitute scandal

Video: Secret Service members accused of misconduct