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Unplugged: Casualties of the Spiritual War

Unplugged: Casualties of the Spiritual War

This the third post—I decide to break all this out, so one more is in the offing, as details continued to roll in. Call it Letters From the Spiritual War Zone…there will likely be more

I received this email yesterday (Saturday June 23, 2012) from our friend (whom I will not identify by name here) after it became known what had happened to Sarah Stanga in attempting to enter the US to attend the conference. This is the result of of the intensive surveillance, harassment (electronically, astrally, and by human agency) that has been leveled at all of us as we began to coalesce into a unified front to not just expose, but to resist, and actually offer healing from all these Satanic/Illuminist designs on our sovereign human souls and spirits.

If you really want to know whether someone is legit, examine the levels of abuse they suffer, the fear that is imposed on them, and the paralysis that occurs when funds, means to communicate and travel, and even to sleep in peace are constantly undermined. Also compare the attitudes of those “other” websites, which offer NO SOLUTIONS, no SAFE HAVEN, or any true information on the nitty gritty details…but smugly hide themselves on websites while being financed, informed, and protected by the oppressors.

Well done, ladies and gentlemen, (and I use that term in the reverse sense). You succeeded in preventing yet another soul from breaking out. You aided the Archon/Demiurge-inspired Illuminists in proceeding towards their goals of global subjugation. YOU are now marked as traitors of the human race…I hope your rewards in the temporal are worth it. Understand that behind your facades lie a withering soul who is scheduled for DELETION. In fact, you are already dead…your soul is simply looking for the appropriate means to disincarnate…PERMANANTLY.


Okay…some people will call me a coward—I don’t care.

 Last year, when I discovered these blogsites I was so surprised to find other people who were having similar experiences…paranormal and TI experiences…it was a sense of relief for me because for years I thought I was alone in this.  I found a refuge where I was able to access memories that were locked away, and piece together experiences and events that rendered me incapable of creating and manifesting my vision in life.  On so many levels I was disabled from fully realizing my strength, talents and abilities.  So for the support and opportunity to understand my experiences, integrate them and come out stronger…I thank ALL of you on these blogsites…especially to M & D, Sarah, Khris and Randy…who have been the bravest of souls to speak out in the first place.

I am officially unplugging myself from these blogsites as of today.  I will not participate in them any longer.  The truth is I am frightened…really frightened.  The main issue is my concern for my children.  I cannot deny the fact that my children are now also targeted individuals.  Our house is regularly monitored and stalked.  Our mailbox has been broken into…at a time when I was communicating with a certain member of a blogsite by mail (the timing was no accident).  The incidence of electronic and psychic attacks upon my family—especially me and my daughter—has increased dramatically.  

When we went on a family trip last March we were also interrogated at the airport and made to miss our plane…this was during a time when I was in close, personal contact with a certain blog member and some meaningful exchanges were made…M knows what I am talking about.  When we went to a family reunion in California last May, we were stalked and harassed….it was very overt and scary.

Though I have felt very strongly about putting in the good fight against these criminals, I now have to think of what is best for my family…our wellbeing and survival.  The heat is too hot.  I cannot further ignore the extreme negative affects upon my children.  I am also frightened of this new legislation the NDAA…and the implications of being held without due process…all because I am a part of a blog community…expressing my god given right to free speech.  If they held us and interrogated us on our last trip…what will happen next time?  I cannot risk it all now.  This must have been how people felt in Europe when the Third Reich began to pick up the pace and round up the Jewish people…this is how it feels to me.

I want to say for the record…for those haunting, empty eyes of big brother reading these sites…that I am not a violent person…I never have been and I never will be.  I have no criminal record.  I am a working professional and an outstanding citizen.  I pay my taxes.  All comments made by me on these websites were purely freedom of expression and not meant to harm anyone in anyway.  I do not belong to any organizations except my own personal family and workplaces.
Goodbye dear friends…I will miss you.  May our Heavenly Father, Earthly Mother and all of the earth and heavenly angels protect us all.  If I ever find myself face to face in 3D…..fighting one of these monsters…I will be thinking of you all…and drawing strength from our bonds…and our love of humanity…our Spirit remains united.  Long live our Human Spirit!!

POSTSCRIPT: While this sounds like a “win” for the cabal and their trolls, rest assured we redouble our efforts. The network of REAL lightworkers cannot be stopped. We do not have leaders, we have no central location, and what you…the DISIFO agents read here is the tip of the iceberg. Even death no longer holds us…we now know we are immortals and we prevail whether incarnate, or operating from higher dimensions. You still have a little time: join us, or be deleted.

Sarah Stanga and the Global Elite Satanic Matrix

Sarah Stanga and the Global Elite Satanic Matrix

This will be the second of three blog posts (part 1 here) related to what is occurring with certain “TIs” (targeted individuals) of our acquaintance.  I will just note up front that certain of the so-called “truth movement”/whistleblower websites /”white hat” operatives on the internet, including one that is widely known, will NEVER deal with this information. In fact, they will actively ignore, scoff, and discredit our information and even aid the cabalists in their attempts to shut down a proactive campaign to assist and empower TIs. (You know who you are, and so do we. We have named you!)

Sarah Stanga has been actively disclosing her involuntary participation in secret government programs, Satanic Ritual Abuse cults, and negative ET encounters in the UK. These programs run through the bloodline families of Europe, right up to the highest levels, and Sarah became entangled as an infant (in fact, identified before her birth) and has suffered torture, mind control, and  sexual abuse for ritual purposes.

As I discussed on the Wednesday night live show, the global elites revere the solstices as high events of opportunity for their rituals of debauchery and desecration. We knew that Sarah was travelling from Europe to the US to spend time in Sacramento, CA as a guest of Miranda Kelly, and to attend the Sacramento Duncan O’Finioan Survival Training sessions.

Behind the scenes we worked hard to weave protections around Sarah, and to cut off the negative energies that were coursing through the planet at that time. Sadly, Sarah was in an extremely vulnerable situation, as air travel is completely controlled by the global Illuminati minions. TIs, especially designated sacrificial vessels whom they have marked, and moreso, a TI who has broken programming, will never be allowed to travel freely, or to interact with those who offer them safe haven.

For Sarah, and many others like her, there exists no safe haven on Planet  Earth at this time. Designated TIs are effectively captured in a 3-D/astral matrix that continues to maraud, plunder, and desecrate human souls at levels which are still suppressed (yes, even by your so-called “truthers”).  The following is a reminder of WHY we do what we do, and why we seemingly oppose certainthe others in this space of the internet who appear to be exposing the dark cabalist matrix, yet impugn and denigrate certain witnesses…these do the bidding of their masters, and are controlled agents of the cabal under guise of “truth tellers”.

The following is from her blog post dated June 23. 2012:


I was supposed to be in Sacramento, California today, I was supposed to be at a seminar held by Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelly.

I am however in England instead after a hellish 38 hours of travel to the US and back.

I never actually made it out of the US Airport Charlotte, I landed in, as I was taken to US national Border Security offices, and interrogated for hours. They went through all of my personal email correspondence, all of my health records, my blog, my connections to Duncan and Miranda and other people in the “Truth Movement”. They decided that I was a threat to American Citizens, and also a possible illegal immigrant! They told me that I can never use the ESTA to gain entry to the US and if I wish to travel there again, will need a full visa to gain entry to the country. I was psychically interrogated also, had agents scanning my thoughts and memories, I know I was in trance for several hours and there is missing time, as the interrogation took 2 hours but I was held for at least 6. I was made to feel like a criminal, and also made to feel plain crazy and deluded. I was bullied, an understatement, and treated like an animal. I was made to sign a sworn statement, which does not include all of the information I gave them in the interrogation, and as such has twisted the information I gave them about myself. No witnesses were present on my behalf so it is my word against theirs. They said I had no way of supporting myself once in the US, and that there was no proof of any residence I was going to be staying at (even though there has been email correspondence minimum in that regard).

Let me make it plain, I had a renewed and updated passport, ESTA and there was nothing to really prevent me from entering the US.

I also started menstruating at about this time, and on my way back to England, was further detained at Frankfurt Airport in Germany, and again, threatened and warned about speaking out about anything that has ever happened to me. there were satanic and NSA and MI5/MI6 agents wherever I went and a heavy police presence. This was on the day of the Solstice, and there is missing time at Frankfurt also, and I believe that my feminine condition has been potentially used in that regard for ritual. I have also been told never to return to Germany either.

I have been threatened with my life, had satanic attacks all the way through my journey, and also remote viewers, there were agents even on the planes I flew on. There was also grey alien visitations on the plane on the way to the US and I saw people sleeping who were astrally abducted.

I am exhausted and the threats continue and they are serious. The threats relate to any information I could give on my memories and experiences. The threats are to take my life should I speak out any more.

So, to those of you who still think this is a game, or that this is glamorous or funny, think again. I have had many attempts made on my life over the years, before I even came forward with my life story, so I really never had anything to loose and knew the risks I was taking.  They are angry at me coming forward and this is their revenge.

The third article I will post shortly will detail why the true whistleblowers—victims of this global system—are being harrassed, intimidated, and constantly stalked; and the outcome when one decided to step back rather than risk the horrible consequences that arise from actively disclosing and resisting the Illuminati and their league of agents, operatives, and enforcers. We should all weep at the disgraceful way in which a dvine human soul is pillaged, and we should never allow glib, well-backed disinformation artists to seize control of our consciences in support of the masters of death.

Duncan O’Finioan -Walk In Two Worlds Sacramento, CA-June 22, 2012

This will be the first of a number of blog posts this weekend…there is a lot occurring and it needs to be discussed. We did a brief interview with Duncan at the opening session in Sacramento over Skype that cover some points I will take up in later posts.

Duncan O’Finioan news conference from the opening session of the Sacramento, CA Multi-Dimensional Survival Training and Healing Seminar:

Mission statement

The demonic storm apparition in Minnesota (see notes in comments below regarding the validitiy of the photo location)

Goals in training 

Scoffers, critics and cynics

Music and warfare

The gathering of the family 

Interview and video production by Randy Maugans for OffPlanet Radio

Summer Solstice: Illuminati, high sacrifices, heightened attacks on TIs

Summer Solstice: Illuminati, high sacrifices, heightened attacks on TIs

The pervasive sense of heightened energies continues to roll out. Many contacts, including significant TIs (Targeted Individuals) are reporting off the charts encounters with dark forces, both physically and astrally right now. Reports of a planned cabal high sacrifice near Denver at the Kimball/Cherokee Castle have leaked out all over the web, largely due to information coming from Stew Webb (grab the salt and read this). 

The possible hype, disinformation, and sleazy “insiders” aside, it is a time to be circumpect about what is occurring and to be PROACTIVE in protection measures for yourself and others. Please listen to the new “Healing Path” show, Protection Frequencies and Symbols with White Wolf…especially those of you who known targets of Satanists, black government projects, and abductees. 

The amplified energies of shifting grids and unstable portals make for some very unusual days ahead, leading up to the night of June 20. The cabal has to work extra mojo to even keep their game alive right now. Nothing is more ferocous than a wounded BEAST, and this beast plays for keeps. Stay alert, stay protected, guard your home, your children, and your dream state. Don’t forget that right now, the re-animated/soul jumped Aleister Crowley is likely working a new version of the Babalon Ritual in preparation for 2012 escapades…the launch of the Moon Child Avatar. A prelude to the London Olympics?