Ascension Junkies and Money War$

Here’s a most prophetic lyric from the days when rock stars were also relevant. The 2010s make the 6os look like the 50s: 

“Get sick, get well, hang around an ink well
Ring bell, hard to tell if anything is going to sell
Try hard, get barred, get back, write Braille
Get jailed, jump bail, join the army if you failed
Look out kid, you’re going to get hit
But users, cheaters, six-time losers hang around the theaters
Girl by the whirlpool looking for a new fool
Don’t follow leaders, watch the parking meters.” -Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues
Now that “Drake” has been fully outed as a NESARA droogie via the David Wilcock, James Rink, Ben Fulford schtick,  and all the gang over at Steve Beckow’s “2012 Scenario”…it all loops so nicely. My skepticism over Drake has gradually morphed into raw cynicism and now disgust. Not only did he peddle a lame line of the “Pentagon brass” being scared of a protracted war with the cabal’s forces, but he managed to present equally opposing factoids:

-That 80% of the military were behind the American citizens and “The Plan”
-But that any MASS ARRESTS scenario would protract into a long bloody battle (which I had stated  in this column,  a month ago).

So which is it? How can 80% be so heavily opposed by 20%? And what of those nice ETs who supposedly took out the underground bases, and who also were failing WMDs from out in space (Wilcock and John Kettler)? Were we also not told it would be “a nice, lawful” exercise? A few days…maybe two or three. Nothing to worry about.”

So what changed? Was it Fulford’s posts stating the cabal wanted to negotiate? Wilcock says MASS ARRESTS will happen. At least in his arrognance he IS consistent. But then again, Wilcock has been selling this same shitstem for over a decade under various guises. You would think the “reincarnation of Edgar Cayce” would have a better sense of timing…and much better friends.

Meanwhile, the selling of the alternative media is in full swing: Super Soldier Summit, pin-up soldiers, and package deals of interviews. Worse, the entire alt-media space is turning into a pack of snarling dogs—all pissing around the perimeter to stake out their particular turf. Truly, the veil is rent and the seams of hell dissolved. It’s black and white, baby! Full on global horror—OR ascension into the “next kind” for humanity. Really, we need to sell more of those orgone cubes and send someone back up to Galactic Council HighCommand to find out the “F” is up.

Here is a better take: how about you people take some personal responsibility for your OWN damn “ascension”?  Does anyone really believe humanity, as it is presently cast, is either capable of, or worthy of “ascension”? On a mass scale?…hell no. You want ascension? Ascend your own asses. This is like the religious folk who think they will be “raptured”. Back in my religious days I used to argue with these monkeys all the time (and I mean no disrespect to my simian brothers and sisters). Spiritual attainment is NOT A GROUP ENDEAVOR.

Likewise FREEDOM, and specifically ECONOMIC FREEDOM. Here’s an idea: dump the system for yourselves. How many of these Cadillac Cowboys fronting for a new gloabl economic system (NESARA) are carrying mortgages, credit cards, bank loans, and continue to feed on the very money sytem they so deplore? Burn it! I happen to know that the promoters of certain conferences put themselves into all manner of debt to finance their little soirees…walk the talk, eh? 

How many people know that THEY are the source of all monetary valuation on the planet? You…yes, you…are the sole collateral for all that stuff you bought. You, the common working stiff, are the engine by which these reptillian hybrid bankster families fund their endless wars and gernocidal fantasies. Did you know that if there was no “you”, there would BE no global economic system? So, tell me again how the elites wish to eradicate us. (Of course  they DO…they are suicidal-genocidal…insane and completely devoid of any intelligence).

Want a FREEDOM MOVEMENT? Start by boycotting WalMart. Start by bartering services, goods, and—hell, just giving something away! Money is dead. Get over it. Stop buying books by people who are shills for the real NWO plan—NESARA (have you read it? Oh, that’s right…you can’t read it, it was suppressed by the Supreme Court). Continuing to follow these delusional leaders who have merged the Patriot-Militia groups with New Agers and Pseudo-Spiritualists is a fast ride to reptillian hell. “Beware that Satan comes as an angel of light”.

Watching (and participating in) the Drake debacle has left me reeling in the spin cycle for some time. Like many of you (and Fox Mulder) I WANTED to believe. It seems that from the perspective of Drake and Co. the “brass” have become brassless (as in balls). It seems we will now “vote” to decide: MASS ARRESTS or CABAL SURRENDER. Yeah, a few hundred listeners to Drake’s latest “network” (smaller than my own relatively small listening audience) are going to decide YOUR fate…so your asses get blown off because of a vote taken on several obscure websites…NICE!

And to the bloggers out there who endlessly regurgitate the channelings of Galactic Councils, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and even dead 17 year-old boys from the 70s…aren’t you tired of the drama?  Do you really think humankind is so pathetic that it needs “Divine Intervention” (Mr. Wilcock)?

Has it occurred to any of you, that if you listened to the great spiritual teachers who HAVE passed through this Earthly plane, that their one message is that YOU are divine beings of immense potential? The cabal WINS every time you cry out for “Gods” to save you…for leaders to bail your sorry asses out…for new financial systems based on “equity” and “precious metal”…you ARE the currency.

Here’s a curency: STOP the endless ego wars. End the witchcraft that is unleashed against the REAL lightworkers, who are trying to begin healing themselves, and OTHERS. We have disclosure now. We know about the black budget programs (and no, they are not just Nazis…this all goes back millenia before Hitler walked the ground). Yes, there are beings from “out there”…both evil and benevolent and they do have amazing tech. Yawn. Next! 

Given the current rapid tanking of the money system, do we need more book authors with more sizzling exposes on all the sordid details? Do we need to fear some nascent AI when we are so easily overcome by our own greed, egomaniacal behavior, and self-gratifying power trips? The solutions are hidden in front of each of us. Master yourself and master your reality. 

The Myth of NESARA

Now that Drake has finally unveiled the end game of the MASS ARRESTS/MILITARY ACTIONS AGAINST THE CABAL scenario, we find out the whole thing wa a very old one called NESARA. In a long, rambling discourse from his new home at Global Voice Network (now  days  anything can be a network), the Drakester revealed that the “military” had second thoughts about “The Plan”. It seems that now they wish to do a limited arrests scenario and usher in this “new” Peace and Prosperity Program called NESARA, which is not new and is based on the same flawed logic as the old Republic of the united States.

What is novel this time is how all these “spiritual” attachments have been added to the mix, including the ongoing aid of extraterrestrials à la David Wilcock. Go read the THE HISTORY OF NESARA and you will find the same blend of factoids, whimsical thinking, and distorted history that pervades the segment of the internet still crying out for “DISCLOSURE”. In fact, it should set off alarms that this very article Drake has linked to, authored by Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed, M. Div is actually crafted by alleged “supersoldier”, James Rink. Oh, this all makes so much more sense now!!!

Truth is getting around…the Truth Movement is just another Psy Op

It seems the real truth is getting around…I felt very much a lone voice in the wilderness until I read this:

Julia Mitchell's photoThe Truth Movement: Is it Just Another Psy Op to Confuse Us?

Julia Mitchell  Jackson Conspiracy Examiner

The alternative media, in spite of whether people want to believe it or not, is fully NWO owned and controlled. If you wish to judge the intention, value, and legitimacy of a thing, you look at the fruit it produces. And if you wish to trace the origin of a thing, you look at who benefits from it, and we are not benefiting, as far as I can tell, from the activities of these alternative media operatives, in spite of any truth we might be getting from them. 

Then there are the operatives of the Benjamin Ful of shit ford sort, essentially engaging in an overt effort to convince the so called truthers of America that a there is a trustworthy faction of the forces in control of the world, and that faction is going to banish and imprison the now unwanted faction, and that the only discomfort that will befall us as a consequence of this is a few days without electricity and water, a task recently taken up by the faceless character referred to as “Drake.” And then there is RT, most of whose newscasters are in fact members of the Greenberg family, 

Weekend Blog: Face-eating Zombies, Delusional YouTubers, and a good salt bath

Weekend Blog: Face-eating Zombies, Delusional YouTubers, and a good salt bath


The Truman Show presaged YouTube by nearly a decade…the collective consciousness was being prepared, “Everybody is a Star”, sang Sly and the Family Stone, 40 years earlier. The leveling of the playing field meant easy entry…quality was lost to sheer volume! Long live the media, the media is dead.

These subjects came up in conversations all over the place. Intense energies, delusional/paranoid behaviors (some have attributed that to me!) The veil thins and reality is merging with media contrivances looped over and over by a collective consciousness caught up in space-time anonalies…been there, done that. 
You’re not paranoid if someone is really after you…you’re not delusional, just creating your reality! Blame is on the ascension.
Cases of ‘Truman Show’ delusions on the rise as more people believe they’re the stars of their own reality TV programs. Reality TV shows are making increasing numbers of people convinced that they’re the stars of their own, unwanted television programs. 
Psychiatrists are treating more people for so-called ‘Truman Show’ delusions — named after the 1998 movie starring Jim Carrey as a man who spends his entire life unwittingly at the center of a fictional world that’s being broadcast to millions of homes.
The startling cases often afflict successful people who develop paranoid fantasies that they’re being filmed at all times and that the world that’s in front of them isn’t real. Read more
Drug panics, bath salts, and face-eating zombies-Last Saturday afternoon, a naked man gnawed off most of the face of a half-naked man on a Miami causeway. He continued chewing even after police shot him and did not stop until they shot him dead.
Things like that don’t happen everyday – not even in Miami – so quite naturally the horror story has been picked up by every flavor of media around the world. The most sensational – and I don’t mean that in a good way – coverage came from local TV station CBS4 (WFOR-TV). On the day Rudy Eugene attacked Ronald Poppo, CBS4 relied on the musings of the president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police and an emergency room physician – neither of whom attested to having firsthand knowledge of the case – to speculate that the attack was caused by a new kind of LSD, by a mixture of drugs, or by “bath salts,” the street name given to the many quasi-legal, over-the-counter stimulant concoctions that are packaged and sold under such wacky brand names as “Ivory Wave,” “Vanilla Sky,” “White Cloud” and “Zoom.”