Big Petro takes Notice of Cold Fusion Threat

The cold fusion effect already ripples into the collective consciousness. The modern day “buggy whip” industry senses the demise of their power base. Given the opportunity, investment, and incentives, the people will move quickly to adopt LENR (“cold fusion”), and watch a revolution occur in a single lifetime! Armies, guns, political machines, and obsolete mega-corporations will crumble under its weight. The revolution without a shot. The spark in the dark of humanity taking back its power:

On the Precipice Of a New Energy Source?
Journal of Petroleum Technology ^ | July 2012 | Steve Jacobs, COO, and Patrick Leach, CEO, Decision Strategies 

In the late 1850s, the whaling industry was in a veritable boom in the town of Lahaina on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Business was great, and many in the whaling industry believed that increased demand would continue for decades to come. But in 1859, oil was discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania with a well drilled by Edwin Drake. The rest is history.

The Impact
If proven to work, what impact would LENR have on the petroleum industry? It is difficult to say for certain, but it would undoubtedly be significant. The vast preponderance of oil is used for transportation and heating (Fig. 1), which would now be competing with LENR. While there still would be a need for petrochemicals and other applications, collectively these end uses represent less than about 20% of each barrel. Natural gas would not fare much better; its main applications are heating and electricity. If LENR works, the impact on the petroleum industry, power generation, and coal industry would be enormous. Even wind farms and other emerging alternative energy technologies could not compete economically with LENR.


Healing Methods: No Silver Bullets…Arrows In The Quiver

Healing Methods: No Silver Bullets…Arrows In The Quiver

“A man who has depths in his shame meets his destiny and his delicate decisions upon paths which few ever reach . . . .” -Friedrich Nietzsche 

Healing Issues

Over the last week a number of “issues” have been brought up about healing methods. First, there is the whole Steve Richards/Holographic Kinetics issue: H-K (for short) deals bluntly with issues related to past life contracts, extra-dimensional entities, and an agnostic view of the cause and effect of spirits who act out past atrocities and souls which assimilate present life traumas in a perpetual cycle. It is total responsibility for oneself on every level, and that is the brutal reality.

Steve’s methods are frank confrontations with the human life-birth-death-rebirth wheel of karma. Whether one embraces that reality, it will not be avoided in utilizing H-K methods. As heard on the Wednedsay live show (Part 1 | Part 2 ), the hosts, the questioners, and Steve grappled with core issues of H-K in real time. There is disagreement over the principles Steve espouses regarding emotional energizing of events by compassionate empathy. The obverse is that fighting against anything, likewise charges that creation. In other words one has to be completely neutral (the “point zero”) in dealing with any trauma-based situation. And that remains a bone that many cannot swallow.

I have also been informed that there exists a potential for certain programmed indiviuals (notably “special programmed”, i.e.-occult or projects-types) to be triggered or receive demonic visitations from using White Wolf von Atzigen’s Healing Path exercises. I am told that there is a potential for people to experience side effects from the embedded instructions in the meditation exercises and/or symbols.

I did communicate with White Wolf about these reports and have been assured that the techniques have been used by White Wolf for over three years, at his Ways of the Wild Institute, on clients from around the world without any such effects. He has assured me that there are no “embeds” designed to trigger a person, but that triggering may occur if the person has either not followed the techniques correctly, or if the person has not been aware of their own internal trigger mechanisms.

Here is White Wolf’s response:

“ Let me state clearly and plainly- the material I present is in no way designed or meant to harm, trigger or otherwise affect individuals or groups in non-beneficial ways. I have no hidden agenda and everything I do is upfront, honest and as clearly stated as I am able. As a matter of fact on all sales pages for my book I include a warning. Here is the link to my book and below is a copy and paste of the warning I speak of-

“I have been teaching the materials I am presenting on your shows for three years to people from all walks of life and I have had zero issues from anyone of my students concerning such techniques and methods. IF the techniques are done properly- this means not only the technique but also from the proper mind set and preliminary work that I have laid out- they will not cause any dangerous issues. That is the techniques do not contain potentially dangerous issues. However, anyone can be triggered by anything- which I think I clearly stated in my last show with you.

This being said, even these techniques can trigger peoples programs and throw certain people into a downward spiral, but so can the rising sun or the full moon or a public newscast, etc, etc. I cannot and do not take any responsibility for the program responses of people who are trying to embark upon their healing paths. If I have a student who sits face to face, that is different. But people who are listen to a radio show, reading my book or any other long distance, non-personal interaction is out of my hands. I place warnings clearly on my materials because I know how programming and triggering work. It is the responsibility of other individuals to pay attention to themselves as they do the work so as to not let themselves fall into such states of heavy triggering. If they cannot then they need to be doing the work face to face with a qualified guide and NOT ALONE.”

Info…Disinfo…Sideshow Politics

Many, many radio shows, blogs, websites, and YouTubes present information on mind control and ritual abuse. Few, if any, offer any practical solutions for the people coming out of these projects. OffPlanet Radio holds the position that we will present not just the “nitty gritty” details of mind control and abuse, but also pursue inquiries into solutions.

Some media outlets have not only ignored an outreach to these disclosers/whistleblowers/refugees, but have wholesale abused them! Some have even operated IN mind control by re-victimizing them…over and over…One such blogger goes to great lengths to fabricate stories, contrive ridiculous scenarios, and outright attack mind control and ritual abuse subjects—and it is supported by the same agents who gave you the “truth movement” (“awake and aware”).

I have written about these phenomena several times, in several different ways, regarding this whole “alternative media circus” and its mission to abort the intentions of community building for abused ex-cult/ex-project subjects. To objectify any such person as “super soldier”, then put them on a stage, have them tell all and loop the experience into a kaleidoscopic panorama for voyeurs—or to casually deploy the terms synonymous with mind control as an epithet is right out of the agencies’ handbooks.

The next level is to plant agents inside any rising movement that seeks to not only expose the dark details, but actually work to clean up the cabal’s messes. The self-glorifying media darlings of the “truther movement” can talk all day about the wildest details of the rituals of baby sex and blood-letting, or the mad scientists of traumatic alter personality creation, but do they ever delve into the ACTIONS that can help people get free?

Facts: people simply do not buck up donations or subscriptions for this material. It is bad for business because the sensibilities of the “audiences” have been calcified by the endless thrill ride of MORE dark details. Healing is hard work, and it’s messy. It requires a transparency on every level of spirit and soul that makes the average person uneasy. The general public is totally apathetic about their publicly exposed whistleblowers wellbeing. Objectification works to install a disconnect of that person’s pain and suffering.

That Which Does Not Kill You…

As far as healing methods go, I will just state that “there are NO silver bullets”. Healing from anything is a process of trial and error; steps and missteps, and even the potential to get worse, or to die. How many people have died from the very meds they took to relieve them? How many have perished on the operating table?

Yet we demand that healing methods related to unraveling the inner triggers and programs of the human neurological system, the embedded spiritual attachments, and sophisticated subroutines of layered personalities be fool-proof, and to be approached in a cavalier fashion? Or that we expect sinless perfection from practitioners?

Clearly, there needs to be a disclaimer on any/all such approaches to healing and integration. No one—repeat—NO ONE SHOULD EVER ATTEMPT A COURSE IN  HEALING from massive abuse/trauma alone.

No one should ever turn their attention, mind, soul, or spirit over to another without full cognition of the risks, or without examining the practitioner’s character, intentions, and experience. AND—I will add—-any practitioner, who is knowingly hoaxing, using deceptive or harmful practices, or attempting to do anything other than restore the patient to a state of (relative)wholeness should be employed, tolerated, or left unexposed!

NO Safe Haven

But unless these modalities of healing/integration are brought out in the media and allowed to be examined; unless they are permitted to be disseminated widely enough to publicize their availability; people suffer in silence, or are paraded as freaks—or promoted as the snazzy next side show for a conference. But they remain in states of paralysis as to their well-being, and are deceived into believing that there is no way out.

Right now there is no “safe haven” for these trauma-based subjects. At best, they can heal quietly and slowly over many years and leak out their details in forums and websites. They can hope they are not stalked, abused, tracked down, or constantly impugned by the SAME AGENTS of the Satanic Cabals, military -intelligence–industrial complex, and underground human traffickers who inhabit nearly all of the same internet habitations as themselves—and worse, the ones which were sprung like traps to capture them.

It is not useful, nor compassionate (can I use that term?) to throw out healers and practitioners; methods and techniques wholesale. We may not agree with the specifics of a given practice, certain techniques MAY, in fact, be dangerous and we should be discerning and vigilant.

Untold thousands of victims of projects, since the early 20th century, perished at the hands of mad doctors so that these anti-human experiments into human engineering could produce “results”. Thousands of years were spent perfecting the rituals of demonic possession to spiritually advance the present world system of enslavement on a mass scale.

To the “elites”, such losses are simply the cost to attain control and exercise power. To anyone with a conscience it is unacceptable on any level! It is also unacceptable to allow suppression of any VALID healing techniques that can be presented, not just for the most extreme cases, but for millions who have been abused in the “normal” courses of life. We need to be careful, and vigilant to not cut off the best chances for practitioners to expose their methods to the public.

Calling Healers and Being Wise

It is, with all of the above considered (and, sorry, it was long) that I will continue to invite and encourage healers to emerge and present their methods in this space. I will add that we will be circumspect of what is presented, and the potential effects that can arise from such presentations. I have posted a WARNING! on the White Wolf Healing Path page to this effect.

I also invite those who avail themselves of the materials offered here to interact with both myself and the presenters—especially those involved in the Healing Path exercises. If you are considering using these methods, PLEASE contact us. If you are in an early stage of recovery, still having frequent abductions, shifting, or personality changes: PLEASE, consult with a qualified professional, and/or, work with someone as a “safety”.

DO NOT WORK ALONE. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. And above all, be in a safe space, away from any influences that would interfere with your progress. BEWARE of internet chat rooms, “whistleblower” websites and forums, and even casual contacts over chat and email. These are all vectors for control agents to short wire a healing and integration process.

There are NO SILVER BULLETS. But there can be “arrows in the quiver”. There are solutions, but each person does take responsibility at the first level: choose well and be discerning in all things.






Child Ritual Abuse Cults, The Media MONARCHy, and Far Too Late Disclosures

Child Ritual Abuse Cults, The Media MONARCHy, and Far Too Late Disclosures

My friend, Annalie Cummings, has posted an extensive article on some of the details of  a “breaking” investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse at the exclusice Horace Mann School in New York City (Flashback: the McMartin Preschool abuse trials of the 1980s). On the heels of the conviction of former Penn State asst. coach, Jerry Sandusky, this scandal is the tip of an iceberg.

Note the name of the Horace Mann yearbook: The Mannekin? (Click to enlarge to full size)The well hidden enclaves of elitist pedophillia are, in some ways breaking down. But far too late, and with no thanks to the well-financed insiders, including adminstartors, alumni associations, and compliant “silence keepers” (like the late PSU head coach, Joe Paterno), who stood by and said nothing, in order to preserve the integrity of these bastions of occult ritual abuse.

Worse, these “retrospective” disclosures generally fail to ever thread through a much wider skein of abuses that connect into secret government projects that have gone on for over 50 years in the US, as well as other countries like the UK. 

Annalie draws the parallels from her own past experiences (including her own attendence at Mann’s Nursery School) with occult embeds aimed at chldren by the media; the widespread practices of exploiting the access to children in an institution (Sandusky founded his “Second Mile” children’s charity to gain access to young boys) for sexual exploitation, and the legacy of projects such as the now seemingly innocuous “Project Talent“* to recruit potential mind control subjects into government experiments and programs like MontauckProject Monarch and Project Mannequin. I was shocked to note the year book for the Horace Mann School is called “The Mannekin—see the photo enlargement above from the New York Times. Then go read the testimony of James Casbolt on his recruitment into the UK-based NSA Project Mannequin which has also been discussed by our informer, Barry King in our interviews.

These are NOT just “crimes of opportunity”. They are heinous assaults on the sanctity of human lives of the innocent. Access granted by placement of children into institutions, public or private; elite or “common”, have sustained the Satanist systems for hundreds of years. in fact, this is an ancient pattern of “child sacrifice” (on the soul level) that were prefigured by the ancient rites of Molech worship found in the Old Testament of the Bible.

The mass media, for its part, have deployed sinister hypnotic embeds into the minds of children via Disney and PBS (the distributors of “Sesame Street”) since the earliest days of television.  As Annalie outlines in her article, there is nothing “harmless” about the occult imagery, subtle erotics, and musically entrained subliminals streamed into childrens subconsciousness by media. An entire culture has been infiltrated, the innocence of childhood betrayed, and our children en masse turned over to the Satanic ritual systems of the secret socieites who rule this dark planet. We can only scream it from the rooftops in hopes that some will begin to dig deeper. ALL of these scandals are just the bubbling up of a much deeper quagmire that lies beneath the surface of our “civilized” socieities.

*Project Talent-I used the term innocuous sarcastically. Today, Project Talent has been covered over as a seemingly benevolent “search for the best and brightest students” (see This is the cover story for a far deeper project that was conducted over a much longer period than the reported 1960-1963. It also was not limited to just high school students, but actually included elementary schoolers from the same time periods. How do I know? I was one who was repeatedly tested under this program as an elementary student. These “tests” included utilizing screenings for psychic abilities, rapid memory access, verbal skills, and certain genetic qualities; and targeted bright children who possessed above average IQ scores. It was also the recruiting grounds for passage into advanced government training facilities similar to the UK Peasemore bases, Montauk, and various para-military facilities in numerous areas inside the US and UK. 

I decided to add this footnote after considering how I, myself, was tested; and taken to several “facilities” in grade school through middle school. I have spoken with several people who corroborated my own memories, including Duncan O’Finioan. Many who were tested and recieved additonal “training” were not used by the projects, but did receive programming. The numbers of such subjects can only be guessed, as the cited statisical numbers given on the website are merely the “official” cover numbers given as part of the “story” that was sold to the general public.



Video Blog: James Martizez-Illegal Lawyers Judges Courts


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This video is excerpted from the 06-26-2012 Cash Flow radio program on Achieve Radio.
The original text on the internet is:

James Martinez reads an email about the BAR Association’s history in the United States, and how union card lawyers and black-robed judges under the London’s Lawyer Guild effectively took over BOTH the judicial and legislative branches of the US and have established a FAKE “legal system” in the place of a lawful Constitutional judiciary. 

Everyone needs to become aware of the hijacking of our system of law, hence, our freedoms. How these illegal impostors have corrupted legitimate lawful rule, and replaced it with a system of paid barristers who use a closed system to not only adjudicate, but legislate for $$$MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. 

These “legal” parasites not only drain the economy by defrauding “we the people” of our legitimate rights to redress, but, in fact, they are the very basis for the decay of the American system and its economy and morla structures.

BEGIN HERE: This is Law School 101 for those who wish to take their power back.
The Revolution begin s NOW…it begins with you, and IN you.

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