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Interesting Exercise: Left Brain-Right Brain?

Interesting Exercise: Left Brain-Right Brain?

Someone sent me this link about the differences between left and right brain orientation. This simple exercise actually works in determining your dominant sphere, and how to tune to each:


If you see this lady turning clockwise, you are using your right brain.  If you see it the other way, you are using your left brain.
Some people do see both ways, but most people see it only one way.
See if you can make her go one way and then the other by shifting the brain’s current.

If you see this lady turning clockwise, you are using your right brain.  If you see it the other way, you are using your left brain.Some people do see both ways, but most people see it only one way.
See if you can make her go one way and then the other by shifting the brain’s current. 


The trick is to “glance away” and casually look again. With some practice, you will be able to shift her rotations and exercise your ability to change brain-side modes.
For more information check out the website: http://www.lightspeed-learning.com/ 

Wednesday November 28, 2012 OffPlanet Radio Live: E.A. James Swagger

E.A. James Swagger

About the Author: 
I was first introduced to topical science writing for a historical mysteries magazine in Ireland. Sadly it doesn’t run anymore but it did wet my appetite for researching ancient knowledge and lost science in a professional sense . Inititially it was for a favour due to my science and engineering background, though my career in this field soon took me away to Europe. History has always been a passion to me from early on, most notably Egyptology, Assyrian, and Akkadian civilisations. The megalithic civilisation that dominates most of Western Europe also played a major role in it’s sheer mystery growing up. I was born to Irish and Danish parents, whereby both countries host large numbers of well preserved passage graves and megaliths. I had spent equal time in both countries growing up and we would regularly take the ferry run from Ireland to Brittany to get to mainland Europe. It was on one of these journeys to Brittany that we stopped of in Carnac, then in my middle teens, the mystery deepened for me. I realised for the first time the scale of the megalithic civilisation, that it was lost, and that we in the modern world knew absolutely nothing of it. It wasn’t until much later that I would research the megaliths in depth. I must say the glory of Egyptian and Middle Eastern civilisations was much more alluring to me then.

In my career and education I pursued and engineering role first. I worked for fifteen years in heavy industrial process control systems. Typical jobs would involve wind farms, power plants, water processing and oil rigs. In those fifteen years I traversed much of Western Europe mostly based in the UK and Ireland though at times in Denmark. In that period I had always sought out megalithic monuments in my spare time as these were in the regions I was working. In retrospect I don’t think I would have had the passion nor resources to research the megaliths had my vocation not taken me to these places. I recall one time I got to travel to the remote Hebridean Island in Scotland where Callanish stone circle is situated. I know I would never had made the journey just to see that site on its own. I realised how priviledged I was to see these remote megalithic sites. Having spent ten years abroad I wanted a career change at some point in the future. I studied for a MSc in Science, Research, and Society. It wasn’t intentionally to make the change of career as an author though it has certainly aided my career development. I had studied a Physics with Astronomy degree in preparation for my MSc. and also hold a MEng. Though engineering and science is what I am good at and I am blessed with such talents to study their complexities, history and civilisations is what I hold dear to me. I feel priviledged t be able to amalgamate my profession and passion in such a manner now. It was during a return trip to Ireland two years that I felt the need to pursue a book on Passage Grave Cosmology. Initially I had wished to write a chapter on megalithic monuments in an Ancient Knowledge and Lost Science Book I was working on. I discovered some rock art on a standing stone in Donegal which turned out to be incorrectly deciphered and forgotten about. I then turned my efforts to write on book on Passage Grave Cosmology. Now having completed that I have returned to my Historical Mysteries book due for release by the end of this year.

E.A.James Swagger, Malmo, Sweden, 2012

David E. Martin: Bribes at the Supreme Court for Thermodynamics

David E. Martin: Bribes at the Supreme Court for Thermodynamics

Following up on the James Martinez disclosure (NASA Senior Scientist Threatens Cold Fusion Advocate James Martinez)  at the Global Breakthrough Energy Conference in Holland, this article from David E. Martin sheds some light on the issues the alternative energy movement MUST deal with, including their own evolving paradigms.

Bribes at the Supreme Court for Thermodynamics

“…incredible is the insistence that, with adequate financing (do we recall that the money is distributed by private institutions for the benefit of their shareholders?) we would be able to unleash alternative energy that would economically harm the shareholders that actually mint the thing that we “need” to destroy them.” -David E. Martin  

David E. MartinSpending two days in Hilversum (Netherlands) at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference provides ample cognitive deuterium to power cold fusion reactors for the foreseeable future.  All kidding aside, Global BEM did a phenomenal job of doing something I last saw elegantly executed by John Petersen’s Arlington Institute.  With an aptitude somewhat unique to the Dutch, they assembled one of the most improbable of audiences from all corners of the globe and exposed them to content as dimensionally complex as the attendees.  Under the moniker of “Breakthrough Energy” – a more suitable term than the ecosystem disrespecting term “Free Energy” which fails to account for the constituents contributing to the system – they appealed to an expansive consideration of how we animate our future.

I couldn’t help but marvel at the allegedly uninvited guest that seems to haunt gatherings such as this.  From Foster and Kimberly Gamble’sThrive: The Movie to the coffee breaks in Hilversum, the ghosts of Bretton Woods, the IMF, and David Rockefeller were running amok again.  The evidence of the homicide of alternative energy efforts seen to threaten the global financial system was presented by speakers ranging from Canada’s Honorable Paul Hellyer to George Bush’s Former U.S. Assistant Secretary for Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts.

While in years past, these voices were seen as fringe and discounted as conspiracy theorists, in the wake of the continued accountability and performance failure in the global financial sector, current headlines lent a certain credibility to what is very old news.  This post is NOT about the fact that, since 1913 and unquestioned since Bretton Woods cum International Monetary Fund, the current monetary system is controlled by and for private interests at the expense of public interest.  Rather it is about the apparent cognitive dissonance that should disprove the First Law of Thermodynamics.  By observation, in an isolated system (the passionate advocates for alternative energy paradigms), energy expended in blaming the global financial cabal for non-adoption of vital technical solutions is infinite. 
Why the title for the post?  Well, for a bunch of reasons.  Read the rest of the article

Wednesday November 21, 2012 OffPlanet Radio Live Show: David Griffin

The Financial Enslavement of Earth and Mind Wars

David Griffin is the author of Revelation: A Briefing For the Peoples of Earth. With a professional background in design & engineering, he embarked on an intellectual and spiritual journey to uncover the truth about his existence, and in 1992, began recovering memories of his own previous lifetimes. With each new recovered memory, the pieces of an extremely ancient and intricate puzzle began falling into place.


Most people now know that there is something very fundamentally
wrong with our current society, and they can feel and see the direction it
is really heading, despite all the rosy propaganda, false statistics, and
not-so-subtle lies to the contrary - 
David Griffin

Polls show that, as a long term trend, more and more Americans think that the U.S. is “on the wrong track”, and that this country is in a state of decline. Unfortunately however, this malady is not unique to the U.S. This is, at present, a world-wide phenomenon.

People the world-over are now realizing that their governments and media actually represent vested “corporate” interests, and not that of the people.At present, we find ourselves in a position where artificial entities known as corporations seem to have far, far more power, influence, resources, and supposedly even value than real beings, and
where the primary goal of the corporation – a return on investment for the shareholders – has become far more important than even life itself.

Clearly, things must change if we are to have a society worth living in, and many are now realizing that any meaningful and fundamental “change” will not be forthcoming from either the government or the entrenched “corporate” interests. Why would they? They now have more power and influence than at any time in the past.
If there is to be a truly fundamental and meaningful change, it must also originate and 
occur at a very fundamental level – with the people. With US.

Obviously the way WE have been viewing things and the way WE have been operating, has either contributed to, or, at the very least, allowed this current state of affairs to occur. Therefore, a very fundamental shift in viewpoint and awareness would seem to be in order for all of us, with appropriately revised decisions and actions following thereafter as a due result.

Based solely on where we find ourselves today, our old viewpoints, our old way of looking at things, our old paradigm is flawed – seriously so. To the degree that people continue viewing things and operating the same way that they have been, this society will naturally continue heading in exactly the same direction that it is now. It would be naive to expect any other result.

Therefore, it is time for a long overdue shift in realities and viewpoints to begin, as this will be a gradual process, and is likely to be fought at every turn using every means at their disposal, by those who see “their” ill-gotten power slowly slipping away. In truth though, it was never their power to begin with.


In the pages that follow, you may see some things which are a bit outside of your current reality and currently held viewpoint of things, in the case of some, drastically so. What follows herein are some very hard truths which may be difficult for some people to confront and adjust to. However upon reflection, you may also find that deep down inside, you have always known some of these very same things…

As you read the pages that follow, try a little experiment. Try, if only for a short time, to let-go of any old, fixed ideas and considerations about the world around you, and allow yourself to view your existence here from a different perspective than you are normally accustomed to. At the very least, it should be an interesting experience.

But then again, you may never look at the world around you in quite the same way again.

And perhaps, that’s the only thing that’s been needed all along…

The Book - Source.

NASA Senior Scientist Threatens Cold Fusion Advocate James Martinez

NASA Senior Scientist Threatens Cold Fusion Advocate James Martinez

Lest anyone forget: the road to alternative and free energy is littered with bodies, including Cold Fusion researcher and proponent, Eugene Mallove, whose 1989 book, “Fire From Ice”, documented the suppression of the successful “table top cold fusion” experiments by Fleischmann and Pons. Still suspect, as well, were the circumstances around the demise of Stanley Meyer, who developed 9 patents for a water fuel cell in 1990; and the claims by Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (Ret.) Thomas Bearden, over claims of suppression by government agencies and corporate interest.

Real simply: Alternative/free energy is a dangerous game.

The disclosure by James Martinez of a very specific threat by Dennis Bushnell, NASA Chief Scientist atNASA Senior Scientist, Dennis Bushnell  the Langley Research Center, is the sobering warning to the present generation of developers and researchers that forces within the establishment do not want cold fusion, and other alternative energy technologies released to the public. 

The following article was posted by Sterling Allan, the CEO and founder of Pure Energy Systems, Inc. and the New Energy Congress, and it details the facts behind a chilling conspiracy and one of its operatives. I spoke with Mr. Martinez from his home in Los Angeles on Friday evening, November 16 about the details of this report. Mr. Martinez will issue any additional statements about the events in this article at his website, coldfusionnow.org

James Marinez has previously appeared on OffPlanet Radio:


NASA Senior Scientist, Dennis Bushnell threatens James Martinez

YouTube Video

In preparation for the Global Breakthrough Energy conference in Holland, Martinez contacted Bushnell about speaking at the conference. Apparently pushing a button, Martinez instead received a tirade, including a threat of repercussions from Navy Seals.

By Sterling D. Allan 
Pure Energy Systems News

James Martinez made a shocking disclosure at the Global Breakthrough Energy Conferencein Hilversum, Holland, on November 11, 2012.

I knew what was coming because he had primed me for it earlier with some hints. So I had my camera out and shot a video of his statement when he made it during his scheduled lecture at the conference.

James lives in Los Angeles where he has many friends and associates in the world of Hollywood. His bio at http://globalbem.com/conference/speakers/ reads:

A media ecologist by trade, James Martinez has been spreading the word about the benefits of Cold Fusion, which he describes as man’s greatest invention since the wheel. Coming soon he will be appearing in the film “The Believers”, discussing the ramifications of Cold Fusion and the technological effects that face the world. Mr. Martinez aims to wake the public up from the deep electronic, hypnotic sleep where he believes most of America resides.

Martinez said that in preparation for the conference, he was seeking to find a high-profile, credible scientist to speak about LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, colloquially referred to as “cold fusion”). Someone had recommended Dennis Bushnell, Senior Scientist at NASA, who has given various presentations on LENR.

So he called Dr. Bushnell.

Apparently, in the course of the conversation, James said something that set Bushnell off, pushing a button, so to speak, and Bushnell launched into a tirade about how “dangerous” cold fusion is, and that James should do something else. When James reminded Bushnell that driving the streets of LA is pretty dangerous too, but that doesn’t stop him, Bushnell then said something about there being Seal teams on the East and West Coasts, as if to threaten him that if he didn’t comply and stand down, that there could be consequences.

Well, James isn’t that kind of person, one to be threatened and just remain silent.

Here’s the video of Martinez’ report.


On November 13, 2012, I phoned Bushnell on a recorded line (disclosed), to get his response, and he said the allegation was “crap.”

I asked Martinez what he thought of Bushnell’s response, to which he responded:

“It’s a lie. He knows the call is being recorded and he probably doesn’t want to confess anything. I don’t care either way. I’ll deal with it later. He’s shown his colors. End of story. I recall quite well…. Thanks for all you do.”

My Experience with Bushnell

While talking about Bushnell, I should share my personal experience with him when I met him at the Conference on Future Energy (COFE) in D.C. in 2006. Here was a high-ranking guy from NASA, so I asked him what he thought about UFOs. This was a one-on-one conversation at an outside-the-box conference, and I was kind of hoping he would say something like, “Officially, NASA doesn’t endorse this, but it is clearly obvious that we have visitors.”

But instead, he said something to the effect: “There is no way you can travel through space because of [cosmic ray] radiation.” 

To which I replied, “Surely an advanced civilization could come up with ways to shield against that.” 

But he tersely responded: “You can’t shield against it.”

I found that very lame, and lacking in imagination at best; but for someone as smart, informed, and connected as he is, he struck me as a cover-up agent, spouting a lie in support of a particular meme that NASA has turned into: namely giving the appearance of pushing the frontiers of space, while simultaneously denying the whole UFO/extraterrestrial thing; when in reality, the black budget projects, for which they are covering up, have had advanced flight technologies for decades.

My experience with Bushnell was consistent with the account that James gave at the conference. 

One other thing about this exchange that is troubling is that Bushnell specified the “Seals” as being agents at their behest to carry out such bully tactics.

I have a hard time believing that Constitution-loving Seals would have any involvement in such things, unless they were given some lie about their intended victim. I’ll tell you one thing: I couldn’t fathom serving in the U.S. military at this time in history, when the US has become more about empire than freedom. I wish some of those who have sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic, would do more to clean house than to follow orders by corrupt administrators.

Other Developments

Also in his presentation, Martinez said that his present focus is to bring funding to cold fusion technologies. When I was having breakfast with him on November 10, Martinez said he was tired of all the talk and wanted to see action.