LaRouche: The Role of A Secret Science

LaRouche: The Role of A Secret Science

“We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations
A new world order A world where the rule of law Not the law of the jungle 
Governs the conduct of nations.”
George H. W. Bush, January 16, 1991

“They” reverse the order: the concept that man must be ruled by either the “law of the jungle”, or the force of a global power. The “ourselves” referred to by Bush in this speech is code for the elites and their generational ruling class. They do not respect law, nor are they of even the sense of the animal kingdom. They are liars, thieves, and artificial, parasites who imposed constraints on mankind’s reasoning by virtue of false concepts.

noetic (comparative more noeticsuperlative most noetic)

  1. Of or pertaining to the mind or intellect.
  2. Originating in or apprehended by reason.

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By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

25 January 2013

In the opening chapter of this report, I had emphasized what might be considered as the “secret” principles of an actually modern, physical science. That means, in practice, leaving the department of blind faith in sense-perception as such.

Case in point:

Sense-perception as a practice of human individuals, is a childish sort of delusion. Since we humans, especially those from a modern sort of leading physical-science progress, should have reached the stage of intellectual development at which they had departed from blind faith in sense-perception as such, why should really intelligent workers in the fields of science continue to believe that sense-perception provides, in and of itself, actually direct insight into the ruling principles of the universe generally? Is it merely sense-perception which defines, and reigns over that universe in which many poorly informed, very credulous folk still believe: that the universe is run by the rules attributed to mere human sense-perception? What has the galaxy to testify about such matters as that? Sense-perception is undoubtedly useful for monkeys, but are we merely monkeys?

We represent actually noëtic capabilities which no species of mere beast replicates. Therefore, no variety of human being should have ever believed that mankind’s species is delimited by the same rules as monkeys, or, in the alternative, those subjected to the brutish effects inherent in slavery, or to the particular kind of bestiality expressed by a brutish oligarchy such as that which mass-murdered Troy, or the victims of the Roman imperial arena. Since we know, that the human species is naturally possessed of synthetic qualities of specifically noëtic creative powers, as no mere animal has, why should mankind play according to the animal rules imposed on slaves, or by otherwise brutish types?