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J. Allan (Jeff) Danelek


This bio is Jeff’s own story from his website:

A native of Minnesota but a resident of Colorado since 1969, my life has been a journey that has taken me down many different paths—some good and some not so good—but all of them useful in my journey. After a stint in the Navy (as a navigator and, briefly, an air traffic controller) I attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, specializing in illustration and graphic design. Since then, I have worked for a wide array of employers, from the public school system to the aerospace industry. I even worked for a couple of years laying out an international magazine for a local televangelist (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty). After doing a gig as a part-time driving instructor (lotsa fun and a very educational experience) I’m back in the graphics industry once again while I wait for my “ship to come in”—whenever that might be. In the meantime, I continue to maintain this and several other websites, keep my hand in free-lance graphic work, continue to write for both myself and several other websites, teach classes at Colorado Free University and Front Range Community College here in Denver, and work on my tennis game (with little success). I currently live in Lakewood, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) with my wife, Carol.

Besides writing, my hobbies include—but are not necessarily limited to—art, politics and political history (I can name all 44 presidents along with the years they were president and what party they were, none of which has proven useful to date), world and military history, religion and spirituality, numismatics (coin collecting) paleontology, astronomy (and science in general) and Fortean subjects such as Bigfoot, UFO’s and things that go bump in the night. I enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction, much of it with decidedly spiritual, religious, cryptozoological, historical and/or paranormal overtones, and consider writing to be my life’s passion.

I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t pursue my writing career with the prerequisite determination until fairly recently (I like to think of it as a progressive learning thing) with my first published feature article appearing in the March, 2002 issue of Fate magazine. Striking up a good relationship with Fate’s parent publisher, Galde Press, I decided to submit an entire manuscript for consideration and in September of 2003, I was blessed with my first book, Reconsidering Atlantis: A New Look at a Prehistoric Civilization (out of print). Later I was able to get a larger publisher (and one known for its paranormal-theme clientele), Llewellyn International, out of St. Paul, Minnesota, to look at some of my ideas, the result being that I have since managed to add six more titles to my repertoire: The Mystery of Reincarnation (May, 2005), The Case for Ghosts, (July, 2006), Atlantis, Lessons from a Prehistoric Civilization (June, 2008—basically a rework of my first book), UFOs: The Great Debate (December, 2008), 2012: Extinction or Utopia (November, 2009) and the Case for Reincarnation(June, 2010). I also have had a couple of books published by Adventures Unlimited Press out of Kempton, Illinois, one that deals with the mysterious sighting of “airships” reported over California and the Midwest in the winter of 1896-97 (the first UFO flap or something else?) entitled The Great Airship of 1897 and a second, which came out in May of 2011, on the early history of aviation entitled Phantoms of the Skies: The Lost History of Aviation from Antiquity through the Wright Brothers (with co-author Chuck Davis). Both books are especially important to me, as my publisher at AUP, the well-known Fortean writer David Hatcher Childress (yes, thatDavid Hatcher Childress) permitted me the opportunity to not only write the books, but do the layout and cover designs as well, which is a rare thing for publishers to do nowadays. (In fact, I can’t think of any full service publishers who do!) As such, my metaphorical hat goes off to David for letting me take the book from concept to final product and, especially, for the faith he has shown in permitting me the maximum latitude in pursuing these projects. As for the future, I am currently working on several not-yet-but-hopefully-soon-to-be-published novels and another book for David, (this one on the history of the submarine). All in all, things seem to be moving along pretty well, making me very enthusiastic about the coming years.

Perhaps the best part of being a writer has been the opportunities it has afforded me to meet a host of interesting people in the literary and paranormal community, among them real life ghost-hunters, past life regression hypnotists, Wiccans, and everything in between. It has also provided me the chance to do lots of radio (I’m told I have the face for it); over the last few years. I’ve repeatedly been a guest on Coast to Coast with George Noury and have appeared on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Radio Show, the x-zone with Rob McConnell, EUP Radio with Scott Colborn,Erskine OvernightPara-X Radio with Rusty O’Nhail, and lots of others. I’ve also had the opportunity to speak at several seminars, most recently at a paranormal conference at the haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado as well as onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach). All-in-all, a lot of fun.

My personal philosophy is that life is about learning and growing, both intellectually and spiritually, and that is the perspective from which I approach each project I undertake. As for writing, fame and wealth are not the goals (though they are acceptable consolation prizes); the point of the exercise is to give others a piece of yourself in the hopes that in your words they’ll find something that speaks to their needs, answers their questions, or even touches their heart. To have a stranger come up to you and thank you for expanding their awareness or giving them an answer to a question they have been pondering is what writing is all about, and if you can happen to make a living doing that in the process, then it’s worth all the effort. At least, that’s how I see it.

A Space of Time…

It’s not lost on me that it has been a month since our last live show for OffPlanet Radio. As I noted on the websites, the passing over of a beloved Elder of our family triggered the extended hiatus. Along with the planning and work that needed to be done for the scheduled Camp Hill II Energy and Healing Summit with Duncan and Miranda, there were also personal challenges for co-host, Chris Holly, who has had numerous family and health issues over the past month. 

I note and express thanks for the kind wishes of listeners and friends that have been sent, along with some queries about the lack of activity. First, I don’t believe in “death”, as we morbidly know it, but I do honor the process of transition. I also know how to take cues from the cycles of Universe to obey the soul and body’s needs to rest, contemplate, and refresh. 

Second, I don’t believe in “time”, in the literal, linear sense…that’s a matrix concept. What we call time is punctuations in a vast field of experience we call our “physical life”. The processes of birth and death (I have experienced both in the last six month period) are parentheses of what is just one phase of our ever-unfolding now-ness. It is not an inconsequential thing to stop and ponder; to rest and reflect, and not allow unique moments to simply pass without learning what they can teach us. 

I also sensed that the show, and my own energies were beginning to feel somewhat tired—and by that I do not mean we did bad shows…the energies were simply tilting and we needed to step back and regroup. Both Chris Holly and I felt it was a time to reboot the show, and our own individual projects. So, while there have not been new shows recently, there is a tremendous amount of “back catalog” on both of our sites to partake.

Humans love novelty…the next “new” thing; often without really stopping to savor the things already sown. The western mindset of endless production and novely is another trap of the matrix mindset. The proverbial hamster wheel. And we do well to break the cycles. Without rest…the still point…there can arise no creative energetics waves. We need to observe the laws of Universe, not the laws of the matrix reality.

I will also note that I have been extremely challenged in keeping up with correspondence. Again, we are very limited in the handling of communications, as both Chris and myself do not have a support staff. If I have missed an email, phone call, or message from you, I apologize. Kindly re-send if you wish…or I will eventually reply as I sort through hundreds of unanswered messages. I also wish to deeply acknowledge and THANK those who continue to support us with gifts and donations…you deserve more than I can ever express…we send you a force field of much love.

We will continue the live shows on July 17, 2013, with guests to be announced. In the months to come we hope to provide not just new content (novelty), but a new vision and vitality towards the broad scope of the paranormal, consciousness, spirituality, and the future “now” of humanity. Stay tuned.

Summit II Wrap Up

Summit II Wrap Up

It has taken a few days to “recover” from the second Camp Hill Summit with Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelly. By recover I mean to fully grasp the immense power that comes from people of purpose gathering for a time of sharing, touching, and gaining new skills and insights. To communicate the full scope is impossible: it was as personal as each participant’s experience.

Duncan and Miranda together extended their energies and experince into much deeper realms this time as the focus was on the ELEMENTS of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. In the beautiful natural surroundings of the private retreat area beside the ancient native waterways of the Conodoguinet Creek, surrounded by old growth trees, and abounding in the spirits—along with some animal guides who made appearences—the attendees for this retreat experienced the “full effect”. 

Camp Hill II Summit: Energy & Healing – July 28-30, 2013

Archery shooting (used to focus the mind and direction of energy), a fire cleansing ritual, learning to visualize plasma balls, and an energy pool (courtesy of a natural fed spring); crystal energy healing, and plenty of one-on-one, plus a daily round-table discussion were all just parts of the 3-day event, as well as the annual Saturday night cookout with live music and lively discussions. Duncan working the energy pool spring

These events are never scripted, but arise out of the direction of the Spirit of the gathered collective, Spontaneous and playful, but also serious and impacting, we saw people touched and real healings: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Connections are made and relationships form as we begin to realize that none of us are alone, and that each of us is a unique piece of a dynamic whole that spans continents, cultures, and dimensions. The POINT of these gatherings is always to sow seeds that will ripple out into the “field” as we pass on our wisdom and vision to a dying world.

As usual, the dark forces tested us by sending yet another of their agents to disrupt. As usual, these usurpers are intercepted, neutralized, and ejected. Nice try, guys! We appreciate the target practice.

My thanks, as always, to Duncan and Miranda for putting out a full-tilt energy flow and continuing to daunt the critics by making a difference. Extra special thanks to our hosts, Sam and Alice for the safe space and service-to-others spirit. My blessings to all who attended. May we meet again soon…maybe on the battlefield.

Randy Maugans
5 July 2013