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57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)…The Static of the Galactic Deception

57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)…The Static of the Galactic Deception

Well..it seems that all is in turmoil in Woo Woo Land:

How long have we watched as the various factions of the 2012/Disclosure/ Ascension/NESARA crowd, epitomized best by the galactic pablum spooners at Steve Beckow’s 2012 Scenario, have month-after-month, day-by-day, heralded the great coming of “our ET ascended masters”? 

It seems that Archangel Michael (a/k/a channelers Linda Dillon and Ron Head), Sheldon Nidle, the Arcturians, the Council of Ascended Masters, Salusa, Mike Quinsey, Poofness, Matthew Ward (a 17-year old who transitioned in 1980), and many other pundits from behind the veil, cannot get on message. How many years have the channelers been heralding this incredible new age…? Complete with NESARA debit accounts and free energy. All provided by…YES…the “Ascended Ones”? 

Look, no one wants to see the end of the tyrannical bankster-driven Illuminati war machine more than me. No one denies that free energy (zero point/cold fusion) is viable…but the problem with these channelers and their so-called “masters” is that we—the human creators—give up our power to beings who, at best, are cosmic butlers. Angels are servants. Deceased humans do not have access to the inner councils of the heavens. And ETs, whether well-meaning or not, are NOT our “betters”! As David Icke has declared, “Humanity, get off your knees.” 

Greg Giles-Ascension Earth 2012The Cosmic channeler crowds are reeling today, as one of their own has apparently now been co-opted. Well, it sure feels like a psy-op. More like a psy-op within a psy-op, as blogger Greg Giles dropped a bomb in the laps of the faithful in Woo Woo Land:

Message from Those Who Share Their Messages through Me 9/29/12 ‘Finale’

Many of you have clearly been waiting on your ship to come in to your harbor, but as a few of you, not many of you, but a few of you have begun to discern for yourselves, no ship is coming in and we, of course, are referring to these fictitious debit cards that have never and will never be mailed to you. All of you, and this means every single one of you, including our channel Greg, has been participating in what you may refer to as a research study or a project, or what we refer to as a great program. So what has this program, that is now over for Greg mind you, all about? (emphasis added)

The article goes on to de-construct some of the basic tenets of this whole channeled entity/ascension/NESARA wad of snot:

Greg is, shall we say, deeply wounded, for he feels he has led many of you astray and in a way he has indeed done this, however, his heart was always in the right place. He has actually been receiving our radio frequency communications that are received solely through the power and the use of his brain. This is the way we have been communicating with him and through him to you, and this is why we feel he has fallen for this, we shall say, scam, if you will, for so long, for you see, when one receives communications in this way they can get a little confused. Such is the case with Greg.
We told him some whoppers, as you say, and he bought them hook, line and sinker. He would never have done this if we would have sent him an e-mail, or posted this kind of information online, or even sent him a letter or issued him a phone call. Yet, because he received this information as what you know as telepathically, but we do not and we will not get into that, he believed these communications must be real and they were in a way, but they certainly were not from the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command.

No, friends, Greg—and all these other channelers—have been getting voice-to-skull messages sent from decidedly not friendly sources using…psychotronic technologies (much like those used for surveillance of targeted individuals). Yes, spiritual deception is a bitch!

Let us get back to you and our project, as we refer to it. All of you have taken part in this project, not just our channel, so you too were a bit gullible and fell for everything that we have told you, well mostly anyway…None of these, and we mean none these words are (our channels). He did his job very well especially throughout this last year. For all the rest of you, you simply believed the words of a complete stranger, for even though some of you consider Greg a friend, you don’t really know him and you have never met him. You probably never will and you know just about absolutely nothing about him, yet you believed just about everything, and some of you believed everything, he said because he seemed a nice guy and he seemed to be honest and he seemed to be hard-working. Well he is all of those things, though he was also duped, as you say, so where did that get you?

This where most of the actual truth of this post ends. Understand: this IS a huge deception grid on the internet, and it truly is a a psy-op within a psy-op. The rest of the blog post goes on to further deconstruct the mythologies of Woo Woo Land, all the while building parallel delusion within the debunking. Poor Greg, he would have been bettered served by a simple confession: “It’s ALL bullshit!”

Suffice to say that the Ashtar Command is none too pleased:

“Clearly things are not right and something has happened to Greg. His site showed a message that something was to be announced and then a message came out that clearly is not from Greg and tells many lies that are obviously there to add confusion.”

Yes, confusion, dear ones. all these so-called “voices”…channelers, archangels,galactic councils, and entities sowed confusion into your pointy little heads because you choose to believe that YOU are powerless’ that it requires space people and armies of angels to come down and smite the very enemies created by weak-minded, powerless humans (a/k/a-“gods in abdication”—see the definition of abdicate) in the first place. 

The concept of a liberation effort by outside forces (beings) who are “superior” (a/k/a-”ascended”) is the ploy of every power structure, ancient  and moddern, which has ridden roughshod over the human race for millenia. It is the central control grid of religion, politics, economics, and mind control. It is Machievelli on steroids, and humans fall for it every time it’s tried (on most of them, with the rare exceptions scattered about). The entire New Age/Channeled Sources/UFO/Ascended Masters/NESARA juggernaut is simply one big RELIGION! 

The belief in anything outside of your own spiritual power, God-given sovereignty (yes, there is a Source), and the inherent abilities which are common and available to ALL humans, is simply the nectar that masks the poison of your soul and your own well-being. These channelers, many of whom operate from their own imaginations (or the delusions of voice-to-skull psychotronics) are voices of deception, complacency, and power-LESS-ness. 

Those gently wafted voices mask a message that lulls the hapless faithful into spiritual narcolepsy. Those who insist that you are destined to live gloriously on the largesse of a “trust fund” that was stolen by the cabalists are little more than spiritual welfare recipients. Likewise, those who are still convinced their sustannance lies in the “hard labor” of the present economic system are no better off…when will you wake up and realize that YOU ARE CREATORS. No “economic system” whether of angels or demons is required. Wake up to who you are. Begin to create. And understand that any being who claims to be your master is simply the murderer of your soul! Your future is neither glorious, nor is it Armagedon. It will be what you make it, and you will fully OWN your creations.

At the end of the day we have David Wilcock to thank for much of this. He, and his legion of googler-eyed web wackers laid the groundwork for what is now a glorious mess. Thanks! David. 


  1. Excellent post. Plus as I've always said the channellers say their bringing in a new age yet use an old fashioned one way communication model called the monologue speech best exploited by everyone from Joe Stalin, the corporate media and Mao Tse Tung. I've always maintained that if Salusa could just give me a call on my mobile I'd be happy to verify he's the real deal. Spiritual welfare. Nice term. Up their with spiritual Vegas.

  2. I have linked to this Greg Giles post on both my blogs. Not because it is in any way definitive. But because it's so different.
    I personally think that this post is a step closer to the truth than what has gone before. But we can take its own advice and suspend judgement. After all, why should anyone "trust a stranger?"
    The psy-op within a psy-op concept is tantalizing. But I get tired of chasing those rabbits. On some level, every communication between beings is a "psy-op." At some point one has to decide that a communication is real enough to pass as sincere. That choice is up to each of us.

  3. I hope you saved the original post, because it's been deleted from his website. Hopefully this will help wake up a few more people so they put down the "Hopium" of these channeled messages and get on with making life in the here and now better.

  4. O mother of pearl i effen loved reading that! as usual Randy you and your guests are spot on……..love the comments also.. it is so fucking super to read and listen to real humans……..thank you to every one of you………..Cat

  5. The wheels are falling off good and proper now, although I thought the Blossom Goodchild/Federation of Light fiasco of 2008 would have been enough for even the most gullible of 'believers' to wake up and smell the coffee!

    Psyops definitely, but there is far more to this than merely human involvement. Its a war for our mind and soul, and as many researchers/authors have pointed out to us in recent years (John Lamb Lash, Jay Weidner, David Icke, Eve Lorgen ….just to name a few of them), there is another level of reality over-laid upon this one, and its inhabited by many unseen forces that do NOT have humanities best interest at heart and never have. They have been with us since the very beginning, and you can call them demons, archons, reptilians, greys, djinn, ETs (or any other name of your choice), but what is important to all humans right now is the understanding that, deception and mind-control is their specialty and THEY ARE VERY GOOD AT IT! None of us are exempt from their pervasive deception, and all it takes is one tiny little chink in our spiritual armour (usually associated with un-resolved emotional issues from childhood), and their thoughts can enter our ego/minds and whisper all manner of deception to us which we believe to be our own thoughts…..yes sadly that IS what happened to David Wilcock, So, bottom line for all of us is 'deal with your shit'….the stuff that weakens you spiritually. You need whole brain activity do do this. You hone your intuition to a fine point (right brain), then filter everything it tells you through your left brain logic, then you will not fall victim to this crap, you will see it for what it is….CRAP!


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