A Space of Time…

It’s not lost on me that it has been a month since our last live show for OffPlanet Radio. As I noted on the websites, the passing over of a beloved Elder of our family triggered the extended hiatus. Along with the planning and work that needed to be done for the scheduled Camp Hill II Energy and Healing Summit with Duncan and Miranda, there were also personal challenges for co-host, Chris Holly, who has had numerous family and health issues over the past month. 

I note and express thanks for the kind wishes of listeners and friends that have been sent, along with some queries about the lack of activity. First, I don’t believe in “death”, as we morbidly know it, but I do honor the process of transition. I also know how to take cues from the cycles of Universe to obey the soul and body’s needs to rest, contemplate, and refresh. 

Second, I don’t believe in “time”, in the literal, linear sense…that’s a matrix concept. What we call time is punctuations in a vast field of experience we call our “physical life”. The processes of birth and death (I have experienced both in the last six month period) are parentheses of what is just one phase of our ever-unfolding now-ness. It is not an inconsequential thing to stop and ponder; to rest and reflect, and not allow unique moments to simply pass without learning what they can teach us. 

I also sensed that the show, and my own energies were beginning to feel somewhat tired—and by that I do not mean we did bad shows…the energies were simply tilting and we needed to step back and regroup. Both Chris Holly and I felt it was a time to reboot the show, and our own individual projects. So, while there have not been new shows recently, there is a tremendous amount of “back catalog” on both of our sites to partake.

Humans love novelty…the next “new” thing; often without really stopping to savor the things already sown. The western mindset of endless production and novely is another trap of the matrix mindset. The proverbial hamster wheel. And we do well to break the cycles. Without rest…the still point…there can arise no creative energetics waves. We need to observe the laws of Universe, not the laws of the matrix reality.

I will also note that I have been extremely challenged in keeping up with correspondence. Again, we are very limited in the handling of communications, as both Chris and myself do not have a support staff. If I have missed an email, phone call, or message from you, I apologize. Kindly re-send if you wish…or I will eventually reply as I sort through hundreds of unanswered messages. I also wish to deeply acknowledge and THANK those who continue to support us with gifts and donations…you deserve more than I can ever express…we send you a force field of much love.

We will continue the live shows on July 17, 2013, with guests to be announced. In the months to come we hope to provide not just new content (novelty), but a new vision and vitality towards the broad scope of the paranormal, consciousness, spirituality, and the future “now” of humanity. Stay tuned.


  1. Very glad to hear from you Randy. You sound healthy of mind..great! Cat

  2. Hi Randy and Chris.

    Thanks for everything that you do.

    Best Wishes.


  3. Thanks for the update Randy. Rest is good. It will be nice to have you and Chris back on the air when the time is right. God Bless you guys and your families. You said a lot in this post. It's good stuff.


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