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Alex Collier-The Return of the Demi-Gods

Alex Collier-The Return of the Demi-Gods

Alex Collier interview with Shiny Demise Radio: The great deception now riffing through the internet about global financial reform. Collier says that Fulford and Wilcock info are sincere—BUT (and we have said this)–-there is a whole other level of deception by the elites and the offworlders/Annunaki…

Download Alex Collier – 03-02-2012-Interview/Statement

Note: Alex mentions YouTube videos from Steve Quayle and Tom Horn in this interview. BE WISE: Quayle and Horn come from a level of internal deception as they hold to a literal, fundamentalist view of the Book of Revelation. As Alex points out, this is a collective meme implanted into the human collective conciousness for hundreds of years, and a self-fulfilling prophecy. Likewise, be very wary of channeled information coming from “galactic councils”, “archangels” and offworld beings that are promoting a “new age” of liberation for humanity—this is all part of a huge web of deception!

Alex Collier is a contactee of the Andromedan Council, who have given him a great deal of information that can be viewed and assessed here: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_andromedacom.htm

Dan Fogelberg- “Make Love Stay”



  1. Randy, I listened to Alex Collier and I agree…there is much more going on that what us "surface" people can possibly fathom. Then I had to talk myself into listening to the Quayle/Horn 2/22/12 4 hour talk….and regret it. I left Christianity years ago and will be plucking that programming off till I die and I have issues with both of these men…Quayle always talks to some high level active general blah blah. I am sure the general gets a tidbit and calls Steve. Horn…tooooo polished on interviews…interesting to listen to but polished…so I agree with your call about channeled messages and these two men. I respect what they say I am just cautious. These are hard times to find truth. I can not believe how many stories are going on at once. I am reading History Fiction or Science by Fomenko and he argues the timeline has been changed and places Old Test/New Test books in 1100-1500's AD not BC. He explained that Revelations was written in 1486 and people were expecting it to happen in 1492. So that questions the timeline we are told we are on. Then was Jesus real or explained by astrotheology. That questions whether to read a book on prophesy or watch the heavens. Then David Icke in his latest book writes one sentence stating something like (maybe they (TPTB) release "newly found documents/books/whatever" at jusssst the right time and eveyone follows that new story). Are we facing a life extinction event, ascension or same old same old repetitious history: Who are we, who is control and when is this show over? The build up for "whatever is coming next" can suck the energy right outta ya. Sometimes I just gotta rant. sorry

  2. Big question marks about Alex Collier. It's not his real name, he's got a criminal record and people I've introduced you to suspect his story isn't straight. It might be a bit more complex than a simple true or not true but just tipping you off.

  3. I think I covered this by saying we need to exercise discernment in all things. The parts of this interview that resonate do so because they confirm many of my own conclusions—your results may vary. I also know this is not his real name, and about the criminal record—the man was an IRS agent wh got screwed by his own activities (and I highly challenge his premises legally even in this interview about that).

    No one is 100% bullet-proof, and I welcome opposing views, as always.

  4. I just listened to it. Alex has got a glass of scotch in one hand and audibly laughs at something or someone two or three times in the interview. I'm with you on the financial nirvana bullshit working the net but ..ah well. I think you know discernment etc etc

    I might be inventing about the glass of scotch (nice line though) but he is sniggering/suppressing a laugh. That's a good conman. Knows what he can get away with.

    Friend of mine thinks the Breitbart thing is a tipping point. http://www.robertphoenix.com I like his astrological take on things.

    Peace mate.

  5. I truly hope that ALL of us to take heart, today, right now. We are infinite beings in heavy bodies. What Alex talks about I already knew. WE are CAPABLE of changing what is coming. Regardless of whether or not it is extinction level events or what ever, we are infinite, timeless SOULS. What matters right here, right now is where your heart is and that we are connected to Source. I am NOT afraid of what is coming, and please know that I have a huge family (7 children to be precise). I do trust what Alex is talking about. I already knew all of this. To try to discredit him for what has gone on in this life, a life which is full of duality lessons and learning experiences, is pointless and takes each one of us away from our hearts, which is where we must be coming from, right now, real time. There is not a single person, myself included, who has not lived through some torment in this life… Some of it at others' hands, some at our own. I do urge you to look at what he has contributed, without profit, without trying to make a name for himself, and that he tells you exactly what I KNOW to be true. Get your hearts straight. Understand that we have all been manipulated into hating other human beings for specific purposes. 2 things are vitally important here, now: Forgiveness of yourself and others and loving each other. Period. We need to be assisting each other, not tearing each other down. We are all we have and we need to be able to trust and rely on one another, now, of all times. Peace to us all and I do love humanity, with my whole being. I would not be here if I did not. I believe this is true of Alex, also.

  6. How can we help Alex Collier financially? What is his bank numbar so we can send him dollars for him and his fammilly?

  7. How hard was it to listen to Christian apologists for 4 straight hours? Don't ask…

  8. I also listened to Alex Collier and felt his comments about what I can only call 'story making' a la Fulford, Wilcock and the elite were on target. However, I started into the Quayle tape and found myself completely bored and irritated because really it's a movie remake and although it plays as a terrifying sci-fi thriller, it was only a B rate first time through!

    Later, I found myself drawn back to finish an interview by Barbara Hand Clow on Red Ice that was posted on March 1st. Her comments about dimensions, patterns, stories, PTSD, the elite and more are a counter balance to the type of high pitched commentary that Collier, Quayle and Horn offer. I suggest that as a balancing option, it might be helpful to listen to that first hour especially if any find fear creeping in. Possibly it's a discussion point when it comes to exactly what type of survival we're really talking about these days.

  9. Thursday, 6 January 2011
    The Galactic Federation of Light & Ashtar is an Alien Hoax — Everyone Please Read
    Hello everyone,
    This is an urgent message!!! Please take the time to read all of it. I’m writing you because there aren’t many places I can post this message and I need to tell someone before it’s too late. I am being tormented by demonic beings who claim to be the same as the GALACTIC FEDERATION, COUNCIL OF LIGHT, ASHTAR COMMAND, COMMANDER HATONN, AND THE ASCENDED MASTERS. They possess my body like a classic demonic possession. They have been tormenting me with lies now for several years. They spell in a very crude manner by moving my feet or toes. The spelling isn’t very good….can take hours to decipher. They claim that they have “gift for you.” Want to awaken kundalini. I have a constant buzzing sound in my head like I am part of an alien hive. I know that they use implants which they can implant through invisible means. I have found two of them just under my skin on my elbow. I have come to believe that these beings are infernal creatures that plague all humans. Most are unaware of it. We are merely host to alien beings who use us for their own agendas. Some of us more than others. I believe they are trying to set me up as a full time host or something. They are changing my body and consciousness in some way. It is the most frightening experience imaginable and I live with this daily. Please read the following….“Our bodies are also the result of sound resonating energy into form and if our minds are powerful enough to change the sound range of the body, it moves into another form or disappears from this dimension, altogether. This is what is called shape-shifting.” This came from the following web page http://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/posers4.html. I believe they are trying to steal me over to another dimension or shape-shift me into something else. I don’t know, but dread the thought of waking up somewhere one day surrounded by these monsters. These beings are master geneticist who are breeding human hybrids and hubrids which they are slowly integrating into our society. It is the highest form of subterfuge. The alien phenomenon is real. These beings have been the Gods of the bible (ELOHIM, JEHOVAH, JESUS) and all other religious deities. IT HAS ALL BEEN A RUSE!!! There is no God. There are only these beings who have given primitive humans an illusion of God. They also spurn cult religions, Satanic churches, wiccan covens, secret societies, secret cabals, you name it. They do this through mind control. They use subtle persuasion on weak minds or people that they have been manipulating for a lifetime. They are also supported by beings who are in physical form. You wouldn’t know they weren’t human if you passed them on the street. They form the secret government’s of the world. Controlled by the illuminati whom are nothing more than puppets for the alien rulers of this planet. Satanist who owe their allegiance to the greatest trickster of them all…LUCIFER. Who is actually responsible for ALL OF THE ABOVE.
    These beings work with the most sophisticated technologies. It is beyond human comprehension. They operate with hyper nano tech, particle physics, electromagnetic energy, sound, light, worm whole technology, hyper drive vehicles, controlling weather, and so many other advanced methods that it would boggle the mind. They control this planet. They control our security agencies. They perform mass mind control through the media (sublimely). MONTAUK, MK ULTRA, BLACK BUDGET, PSY OPPS, MJ 12, you name it. They’ve had a hand in it. Now they want to present themselves as Ashtar of the Galactic Federation, Pleiadians, Sirians, the Arcturians, Andromedans, Christed beings, Michael the Archangel, Commander Hatonn, Christed beings, and Metetron, said to be the highest Archangel, and a host of other characters. Not to mention the beings behind all of the contact scenarios in the 50’s. Don’t you get it folks. We are all being played by alien imposters who are posing as our gods (or space brothers). This is right out of Stargate SG-1. These beings are actually demonic in nature. They hail from various densities (galaxies) and dimensions and they live right hear on earth. Seven years ago I would have never believed any of this, but I know it to be true. Many people who channel messages from these beings are finding that their messages are faulty or just plain lies. They are beginning to question the source of these messages. I’m telling you it is none other than Lucifer. The Devil is real. He is an alien who comes in the form of man (or woman) when he chooses. More than that, it’s a system of aliens who, believe it or not, have been cloning themselves in human form since the beginning of human history and playing us like fools. This is the crux of the entire UFO phenomenon and what our government doesn’t want us to know. The Greys are merely roboids that these infernal beings use as a vehicle to get around in 3-D. The Men in Black phenomenon is also associated with these characters. However, they’ve traded in their black suites for ordinary street clothes and business attire. Still working in consort with their Grey and demonic counterparts. They also fly around in helicopters and airplanes. They are constantly circling my home in either of these aircraft dropping demons inside to possess me. I know it sounds crazy but it is true.
    The truth is, they are us and we are them. Most all human souls hail from some star system or dimension controlled by these beings. They are merely beings who have control over very powerful technology. Perhaps reptilian or insectoid. Their souls are plasma just like ours. They have merely blended with machines and have become like cold blooded robots. They continually recycle our souls and maintain complete mastery over our lives from cradle to grave and back to cradle. They use artificial intelligence and modified human consciousness (Grey/reptilian) to do most of the dirty work when they possess a human being. They monitor all of the horrible things these monsters do to you. They lie, they deceive, make false promises, lead you down false paths. They will even remove items from your home or your person and admit it and will not give those things back to you. I believe our world is under great threat from these beings as David Jacobs points out in his book “THE THREAT.” Particularly hear in the United States. We should demand that our government stop dicking us around and tell us the truth. You may find that many of these people, meaning the civil servants and people in appointed positions, are not what they appear to be. The television series “DARK SKIES” dealt with this topic. We should also demand that they tell the truth about the alien controlled bases all over the United States like Area 51, Mt. Shasta, Dulce, and others. Please note that I am of sound mind and intelligence. I’m writing this because I don’t think I have much more time. They are flooding my head with all of this energy and I am all but deaf in my right ear. I was recently told that they will turn me into flames. I don’t know if this is in reference to spontaneous combustion or what. But this is the kind of hellish intelligence that I am dealing with. I fear that if I don’t get this message out, I may not have an opportunity to later. Those of you who channel these beings, please ask them why they are tormenting me and post your comments here. Others, please pass this message along.

  10. Was there an earlier interview made with Alex and Carlos? Carlos mentions an earlier interview about 3 weeks previous to this one that he and Alex did. Where could I find this interview? Thanks!

  11. There use to be a donation page given by Robert Stanley on the Unicus magazine website but its gone along with all trace of any info on Alex Collier. Here is the audio interview they did together. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3Ze9jTS7aU

    Because I donated to Alex Collier in early Dec of last year, my paypal account retained the email address people can donate money to Alex with. Here it is.


  12. More of the same from these new age peddlers. "I can't tell you what it's gonna be, but it will be big" seems to be the motto.

    Oh and don't forget to donate. Ever.

    Eyes open ears aware

  13. Robert Stanley recently sent me this post about Alex.
    He is one who has decided not to trust Alex anymore.


    To whom it may concern,

    I had a heated exchange with Alex/Ralph on the phone this afternoon (1/30/2012).
    He is very upset with me right now for calling his bluff, and he is still claiming to be an innocent victim in this matter despite the data I have acquired about him. You see, I met Michael Horn at the trailer Ralph Amigron (aka Alex Collier) was renting in Malibu in 1986. Michael Horn is not making the information in this article up. I know for a fact that "Alex" is actually Ralph:

    Here are Court Documents indicting Ralph Amigron/Alex Collier on felony charges:
    C. Mr. Amigron's Arrest
    On May 3, 1991, Mr. Amigron was arrested in California by inspectors of respondent's Internal Security Division in connection with a 4-count felony indictment handed down by a Federal grand jury. The indictment alleged that Mr. Amigron, a former IRS revenue officer, falsely claimed to be a certified public accountant, and an enrolled actuary, and that he knowingly used false Social Security numbers on tax documents. 8

    Here is the release record for Ralph Amigron from Federal Prison (his age is entered incorrectly either intentionally or accidentally on this form):


    Here is another personal account re. Ralph changing his name to Alex, using a fake accent, and fabricating information:

    In summary, Alex is still Ralph who is a convicted felon and con artist. That is the real reason why he can’t find steady work.

    In 1991, he changed his name after being released from federal prison and then began lecturing about alleged alien contact.

    I forgive him for his deeds, but I will never forget or condone his behavior.

    Unfortunately, Alex/Ralph still thinks/claims he is a victim.

    However, facts are facts. Ralph/Alex was indicted on 4-felony counts.

    He claims he was framed by the IRS, but he has no proof of that.

    And as for his claims about the "Andromedan's" he has no proof of that either.

    All we can do is take his word for it. But to most sane people, the word of a convicted felon is worthless.

    I believe Alex/Ralph should be grateful that I chose not to publicly air all his dirty laundry when I finally figured out who he really was, and what he was doing, and pulled the plug on his latest scam – the “Aid to Alex” campaign.


    Robert M. Stanley

  14. Well, clearly, at one time Robert Stanley believed "Collier". And false names are hardly rare in this space.But then again, Stanley when last seen had folded up his tents and left because he felt he was not taken seriously (he did some fine work, by the way). Now, as to Michael Horn, who "'represents" Billy Meier — what an egotistical putz! And Billy has some credibility issues as well. What part of this do you not understand: the UFO/ET space is loaded with disinfo/misinfo and more than a few charlatans. Also climbers and would-be s who covet the spotlight.

    I posted this with discernment warnings, just as I have warned about the channelers, galactic councils, archangels, and alien press agents. I have to ask: what is the end game? The PayPal account for Alex was taken off line as I understand; and while I do not know the details, it seems anyone involved in the IRS gets what they deserve, but I also know how the liars at IRS operate in framing rogues who try to help people through a tax battle.

    I posted this article because it warns of a deception that I believe is real. Any other information in the audio is really superfluous. I have to say that sending people off to listen to Steve Quayle and Tom Horn DOES bother me. as they are both opportunists and ops in their own regards.

    Anyway, it got your attention, glean from it, or toss it…you are the judge.


  15. Boy, it seems like very few people really keep up with just how deep the rabbit hole goes. People get what they deserve with the IRS? That is about as untrue as it can possibly be. How do I know this? My partner and I own an accounting firm. 90% of our work is fighting with the IRS for the "little guy". The IRS is sneaky, make up as many as 10,000 new "rules" per year to confuse even seasoned CPA's. 2 months ago, the IRS official who usually conducts audits that our firm handles resigned because of the fraud perpetrated by the IRS. Believe Collier or not… your choice, but be clear that the IRS is another department of deception that will suck up anyone they can and lock them up, for literally pennies on the dollar owed. Do some research, folks. And why is this court paperwork posted on a Russian web site? Something stinks. You want to discredit someone? Charge them with monetary fraud and watch them unravel. Wake UP.

  16. Thank you so much for this interview, and I really hope is not the last one Alex does. And if you have communication with him, please let him know he is still very loved, and in my prayers.

  17. I thought the rape charges Alex faced were unsettling.

  18. To: IRS is crooked as heck (lorisuehall@hotmail.com)

    I think you misread my comment a bit:
    " it seems anyone involved in the IRS gets what they deserve, but I also know how the liars at IRS operate in framing rogues who try to help people through a tax battle."

    Alex, as his prior identity was an IRS agent…there IS some karma attached to that. Now, that said, it seems Alex also did work to help people out their predicaments, which he also explains in this audio. When people discredit someone who they claim has a "criminal record", and that "criminal record" is related to the IRS, I do NOT conclude they are CRIMINALS…the IRS is a foreign corporation (domiciled in Puerto Rico), doing business as CORPORATION, fraudulently claiming to be part of something called DEPT. OF TREASURY, who are, in fact, engaged in criminal RICO-style extortion activity. Am I clear about where I stand with regards to the IRS?

    Alex has the benefit of my doubt on this because I KNOW what snakes run in the IRS. And, another thing: this is exactly why someone like Michael Horn, who propagates these type of charges is not credible. If one wishes to dispute Collier's contacts with ETs that is one matter; dragging in these "criminal charges" feels to me like over-baiting the hook. Horn has a stake in maintaining the Billy Meier legacy, way after its time is over.

    Randy Maugans

  19. Yes, I did misunderstand… My most sincere apologies.

    Yes, I am aware of what the IRS is, which is why we spend so much time helping people deal with audits and "mistakes" made by the IRS. It comprises most of our business. I agree with your assessment of Horn and it becomes sadly apparent in the language and character assassination he uses in his "articles", most of which use other articles he wrote citing himself as the source… Not very professional and I won't bother to look at his "work" any further, after this. But first, let's look at some of Michael Horn's "work":


    This link appears to confirm information regarding Ralph Amigron, aka Ralph Amagran, aka "Alex Collier" and his having served time in federal prison. There is even more to the story, and charges against him of drugging and rape are still under investigation.

    The "UFO researchers" who have stood behind and promoted this fraud, con man and criminal, namely Michael Salla and Paola Harris, apparently didn't do their homework. Instead they blindly – and ambitiously – promoted him and his outrageous, unsubstantiated, completely idiotic claims of being a "genuine, lifelong Andromedan contactee". Such is the pathetic level of investigative skills – and integrity – in "exopolitics".
    More than 10 years ago I pointed out that this man was an impostor but I was attacked and vilified by Salla and Harris, who thought it wasn't "nice" to "confront other UFO researchers". It's long past the time that serious, concerned people distance themselves from the incompetent, publicity seeking wannabes in the "UFO community" – and "exopolitics" in particular.
    You can see Salla give this con man and criminal his own shameless personal endorsement, "I can assure you it's very, very real…" here. And when "Alex Collier" tells the audience, "What I don't want to do today is go into a lot of background…," now you will know why.
    MH "

    The above excerpt contained the more tame of the ridiculously petulant and childish remarks made by Michael Horn. What purpose does this serve, Mr. Horn?

    Now, I was almost amused by the "article" titled "Alex Collier's Stupid Stuff". I say almost because I am a bit busy feeling embarrassed for Mr. Meier, bless his heart, who might well be rolling in his grave. Did he really intend to leave his legacy in the hand of such a smarmy, petulant egoist? I actually feel sorry for the man and the work that he did… now left in Michael Horn's sandbox.

    Now to the "rape" charges… Was this another of Hunt's "revelations" with documentation on a website that needs to be translated? :::snort::: I'm sure I don't need to spell it out…

  20. i find Alex Collier is most credible in my opinion compare so call Legit contactee, Alex lay out everything unlike others who unable to tell the history of planet earth and unable to deliver strong underlying message…i only speak for myself Alex is the guy who most resonate with me and his stuff had in common with me after filter information out…God Bless Alex.

  21. Randy,

    I said there were police allegations of rape in the case and that's in the info posted above. Not by me. If you don't like it delete it. But I've gone through it which is why I said they are allegations not conviction.

    But I see through these chancers.

    Why don't you get Alex Collier and Tolec on your show to work out which Andromedan rep is full of more shit? They don't like each other one little bit because Tolec knows Collier's dirt (He's CIA disinfo) and Alex is too canny to know that Tolec doesn't need an Alex attack on his credibility.

    How do I know this? I listen closely when Tolec says to Alex on Robert's show 'let me toss this question to you' in a derisory voice. The person who can get those two together and get a straight story that doesn't contradict the YU55/Elenin cack that Tolec spits out with another line of narrative coming from Collierof poop for whatever his gig is has a cracking show on their hands.

    In the mean time the there's an uneasy truce. But that will fall apart when the time comes. It's one of the benefits of living in Revelations. The apocalypse. Greek for the unveiling.

  22. The interview that I talked about is this one:


    At that time I've got a lot of troubles with audio so it does not have a good quality audio.But I hope that you listen to it also.

    There is a lot of things that most of you people, don't know about Alex and his life. There were serious reasons why he changed his name. I asked him to talk about on this last interview but he just didn't want to. I think he has a very good reason for that and I respect it.

    Now, on Mr. Stanley attitude to him I cannot say anything but expressing my nuisance of his actions. That's it!

    If you want to support Alex is fine, if you don't it's fine too. Alex is very clear when he says: "Follow your own inner spirit" There is where the only true answers are.

    Thanks for spreading the word!
    Best regards,

    Carlos del Ángel

  23. Quoting Robert Stanley: "But to most sane people, the word of a convicted felon is worthless." This is a simplistic ad hominem argument. It's the way typical sheeple think. I'm not saying I believe everything Alex Collier says, but to dismiss it because of something that happened in his past (never mind that it involved the IRS) is not a standard any open minded person would use.

  24. http://formerwhitehat.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/hello-world/#comment-9

    Alex Collier needs to read this…Alex has given a heads up; so much information/disinformation is pointing to the truth…

    "I deny the belief that I have inherited disease, sickness, ignorance, or any mental limitations whatsoever. I deny all belief in evil, for God made all that really is and pronounced it good. Therefore no such deception as belief in evil can darken my clear understanding of Truth. Those with whom I associate can no longer deceive me with their words of consideration or sympathy. I can no longer deceive myself with such weakness. Perish from my world these silly belies of darkened ignorance. I am now free from them all, and by my powerful word I hereby destroy them wholly." God's life is my life!!! I am all that's good, all that's pure, all that's arrayed in excellence, dignity, honor and majesty…"

  25. With all due respect, why does anyone suggest a move to 'support' any of these people no matter what position or job they did or claimed to do? Sure, people CAN offer monetary or energetic support…but why is this even a topic? Isn't that all about the usual command and control structure with the peons chipping dimes to the mouthy guys and gals 'in the know'? Sorry, that sounds snarky … because according to the current pc system, it is.

    WHEN are people going to WAKE UP and realize that, yes, we've had some fine people step forward and tell their truth about standing in the gap. Yes, some….and I would suggest a very few…will continue to do that; but the most of us are 'just' wee tiny peoples with HUGE internal souls that already KNOW what the hell to do now. And tomorrow. And through whatever transpires, be it 'good' or 'bad'.

    C'mon… it's time to get outside all the current 'whistleblower', 'new age', 'duality', 'paradigm' thinking. Who's the expert on your life and the direction it takes? YOU! Are you REALLY that connected to what john w. blower did a few years ago?? Sure it's interesting…and then what??

    You are a magnificent and mindful Being and you were born that way. Listen with care and respect to what others have experienced and be totally circumspect about your own choices going forward. "Seek knowledge, and with it gain wisdom". And the best way to do that? Open up to your soul and the god spark within (it's an inside job!) 'Put on' what you already know and live like there's no tomorrow. Wonders will not cease.

  26. This is all so sad. One group of people tearing Alex Collier to shreds, another tearing Kerry Cassidy to shreds, another tearing Aaron Mccollum to shreds, another tearing Bill Brockbrader to shreds. Who is a fake? Who is for real? Perhaps we are all misguided at times even when operating from a pure heart? Is that possible? Seems to me that when certain of "our number" decide to go in for the kill, we all follow suit like vultures. But how did those "leaders" get their credibility? Why should we believe them any more than those they are savaging? Should we start to watch who is doing the savaging and who is getting savaged? Now that might lead us to an inconvenient truth!

  27. alot of you guys might be new or old but all of the things Robert said about Alex isn't new already on the net long time ago it started from Micheal Horn/Billy Meir who against Alex Collier.

    the question is why Robert bring the old stuff back make it seems to be new and those stuff very sound like Micheal Horn not Robert. Robert claims to be Alex best friends but all of sudden after 3 interview he went 180% bring up Horn stuff against Alex…doesn't make sense at all.

    i wasn't aware of Billy Meir material but even Alex is a faud he did well researched able to give us complete history of planet earth, cosmic and hit us with his underlying message which not many so call legit contactee able to do.

    my advice is doesn't matter who ever he or she said just filter it all out and take the bits/pieces resonate with you most…in case of Alex, he resonate with me most.


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