Alternate Scotland, the Paranormal Evidence

Alternate Scotland, the Paranormal Evidence

Paranormal researcher and contactee, Andrew Henessey has spent years documenting the “unseen” in Scotland. This video compiles some of his photgraphic evidence of UFO/ET/Paranormal occurences recorded by him. As Andrew points out:

“these pictures are ignored by the ufo establishment in the UK – and many were taken at great personal risk. what goes round comes round.” 

Andrew’s work can be found at:

“Escape From Earth” - An E-Book for those who are already familiar with the fact that dark Reptilian species and Greys, both with look-alike holograms and superhuman capacities and very advanced technologies have been on Earth farming relatively retarded humans for a very long time. A series of articles and analysis on the nature of our shared human reality and what our options are once we are able to recognise the doorway to eternal Life, Love and Freedom.


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