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Andrew Basiago On the Colbert Report…Very Funny!

Undoubtedly almost viral right now…Project Pegasus discloser, Andrew Basiago appeared on The Colbert Report Thursday October 11. The opening scene of the piece is a complete send up of Jessie Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” and totally hilarious. Disclosure by humor? Andrew is running for President in 2016…other candidtes could do worse. Hell, the disclosure movement could do worse.

Listen to the January 2012 OffPlanet Radio interview with Andrew Basiago:
Project Pegasus and Life On Mars with Andrew Basiago - Randy Maugans on January 30, 2012

Related article:  Project Pegasus-Andrew Basiago, Time Jumper - Journal Entry by Randy Maugans on March 19, 2011

Andrew Basiago: Project Pegasus | Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS)

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  1. This was awesome Randy, thanks for sharing.

    It fits in with a recent train of research I went on myself recently. Mentally teleport yourself back to 2008 when Joaquin Phoenix was 'acting' all strange on Letterman, and the ensuing backlash that he was on drugs, leaving the acting industry for a career in rap, bi-polar (per a Dr. Drew diagnosis based on his Letterman appearance), etc.? The public and media alike fully assumed that because of the genre of Letterman's show, that they were seeing a 'real' interview and not an act. Even though Phoenix is known as…. an actor. And a damn good one at that. So then in 2009 his film "I'm Still Here" was released, a play on the biographical film about Bob Dylan titled, "I"m not there" in which his 'character' was portrayed by an eclectic collection of actors and actresses. Alters? Personas? A biography? A documentary? A farce? The film was all this: it is called 'mockumentary' aka 'reality film'. In 2010 Joaquin Phoenix reappeared on Letterman looking very much like his Hollywood self again, and explained how he and director Casey Affleck were stunned by the public's acceptance and belief in the notoriously badly acted 'reality TV' genre. People actually believed that if the 'characters' used their real names, and it was marketed as 'real', then it was. As my movie grip husband says, 'if its on TV, its not real.' Yep. So the whole impetus of the film "I'm Not Here," as explained by Phoenix, was to COMPLETELY blur the reality/perception line, meanwhile rather swiftly poking fun at itself and the public. It accomplished this with flying colors and a blurry backlash of reality that still persists. On youtube it is STILL possible to find the initial interview (which was used in the film) with the heading "Joaquin Phoenix on Drugs on Letterman". Multiple staged appearances, including the initial Letterman bit, were filmed, media released 'reports' of Phoenix's career transition at the ripe young age of 35, and much of the public went for the ride. Until all was revealed…… or not?

    This is the world we are dealing with, where the reality/perception mismatch has become so distorted that its possible to get masses of people to believe the obviously fake, while (or more likely SO THAT) the truly bizarre (and often horrific) realities can slip by almost totally unnoticed, because everything is blurry. Yes, the contrast is turned up WAY high right now. However the picture density is so thick, that it can take 4 years to cut through to the 'truth' of even the most superficial of stories, such as the Joaquin Phoenix one exemplifies.

    And let's not forget the whole backstory of his brother River Phoenix's strange, untimely, and largely unquestioned death on the street outside an LA nightclub. As a friend of mine says, "there is no appearing on the stage of Hollywood and the Music Industry without going through the projects first."

    As stated in the original Alien film with Sigourney Weaver when all was seeming strange, spooky and yet still unclear, the question we have to ask ourselves is, "what ….exactly… are we dealing with here?"

    This Colbert report with Basiago clip is a nice illustration of how obtuse a simple question or even one man's statement of what he knows to be true from personal experience can be on this planet right now.


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