Aurora and the Man Who Laughs

Aurora and the Man Who Laughs

A friend of mine sent me some eye-raising information last week on his own intuitive research into the Aurora, CO “Batman Massacre”. I encouraged him to develop the information and post it, and he now has.

In the article I posted on July 21, I wrote the following summary:

Mind control programs make use of archetypal images (or may in some cases create them in the media landscape) as a means to access and utilize subconciously layered programs. Numbers, imagery, and tactile responses can all be part of an access code woven into subjects for future use.

The Batman legacy includes some very iconic villians: The Joker (weird death of Heath Ledger, anyone?), Catwoman (classic feminine assassin-type), and the Riddler, Scarface, and Bane (featured in the “Dark Knight Rises”). The archetypes are adaptable to many different cultural shifts, including the post-91-11 world of terror-phobia. 

Our memories of history, and certainly literature, are ever shortening. The archetypes and icons stream back through many eras, deployed and reconfigured through the cultures and media of the “times”. The Batman saga is but a modern version of some VERY old memes that have woven their Satanic webs around the minds of humans for many millenia. The guises shift…the dark forces they summon are growing much, much more aggressive. Meet THE MAN WHO LAUGHS

Aurora Batman Shooting: We shouldn’t be looking at the Symbolism of the Joker, but Victor Hugo’s “The Man Who Laughs”

Gwynplaine, The Man Who Laughs (1928 Film)In my research I was struck by something huge! The original Batman Character the Joker was based on Gwynplaine, the main character in Victor Hugo’s The Man Who Laughs. The character Gwynplaine is as a child disfigured by the Comprachicos or “Child Buyers” (much like children are emotionally and physically disfigured in Shadow Government Mind Control Projects) much like what we saw the Joker in the Batman movie the “Dark Knight“. Hugo’s Gwynplaine is a representation of deeper symbolism as in all his novels. The entire book is a hidden message of Rosicrucian, Lucierfierin or Mystery School doctrines.

I began to look into The Man Who Laughs and could not believe my eyes and what I was reading when I got to BOOK THE SEVENTH – THE TITENESS, Chapter 1 – THE AWAKENING.

Here is a quote from Chapter of above referenced: 

And Dea!
It seemed to Gwynplaine, as he watched the break of day at Corleone Lodge, while the things we have
related were occurring at the Tadcaster Inn, that the call came from without; but it came from within.
Who has not heard the deep clamours of the soul?
Moreover, the morning was dawning.
Aurora is a voice.
Of what use is the sun if not to reawaken that dark sleeper—the conscience?
Light and virtue are akin.
Whether the god be called Christ or Love, there is at times an hour when he is forgotten, even by the best.
All of us, even the saints, require a voice to remind us; and the dawn speaks to us, like a sublime monitor.
Conscience calls out before duty, as the cock crows before the dawn of day.

Did you read what I read? “AURORA IS A VOICE” in the Chapter called Awakening. What does Aurora mean? According the Websters one of the meanings is “The Dawn or Dawning.” Was there a dawning or a release of dark magic in this occult blood sacrifice in Aurora, Colorado? Read the rest of the articler

Watch “The Man Who Laughs” – The full lenght 1928 film on YouTube

Thanks Rich for the research and inspiration!


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  1. Just an interesting side note . Many believed that this was a sacrifice offered before the Olympics.

    The quote also stated
    "while the things we have
    related were occurring at the Tadcaster Inn, that the call came from without; but it came from within.
    Who has not heard the deep clamours of the soul?"

    The town of Tadcaster was also on the Olympic Torch route to London. Its 4 torch carriers of Tadcaster happened to represented society's most vulnerable; the affirmed, disaster victims, children, and handicapped.


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