Behind The Scenes (literally) at Sandy Hook: Crisis Actors

Behind The Scenes (literally) at Sandy Hook: Crisis Actors

The agenda behind this massive psy-op? As I wrote, there are always MULTIPLE purposes to an event. And we are now going to go deep on what is really happening with Sandy Hook, and a multitude of so-called “events”. Scripted, cast, and played out in the theater of the public mind. It does appear that the internet has helped level the playing field. Numerous web researchers have noted the anomalies in the media coverage of Sandy Hook, including the FEMA staged drill in Sandy Hook, CT: Click to enlarge—->>

 The original Diane Sawyer video preserved for future access.

The Sandy Hook Actors Link to Part 1 Link to Part 2 Link to Part 3 DHS Terror Drills recently conducted in Sandy Hook Putnam County, CT school shooting drills on same day as Sandy Hook events… And then, we begin to dig deeper in the employment of actors in FEMA-staged events, and of the group at Denver, CO (yes, Denver…) based Vision Box, known as “Crisis Actors“, which is by its own PR is: Visionbox is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center. Crisis Actors is a project of the Colorado Safety Task Force established by Colorado State Senator Steve King.  For more information visit and Among the many aspects of Crisis Actors is this little nugget: “Visionbox Crisis Actors can also play the role of citizens calling 911 or mall management, or posting comments on social media websites.” To review: 

  • A governent-subsidized acting company, Vsion Box, is tasked to set up an actors troupe to help stage mass public trauma “rehearsals”, supposedly for “preparedness”.

A screen shot of the site-Click to enlarge—>>The screen shot (l) from outlines the requirements for Crisis Actors, including the Tactical Uses of Social Media in Emergency Management. This would go a long way explaining fake Facebook pages, fake profile pictures, dummy profiles, and Twitter posts that are later found to have been taken down, altered, or spoofed.

  • Crisis Actors is financed under legislation established by Republican State Senator, Steve King, a former police detective, and founder of American National Protective Services, located in Capitol Heights, MD. American National Protective Services, among its many offerings, specializes in “Emergency Operations Command & Control” to Government Agencies. (Like FEMA?)
  • King, among his many contributions as a Colorado State House, and now Senate, introduced legislation to require all Colorado schools to develop plans for emergency situationsrequiring lockdowns. (cite: Wikipedia)
  • King also headed a 21-member task on handling and use of DNA evidence. The task force recommended legislation, co-sponsored by King in the state house, to require that DNA evidence in capital cases be preserved. (tie-in coming up in the article)

Steve King, Colorado State Senator; founder and CEO of American National Protective Services, legislator behind Crisis ActorsSteve King is clearly a man with many “dogs in the hunt”, so to speak, and his influence runs from the Colorado State House to the corridors of Washington, D.C., and all the way up, apparently, to Sandy Hook, CT. In fact, the more we look at Steve King, it seems he follows a business model similar to Blackwater. As Jeff Cross pointed out in his article (Sandy Hook: It doesn’t Add Up), the Kaitlyn Roig interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer looked fake. As we have now researched the background of Crisis Actors, and the staged drills that have been part of an ongoing strategy by FEMA, Homeland Security, and the various adjunct State Agencies—under the color of “preparedness”—it appears we have all the ingredients for real, professional level psy-ops. The Kaitlyn Roig footage is disturbing on many levels, including fake crying (wiping away at an eye that has no tears), and while searching through Crisis Actors online database of actors, I found what we will just call a “ringer“: Click to enlarge—->>

Lacking sophisticated facial symmetry analysis software, and  only the actress’ head shot photo, a conclusive ID is impossible. The headshot does not yield dental symmetry which would provide a more conclusive ID, but the images of Ms. Roig in the Diane Sawyer video demonstrate remarkable facial similarities between the alleged Ms. Roig and the Crisis Actress  known as Rebeka Fernandez, including similar head shapes,eye shape and color, eyebrows, lip lines, and nose. Ms. Roig, on close inspection, appears to be a bleach blonde;  Rebeka Fernandez is a brunette.

 Now back to the Steve King DNA evidence tie-in, this story which was posted at Natural News:

Adam Lanza’s dead body to be used to criminalize innocents who have similar gene

(NaturalNews) Unknown sources are funneling money into new research aimed at finding the so-called “evil” gene that may have been responsible for the recent mass shooting that allegedly took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, researchers from the University of Connecticut have been tasked with dissecting the dead body of Adam Lanza, the young man accused of killing 20 children and six adults at the school, in search of a malformed or mutated gene that may have triggered his alleged bout of violent rage that fateful December 14 morning. Even though there is technically no solid evidence proving that Lanza was even responsible for the killings in the first place, the mainstream media has already declared his guilt, which means the pressure is on to manufacture a reason for the killings in light of the fact that there is no identifiable motive. As you may recall, there were at least two other suspects who fled the scene that day, according to initial reports, one of whom was taken down in the woods next to the school. But these two suspects completely disappeared from all subsequent media reports, and Lanza was pinned as the patsy who committed the crimes The Natural News article is based on the original article at DNA of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza to be examined for ‘evil’ gene in first study of its kind ever conducted on a mass murderer The study will be the first one of its kind and will evaluate any genetic evidence for the mass killing of 20 first graders, six members of staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School and his own mother. Scientists have been asked to study the DNA of Newtown school killer Adam Lanza to see if has an ‘evil’ gene that led him to carry out the massacre. The study, which will look at any abnormalities or mutations in his individual DNA, is believed to be the first of its kind ever carried out on a mass murderer. Lanza slaughtered 20 children and six adults in one of America’s worst ever school shootings on December 14, 2012. The Summary Thus Far: Not only do we have the gun control agenda, the attempts to militarize public schools (they really are military, anyway—why else are they called school “districts”?), the public mass trauma effects of media scripted “Reality TV”, and the ongoing campaigns since 9-11 to install “terrorist” into the public consciousness; butSmithsonian Magazine-December 2012  the emergence of a eugenics program to detect (and presumably eliminate) humans who exhibit a genetic marker predisposed to mass murders. this may be the MOST sinister aspect in all of this reporting. If you think this is not an agenda, take a look at the December 2012 cover of the Smithsoniam Magazine. As the “public” is constantly steered towards a “reality” that humans may be (genetically) predisposed to violence; that a society teeters on chaos (as evidenced by the barage of STAGED mass trauma events); and that only the high priests of government, military, and science can protect us. We are also being conditioned to accept that very old eugenics proposition of  the reduction of reproduction of less desired people and traits. One step beyond, we have the view that crimes can be predicted and prevented via the methods found in the 2002 film adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s “Minority Report”. The lines are now totally blurred between what is an actual event, and events that are scripted, staged, and acted by professionals. Televison, films, and now the internet, are all extensions of the AI machine that CREATES realities with the end to global social control. In fact, these media events are very much extensions of MKUltra/Artichhoke/Monarch projects, and mirror the horrible realities discovered by Yale psychologist, Stanley Migram in the famous “Obedience To Authority” studies of 50 years ago. The public is being conditoned in the open markets of mass media to accept these premises, and by extension, follow the path to total social control. You should be chilled by the presence of professional actors at a public shooting (so-called). You should be very concerned by government figures like Steve King, who uses his offices to create elaborate networks to stage public mass trauma events. You also should be outraged at media tools like Diane Sawyer, who serve the interests of the controllers. And most of all, we all should take a long look at how our minds have been shaped by events that DON’T ADD UP.


  1. Great article. Doesn't Vision Box sound eerily similar to WorldVision? Best,

  2. Great 'puzzle-piecing' article Randy – with people like yourself out in internet land joining all the dots on this one SO quickly, the perpetrators are effectively busted as far as awake truthers are concerned!

    Now, how the hell do we get this through to the millions of 'brainwashed' Americans who are willing giving up their guns as they continue to believe and support the official line on this and other false flags like 911? :(

  3. holy freakin woahhha….i wasn't sure about the actor theory…but wow…what a confincing find you have there randy…that rebeka seems like the real fish fo sho!!! have you heard any news on that CREEEPY old satanist dude(gene rosen) that had 6 children on his driveway…then brought them into his house…??? lots of confusion there too…this stinks of satanic rite and pedophiles…what are we going to do to stop this madness….how many more murders will it take to shake us out of our sleep? we need to see this sh*t before it happens…then take steps to stopthem. check out bararianrebellion…intelligent thoughts…


  4. It's extraordinary, whenever you think you have reached some form of understanding, something truly unbelievable happens. I realise that we are in an era where everything must and should be questioned and have come to accept the most horrific of information as true and in this case false. But this does leave me rather headshakingly dumbfounded. It would always have made sense to encounter something along these lines in order to curb gun laws in the US and I am not against stringent control for that matter. I grew up in a country where the police force doesnt have guns and have never heard, even in a rural community, of an accidental shooting. But I digress, the extent to which this event is problematic from the get go is astonishing, his mother as an example. I mean in lieu of no information, do you just make it up, real journalists, whatever you may think, do not. So this story that she worked in the school etc… is all fraudulent. Then leads you down an inescapable set of oddities that just keep getting weirder. All I hope is where ever those children are they are at peace. When you begin to hope that children may be dead instead of the other atrocities that could befall them, you know you live in a drastic time. And yet there are days …when all this seems like a dream

  5. Randy,

    Have you seen the Sandy Hook clip with the Latino workers toiling away in the background? A mass shooting supposedly took place, and these laborers are in the near background digging a trench. Totally out of place. I'll see if I can find it.


  6. The Crisis Actors and the DHS who implements these Ex-Plans scenarios really need to come up with a different script.  And better actors!  Preferably ones that can remember their lines and not stray from their character!  Also, if they have their pic plastered on the media showing their character name — they really need to get rid of their personal blogs with family pic showing themselves in their real persona. That is just sloppy casting.  The next "shooting" will be at a mall or a Target Store… or maybe a stadium.  But, they need to get rid of the "lone" male shooter.  Perhaps, next time, go for a couple of disgruntled soccer moms to shoot up a mall!.   However, so many people DID believe the "disaster scene".  So, not all was lost.  At least the school got a nice fat check for cooperating.  So few people really remember Orson Wells radio program "War of the Worlds" when thousands of people REALLY believed the U.S. was being invaded!  Many cried, ran out of their homes… panic was all over.  I guess, Americans haven't progressed much since 1938.  They still believe what the media and government spoon feeds them.  (Don't blame the actors! At least they are employed.)

  7. If it were really true, if people were falsifying who they are and all, wouldn't somebody have already noticed? Like "Kaitlyn Roig", the teacher, if she was spread all over National television and all, wouldn't another teacher, student, parent or something have noticed? Like, "hey, she's never worked at our school before?" Its just hard to believe some group of people have the power to overthrow even the witnesses and victims in the way you are portraying.

    Editor's note:
    Go try to prove there actually is a Kaitlyn Roig. If you think a story is "true" because it is on national television, then you are still trapped in the matrix! Explain for me the fake Kaitlyn Roig Facebook page that went up on December 15, 2012, and has NO information other than pictures of supposed "dead" children:

    You better believe these people have the power, and it was the gullible people who watch mainstream media that gave it to them.
    Randy Maugans

  8. The Facebook page is a "tribute" page. It says so if you look.
    Kaitlin roig
    15 December 2012
    This is a fan that made this page for this amazing Teacher who saved her student's lives this person has no knowledge of this page I made it so she can get a medal for her bravery today she did a wonderfull job handling her student's in the tragedy that was happening at that time I hope she.will and wish her the best

    You guys are on to something with the actors stuff but the FB page is obviously not meant to be the "Kaitlin Roig".

  9. Stan-
    After all of the information regarding Crisis Actors, how media and specifically social media are exploited; no proof of any such incidents as portrayed by the person "presumed" to be Kaitlyn Roing on ABC News—and you are still buying this story?

  10. Dear me, the USA is in deeper shit than I gave credit for back in 2001, but who am I to speak?

  11. Some of my favorites so far are the United Way Sandy Hook victims donations page first published on December 11 ( and the Victoria Soto FB condolence page that was posted on December 10 (this was actually captured with a video camera, but has since been scrubbed from FB). My, my, my…. aren't these people psychic!

  12. Would it be possible for some to go under cover as a crisis actor?
    I understand there are 2 sides to every story. I'm really not sure what I think of Sandy Hook. Since I wasn't there, I can't really say for certain.


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