Benjamin Fulford and The Global Economic Pulp Ficition

Benjamin Fulford and The Global Economic Pulp Ficition
More and more, it reads like a global version of Chicago gangland wars of the 1920s…Fact, or fiction…the reality meme is broken…Phallis In Wonderland…The Fulford Chronicles:
This week’s updates from Benjamin Fulford on the ongoing “Global Economic Reset”, that is spinning off in multiple threads since the first of 2012. Notable here are the continuing reports of elites coming to the White Dragon Society for clemency (prior reports include Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, George H.W. Bush)…reports of frozen Fed funds…AND a report that that the group behind the New Years Day announcement of the 130 nation-led New Global Economy, reported by James Martinez, has confirmed their intentions to Fulford, and are bona fide players! Of course, no hard evidence of any of these reports…so we pass all this on with the question:
Where the hell is the journalistic standards in ANY of this?  (Empahsis in the articles are our own).

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20120109: The Feds have sued for peace and detailed settlement negotiations have begun
In a very major development, the Federal Reserve Board faction that is in de-facto control of the Obama regime and Israel has approached the White Dragon Society to negotiate a way to unfreeze their funds. They have promised to use any released funds for humanitarian projects and to develop hitherto forbidden technology.The 130-nation group that announced a new financial system through the Conscious Media Network on January 1st also contacted the White Dragon Society and said they will prove with action, and not words, that they represent extremely powerful interests. This writer initially, and apparently incorrectly, denounced the announcement as a psy-ops because this group was not identical to the 117 nation Monaco group previously reported about in this newsletter.  All of these major factions will now have to reach an agreement. There will some serious horse-trading over the coming weeks before any sort of agreement is reached or public announcement is made but it appears a solution to the financial crisis is now on the horizon.
(Question: WHO in all these murky delegations, actually possesses legal authority to “horse trade” for the economic system of the world? And WHO has the rights to dispense clemency, un-freeze funds, and basically re-engineer the already broken global systems of trade?)

<Text here is broken on the post at>…approached the White Dragon Society to negotiate a way to unfreeze their funds. They have promised to use any released funds for humanitarian projects and to develop hitherto forbidden technology.
(WHY would anyone believe that these elites, who have plundered the Earth ruthlessly for over a century, would EVER honor such promises? And what “forbidden technology”—free energy? And, really, would we trust them to even be able to define “humanitarian”? How about a true first class trial by a tribunal à la the Nuremburg trials…with the same consequences? OR wil history repeat and these modern day Nazis also retire to distant beach villas to live out their hollow lives?)
(A) group behind the current Washington D.C. regime came to negotiate with the White Dragon Society after a serious bout of recent midnight shoot-outs and daytime arrests crippled their control network in Japan. The D.C. representative admitted “We used to pick the Japanese Prime Ministers, we would tell them: ‘this is who it is going to be,’ and that was it but now we have lost control.”
(Can we point out  here that Mr. Fulford, a presumed journalist, has provided absolutely no corroboration for any of the above details. WHY are we the only ones asking…Jeff Rense, Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock…this is, in fact, a most flimsy sort of film noire plot line, so typical of what passes muster in the “alternative press”.)
In essence the corporate Washington D.C. government is now going to have to negotiate a chapter 11 restructuring of their debt to Japan. They have offered to pay off 90% of the debt with gold stashed in the Philippines and the rest in cash. There is a problem, of course, over who has the rights to the gold there as at least three claimants have emerged.
(Ummm….Question: WHO rebuilt Japan after WWII…and WHOSE industries and technologies were shipped there in the post war period? Let us please separate the interests of the American people from the corporate interests of the Rockefeller-Illuminati banker interests…$2.4 billion, post war, was funnelled into Japan alone in reconstruction, separate from the Marshall Plan which rebuilt Europe)
In any case, most of the US debt will have to be written off because the fact of the matter is the US cannot afford to pay it. The US will need to make some changes, though, before that is agreed to.
The real problem is that the US nation has had a structural trade deficit with the rest of the world for the past 30-years. This problem can be solved in two ways. One is to keep using the US dollar and wait until US living standards fall to third world levels (this is ALREADY occurring)before the US is competitive again. The other is to realize that 90% of the dollars ever created are now outside of the US and the interests of those dollar holders are not the same as those of the United States. That means the US needs to issue Treasury dollars of their own and devalue them relative to the international US dollar. That will mean the Chinese stuff in Wal-Mart will suddenly become more expensive but it will also mean the US economy will be competitive once again.
(If, and when, the infrastructure of the US rust belt can be revived…and pending whether US Banks would once more LEND money for industrial expansion…)
The other problem is that the US military industrial complex has to transform itself into a productive and life-enhancing entity instead of being a parasitical and life-destroying entity.
(Or, more properly, that this parasitic entity would be held accountable for the $Trillions siphone FROM the former “productive economies…since WHEN has any military been “life-enhancing?”)
The initial discussions between the Feds and the White Dragon representative revealed no major disagreement over these fundamental issues. The next step is to open formal negotiations with the once-again independent Japanese government. This should start next week.
(Again, could we PLEASE be informed as to WHOM the parties called “The Feds” might be, and their legal authority to negotiate ANYTHING of substance?)
The other big problem now to be discussed is what to do about the huge gap between the off-ledger or shadow banking system and the on the books banking system. Essentially the off-ledger stuff has got way more zeros than the on the books stuff and some very greedy and powerful people are going to have to be forced to agree to erase a lot of zeros from their bank accounts. There is simply not enough reality to justify all those numbers. The result has been the off-ledger books have been frozen out of the on-ledger system.
(The modern electronic environment negastes ANY valid method of reconcilliation of funds, assets, liabilities, etc.—there are no “books”…and as my guest, David E. Martin, recently stated: the financial systems are only an EMP blast away from complete obliteration.)
This is where the factions have been secretly fighting each other using midnight-shoot outs, rival code books, promised astronomical bribes, spies and computer hackers. So far, the real world of on the books banking has prevailed over the virtual world of huge numbers hidden in “grey screens,” and “black screens.” What is becoming increasingly apparent after talking to many different secret agents, secret societies and other groups is that ultimately the financial system is the link between group psychology and the real world. The gold, for example, exists in the real world but it is human psychology that determines who “owns” it. What is happening now is that the small secret group than controlled “finance,” is not secret any more
(So, finally, in all this DRAMA, fully 90% of Mr. Fulford’s reporting relies on the same “shadow forces” which would presumably continue to benefit from global economic chaos. WHY woudl we assume any form of good will from these people—or the White Dragons—based on this pulp fiction narrative. Could we PLEASE have some real reporting and someone who talks with Fulford to ask the right questions?)
The following (below) seems real…but again, anonymous sources and no authentication of the documents…

My Recent Find
The attached documents were sent by a source linked to Ferdinand Marcos and have been confirmed as genuine secret government documents. 
Some secret government files signed by Queen Elizabeth on behalf of the committee of 300 have also been sent to this writer and confirmed by BIS linked sources as genuine. They will be posted on this writer’s free blog as well for everybody to see. Note the astronomical numbers and the mention of a Chinese Red Dragon. The person who sent these files is connected to former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos was one of the many prominent victims of the owners of the Fed.
Fulford-Docs-01Fulford Docs-02Fulford-Docs-03 



  1. In the end all we have are people's words.

    Documents can be forged. Videos can be faked. Names can be altered.

    I think this is important because it is what a lot of different people are talking about. And I mean these people are different from each other.

    For those new to Fulford, what Randy is saying certainly seems to apply. But he has actually been on the scene for some time now. He was an established journalist in Japan before his life was threatened. He has written many books in Japanese and has appeared on Japanese TV. He seems a bit careless in his interviews, but if he is friends with who he says he is friends with, he must be doing something right.

    What is missing to a newcomer to this story is the reported fact (and I have little reason to doubt it) that the traditional families of China, who were pushed into the "criminal" world by Western incursions starting in the mid-1800s, if not already criminal, have considerable resources at their disposal. These are human resources. Operatives. Professional assassins. Their first "solution" for the West's banking institutions' refusal to recognize their rights to their assets (along with a reported genocide plan against China) was to threaten to send out their operatives to all corners of the world and take out all the major Western players. Though this threat has apparently been dropped, I don't doubt that they could accomplish this. So now they have their foot in the door.

    The other component to all this, which is likewise impossible to verify with any journalistic rigor, is the apparent ET involvement in this whole mess. Apparently there are various earth groups that have made various deals with various ET groups. And then there is the word of Marshall Vian Summers, who was interviewed in September by Kerry Cassidy with the video of that just posted to YouTube yesterday. He has been advised by another group of ETs who are observing earth remotely that none of the ETs that have been actively intervening on earth can be fully trusted. They all have their own agendas which include the subjugation of our planet. Summers is hoping that his message will result in our defiance of these interventions and our decision to resolve our situations locally without external "help."

    Though this situation is more difficult to confront, it makes more sense to me with what I have been taught about ETs.

    The bottom line is that this is a situation that we need to handle ourselves. I know we could. If we don't we will have no one to blame it on but ourselves.

  2. Excellent, ..stay safe.

  3. Knowing that most of the hugely powerful gangster groups arose in response to real community needs not met by government, and knowing that action along the lines laid out by Ben Fulford is the only LUCID response to the situation left open, I cannot dismiss him out of hand. He has been hollering about this for a couple years now I think, was doing it through Rense until falling out over Rense nagging him for Fukushima information while he was trying to articulate the story of gangsters effecting an end to the free reign of oligarchs.

    I realize it sounds fantastic, but I also realize that there is no other mechanism of power extant capable of such an influence. The rest of it is owned by the perps. I'm trying to say that if there are ANY lucid humans left, the gangsters would be the ONLY means to halt the sociopaths.

    Anyway, losing the Rense outlet would leave Fulford needing to find someone else with an audience to try to get the word out. It isn't on its face ridiculous. Ridiculous, yes, that it would come to this pass, but not ridiculous that counter powers left in the cold would band together in the face of such OUTRAGEOUS ugliness as the Gulf Blowout and Fukushima, etc, and the heartless immiseration of the masses by rampant, sociopathic, corruption. The psychotic part is that these are being done.

    Whether or not the lawsuit is only a ploy, only there to give substance to a shadowy concept, careful attention leaves one unable to reasonably show Fulford acting in bad faith. It is NOT farfetched to think these groups would be working as he states they are. THEY stand to lose everything if these psychopaths get their way, and THEY can see there is no other option left open but to threaten the PTB directly.

    Even if Ben is delusional, or one could find any reason he'd need to fake anything like this, and I can't, he is the ONLY one addressing this psychopathy sanely. It was a mistake for him to speak with Wilcock, but I can see he may have done it purely for the number of ears and eyes to be reached. Just imagine that he's telling the truth. Imagine what options would be open to him if he were telling the truth. Rense. With the loss of Rense, who else has the audience?

    You might say this could all happen without telling the public, but if the public needs to become aware of stuff so secret as to seem utterly fantastical before they can be helped, one needs to make the noise. Check with Duncan about that.

    I approve heavily of your pointing all this out to people, but I think Ben Fulford should NOT be lumped in with the charlatans. I think that is a big mistake, EVEN if it's delusion, because it happens to be the ONLY lucid bit coming out of anyone. It's the ONLY feasible solution. If it hasn't been undertaken, it needs to be. And WE need to beware of global currency in sheep's clothing.

  4. I am not out to demean Ben… I actually like the guy. But given his mouthpiece, Wilcock's ongoing saga, it is time for clarity. All these people screaming for disclosure on one thing or another should see that what they are getting is half-baked information, We better be damn sure WHO these people are and what they represent before getting all fuzzy and warm over fantasy flights.

    Fukushima and the Gulf are very well documented events, with a load of data and whistleblower testimony. To date the $Trillion Lawsuit feels like dramatics with no upside (and did I hear KErry say it was being settled? You don't suppose a settlement will carry a non-disclsure clause, do you?). Ben cannopt be a reporter when he is part of the story, so we treat this on the level of a witness' testimony.

    I hope Ben is rright, that he is on the right side, and that my skepticism is disproved. Based on some info. I have, it appears there is a side of this story that is 100% straight up, but right now we have David Wilcock fatigue and a deep mistrust of some of the media people involved. Read Cliff High's article again…those are the points I think need to be made.

  5. You know, since posting that comment, I have clarified for myself that Ben Fulford started hollering about this in July 2007, before the Gulf and Fukushima. And I see the point about being both part of the story and reporting on it. That would be only partly eased by the notion that he is the spokesperson for such a group.

    My reaction was going off the feeling that he'd only been at it a couple years. Five and a half years is awfully long for this to be trying to play out. So, while I think it's reasonable to assume he would want to point to the lawsuit, no matter how flimsy it might seem, to show SOMETHING intersecting with actuality, and can see him being more concerned with how many people he reaches than any personal affinity for the person getting it out, the amount of time is bothering me. So I have gone back over it to suss why I feel so strongly about it.

    As I do this, I recall the quiet voice while going over it before, the one that kept saying, "He's exaggerating." He's exaggerating it to make it sound like more of a threat to the bad guys. He's telling the truth, but he's exaggerating… and that would be why the radar is misfiring.

    Thanks for putting up with me while I worked through this, and, again, I'm glad you're making a noise. I have had major misgivings about Hoagland, Cassidy and Wilcock from my first encounters with their stuff. If nothing else, maybe it will make them try a little harder to do a good job.


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