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Bill Wood and Mind Control in Action

Bill Wood and Mind Control in Action

Bill Wood, a/k/a-Bill BrockbraderBill Wood a/k/a Bill Brockbrader is now methodically unraveling some of the distortions that came from his initial public contact via the Project Camelot interviews. The subject of “mind control” is really at the core of all this reporting on Project Camelot and the various offshhoot threads…If you have not done so, please read Shootout At the Camelot Corral-Part 2: Mental Hate Crime for more on this subject. 

Bill’s latest article: “Mind Control” (PDF)

The Mind Control Battlefield

While I grow weary of the subject of Project Camelot, I also think that regardless of where you come down in the battles there, it is instructive to see how the “MC” topic swirls through all of it. For those who insist  that Camelot has done “good work” we would say “yes”…but is truth served by hidden agendas and a double-minded views of mind control? The issues of Kerry’s interview style aside, she also employs triggers in her methodology. You might call them manipulation…same thing. lesser degree. 

This new release from Bill demonstrates how the usage of peer pressure, social engineering,and “logical reasoning” via SEAL, Steve Robinson in his posts to SEAL, Michael Jaco, who had posted that he recalled Brockbrader from SEAL BUD/s training (see the screen shots in the More Truth Revealed by Bill Brockbrader.pdf ). Even if you are not sure about Bill’s story, at least look at the effects of this social pressuring mechanism to unravel the man’s confidence—in a public (Facebook) forum. Understand that this is the initial phase of what is called “gang stalking“, and it occurs online, repeatedly, day after day. I know, I myself have been a victim of it many times on public forums, and it follows a very precise pattern.

Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual “systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s)-Langone, Michael. “Cults: Questions and Answers”. www.csj.org. International Cultic Studies Association.

As Michael Jaco states in an email to Bill:

“I have never had any attacks against my character like I have when I came forward and said that I recognized you in training.”

Also telling is Micahel Jaco’s admission of how young girls are used to compromise SEALS (and this ties into other MKUltra-style operations, such as Monarch, which train young girls to be triggered into advancing sexual favors to “targets”—understand that this a very well used means of COMPROMISING people for later control, if they fall out of the control grid) with compromised sexual interactions. Jacko also indicates that his “Hell Week” log had been removed from the records

Something that needs to be clarified is the usage of the term, “pedophile” in regards to Bill’s sex offender record. A pedophile is a repeated offender of young children…not a one time fling with planted “jailbait”. If, as Bill claims, the girl in question was 15 years old (while he was at the time, 25 years old) this does not even stand as a statutory rape offense in California. The Navy may have different standards, but the NCIS investigation records are apparently sealed to public scrutiny. That the military has long “winked” at the sexual practices of its ranks is not news, but the particulars of these incidents are now becoming the focus of increasing interest: 

Lawsuit alleges tolerance for rape, sex abuse in military

By Bill Sizemore
The Virginian-Pilot
© November 14, 2011

A member of a Navy SEAL support team says she was raped and that her superior dismissed her accusations and degraded her. His response was deemed “an isolated lapse in judgment,” but some say sexual discrimination and harassment are not unheard of in the support unit. 
Again, understand that COMPROMISE is the most valuable tool for containing rogue elements, manipulating operatives in military, intelligence, diplomatic corps.; politicians, businessmen, and heads of state. This was a key element of the Artichoke, Monarch, and MKULtra programs: 

“Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?” -Memo on Project Artichoke, 1952 (Wikipedia)

The Camelot Juggernaut Unravels

The third area which Brockbrader covers in his PDF file is that of—Project Camelot. First, let me say here that Bill is very much of the mind that David Wilcock is straight up in terms of trust and integrity from his view. He has expressed this to me personally in a phone session we had, and again in this article—I will take him on his word and extend the umbrella of trust to David (despite some other questions I have about other incidents):


“Before my first interview, I provided Kerry with an abundance of evidence about my story that I only released to her. Pieces of that information were outed even before my second interview by Don Shipley and the private investigation company via Dennis H. Chevalier. That outing is the event that mandated that I flee to a safe location. A location that Kerry was never able to discover and the only thing that keeps me safe to this day. I would also like to point out that David Wilcock does know the location where Im staying and that my location has not been compromised to date. I believe I owe it to David to speak to his character in regards to my personal experiences with his honesty and integrity.”

And here is where it all gets INTERESTING: on the surface level, it seems that Kerry Cassidy was not honorable is maintaining confidence relative to Bill’s safety! 

“Right before the third interview, I was advised not to do the interview as it was discovered that Kerry was going to use it as an opportunity to attempt to get me to violate my confidentiality agreement giving the military a firm legal ground to arrest me on. It was after the third interview that I informed Kerry that I possessed critical information about who was leaking information about me. What everyone has witnessed since that time is her reaction that I possessed the truth.” (Emphasis added—again, see my article: Shootout At the Camelot Corral-Part 2: Mental Hate Crime, which details Cassidy’s response.

Recall what I wrote above about MIND CONTROL: coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform—those terms are key to understanding the subtle, and not so subtle manipulations that weave through the various narratives of Kerry Cassidy’s workings. Also recall that back in December, I went after Richard C. Hoagland about his attacks on Gary Legierre, a/k/a “Gary The Mad Martian”…and Kerry’s incredibly cruel statements about Gary on her blog at Camelot—comments unsolicited, and outside the scope of interest (except personal) of Camelot at the time. Remember this…it plays into the next level of lifting the veil on Project Camelot:

“Let me now lay out the evidence as I see it so that others may take a look and make their own determinations. First of all, there was talk of a person named John Jack Burns and he being someone that led to the changes at Camelot between Bill and Kerry.”

in the PDF, Bill shows us “Jack” Burns’ Facebook page which, as Bill points out that “…that NASA appears prominently in the category of interests.” Kerry Cassidy is listed as a long time “friend” (in the Facebook sense) to Jack Burns. But more intriguingly, Bill pulls yet another “thread” that bears noticing: 

“So let’s see if we can connect some dots. The following is a link to a NASA Astronaut named Christopher J. Cassidy.


I will point out that he was a former navy SEAL and possesses the same last name as Kerry. Quarky. Also it seems that both Kerry and Jack Burns possess some possible link to NASA as well as the Navy SEALs.” (I will add here that the relationship between Kerry and Cmdr. Christopher Cassidy is, at best tenuous, at this point—perhaps the coincidence of a common surname?)

Follow The Money?

Finally, of interest to the subject, Bill points to another interesting aspect of Project Camelot that goes relatively unexamined:

I also made a sizable donation to Project Camelot after the third interview for the donations that I received from my one dollar campaign and I let some of my ‘friends’ follow the money. Im not going to state any conclusions here but I do feel able to point out some obvious points to everyone. Project Camelot has not been maintaining its viewership as it once had.

Evidence of that can be seen on the view counters of the interview that have been coming out for the last year on Youtube. It is obvious that my interviews havebeen very good for her business and I would assume that I was not the only person to make a sizable donation to her recently. I will also point out that Kerry has announced that she is redesigning her website and that the ‘articles’ tab has disappeared from her site. I would like to be the first to congratulate her getting funds to redesign her site and I appreciate that the hateful article that she posted on her site about me has been removed.

Tying Some Loose Ends Together

Long before the Bill Wood interviews were ever aired, I had begun digging into the connections between Project Camelot and, specifically, NASA. Recall, that Kerry has long been a prominent supporter of Richard C. Hoagland. Even when Hoagland was talking ludicrous, incredible things about Elenin and then YU-55, Cassidy was avidly championing Hoagland on Camelot video interviews, and spotlighting him at the September, 2011 “Awake and Aware Conference”. 

Recall, also, that while Hoagland appears to dish on NASA, I am not the first person to question his status as “Ex-NASA” (see “The Cult of NASA and the Hoagland Factor”). In fact, it has been stated on several occassions that it appears Hoagland serves as a sort of “misdirect” foil for NASA, by creating web memes to throw off the trail via clever meme fabrications (a/k/a “The Face On Mars”)—obscuring more critcal information by cleverly focusing on one thing…while averting any notice of the REAL thing. This goes, as well, to the core of the disagreement between former Project Pegasus member, Andrew Basiago and Hoagland (see Project Pegasus and Life On Mars with Andrew Basiago)…Hoagland creates a diversion from the point that Mars has indigenous humanoid life

In his article, “Do the Owls want to shut down Richard C. Hoagland?” (January 2004), John C. Haich presented the case that Richard Hoagland was, and still is, connected to NASA and to the Center for Security Policy, headed by Neo-Con, Frank Gaffney. So much for being this maverick agency critic!

Hoagland is also fond of citing his work with Walter Cronkite on the coverage for CBS of the Apollo Program. Given the understanding that the Apollo program was scripted (Apollo 11, notably) for public consumption to mask the presence of teams already on not just the Moon, but Mars (again, see Andrew Basiago’s revelations and his quote from his challenge to Hoagland where he states:

“Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot has informed me that you are part of a faction − one that includes Clark McClelland − that has known that Mars is inhabited but has kept this information secret so that it might be disclosed at a later time.”)

 It is long held that “Uncle Walter” was, in fact, a CIA operative (see “Walter Cronkite and the CIA”). Was Richard Hoagland’s career built on his service to intelligence agency media disinformation?

Where does Richard Hoagland intersect with Project Camelot? Given that the history of Project Camelot has been “sanitized”—some early videos apparently removed from the web—and we know only what the “official” bios have told us about the inception of the project; we have to fill in the dots as best we can. One interesting piece of history comes from David Wilcock via his website bio:

Some time around 2003:

 “David was also tasked by Richard C. Hoagland to upgrade his interplanetary climate change research to a whole new level, and this necessitated a relieving end to the basement labor by the beginning of April. Up until the Hoagland initiative, David had relied heavily on the work of Russian Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev’s studies to argue that our entire solar system was rapidly becoming brighter, hotter and more energetic. Hoagland insisted that all Russian data needed to be thrown out for the purposes of skeptical Western scientists, and every point needed to be argued from a direct NASA study.

 David generated well over a foot of new Internet research books in just a few months as a result of this inspiration, which led to the 2004 “Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow?” article series on Richard’s website, enterprisemission.com, and an appearance on the Art Bell show with Richard, followed by an appearance at the Bay Area UFO Expo later that same year.”  

We also learn of the fortunate connections David Wilcock made at a Hoagland conference in 2005:

David first met Billy Blake in February 2005 after a conference at a Science of Mind center in Pasadena on Valentine’s Day. The contacts David made at the Hoagland conference, particularly through Robert Perala, led to this opportunity. Billy was awed by David’s presentation and said that if it were turned into a film, it would be incredible. Thus, the CONVERGENCE film project was born – the realization of the gold-medal prophecy.

 So, we can connect Richard Hoagland to David Wilcock as early as 2004. In 2005, Wilcock is moving into Hollywood circles…2006 is around  the time Cassidy and Ryan form their partnership. . So here we can only speculate: could the “convergences” which produced the cozy relationships between Camelot, Richard Hoagland and David Wilcock have been forged in a manner designed to create an intel-style “pressure valve” for the burgeoning internet interest into conspiracy theory? We will hold David Wilcock to the side on this…for now, but there are clear linkages between Cassidy and Hoagland that seem to be beyond the normal “business” of Whistleblowers and disclosure. 

Given Hoagland’s past work, and the linkages between major media outlets (CBS), NASA, and Frank Gaffney, an apologist for the right wing war policies of the Bush administration in Iraq (Gaffney on Hard Ball with Chris Matthews stated: ” (“…The threat we did know about was the chemical capability that Saddam Hussein had used against his own people. The potential for biological agents were real there was evidence that there was an ongoing nuclear program… The danger was inaction could have resulted in the death[s] of a great many more Americans than 4,000 and that’s the reason I’m still delighted that we did what we did.”), can we not see a valid pattern for exploiting the deep underground culture of the emerging web and the interest in “alternative media”? 

Given the connections between Cassidy (Bill Ryan is no longer a viable element of Project Camelot), Richard Hoagland, tangentially, David Wilcock, and more importantly, Jack Burns, we now have a few more pieces of a puzzle…is this a “project” that has been played by “them”…knowingly, or unknowingly, by the principles? Is the whole “alternative media” merely window dressing for a honeypot operation that pulls in viewers to splinter perceptions? Did Project Camelot simply go “off the rails” with the departure of Bill Ryan (and the insertion of Jack Burns)? Or is it simply a victim of the big, beautiful media messs that is the internet in 2012? 








  1. Glad you are forging ahead on this topic as I think we are all getting an active, modern 'mind control' lesson in our midst. A Critical Thinking, Open Source Intelligence Analysis opportunity, to the degree of time & interest we have to apply to it. ?Can we apply collectively, with truth seeking heart's, all we've learned from "Brave New World", "1984", "Operation Mind Control", et al to what this collection of subjects & players unfold? Clif High alerted readers just 3 days ago in "mainstream media whores burst out truth attack…" article to be ready, the "start [of] a flood of such huge proportions that the world will not be the same ever again"……..suggesting that it would be neigh impossible to keep up with.

    I want to add a piece I noticed while watching the latest 'Camelot' Live Stream, 3hr13min [approx] interview of John Kettler. There is a shocking switch that occurs in the interviewing style Kerry is using at approximately the 2-1/2hr mark. She switches from a congeneal, 'normal' interviewing style, most abruptly to an ego based attack on the interviewee. [This is my 1st impression that I will go back & look at in more detail-but the shock of the impression was very clear on my psyche.] It was like a negative part of her was suddenly, and what seemed unconsciously turned on in her. I say ego-based, because before the verbal onslaught attack, she makes boastful descriptions of her "expertise" & declares that she will be able to determine Kettler's authenticity via her '3rd-Degree' interogation.

    Just keep typing, Aria

  2. Excellent article Randy. Hope you get to interview Bill and Eva as their Vegas story has much more information I want to know about. I've reposted this article at Camelot and Avalon.

  3. This is a very good article.

    The Kerry – Bill Ryan split left me totally perplexed as well, but suspecting a third party, since that is what theory would predict.

    Who the hell is Jack Burns?

  4. he did not mention remote influencing until that pdf file, how od, mustve read my thread on ickes forum, so now i want to see him describe it, yep its a case of a few bad apples spread like apple butter there so soft. how else can i say it other than that is why i kept mentioning it and just waiting for someone to put it in, after all it was made a bit public knowledge at least 7 years ago, not much, reason i know is i knew before that date about remote influencing, but how i use it is more for preservation of life, so where i learned it im not realy sure, maybe im the one they learned it from, who knows with the crap people in the government have tried to get away with.

    Burns is a name that pops up in the mk-ultra documents.

  5. The question about who Jack Burns "is", will be answered here shortly. You can, for now, try and find him on Facebook, but we all know how people create personas there…

  6. I don't know about anybody else, but if I was a nervous whistle-blower just coming out (as Bill Wood was not so many weeks ago), Kerry Cassidy & Camelot would be my very last choice as a platform. For me, listening to her cutting in, cutting off and directing her interviews interrogation-style (for the benefit of hungry Camelot fans and forum users), is somewhat akin to having a gnarly wisdom tooth pulled out very slowly without the benefit of anaesthesia!

    In all the years she's been doing her Camelot interviews, Kerry has never gained the skills (let alone the finesse) one would expect of an individual who has tasked herself with dealing with those who have approached her for help. When one takes into account that many of her whistle-blowers have been mentally and emotionally abused by those they trusted, her way of dealing one on one with these individuals seems very lacking in empathy at times… to say the least. Quite frankly, the way she treated Bill Wood in their 3rd interview was almost enough for me to trigger my own 'terminate' program, and I'm not even a mind-control victim!

    Thanks for keeping on the trail of all this Randy, its good to see some good dot connecting, and I'm pleased to know I'm not the only one who has never felt entirely comfortable with the whole concept of "Camelot".

  7. Elizabeth-
    Since you did not leave me an email address, I will simply say this: WHEN and IF you ever wish to make a disclosure, I am more than pleased to talk with you, on air or off. This is not an "offer", merely to say that I have many people who have communicated with me, who are not public. I am connected to some AWESOME people who are victims of various syndromes of this present "system", and they know I honor, respect, and deeply care about the people who contact me.

    As to Kerry and Camelot: part of the success in the early years was the balance between Kerry and Bill Ryan, who is to be said of, a gentleman. It is not my intention to hurt or defame Kerry Cassidy, but her behaviors have become more pronounced (even yesterday, saying she planned to go to the Phoenix UFO conference to ply Bob Dean with liquor to "get" more out of him!—WTF?!!!) There is no "competition" here with Camelot—I do not wish to BE Camelot…I do what I do, in my own way.

    Simply put: whatever people think of the Brockbrader interviews, they clearly showed an egotistical, out of control personality side of Cassidy, and when it went "bad", she BURNED Bill in a most disgusting manner. I felt bad for him, and anyone else who provokes her wrath.

  8. i started questioning pc when ashayana deane came on the scene…that girl smells of mind control no matter what angle you look at…she looks like a religious cult member from the sixties…sorry, but that's how i see it. i knew at that point (this is when br and kc were splitting up) that pc was not the same. but also bill deagle and anthony sanchez are two others that irritated me to no end…bordering on complete quakery…i used to enjoy pc when bill and kerry were together…they seemed to balance eachother out (checks and balances are good). now pc seems like a big fear fest…wonder what the big freaky, end of the world as we know it–type of event is coming down the pipes next??? why don't we all just get real and talk about the stuff that is actually happening in our world? so many people suffer from the effects of mind control in one way or another, to various degrees…this is a subject that interests me the most…open, honest discussion is what is needed. and sensitivity to others and their issues and triggers is so important. sometimes i think all of the talk about black operations, secret space programs and the ruling elite and ET's are just a mind control ruse to keep us from becoming empowered individuals…let's just get real shall we?

  9. Note: I actually wrote a long post last night about Project Camelot, Ms. Cassidy, whistle blowers and the perils of brokering truth, but I suspect the following comment (which I just wrote) might be more useful. I hope so, anyway.

    emzu commented:

    sometimes i think all of the talk about black operations, secret space programs and the ruling elite and ET's are just a mind control ruse to keep us from becoming empowered individuals…let's just get real shall we?

    This is a very salient point. An unwelcome one in most places where UFO phenomena and conspiracy theories morph from misinfo and disinfo into opinion into individual-perception-as-collective-reality. Come to think of it, this is an unwelcome concept in pretty much every social arena, as it mitigates against the simplistic victimization narratives used to perpetuate the soul-blindness largely responsible for slaughtering everything in, on and around the planet.

    I say this as someone who is quite certain the global oligarchy is as real as the car presently leaking oil in my garage, although, by all appearances, I think of that power structure in terms very different from other contactees (I am one), abductees, conspiracy theorists, paranormal geeks, myopic political subscribers, smug intellectuals and self-righteous church folk.

    Writer Paddy Chayefsky nailed it with unrivaled clarity in the 1976 classic, Network, which is most remembered for it's half-crazy protagonist's declaration, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." That this catchphrase is what people tend to remember about the film reminds me of the story about Buddha's disciples looking at his finger when he points to the moon. The tag line is not the meat of the script or story. This is.

    Bear with me.

    Chayefsky's unflinching examination of human nature was evident roughly a quarter century before Network when he wrote Marty, which he described as "the most ordinary love story in the world." It is a hard story told in the golden era of American drama, a little historical window in the mid-20th Century when people had not yet become afraid of thinking and feeling concurrently, which is a very different landscape from the spectacular artifice of contemporary culture.

    I didn't want my hero to be handsome, and I didn't want the girl to be pretty. I wanted to write a love story the way it would literally have happened to the kind of people I know…

    The creative trajectory from Marty to Network illustrates something very useful I firmly believe to be true: The degree to which any individual is capable of understanding institutional power is directly commensurate with that individual's understanding of human nature. And one's understanding of human nature is directly commensurate with one's level of self-awareness.

    Conspiracies abound, but damn few people are willing to consider why; until one does, there is little chance of separating fact from fiction – to the extent it is even possible (all outcomes being a matter of degree). The success or failure – indeed, the very existence of actual conspiracies – is not predicated on discovery or concealment, but, rather, on the human capacity for self-deceit.

    Being self-aware enough to even begin unraveling the dynamic of institutional power is a hard road; and, even then, one remains vulnerable to the dynamic of corruption – albeit somewhat less so than others who lack the fortitude and endurance for self-criticism in the context of the human condition. A good starting place is this nugget of insight from W.C. Fields: "You can't cheat an honest man." Ouch!

    It is so incredibly difficult to even get a toehold on the nature of Power, and the first thing one discovers upon doing so is just how punitive and ugly the resistance is. The paradox is that the resistance comes first from its victims – "Crucify him!" – and, subsequently, from the architect-beneficiaries of Power itself: "Well, okay, if you say so."

    We punish ourselves when we live the lie, and others punish us when we no longer do. Either way, another beating is always in the cards. Which brings to mind the profane truth of one Al Swearengen of Deadwood fame (as written by the great David Milch): "Every fuckin' beatin' I'm grateful for. Every fuckin' one of them. Get all the trust beat outta you. And you know what the fuckin' world is."

    The generational wounds just keep on comin'.

    I don't come from a religious background, and my aversion to church culture and religious orthodoxy runs deep. Still, much to the dismay of pretty much everyone who knows me, my spiritual beliefs are inclusive of Christ's teachings as I understand them to be. I say this because, only yesterday, I was thinking about enlightenment and it occurred to me how the church obsesses on Christ's physical suffering during the crucifixion; yet, rarely, if ever, does one hear Christians contemplate just how agonizing it must have been for Him to know humanity as it was, as it is and as it will be. Not exactly a walk in the park. Traditional Christians equate knowing with power, and power with comfort and comfort with virtue rewarded. But knowledge is not power. It is suffering, and how much we know – and how willing we are to learn – is proportional to the degree of suffering we are willing to experience firsthand. Compare and contrast "Knowledge is power," with "Ignorance is bliss," and see what emerges.

    My guess is Jesus Christ has more in common with, say, Bill Hicks, than the toupee'd frauds issuing arbitrary moral edicts to their clock-watching Christian flocks. Not exactly happy go lucky, those two. I wonder why!

    That's life on Earth in 2012. The manifestations may be quite different from 2,000 or 20,000 years ago, so it stands to reason the consequences also change. The dynamic, I believe, however cyclical our awareness of it, is a constant.

    Doesn't get more real than that. And simply having a conversation about it infuriates people who prefer to think of themselves as virtuous and wise instead of complex, flawed and fallible.

    Most people are accustomed to communicating in squeaks, grunts and short paragraphs, so I appreciate the forbearance of anyone who took the time to read this comment in the same spirit in which it was written – a weary, earnest one. (Sincerity: the ultimate fashion violation.)

    And, that, my friends and adversaries, is my sermon for the day. Comments like this one might even account for my popularity, online and off. Ha!

    À la prochainet, my friends and adversaries. Try not to get cheated, okay?

  10. Randy, hi, good to come across your thoughts…
    If they're too long for someone, they do have the freedom to split when they reach their attention span limit, don’t they…
    For others, like myself, AUTHENTIC expression, however lengthy, is like A WHOLESOME FOOD BANQUET in the world that makes burgers in a lab and mixes animals/insects with plants to keep animals/insects away from the plants. My heart, soul and intellect senses when I'm "fed" the "real" thing, because I've worked my whole life (about 4 decades) on polishing my insides to recognize "true" self-disclosure. And when I occasionally find out that I ate someone's BS (partially or fully), I take it upon myself to look at what aspects of my internal radar and BS detection system needs more polishing.
    Acquiring real info, hence true knowledge and wisdom is bearable, as you indicate, to the degree that a person can take pain and suffering. How much pain/suffering can a person take corresponds to the degree of their internal resilience, perhaps maturity, and/or the extent to which their life's tough lessons or traumas brought about the healthy internal "stretching" into the unknown, VERSUS putting it away for later sorting OR their defense mechanisms in the form of fight, flight, freeze, manifested in voicing of irritation (as haters, trolls…), variety of allergic reactions, all the way to memory blocks and alters (multiple personalities), etc.etc.
    So, why talk about talking? THOSE WHO HAVE EARS WILL HEAR… Those who don’t? They’ve long checked out from your site to be able to read what you wrote for THEM here… ;-)
    In other words: P L E A S E, KEEP ON KEEPING ON, KEEP DOING YOUR BEST, FOCUS ON GOING FORWARD, focus on the light, on that which you want more of in this long-rotting world, please, ya good guys and gals… ya Randys, Bills, even Kerrys—for the sake of your human brothers and sisters who are HUNGRY for what you have to say from your place of integrity, wisdom, altruism, joy… and let us sort it all out ourselves.
    Blessings and gratitude for all your amazing work!

  11. There are 5 major mechanisms of control, with offshoots or branches from these. Alcohol, drugs,
    gambling, pornography, violence and war.

    The elite love these mechanisms of control because they are the ones making the most money from them.

    We the people love these mechanisms of control because we get to pretend we are in control, it's all
    about being in control of your life, through our mechanism of choice. We get to pretend we have a choice, and we do. Sober up.

    To pretend that there is some vague mind control and triggers out there is rediculous. Men are controlled through their penis and balls, and women are controlled by emotional truths that are fantasies.

    Rape someone's mind as well as their body, and you have them imprisoned for life.

    To wake up you must connect with the earth in a good way. Grow a garden and unplug. Then you can connect with the stars. Detox. Do the best you can. No one will welcome or love your sobriety, your quiet, your humble awareness of the truth of life. No one.

    Your will centre, which was short circuited long ago, will come alive, and women will become enraged, and men will become vulnerable and weepy. Not pleasant, but a phase of healing the heart and soul that is so necessary.

    Bill Wood, how could you brag about group consensual sex as an antidote for being labelled a pedophile/pervert?

    Yes, you are still in control. And that's sad.


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