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My extended absence…and the days ahead

My extended absence…and the days ahead

First: a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to All!

Some have been asking about my absence and the future of the radio shows:

I had, for over five months, been experiencing chronic fatigue/chronic pain which was slowly pulling down my immune system, and my ability to function day-to-day. OffPlanet Radio went on sudden hiatus on November 29, 2013, after I experienced physical problems stemming from an infection which required a surgery, 4 days in the hospital, two visits to ER for medication complications, and over a month of convalescence and extended medications to eradicate the infection. 

I have chosen to go “off line” during this time, and for at least the next month, to both heal, and also introspect on directions this show, and other projects should proceed.

It is said that every adversity holds a gift. Mine has been the time to go inward and experience a Shamanic journey. We take things like our well-being far too lightly, until it begins to fail…and like-wise we can see that so much of what we do is really a “near life experience”. 

I want to thank my friends, who were aware of my situation, for their prayers, energy, and well-wishes. I will return in late January—stronger, wiser, and a bit more humble. The work will continue, but at a more human pace, and with an informed perspective.

2014 will be a year of massive shifts…take time to place an ear to the Earth and hear what is moving. We are all part of an amazing time of rapid changes. Embrace good and bad as equal and opposite poles of the coming unification. Everything that can be shaken…shall!

Much Love

Randy Maugans
January 12, 2014

A Space of Time…

It’s not lost on me that it has been a month since our last live show for OffPlanet Radio. As I noted on the websites, the passing over of a beloved Elder of our family triggered the extended hiatus. Along with the planning and work that needed to be done for the scheduled Camp Hill II Energy and Healing Summit with Duncan and Miranda, there were also personal challenges for co-host, Chris Holly, who has had numerous family and health issues over the past month. 

I note and express thanks for the kind wishes of listeners and friends that have been sent, along with some queries about the lack of activity. First, I don’t believe in “death”, as we morbidly know it, but I do honor the process of transition. I also know how to take cues from the cycles of Universe to obey the soul and body’s needs to rest, contemplate, and refresh. 

Second, I don’t believe in “time”, in the literal, linear sense…that’s a matrix concept. What we call time is punctuations in a vast field of experience we call our “physical life”. The processes of birth and death (I have experienced both in the last six month period) are parentheses of what is just one phase of our ever-unfolding now-ness. It is not an inconsequential thing to stop and ponder; to rest and reflect, and not allow unique moments to simply pass without learning what they can teach us. 

I also sensed that the show, and my own energies were beginning to feel somewhat tired—and by that I do not mean we did bad shows…the energies were simply tilting and we needed to step back and regroup. Both Chris Holly and I felt it was a time to reboot the show, and our own individual projects. So, while there have not been new shows recently, there is a tremendous amount of “back catalog” on both of our sites to partake.

Humans love novelty…the next “new” thing; often without really stopping to savor the things already sown. The western mindset of endless production and novely is another trap of the matrix mindset. The proverbial hamster wheel. And we do well to break the cycles. Without rest…the still point…there can arise no creative energetics waves. We need to observe the laws of Universe, not the laws of the matrix reality.

I will also note that I have been extremely challenged in keeping up with correspondence. Again, we are very limited in the handling of communications, as both Chris and myself do not have a support staff. If I have missed an email, phone call, or message from you, I apologize. Kindly re-send if you wish…or I will eventually reply as I sort through hundreds of unanswered messages. I also wish to deeply acknowledge and THANK those who continue to support us with gifts and donations…you deserve more than I can ever express…we send you a force field of much love.

We will continue the live shows on July 17, 2013, with guests to be announced. In the months to come we hope to provide not just new content (novelty), but a new vision and vitality towards the broad scope of the paranormal, consciousness, spirituality, and the future “now” of humanity. Stay tuned.

James Martinez Press Release: Cold Fusion Realities

James Martinez Press Release via coldfusionnow.org on the confirmed testing of the Rossi ECAT HT (see article: Rossi E-Cat HT energy density “off-the-chart”)


MP3 Audio - Right click to download

New media hosting information and call for support

New media hosting information and call for support


Just to update our media hosting situation: for over three years the MP3 audios for all the shows has been hosted on a cloud-based hosting service at DivShare.com. While for the most part, that service has done well…there have been issues with files which go down, media players that perform poorly, and frustration by people trying to access media on tablets and phones.

The internet is an ever-evolving work. As new technology like iPhones and Androids become increasingly popular, the challenge becomes one of universal acces to our media. One strategy has been to post some of the content to our YouTube Channel—also an evolving process.

The other challenge was finding hosting which complies with HTML 5 (tech speak here). HTML 5 is the new web standard which began rolling out last year, and allows web developers to embed media, including video and audio, without the need for Flash plugins to web browsers. Flash has always been a nuisance, and a major vector for all manner of code exploits, viruses, and malware attacks. Moreover, due to ongoing corporate feuds between Adobe (the technology’s owner) and Apple, Inc., the so-called “i” devices (pods, pads, and phones) did not support Flash on their platforms. 

The HTML 5 spec. now allows for near-universal propagation of media on the web without Adobe Flash and its attendant plugins. This, of course, assumes the use of the latest devices and web browsers. Therefore, we now need to code web media to be able to both stream with the new standards, AND also “fallback” to older standards. OK…we are through that…

Beginning this week, with the posting of the most recent OffPlanet Radio Live show,  matt presti and Robert Otey: Walter & Lao Russell and the Cosmology of Light, you will begin seeing a NEW player for streaming the shows on the web pages. The files are being hosted on a high speed Amazon S3 server, which makes files available around the planet. This service is secure, fast, and allows us to embed players that can be accessed on multiple platforms, like the Android and iPhone devices. The seperate download lins for the hour 1 and hour 2 files are, however remaining on our old system, as are the legacy files form previous shows—for now.


This new technology comes with some additonal costs: while Amazon is very cost-effective, we also have to upgrade technology, including software and hosting support infrastructure, and our computers, to allow us to CREATE on these new systems. Bottom line: we have incurred additional operating expenses in order to stay current with the technology.

In January, we spent over $2,000 upgrading media technology including a new graphics workstation, all new software (our old system was nearly 4 years old—a “lifetime” in tech!), and the hiring of an additional service to get us up to speed. Our monthly expenses have increased about 20% as result of these upgrades. 

No one likes asking for money less than I do, in fact, I resist doing so, trusting that those who CAN, will—and those who CAN’T will be grateful and help us spread the word (“karma payments”). For our part here, we have PAID IT FORWARD by not only doing what we do…but actually INCREASING our level of activity. OffPlanet Radio is supported by its LISTENERSHIP, not corporate sponsors, or by “secret funding” of intelligence agency-types (as are certain alt-media outlets). Other than our affiliate ads for RnA Drops Products, there is no commercial participation, at this time.

We will leave it at that. If you listen, if you gain value from the shows—HELP US by donating. Be a “karma investor” for others, and help us get out the valuable information by going to the Support Page and gving. And THANKS! to all of those who DO support us. Much love is sent. Also, please let us know your experiences with our media tech at The Contacts Section.



Mail donations:

OffPlanet Radio
P.O. Box 792
Camp Hill, PA 17001-0792 
(Checks and Money Orders payable to: Randy Maugans)



O’Finioan Blog Goes Dark


I’ve gotten emails from concerned listeners, so here is the short story:

The blog was taken down by Duncan and Miranda last week, a casualty of the endless wars that wage on the web. You can find Duncan and Miranda at: http://duncanofinioan.com/ and on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/duncan.ofinioan

The Duncan and Miranda page

 Soul Survival Training and Healing Seminars with Duncan O’Finioan
Info and registration: 

OffPlanet Radio Website Redesign, Changes…and Gratitude

OffPlanet Radio Website Redesign, Changes…and Gratitude

You may notice changes in the OffPlanet Radio site over the next few weeks (and perhaps even longer) as we deploy a gradual make-over  and re-formatting. Certain pages, including this blog, and the new Channels pages are now in an easier-to-read layout with simpler elements and more legible typography.

Comments from some readers indicated that the white-on-black text was very hard to read on screens—that was one of the first changes to be implemented. The menu system is also being simplified with nested menus to simplify navigation. We are also eliminating several sections of the website which are no longer pertinent to the current mission of OffPlanet Radio.

Finally, it is necessary to generate income to continue the website, radio shows, and expansion of our reach out into the mainstream, so selective ads may appear as well as sponsored content channels. Ads and sponsors will always be done tastefully,with discretion, and a view towards the interests of the listeners and readers.

While We are eternally grateful for the generosity of the listeners who GIVE, donations for the show and website are far below sustainable levels this summer, the result no doubt of a tanking economy. Giving comes from the heart, and carries its own rewards…the move toward paid, or sponsored content in no way diminishes the spirit of giving—those who have given will receive back in the transition.


Children of the Universe Are Not “Broke”

One final note: GIVING does not always mean payments of money. We would ask you to help by posting links, articles, and comments about us onto appropriate forums and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you have a website or blog—PLEASE consider exchanging links with us.

While the world looks very dark, “The Game” is not over. There are people to wake up, spiritual paths to be embraced, and a world that needs to be reformed for the rise of an awakening populace. Always remember: you are Children of the Universe (The Source, The ONE), and the Universe is NOT  “broke”. Begin to move into prosperity by invoking the essense of prosperity and abundance…use GRATITUDE in all things, and trust that the WIll which summons will also provide.

I want to express my gratitude to all who have contributed to this radio show and website: the guests, listeners, contributers, and those who GIVE—of funds, time and talent. You rock! and we will try to live up to your energy.