Duncan O’Finioan -Walk In Two Worlds Sacramento, CA-June 22, 2012

This will be the first of a number of blog posts this weekend…there is a lot occurring and it needs to be discussed. We did a brief interview with Duncan at the opening session in Sacramento over Skype that cover some points I will take up in later posts.

Duncan O’Finioan news conference from the opening session of the Sacramento, CA Multi-Dimensional Survival Training and Healing Seminar:

Mission statement

The demonic storm apparition in Minnesota (see notes in comments below regarding the validitiy of the photo location)

Goals in training 

Scoffers, critics and cynics

Music and warfare

The gathering of the family 

Interview and video production by Randy Maugans for OffPlanet Radio

Barry King: DISCLOSURE HAS BEEN CANCELLED….due to lack of interest

Barry King: DISCLOSURE HAS BEEN CANCELLED….due to lack of interest

It’s sad, actually…this is the state of “disclosure”…of whistleblowers , who get caught up in the fabric of the “alternative” media machine (which looks and acts more and more like the media machine to which it was the alternative). Barry has always been unflinching in his details and he spares not here. Read between the lines on Steven Greer and WHY he will not release Barry’s material…”bad for business”, eh? As I have written many thimes, the gatekeepers are embedded in the movement.
Barry King appeared on OffPlanet Radio Octiber 2, 2011
Media Release May 3rd 2012
“I have not been taken out nor have I sold out, I’m simply closing the book and putting it back on the shelf.”-Barry King

Barry KingTo quell the rumours, stop the misquotes and set things straight I have to release this media statement.Firstly I have not been taken out, I have not sold out, I have pulled out from Disclosure in total for several reasons, and these I shall detail here. After many years within the research and investigation field, 46 to be precise, and 18 of those years spent tirelessly disclosing openly and publicly its about time to call it a day.
I’ve done my job, did what was intended, to bring to the publics and alternate media’s notice the state of play regarding secret facilities, projects and black programs, the locations, dates, personnel. This I feel has been achieved. From 1994 to 2000 I disclosed Globally via The Voice documents. In 2000 I became one of Dr. Steven Greer‘s Disclosure Project Witnesses after supplying him with over 600 pages of documentation and agreeing to be filmed for his project.
I was the first to bring the area of PLF’s, programmed Life Forms, to the Worlds Attention, and to Dr Greer.
Dr Greer has spoken a good number of times in his interviews and conference talks of ARV’s and Stagecraft, and as he states as most important PLF’s, the area where he claims he receives the most threats!. Well Dr Greer think of the poor bastard whom brought this to you in the first place, do you think my life has been a bed of roses?. Time after time I have been attacked by individuals stating I was not even a Disclosure Project Witness simply because Dr Greer has kept me and my data hidden, in backgrounds and has never publicly admitted to the fact that I was a witness. He still proclaims long and loud at confs and in interviews though the importance of PLFs within the disclosure arena. Me? well i’ve been pushed so far into the background now, Dr Greer states he has others connected with that field, he does not need me or my data, even though I started it all!
So, I’ve had enough of Disclosure especially with Dr Greer and his Witness program.
The lack of interest is a global concern, the media, the public, in Disclosure, whether by initial or full blown, the World really does not care nor wants to be disturbed from their cosy lifetstyles of holidays abroad, sitting in front of giant plasma 3D TVs watching the dumbing down soap operas or sport or controlled and manipulated documentaries on their latest DFS credit purchased sofas.
They do not want to hear stories of Ufo’s, aliens, underground bases, mind control etc unless it is via a glossy sensationalised hollywood blockbuster.
The above gives you an idea of why I have dropped off the grid, wishing nothing more to do with trying to educate the World, its a thankless task anyways. I also believe I have a right to closure, I’ve got my revenge on the controllers, the USAF, NSA, CIA and countless others connected to my disclosures. I’ve made sure the World now knows of Peasemore, PLFs, the black budgets. After 30+ years yes I think I have my closure.
Others have come forward, still more will do so in future. I look around and can say ‘yes, job done, now for a rest’.As I stated at the beginning, I have not been taken out nor have I sold out, I’m simply closing the book and putting it back on the shelf. Thank you for your time.
Barry M King



The “Drake” States Sovereignty Documents Posted

As is heard in the opening minutes of my interview with Drake, I had strongly  requested that the States Documents which were filed with the World Court be released for public inspection  as an initial sign of some solid proof of due diligence. In conversations with my contacts, I had indicated that this type of proof would go a long way towards providing some assurrance that this was not all a “smoke and mirrors” media ruse. What I wish we could all see is the proof of service and certification of receipt by the clerk at the Hague, but for now, this goes a long way towards providing researchers with the pro forma basis for a legitimate action.


Right click to download documents 

Apostile 141 – Original Pennsylvania Apostile Document – PDF - 0.09 MB

Apostile Certification 140 – Notary Certification – PDF - 0.11 MB

Certification of Minutes 142-5 (Redacted) – PDF 0.35 MB

Notice of states in union 144 – PDF - 0.15 MB

Georgia Minutes 146 – PDF  – 0.10 MB

All Documents – Archive – ZIP - 0.71 MB

Naturally, cynics and scoffers will not be satisfied, nor is the presentation of any such documents conclusive proof of action, but I do feel that by releasing the redacted copy of the notarized original Pennsylvania Apostile that we now have a basis to assess the legal basis of the action, and some tangible evidence for the claims made by Drake in his interviews. I continue to press for more evidence to be released as the conditions allow, bearing in mind that it is likely people HAVE placed lives and fortunes on the line to initiate this process.

Patience, prudence, diligence, and discernment will all go along way in de-coding the information being presented. Clearly, Drake and his associates HAVE created a major meme on the internet. provoked much controversy and thought, as well as a fair amount of criticism. Persoanlly, I remain, in the best sense, a SKEPTIC:


 from Greek skeptikos, from skeptikos thoughtful, from skeptesthai to look, consider
1 : an adherent or advocate of skepticism
2 : a person disposed to skepticism especially regarding religion or religious principles
I also have sources who provide information to me in a way that is “coded”, so to speak, and there are many “puzzle pieces” that I have been processing which indicate that Drake is speaking for a very powerful group of present and former military, white hat financial, and government insiders to initiate “The Plan”. No one person or group has all the information. This is a multi-lateral approach birthed out of common interests and linked through etworks forged over many decades.
Look around you…pay attention to details. Ignore mainstream news and examine carefully “coded” communications. IF and WHEN the day comes that this “Plan” is initiated, the whole world WILL be watching. Also, understand that unless people are willing to risk…no liberation from this monstrous cabal is ever possible.
Randy Maugans



Hosting Freedom Reigns with Deatra and Drake

I have been asked to host the Thursday evening Freedom Reigns show on BlogTalk Radio which will feature Drake, along with Deatra Loomer. This is an opportunity for me to ask important questions, and for the audience to share knowledge on the basics of freedom. While many are skeptical about the announcements made by Drake in the David Wilcock interview (and I have been among them), and quite fairly feel that some issues have not been addressed; it would be irresponsible to ignore what is occurring both in the US and globally at this time.

I will note that there will be no open chatroom on BlogTalk, but WolfSpirit Radio will host a chatroom—and it WILL be closely watched. Questions that YOU may wish to have asked should be posted as comments to this blog post…PLEASE, no emails. Also, I am NOT an “expert” on common law, strawman, or any other subjects, but have studied the freedom movement and their methods for 10 years…we will share the collective wisdom, often called “crowd-sourcing”.

Freedom Reigns with Deatra, Drake, and Randy Maugans

by Mz Mugzzi

Thursday April 26, 2012 – 6-8 PM-EST | 5-7 PM-Central| 3-5 PM-PST

Call in to speak with the host: (646) 649-0866
Updates with Drake and Deatra on current events.

Randy Maugans will be covering topics such as Common Law, Strawman, and Birthcerticate.  Learn where the laws are now currently, and how we are changing back to the law of the land. Learn how your Strawman is being used.  You could be worth more than you know. 

Final Call for Survival Training with Duncan and Miranda

Seminar Update – April 25 Deadline

by ofinioan

Hi Everyone,

We are getting ever closer to the date of the seminar.

Just to let you know, everyone MUST be paid and registered by April 25th.

If you have a special needs with this, please let us know now.


Here is a breakdown of how the schedule will go.

  • Everyone will meet in the main lobby of the hotel at 3 pm on Friday.
  • Friday will be 4 hours and will include some instruction with guest speakers.
  • Saturday everyone will meet again in the main lobby at 9 am.
  • Saturday will be a full day of hands on instruction ending ay 6pm followed by Q & A and talks.
  • Sunday will be from 9am till 4 pm.
  • If anyone has an early flight out please let us know on Friday.

Please bring a couple pairs of cotton sweatpants and T-shirts as well as a comfy pair of sneakers. Bring a bokken if you have one.

See you there!

Registration for Survial Training Seminar with Duncan O’Finioan Now Open  by ofinioan

Registration for Survial Training Seminar with Duncan O’Finioan Now Open by ofinioan

“This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around…”

-Talking Heads “Life During War Time”


Registration Now Open for Survival Training

Click here for more information

Come spend a few days with Duncan O’Finioan (and friends) and get ready to learn how to survive in any situation. This training is open to people of all physical levels and abilities.
In addition to the training, there will be limited time for Duncan to do healing work on people.
After registration, you will be contacted by us via e-mail with details and instructions regarding logistics and so forth for the training.

See you there!


Register for Survival Training
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