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Three 70s “classic rock” bands, each releasing major “return to form” albums over the summer. Each seemingly revived like the Phoenix…and each sharing this “hypnotic” graphic motif.

This week, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers‘ “Hypnotic Eye” debuts as the #1 album on the Billboard US chart…1st time in 38 years.
Is this just a “coincidence”…a synchronicity…or a “meme”…are we collectively looping a hypnotic tom-petty-heartbreakers-hypnotic-eye-artstate consciousness that is reflected in the arts? Is pop culture is a reflector of the state, or a state of reflection?
“Like shadow people in shadow lands
Shadow people in shadow land
Shadow people in shadow land
Waiting for the sun to be split over there
I ain’t got any shadow at all” -Tom Petty, “Shadow People” from Hypnotic Eye…hmmm!

Hollywood Resurrection: Classic Rock and the Hypnosis Meme

I like to note memes in the popular culture because they generally hold some nuggets about the collective state of humans. The meme, that modern application for the Jungian archetypal pattern recognition and retrieval—call it software—operates on the perceptual and/or subliminal levels of consciousness. It “swims” in the streams of consciousness and charges emotional, kinetic, and visceral responses which, in turn, aggregate energies to a conditioned response. The term was coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976—long before the nascent internet was made public. It means (from the Greek, mimeme- to mime, mimic; an “imitated thing”

If modern hyper-media produces chunks of coded information that either predict, or conform, behavioral and perceptual patterns, then certainly the “pop culture”, especially music, is the most viral agent to notice such patterns. Popular culture is, indeed, formulated and dispensed to the “public” as ongoing re-programming. Certainly since the time of the Beatles and the explosion of the rock music era, no better carrier of cultural upheavals has been formulated than culture driven by sound, images, and (often hidden) philosophical embeds. The Beatles, you may recall, were brazen enough to place Aleister Crowley (The Beast/666) on the “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” cover.

Sixties and seventies rock culture created vast opportunities for media moguls to “amplify” the message to a generation literally raised by the electronosphere of TV, electric music, mass-produced print, and the more tactile responses of fashion, language, and behaviors. Psychologist, N. K. Humphrey’s has suggested that “memes should be considered as living structures, not just metaphorically.” Thus, the messages, forms, and medium constantly shift, convolute, and evolve (fitting to Dawkins’ own evolutionary theories). We now live in the day of the “nugget”: where memes fly by in rapid succession and are custom formed for a particular “affinity group”, yet touch on the larger collective culture.

I began to notice a “meme”, over the course of the last few months related specifically to three “classic” rock bands from the 1970s. In each case, these bands are “resurrecting” their images and reclaiming their mantles in the rock music pantheon. In each case, these bands—all over 40 years running—seek to shed the image of being little more than “oldies acts” or even “cover bands” of their material. In each case, the bands were culturally significant “change agents” in their respective heydays and are reclaiming their “relevance” and artistic statures. Each band, although not natives to LA/Hollywood, have largely been based there and produced their music there. In each case, there is a visual “hook” to the meme of hypnosis.

 “NOW—Chicago XXXVI”

NOW_Chicago_XXXVI_Album_CoverThe rock-jazz-pop band, Chicago began in 1967, releasing their debut LP, “Chicago Transit Authority” in 1969. The album was a masterpiece of rock-jazz fusion that featured significant commentary on the political upheavals of the time. The song, “Questions: 67 & 68” featured an audio collage of the 1968 Chicago riots with the chant: “…the whole world’s watching…the whole world’s watching…” over heavily distorted guitar feedback and rising, ominous horn blasts. Chicago was, in the day, a band who understood the power of music to a culture. While Chicago has continued to echo their city namesake, they transplanted to Los Angeles where they built their reputation as the house band at the Bitter End. Over time, the band lost its original rock roots (after the accidental “Russian Roulette” suicide of leader/guitarist, Terry Kath), and by the early nineties was considered a pop or soft rock band, whose fortunes declined as the music charts moved to punk, in turn “grunge”, then hiphop.

Chicago, in 2014, needed to revive their artistic “cred”, and “NOW” features some harder-edged music, including the extremely modern production styles of “Naked in the Garden of Allah” and “More Will Be Revealed” , both co-penned by founding member, Robert Lamn.

Chicago attempted this return to roots first, in 1994, when they went into seclusion with producer, Peter Wolf, to record “The Stone of Sisyphus” — a jazzier, more rock-oriented album that was rejected by Warner Brothers Records, and resulted in Chicago departing the label, and the departure of guitarist, Dwayne Bailey. The album was later released in 2008 on Rounder Records—after two decades of the band being largely a touring ensemble playing their past hits and releasing albums like “Big Band” and “The Christmas Album”, along with several live recordings.

The band, with a revamped line-up, stood to gain much with a powerful new “statement” in their 2014 release. Their image has largely been shadowed by their 1980s era music produced by pop producer, David Foster. While continuing to sell records, they also lost their core rock sound in favor of mainstream “adult contemporary” radio-friendly hits. Even with a series of other producers, the band lost their “edge”, but sustained popularity because of their superb musical skills, and despite the departure of founding member and lead singer, Peter Cetera. “NOW” features a cover that seemingly “captures” the visual eye, even as these new songs seek to grab the ears and hearts of the listeners. Oddly, the re-styled Chicago logo (the band’s visual icon since the beginning) looks oddly: HYPNOTIC. Here we have a mandala motif and commentary on the media itself:

“This televised democracy (we seek protection, we seek protection)
Such adolescent fantasy (we seek refuge, we seek refuge)
Random access to content
I think we’re naked in the garden of Allah (Allah)

We are artless, we are violent
We are poison, we are broken

Pie in the sky and gingerbread (we seek protection, we seek protection)
We never meant to get in bed (we seek refuge, we seek refuge)
With wannabe intelligentsia
I think we’re naked in the garden of Allah”

– Robert Lamn, “Naked In The Garden Of Allah”, from Chicago XXXVI: “NOW”

YES-”Heaven and Earth”

YES, like Chicago, needed to stabilize, and reclaim their mantle. The band has toured tirelessly for three years with the current line-up, including successful cruise tours featuring a “progressive rock” package of onboard concerts, smaller jam sessions, and numerous guest acts, including members of Genesis, ELP, King Crimson and other “prog” luminaries. The challenge lay ahead in the question: could they successfully translate this band back into a viable recording unit and achieve the standards of “Fragile”, Close To The Edge”, and their breakout 1971, “The YES Album”? In early 2014, they met in Los Angeles and began recording, with producer Roy Thomas Baker, the tracks for what became “Heaven & Earth”.

“One glimpse, way out
Of the ethereal
Electric revelation
Or just imagination
Venturing to find
The victory of game
It’s all a state of mind’ -Jon Davison, “Subway Wall” from YES: “Heaven & Earth”

Very much both a return to form, and oddly sounding more like YES around their 1970-era sound of “Time And A Word”; they merge the high tenor vocals and mystical lyrics of the Jon Anderson-era with a more compressed delivery. Howe’s signature guitars are more forefront, keyboards, elegantly played by Downes, tend to serve the songs rather than dominate, as they had in the Rick Wakeman and Patrick Moraz eras.

The songs are shorter (longest , “Subway Walls” clocking in at just over 9 minutes), crisply produced, and sounding cohesive and more organic than any YES album in two decades, “Heaven & Earth” moves YES back to their creative heights. Interestingly, YES has, since the “Fragile” album used very conscious imagery to convey their particular message, largely (though not exclusively) through the graphic designs of Roger Dean, who designed their logo and has done many of their album covers and stage designs.

For “Heaven & Earth” there was a conscious decision to include Dean in the overall “arc” of the album’s conceptual thrust. Steve Howe states:

“I don’t know whether it’s a concept record in the true sense, but basically Roger Dean and I were talking about different things and sometimes it helps to get Roger fired up about ideas that we can draw from. In a way, the parallel of saying ‘Heaven And Earth’ is the same as saying good and bad, yin and yang, up and down, left and right. They’re two extremes, but I think the way Roger and I liked it was that in fact the Earth is a physical place where you can measure stuff and you can do quantum physics.”

Those who grew up in the classic rock era (1970s) are likely aware of the mystical imagery, streaming consciousness, and deliberate hypnotic devices via music, rhythms, imagery, lighting, and later, video screens. The world is a multi-sensory experience which these children of Marshal McLuhan both understood and gained the technology to exploit.

The early masters, The Beatles (or their “creators”) forged the path to a musical experience which opera (the first multimedia form) only glimpsed. The Grateful Deaddead-cairo certainly perfected the mass-hypnosis rock event at Gizeh, Cairo Egypt in 1978, when they produced a “standing wave” trance state live. That it could be used to generate social and psychological effects is part of why we are both fascinated by—and also need to be wary of—the intended memes that are generated.

That popular music, especially rock (and especially The Beatles) is a well-financed, purpose-driven media mechanism that has been exploited to drive social changes and create hypnotic states is not new, nor is it a modern concept: think of the Roman Empire and the campaigns of “Bread and Circuses”that were used for mind control. It is also not controversial to those who have studied it at depth…and THAT is the subject for another blog post. Think upon these things.

The End Game On Dis-Info—Alternative Media Is a Front

I am posting all of this now because I was called to task over my rant  on the 11-21-2012 show  about the blogger, Former Whiter Hat Operative, and specifically, Kerry Cassidy‘s complicity in what can only be called a sleazy circle of deceit. The “game” ends here. The audio (and the YouTube) stand as the evidence against ALL the complicit parties, direct and indirect. If you see a problem and you don’t take care of it—YOU are the problem. Khris’ original blog post is also archived (below) as a PDF for download, and is securely stored in the event his website experiences any “problems”.

The 11-21-2012 rant

YouTube Video: The Alternative Media Disinfo: Game Over

PDF: Michael Hemmingson is Former White Hat & Louis Kahn Nin – Period! « clandestine rage revealed

I was informed by Dave Corso at Wolf Spirit Radio that, following the release of Khris Neal’s article and my on-air commentar,y the owner of Revolution Radio had taken pains to place a video camera on the talk show host, Michael Hemmingson on a certain night when the FWH, who now posts as the Idylwild Group, had posted a blog article. It is reported that Hemmingswood was not recorded blogging in that period. Thanks for the effort!

The problems with this scenario are several: 

  • First, I have examined Khris Neal’s article, and all the data points therein, several times over the last few weeks. Much of what is presented in that article is parallel to findings that several others, including myself, had also discovered in tracking FWH from a previous pseudonym, Louis Kahn Nin, a blogger and writer of grade B porno novels with a mind control twist (see my March 23, 2012 article); and tracking various IP addresses associated to these names that appeared in FWH’s other activities, including comments on blogs such as this, Khris Neal’s and the Duncan O’Finioan blog; as well as comments on YouTube (where IP addresses are VERY identifiable).
  • The links made in Khris’ article follow a very logical progression and make CLEAR CONNECTIONS between these various fictitious entities up Michael Hemmingson. While mistakes, and even coincidences, can happen, it appears to be statistically improbable that IP addresses could be tracked so precisely as to link these three entities; that overlapping references in posts made by all three could bear som any common “markings”; and that by his own admission, Hemmingswood enjoys using fictitous identities and blogs to character assassinate his prey. (I like to make fake WordPress blogs to slam people — WordPress has the best indexing with Google.”-Michael Hemmingson)
  • Connecting FWH to the Louis Kahn Nin is pretty much a no-brainer, connecting FWH and LKN to Michael Hemmingson (and we can deduct that is not the end of his fake names) was more elusive, but Khris’ article ties it all up tightly with enough linkages as to escape being mere “coincidence”.
  • While I appreciate the report that Revolution Radio attempted to clear Michael Hemmingson with “voluntary surveillance”, that proves NOTHING! 

    Being the savvy internet mole he/they is/are, it surely would not have escaped Mr. Hemmingson, who is savvy in the use of WordPress.com, that WordPress has a feature that allows blog posts to be SCHEDULED—a post can be composed and uploaded, then timed to go “live” at a set date/time by the user. So, any such “proof” still falls into the well-traveled realm of deception and trickery. Sorry!

  • To date, Mr. Hemmingson has not contacted me directly, nor has anyone from Revolution Radio. I have not seen the video, nor has anyone attempted (to my knowledge) to rebut the proofs in Khris’ article, or my commentary. If Mr. Hemmingson is an innocent victim of some kind of almost incredible series of “coincidence”, then we need to go back over all the proofs with a fine tooth comb. What stands in the body of evidence is a strong conclusion that Mr. Hemmingson is, in fact, the FWH blogger and Louis Kahn Nin (as well as several other names I located but cannot conclusively link at this time).

    That Mr. Nin is a disgusting misogynist expoiter of both women and mind control subjects is beyond speculation. That FWH has literally libeled and defamed innocent people is also fairly obvious. Parody and satire do not cover the malicious, vile intent behind the Former White Hat and Idylwild Group websites. Also, Mr. FWH, in persona, has stalked and wrecklessly imperiled several of his “subjects” in a manner highly reminiscient of black operatives under certain government programs.

  • Ms. Cassidy is busted! From day 1 of the FWH blog’s inception, she has been promoting, with tongue in cheek, this nightmare of a human being. Whether she is clueless, callous, or completely in league does not matter. Her words and actions betray her.  
  • “Guilt-by-association” falls on those who are also so inclined to mingle themselves with this ilk. Lorien Fenton, her “super soldier” group, the cozy nest of networks, promoters, and radio talk show hosts, who all sqabble and scramble for a piece of the action inside this venue (and I have witnessed the blind ambition and opportunism first hand), are complicit morally for the devastation of the landscape. 

 Long before the FWH came on the scene, I was warning that this EXACT scenario was all part of an exquisite game, in the two part series called “Gatekeepers and Handlers” (Part 1, Part 2) where I wrote:

The key elements of secret projects are compartmentalization, obfuscation; deliberate misdirects within the ranks, and of course, the never-ending re-scripting of events and scrambling of data. The best researchers quickly learn that the evidential trail is rarely linear; that it is often jumbled and random; that verifiable facts can be elusive at best, and inconclusive even when revealed.”  

The methods shift and adapt, but the underlying actions never change. The goals are to de-stabilize, obfuscate, install fear, to create shame and mockery; and to foment the psychic breaks that lead to ruptures and eventual erosion of a group fidelity to truth.

The entities known variously as Louis Kahn Nin and Former White Operative—and by connection, Mr. Hemmingson, have succeeded well in driving a schism into the alternative media communities. Ms. Cassidy, who has often declared herself a “light worker”, is found in the shadows of these murky denizens along with a parade of willing dupes who trade integrity for some fleeting glimmer of noteriety and perhaps filthy lucre.

I do not retract my comments, and as far as I can see (which appears to be rather intuitive), if anything, those of us who were maligned, smeared, and harrassed by this itinerate spook have been far too careful in our comments and actions. It costs something to have integrity, and I have no doubts that this will cost us more. So be it.

Red Ice Interview: Clif High on “Drake”, Wilcock, and Fulford

Red Ice Interview: Clif High on “Drake”, Wilcock, and Fulford

Clif High of halfpasthuman.com and the Webbot Project, interviewed by Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice Creations. Hour 1 is the free audio posted here and part of a three hour interview for subscribers.

I may not always agree with Clif High’s analysis—or even the whole idea of linguistic analysis as acurately predicitive. The webbot is a novel approach to data mining and has a place in the sociology of the internet…Cliff, himself, is refreshingly skeptical, and well-reasoned within his own framework. This analysis of the “MASS ARRESTS” scenario is a fair way to balance all the hubris coming from Drake and his unseen handlers.

Download Clif High – Hour 1 – The “Mass Arrests” Claim, Fulford & The White Dragon Society

“…the military is mind controlled…schooled in hierarchy and the reptillian mind…”

Drake: ” a tool”, his language “betrays control…speaking on an agenda”, “his participation in this is not benign.”

Wilcock: “uncritical thinking” 

Fulford: “he is lying (Fukishima)…bullshit! (the Yakusa/Dojo statements about 10 million jedis aiding in an uprising against the elites)”


Kerry Cassidy on Drake and “The Plan”

Drake Interview-04-26-2012-from Freedom Reigns BlogTalk Radio , The “Drake” States Sovereignty Documents Posted, See: Drake-All links

Always one to be convinced that she delivers the definitive “take” on events outside her control…Kerry Cassidy weighed in on Drake and “The Plan”. Cassidy, who is considered by some to be one of the more thorough researchers on the net, when in fact, has a very narrow focus based on her own (or those of her own “cartel’s”) agenda and worldview. In the audio clip below, and her subsequent blog post, she thoroughly spins the entire Drake interview into a few concise nuggets gleaned from her out-of-focus, ripped from context manner. It would also appear that Cassidy and David Wilcock have seperated paths…at least as far as Drake is concerned.

An excerpt from the April 9, 2012 Kerry Cassidy interview with Maxine Taylor at http://awakentothetruth.com/

Kerry’s blog post from April 13 or 14 (hard to tell as there are no date stamps):


Keep this in mind when Drake tells you to stay home and turn on your TV and wait for further “instructions”….
click here for the Gil Scott Heron rendition of his poem-song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.  He was the originator of the phrase.  Now given that the references are dated and this is not just for ‘black people’ but for all people this time around… It is a revolution of consciousness.
Why do I say that for those not understanding what “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” MEANS… it means it will be LIVE and it will not be something “handled” by the men with guns on your behalf.  To bring this concept up to the present day … the point is if you want change you must first change yourself and then take action.  
What I object to in Drake’s original interview with David Wilcock is the paternalistic tone and telling people to lock their doors stay inside and turn on their TV and wait for further instructions and re-education.    
This is a revolution by and for the people and must be orchestrated from within.  It will not happen on one day and it will not be sold to you along with conventional media spin or products to get you through the night.  It will require you to turn on, tune in and take part.  

THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED – UpdatedKeep this in mind when Drake tells you to stay home and turn on your TV and wait for further “instructions”….
click here for the Gil Scott Heron rendition of his poem-song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.  He was the originator of the phrase.  Now given that the references are dated and this is not just for ‘black people’ but for all people this time around… It is a revolution of consciousness.Why do I say that for those not understanding what “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” MEANS… it means it will be LIVE and it will not be something “handled” by the men with guns on your behalf.  To bring this concept up to the present day … the point is if you want change you must first change yourself and then take action.  What I object to in Drake’s original interview with David Wilcock is the paternalistic tone and telling people to lock their doors stay inside and turn on their TV and wait for further instructions and re-education.    
This is a revolution by and for the people and must be orchestrated from within.  It will not happen on one day and it will not be sold to you along with conventional media spin or products to get you through the night.  It will require you to turn on, tune in and take part.  


I did not have time to review this clip prior to my Drake interview, but had read her blog post. People who listen carefully to the interview, and to Drake’s replies will have many of the “issues” raised by Cassidy answered. Here are a few points of difference worth addressing:

  • Cassidy asserts that the plan as outlined by Drake “is in all intents and purposes a coup..”
  • A big push right now…a huge desire to paint a picture…that we are going into a golden age…putting on blinders…they can then make that happen.” She terms this an “Illuminati philosophy”. She then blathers on about creators and announces that creation “without a spirit is dead…robotic…a Project Blue Beam kinda thing..and you can be taken over.”
  • She also talks about knowing Drake and his group, and where he comes from..”what is it their intentions really are when they talk about sitting in your home and just allowing this changing of the guard to occur…a paternalistic approach.”
  • Cassidy intones a “revolution in consciousness” and an energy shift…
  • She then goes to the remarks made by Drake and Wilcock about “killing off the perpetrators of the NWO”…”vengence and blood” and “the Illuminati track”.

Answering Cassidy’s points:

  • From a strictly linguistic view, “The Plan” is, in fact, a coup which, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is a “OVERTURN, an UPSET”. What Cassidy infers is that a coup is necessarily violent in nature (coup de grace) or an insurrection (coup d’etat) that overturns a LEGITIMATE authority. Rhetorically, she twists the word to fit her particular bias, and inserts a negative context. The following points negate and refute Cassidy’s statement:

     Based upon Drake’s original interview with David Wilcock (transcript here),in the subsequent interviews (posted here), and in the latest interview which I conducted, it is very clear that the initiation of this process is derived from a lawful, peaceful process which re-aserts the original foundations of the United States (not UNITED STATES)via the founding documents. 

    That present and former military operatives, inside the Pentagon, as well as insiders in the government, intelligence agencies, financial, and legal institutions, who are of a higher moral conscience, have long felt that the nation had gone terminally rougue from its founding principles; and that plans have been in formation for decades to eventually move against the military-industrial-intellignece-banking-corporate cartel that had take power over the U.S. and the globe; demonstrates an internal expression of the national will to retain a free, accountable, and transparent government, based on founding principles.

    That the legitimate military officers, non-commissioned, and enlisted troops operate under the authority of their oaths, the UCMJ, and the procedures outlined in the Armed Services Field Manuals; and that defending the nation against “enemies foreign and domestic”, is a prime directive. The military,in this capacity, therefore operates under a de jure mandate that is neither martial law or insurrection; nor does it violate the Posse Comitatus Act of 1807. 

    Terming “The Plan”, outlined by Drake, as a “coup”, is based on Cassidy’s biased speculation, and is a statement of sheer sophistry; an out-of-context distortion of the intents, as outlined repeaterdly (listen to Drake’s 03-17-2012, “Address To The Troops“). Such inference by Cassidy, simply lends false credibility to the fiction of legitimacy perpetrated by the present cabal-led faction of foreign bankers and murderers who wreak mayhem over the planet. You need to ask: WHO does Kerry Cassidy REALLY speak for?

  • While Drake communicates the desire for an orderly series of events to occur, and is optimistic that The Plan can be accomplished with minimal interruption, no thinking person can believe this process will be painless or without pitfalls under the best circumstances. The men and women behind the scenes are VERY cognizant of the serious nature of the proceedings, and are grounded in a sober respect for the spiritual roots of such actions.

    Drake has repeatedly outlined steps that can be taken by EVERYONE to help assure a peaceful transition, and he has also stated that people MUST be proactive, involved, vigilant, and ready to withstand temporary (not defined) hardships. While he may be a bit “homey” in his narrative, he is also grounded in the realism of a boots-on-the-ground soldier who has experienced the horrors of war. Again, we advise actually READING/LISTENING…IN CONTEXT…the full outline. ANd also THINKING TROUGH what may be involved in a perilous undertaking! 

    The “Illuminati philosophy” is, was, and always will be an INVERSION of true spirtual principles—even the term, “illumined” is a dark appropriation of genuine spiritual truths. Used, as it is, in the context of Cassidy’s narrative in the audio, it is simply another device to distort the intent and moral character of the people behind “The Plan”. As usual with Kerry, she injects buzz words and dangles dark phrases like “Blue Beam” to instill the fear memes she has spent years spinning and looping out into the infosphere. Her assertion that “without a spirit” (this) would be a “dead creation” is likewise more of her rhetorical twisting of what is actually outlined.

  • IF Kerry actually “knows the people behind this movement”, as she states: WHY ARE THEY NOT TALKING TO HER? Certainly, Project Camelot still has significant enough page view numbers (for now…) to make it one of the more desirable places to air an honest interview with Drake…she may tell you she is not interested…or is it the opposite? What does that infer?

    She further implies that “Drake and his group” are a mechanism to ensnare, blind, and “take away the power” of the people of the U.S.—she is very deft at the veiled inferences…but, herself steadfastly resists giving up her own positions on where SHE stands. Drake has outlined (again) positive actions that the people will need to initiate through the process. He is circumspect in cautioning agaisnt ENGAGING any military, but also adamant that the military WILL act in accordance with their field manuals regarding the civilian population. 

    It is, admittedly, one of the more “dicey” issues involved in this undertaking, that: both the military are acting lawfully, AND that the populace are properly informed about the action—and it is of genuine concern. But using fear imagery and veiled assaults on the honor of those involves does not serve the legitimate issues in such a grave endeavor. (Addressed as well in my interview)

  • Fixing on a single (again out-of-context) statement made by Drake and re-fashioning it as: “sitting in your home and just allowing this changing of the guard to occur…” is a classic tar baby wielded by Cassidy to infer that a passive stance is being promoted by Drake et al,  and is is a nearly complete fabrication. Passivity and blind obedience to authority is the opposite spirit of the one outlined by Drake in all of presentations.
  • The “revolution in consciousness” and an energy shift…” cited by Cassidy (in her rambling narrative)IS the issue at hand! Again…this has been addressed by MANY, including David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, as well asJames Martinez (in two interviews here )and nearly all of my guests. It is THE guiding principle behind the TIMING of this execution, which has been in formation for over a decade. While vortexes and tunneling energy waves are all very cool, consciousness change manifests in the WILL and DESIRE of people to change…the interest in what Drake has talked about is significant enough to warrant being a “game changer”.
  • Regarding the statements made about “..killing off the perpetrators of the NWO”“vengence and blood”…Drake has made concise philosophical remarks that must be taken fully in the CONTEXT (big, big requirement) of possible scenarios”: 

    It is David Wilcock who states: “If someone has done massive, massive harm to others — and that includes torturing people, killing people in large numbers, doing it with a sadistic glee and with people who are innocent — then we, as a society, do have the right to issue a death penalty.”(from MASS ARRESTS: David Interviews Drake — Transcript!)

    It is also fair to state that Drake does insert his own values into his talks…as does David Wilcock, and many others in the dialog about this plan. The public discussion is going RIGHT NOW!, on YouTube, websites, blogs, and radio shows. It is total hyperbole to fashion Drake, and the people behind “The Plan” as mindless agents of vendetta, and it was David Wilcock who noted this in the interview by stating:

“I think that people have a right to a trial by jury. I think that doing a bunch of shooting at the beginning is a terrible mistake. It makes us no better than the people that we’re attempting to supersede.” 

Kerry Cassidy is NOT part of this discussion. In her present role she is little more than agent provocatuer in service to her own personal and media bias, and employs distortion where a level, journalistic tone would better serve. Shading the process of a people trying to organize a liberation effort as “the Illuminati track” should tell us all we need to know about Kerry Cassidy’s integrity in presenting facts—AND give clues as to where  she actually does stand in any proactive movements that convey a true “consciousness shift”. 

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have tried to balance my skepticism of “The Plan” with an intent to check out facts and intention; and corellate data from both the inside, and external indicators of what can be callled a “movement” in formation. Humanity is both tragically flawed, and ingenously resilliant, and any movement is fraught with peril.

Besides restoring the United States to a LAWFUL government, consider: disclosure of all “black projects”, suppressed technologies, Satanic Ritual Abuse cults, pedophile rings, and the massive financial plunder—worldwide–as well as the disclosure and end to the MKUltra-style mind control programs, sexual rings, and Blackwater-type mercenaries that have tarnished the U.S. military’s image! 

Being a media “drama queen” for her own brand of exotic, mystical mumbo jumbo and para-politcs is Kerry Cassidy’s specialty…not assessing the merits of a serious discussion of a framework that has potential to end the tragic cycles of war, death, and poverty which have inflicted for millenia upon mankind. Our odds are narrow. We need truth and deep introspection…not more hubristic, shallow opinions from a non-journalist.

(Aside: I have been privy to the INTERNATIONAL media interest in interviewing Drake, and of other nations who are seeking help for similar efforts—GLOBALLY. Drake is about to penetrate more mainstream media venues in the very near term. It is apparent that this movement has some real “legs“…more on that soon)




“Drake”- 04-14-2012-Wolf Spirit Radio interview with Bill Brockbrader

“Drake”- 04-14-2012-Wolf Spirit Radio interview with Bill Brockbrader

Drake Interview and update with Dave Corso and Bill Brockbrader-updates the current status of the “take back” of the global system, pending arrests

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Secret Service scandal deepens; 11 put on leave

(AP) CARTAGENA, Colombia – An embarrassing scandal involving prostitutes and Secret Service agents deepened Saturday as 11 agents were placed on leave, and the agency designed to protect President Barack Obama had to offer regret for the mess overshadowing his diplomatic mission to Latin America.

 The controversy also expanded to the U.S. military, which announced five service members staying at the same hotel as the agents in Colombia may have been involved in misconduct as well. They were confined to their quarters in Colombia and ordered not to have contact with others.

 All the alleged activities took place before Obama arrived Friday in this Colombian port city for meetings with 33 other regional leaders.

 Put together, the allegations were an embarrassment for an American president on foreign soil and threatened to upend White House efforts to keep his trip focused squarely on boosting economic ties with fast-growing Latin America. Obama was holding two days of meetings at the Summit of the Americas with leaders from across the vast region before heading back to Washington Sunday night.

 DOD may be part of alleged prostitute scandal

Video: Secret Service members accused of misconduct


Spirits of Healing-The Bear

Spirits of Healing-The Bear

I have been talking about healing today with some of my friends. The planet is in so much pain, its inhabitants are bleeding from the inside out. We feel the pulse of the transitions and wonder…when this is all over, what lies in the aftermath? The largest toxic waste cleanup in history will be on the soul and spiritual levels…on the collective psyche. It is not too soon to think about it…wars are for triage..peace is for healing. May we get to that place sooner than later.

This is from my  January 24, 2012 Threshing Floor show…a meditation on the inner walk and the “season of the bear”

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I am seeing turbulence coming rapidly…the signs are all around. Most of all, we are undergoing changes in our bodies, our cycles, and the external landscape. The solution: go inside. Go deep. The bear is a symbol of the inner walk, the “walk between worlds”…external hibernation…internal walking in the spirit. Nature speaks to us in the rhythms and cycles…heed them and you will be guided. 


Jill Kuykendall on The Spirit of Bear in Healing


A Vision of Oran Mór
I saw more than I can tell and understand
more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner
the shapes of all things in the spirit,
and the shape of all shapes as they must live
together like one being.
And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people
was one of many hoops that made one circle,
wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center
grew one mighty flowering tree
to shelter all the children of one mother
and one father.
And I saw  it was holy
-Black Elk, Oglala Lakota Sioux Holy Man

A Vision of Oran Mór