The Believers-2012 The Year of Cold Fusion

The Believers-2012 The Year of Cold Fusion


Forbes: 2012 “The Year of Cold Fusion?”

From Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross of 137 Films: the story of those who believed in Cold Fusion, well worth supporting!

The topic is heating up!  Forbes’s article wonders if 2012 will be the year of Cold Fusion. Our timing withThe Believers couldn’t be better. 

The Believers begins in March of 1989, when two respected chemists from the University of Utah stand in front of a wall of reporters; flashbulbs pop as the pair — one shy, the other cracking jokes— announce a startling claim: they have solved the world’s energy problems using seawater, batteries, and the mysterious glass contraption they hold proudly in their hands. “Cold Fusion” is born. Within days, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann are on the cover of Time Magazine. But in three short months, their careers are in tatters, their reputations ruined, and Cold Fusion is synonymous with “bad science.” 

Twenty-two years later, despite mainstream science’s continued disdain, professional and amateur scientists, a high school whiz kid, and a Hollywood-based internet DJ are confident that Cold Fusion can still save the world, and that we are closer than ever to the Holy Grail of civilization. They’re the Believers. 

Hear James Martinez on Cold Fusion Radio: 
Monica Long Ross and Clayton Brown; Directors “The Believers” from 137Films
 on the February 22, 2012 Ca$h Flow

O’Finioan-The State of the World … And Things to Come

O’Finioan-The State of the World … And Things to Come

New post today from Duncan Read it.
As always, Duncan keeps us focused on the battle…the outcome is in each one of our hands, to prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually.
A couple choice points to “tease” you:

The Bad Guys Have Lost? Um.

Now, let’s talk a few words about those “guys that have already lost.” I’m really sick of hearing this. “THEY” have lost nothing! My gods people. Take a good look around you.

Let’s start with the things Barry…I mean Obama has done AND is doing not only to this country but to the world! Look at the middle east. See whats going on in Syria? Egypt? How about the three way dance between the U.S.A., Iran and Israel? Does a team-up between Russia and China not worry you? It should.

 The love and lighters, the channelers, the people who talk to the friendly space brothers, telling them not to worry. WE will save you, YOU don’t have to do a thing! Even the bible says. “Faith without good works, is dead.”

Well, if people are not willing to take responsibility for their actions and deeds, then dead is what they will be. Oh wait…almost forgot. All this gold is supposed to be given to the people to wipe out their debt and give a fresh start!!

There Ain’t No Easy Way Out

Too many of you want the easy way out! Got news for you….THERE AIN’T NO EASY WAY OUT! And like the song says, “It’s a long road home.” So many of you say you’re awake. Nope. You’re still sleeping.

There’s this little thing called “living in the moment.” That’s what we do. We live in the moment as if that will be our last moment. We laugh and tell jokes when most anyone else would be crying, praying or running to mamma. That’s how we cope with all the bad stuff we have to deal with.

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