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Dana Mrkich: “Transparency”

Dana Mrkich: “Transparency”

May 2012 Monthly Visions: Truth and Transparency

Perhaps one of the best perspectives on the present period of transition from Dana Mrkich:

“As this process happens, we may not always like what we see.  We may have preferred the illusion of what someone or something was, more than we like the reality. Even if we had a fairly good idea of what someone or something was, the in-your-face transparency occurring right now is like someone turning the dimmer light switch up from medium to high. “

The degree to which you are still attached to any specific illusion as opposed to its truth reality, (be it a person, relationship, cultural or religious belief), the greater the emotional trigger as the veil collapses…If you are being triggered, it will be helpful to realise that the ‘truth’ you are seeing is actually serving you in being revealed to you.

In the old cycle we needed others to trigger us into remembering who we are, often by others treating us less than. We remembered via overcoming pain, suffering, repression and other difficulties…Our upside down world is becoming right side up again, and just like those snow shaker things the flipping process makes everything look chaotic for a while, but know that things are becoming right way up.”

“Some of us are grieving the loss or death of people in our lives who never really existed. Of course, the physical being that they are existed and is still alive, but the projection we cast onto them, the identity that we gave them, did not exist. We are seeing that now, and it might be hard to feel and face.”

“As you witness that which you don’t like being revealed, use it as a catalyst for reminding you what it is you would like, what it is you would prefer. Find some small way to move toward that preference be it changing the way you think or act. Every single thing that we each do or don’t do right now will determine the kind of world we create with this ‘once in many lifetimes’ opportunity to create a very new reality.”


(c) Dana Mrkich 2012. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL www.danamrkich.com is included. Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Writer, Speaker, Teacher and Author of A New Chapter.  Follow Dana on Facebook: www.facebook.com/danamrkichnews

Things That Really Matter…

Things That Really Matter…

Bonfire on 05-05-2012-Super MoonFinally, after doing my website updates, much delayed blog posts, and discharging a bit…I am weary. The following from Duncan and Miranda sums up the last 3 (actually 5) amazing days. This is what really matters: real people who made heroic efforts to come together and grow together. I, too, found my family—or more like missing tribes, and they all found a part of themselves activated. It was NOT what you think…and for now this says it best: “It’s like home without the bad memories”-Duncan O’Finioan


To Our Family

by ofinioan

YOU know who you are! This was a family reunion.

After almost a whole lifetime of suffering and struggle … we finally got several years of good stuff all packed into just a few days.

We did something that “they” said could never be done. We have stated many times that we could count the number of friends we have on one hand with fingers left over.

I guess we have to start taking our shoes off now.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank EVERYONE for the most amazing three days anyone could ever ask for.

And this is only the beginning . . .

Safe travels everyone . . .


Duncan and Miranda

(more soon)

Survival Training: FWHO Astral Projects into Wrong Worldline

Survival Training: FWHO Astral Projects into Wrong Worldline

It’s the end of the 05-05 “Super Moon” night as I write this post…our energies touched the “others” out there, who celebrated with us. We were heard and seen by the galactics…we howled at the moon. More about the weekend gathering later.

Duncan O’Finioan Survival Training-May 5, 2012“Former White Hat Operative” took note of our little gathering here beside the lazy Susquenhanna riiver, and overshadowing the dark energies of the cabal enclave called Harrisburg. We call it survival training, but the people who actually DID show up know what this is…and everyone else will just need to wait for the outcome. 

Yes..Dorothy there really IS a Camp Hill…”

Our favorite fake blogger and wannabe, “Former White Hat Operative” took note of us with a fake post from his fake reality in Whooh-Whooh Land. Funny, people think this jerk-off was an OPERATIVE? His post claims he was in “Norristown/Camp Hill”? Dude (and/or dudette?), the two locations are 92 miles apart, in different regions of Pennsylvania!

You’d think this ace could at least have dialed it up in Google Maps so his fake story had a tinge of truth in it. But, no. FWHO bi-located his ass across the PA Turnpike from Philly to Harrisburg. Funny…MAD Magazine was so much better at satire in the day. And even Project Cam-A-Lot is still more accurate (Hi, Mom.)

“But I am here with you and group, here in Norristown/Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I have to say the breakfast at my hotel is a real home-cook style meal, and the steak, which I had a few hours ago, was decent. Tomorrow I will try the pizza down the road.” -Former White Hat Operative post-05-05-2012

Yes. Dorothy, there really IS a Camp Hill, but it’s nowhere NEAR Norristown. And what is the name of that hotel  again? See it’s all about details…a REAL ace would’ve included that  Unless you were there…you wouldn’t know that. This is why Sonny Boy is a FORMER White Hat. Even in the age of GPS he still gets lost. Call us, we will be glad to help you write a REAL blog post…from people who have real lives and purpose. (Oh, and the blog numbers are tanking there, Junior)

Stopping the Elites?

Stopping the Elites?

I can’t count how many people are asking about the Bill Woods parade over at Project Cam-A-Lot right now. Those of you who are dubious…or even skeptical…are close. Keep moving.


“The world is not a problem; the problem is your unawareness” - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh quotes (Indian Spiritual leader, 1931-1990)

The deception is THICK right now. If I have to tell you what is wrong with certain “whistleblower” sites out there, and their crop of witnesses, you are already extinct. Information is cheap—it is FREE, and worth every penny of it. What is priceless, and perfect is coming into your own…your own power, peace, and understanding…knowing who you are and never moving off that mark.

Stopping the elites is a game of awareness—not consciousness. Start by being aware of your awareness.

BE AN ENIGMA—groups are death. The Enigma stands alone, even in a crowd. The enigma attracts others who are likewise aware and treading on their own enigmatic power. The enigma moves when moving is dangerous, he zigs to the zag; she moves silently through chaos. The enigma baffles the elites…they think it is an ally, and an enemy. The war is spiritual FIRST…once we transition to a spiritual mode, even while still in the meat suit…we become the Enigma…they can’t kill what they don’t understand!