Siriusly Lovejoy

From Goro Adachi at Super Torch Ritual

(Calling Richard Hoagland—one more chance to get another prediction out. This time it’s SIRIUS!_

2012 is almost upon us (can you believe it?). New Year’s Eve/Dayis coming and that means (as discussed previouslySirius culminating due south (highest point in the Earth local sky) right at midnight or the momentthe calendar turns to 2012. (This happens every year.) It’s also Earth’s closest point to Sirius. We are paying extra attention to this alignment this year because: 1) Comet Lovejoy our “Sirian Messenger” is a spectacular sight at dawn around late December (southern hemisphere), and 2) NASA’s GRAIL twin probe will enter Moon orbit on New Year’s Eve/Day.
In this post I’d like to show in more detail how Lovejoy comes from and goes back to Sirius from Earth perspective.


Divine Illumination (Cosmic Consciousness)-Walter and Lao Russell

“In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation.”

From Matt Presti and Robert Otey –

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The Secret Of Light with Matt Presti 



The just released TEC Unit 11
From: mattpresti  | Dec 30, 2011  |  

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All words read herein are from the various works of Walter and Lao Russell. This unit explains Divine Illumination and Cosmic Consciousness both spiritually and scientifically. Divine Illumination, the ultimate goal of all mankind, which when understood and practiced, will bring about a real and true “civilization” of world brotherhood and sisterhood between all mankind. The supreme mystics mentioned herein, are to give the example of what man can become through the knowledge and inspiration of the kingdom of heaven within himself. We do not endorse or support any single religion or belief system. We are simply stating that every man is as connected to the Creator as much as these supreme mystics of antiquity. To the degree that you desire the light of illumination is to the degree you may express that power in your own creations and in your very being. This is the spiritual light of mind which the “profane”, may in no way approach or enter into. Be pure of heart. Seek, and you will find.
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Wake Up-The Film

Wake Up-The Film

What if ascension, that is, the awakening to dimensions of the higher consciousness could be tapped by average people…without gurus or meditation, without the jargon and mumbo jumbo of new age speak? What if we really ARE shifiting into higher consciousness at this time. This film may answer some questions and inspire you to seek out your own abilities:

The trailer for “Wake Up-The Film”, which tells the true story of Jonas Elrod, an average guy who one day suddenly began seeing and hearing angels, demons, auras and ghosts all around him.   Perplexed by his new ability to experience the supernatural, he sets out on a soul-seeking journey to find answers to his mystifying situation. From physicians, religious teachers, scientists to mystics, spiritual healers and more, he humbly inquires “Why me?” He also fears being ostracized by his own God –fearing, southern Christian family, while failing to see the “gift” of his new found ability, that even his hometown preacher affirms could quite possibly be “God’s way of communicating with him.”

“Wake Up” will run on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network on Sunday December 4 at 8:00 AM-EST, and can also be viewed as an online rental for $4.99 at:

Clues To the “Shift”

Clues To the “Shift”

Posted by Randy Maugans | Exotica| Articles

I keep trying to understand, and explain, what the nature is of this period we  are entering, called “The Shift”. It is spiritual, and it involves an expanding of our present consciousness—but what is this thing we call consciousness? 

An article by the philosopher of science, Ervin Laslo, goes far in helping to define this paradigm:

First of all, what is consciousness? The commonsense assumption is that consciousness is a stream of experience produced by the brain. As long as the brain functions, there is consciousness; when the brain shuts down, consciousness vanishes. This, however, is not necessarily the case. It could be that our brain no more produces consciousness than the radio produces the symphony that comes through its speakers. The symphony, too, disappears when the radio is shut down, yet we know that it’s not produced by the radio. Both the radio and the brain pick up signals, transform them, and display the result in our stream of conscious experience.

A truly evolved consciousness would have the quantum-receptivity of deep prayer and meditation, but it would operate also in the everyday context. It would display a broad EEG wave-spectrum, embracing alpha and theta as well as beta waves. And it would show that the two brain hemispheres are highly coordinated, so that the information processed by the quantum-mode receiving right hemisphere is readily communicated to the sensory-information processing left. An evolved consciousness is wider and deeper than the everyday consciousness of people today, and more functional than the consciousness of those engaged in deep prayer and meditation.

In the past this kind of consciousness has been limited to exceptionally sensitive and creative people: to healers and poets, prophets and spiritual masters. In the future it could spread to a wider segment of the population. Humanity could be evolving its consciousness. – Excerpted from “Cosmic Symphony — A Deeper Look at Quantum Consciousness”, by ERVIN LASZLO on APRIL 9, 2010

As we learn more about our own consciousness, we also begin to grasp the immense power inate within us as spiritual creations—expressions of the GODHEAD—and the deeper mysteries of who we are, and how we transcend space, time, and physical being states. The shift is about those in humanity who want to move out from the stagnant states of carnal thought. In one sense, there have always been those who transcended the conditioning; those we would call adepts, avatars, messiahs; but humanity is bifurcating now—the veils are being rent.