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Joshua McCoy-The World of D’Jinn


Joshua McCoy

My name is Joshua McCoy, and I am a retired combat vet of the U.S. army. I served proudly, and with honor. I have had 34 years of life experience of having a natural curiosity towards the mystery of things. I have looked into a vast majority of multi cultural, and scientific explanations in regards to these matters. It really picked up again approximately around 2009-2010 when I had watched a movie called “The Fourth Kind”.

This movie blew my mind, and opened a new door for me in my curiosity wich led to researching the Ancient Alien phenomenon. It was around this same time a t.v. show was introduced called Ancient Aliens

This show was very amazing to me due to the scientific aproach to explaining some of the worlds greatest mysteries. This program used references to just about any, and all cultures, and beliefs from ancient Sumeria, to Christianity, to even include Nordic, and Hindu lore. I had found startling evidence that lead to some truth but things still didn’t add up.

This is where my life changed. I had always felt that there was more out there, and that there was more to our history, and reality than what has been taught. I just had a gut feeling. So not being a religious person in anyway I said a type of Abrahamic prayer in a way by accident, or by guidance. It went something like this:

I began by saying that I always had a feeling there was signs of truth to what I was studying, but I had gone as far as I could go, and said that I was stuck, and needed guidance.I then directed my prayer saying whoever is out there, and is the biggest, the most high to guide me to the truth, and guidance.

Later that night as I was continuing my own research into the mystery schools, and ancient religions that I asked myself which one have I not looked into. For some reason The Quran popped into my head for the first time. I have to say I was blown away at the explanations they produced, and was also astonish at the lack of insight, and knowledge of these things outside of the middle east.

I will try to give a brief example of such. Lets take ghost for example. In the Quran it is explained that there are 3 types of intelligent life in the universe. The universe as we know it was created, and started by sound vibrations. These vibrations vibrated at a rate that produced light, and from that light energy life forms called angels. Next another intelligent life form was produced from a smokeless fire(Plasma energy) the Djinn. And finally when the universe started to cool a carbon based life form humans. Each human is born with a Djinn inside.

We know today our body contains a certain amount of electricity that could be measured or conveyed to be just like a battery. Apparently they are tied into our make up as a human, and are a huge part of the interaction of one side of our brain that is imaginative. We are constantly going back and forth from the imaginative side of our brain, and the cognitive truthful side. This struggle is what is referred to as Jihad,  despite what is taught in mainstream.

These particular unique type of Djinn are with us from cradle to the grave, and know all of our personal thoughts, and details.  When we die this Djinn can take on our appearance as Ghost, and that they try to communicate with other family members, or persons with specific details about the person who passed away. By providing a simple truth, or detail to the relative or person opens the person to the world of the occult practices wich opens them up for abduction experiences, or hauntings. There is a lot more detail to the matter but I just wanted to give a short example.

Around 1400 years ago shamans, or sorcerers would exchange information with the Djinn for personal information of others in exchange for sacrifices, or dna samples like hair, blood, or fingernails as an example. These Djinn would travel to the heights and stack up on one another so that they could listen in on information exchanged between the angels. After the Prophet Muhammad came into being this was no longer allowed by the jin, and would be shot down. This ties into the lore of wishing on shooting stars. In Islam we are not allowed to do this because it might be a Djinn being shot down, and our wish, or prayer could save them from a certain doom. Here is an possible example of Djinns doing this.

They obviously still do this at great risk. I hope I have been able to share some cool insight into explanation into some of these mysteries from a culture rarely talked about. I will provide a few more links to help further some insight into the paranormal. I appreciate the opportunity to share my story, and experience in these matters. May the Schwartz be with you <(-.-)>

This is a video that explains a gret deal about the Djinn from a western scholar.

This is an awesome video into the Islamic perspective, but what is really amazing is the second half of the video wich gives scientific evidence towards the theory of the Djinn, and the earth is like a giant genie bottle, and zeus’s thunderbolt.

Bonnie and John Mitchell

YouTube Video: Global Epidemic Exposed – Television Sigil Magik

MiitchellsBonnie Jean Mitchell is a life-long contactee who has interacted with friendly, multidimensional “star people” since she was a young child. She has also experienced negative alien abductions and military abductions known as MILABS. She didher first interview about alien abduction with the Edgar Cayce Foundation in 1993 and has been helping contactees and abductees ever since. In the year 2000, she graduated from The College of William & Mary and began working on her first book, Invitation to the Self; journey with the star people, published in 2005. Her website,alienabductionhelp.com, is a supportive environment for contactees and abductees.

John Mitchell, with a background in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Merchant Marines, traveled to the infamous Area 51, Nevada and filmed dozens of daytime UFOs in 2006. His experience included five hours of missing time and the filming of two UFOs leaving the scene of his abduction. These events began John’s research which has revealed connections to both the enslavement and the freeing of mankind. John wishes to enlighten others to Truth to help expand their consciousness.

Together, Bonnie and John run awakenvideo.org, an anthology of videos with categories like DNA Activation and Ascension, Reptilians, Masons and the New World Order, Alternative Energy, Sacred Geometry, HAARP and Project Blue Beam. Their current focus is the danger of Television Sigil Magick.

You can contact Bonnie and John via email at bonnieandjohn@awakenvideo.org

Paul Andrew Mitchell: Notes and Resources

Many thanks to Randy Maugans, OffPlanetRadio.com
for the wonderful discussion on his Internet radio program
this evening:  http://www.offplanetradio.com
>  provide your  winning BRIEF – to Dist. Ct. Calif- that was dismissed
(names were changed, to protect the privacy of families)
Later, Vaughn R. Walker turned up withOUT a license to practice law:
(scroll down to “walker.vaughn”)

>  the UTAH case “DIATT” ????  re: citizenship history, etc

 v. Turner:

See also the 2 Law Review articles linked in Footnote (8).

And, there is much more on the failed 14th “amendment” here:


You’re very welcome!

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964


Following are some base lines for the show with Paul Andrew Mitchell”


Why didn’t the 1866 Civil Rights Act operate as a Group Naturalization Law 

for blacks freed by the 13th Amendment?

Hi Randy,

I’m anticipating that at least one of your listeners may call in
to ask this very pivotal question:

Why didn’t the 1866 Civil Rights Act operate as a Group Naturalization Law
for blacks freed by the 13th Amendment?

Clearly, because of the holding in the Dred Scott decision,
a proper constitutional amendment was needed, and
Congress could not remove the obstacles identified in that decision
solely by means of Federal legislation enacted by the Congress.

So, why wasn’t the 13th Amendment sufficient when taken
together with the 1866 Civil Rights Act?

I think it’s fair to say that the 13th Amendment did not confer
citizenship of any kind:  it merely prohibited slavery and
involuntary servitude.

So, I tend to agree with the Radical Republicans who argued
that additional laws were needed to confer citizenship on
blacks who were freed by that Amendment.

Can’t the 1866 Civil Rights Act be regarded as a kind of “group naturalization” law?

This is an excellent question, for many reasons.

First and foremost, Congress has always had the power
to enact uniform rules of naturalization.  The very first
Naturalization Act was enacted by Congress in 1790.

Let’s say that, instead of the exact language that
Congress wrote into the 1866 Civil Rights Act,
Congress made its intent crystal clear as follows:

(1)  free blacks can become State Citizens
by either registering to vote, or by applying
with the nearest State court of general jurisdiction
or with any Federal court of general jurisdiction.

In my opinion, the combination of the 13th Amendment
and such a group naturalization law might have been
sufficient to confer State Citizenship upon all blacks
freed by that crucial Amendment.

This is obviously speculation, and the need for a
another Amendment would either have been
confirmed by subsequent litigation, or
subsequent litigation might have declared
another Amendment legally unnecessary.

Now, let’s go back to the original question:
why did the 1866 Civil Rights Act NOT operate
as a group naturalization law?

I believe the real answer to that question
is to be found in the real intent of Congress
in passing that law.

Some people even today still argue that
changing UPPER-CASE “C” to lower-case “c”
had no particular legal significance and
that everybody knows what “United States” means.

The “real intent” of Congress became painfully obvious
immediately after Congress proposed the 14th amendment.

The language of that proposal clearly reveals
the intent of Congress to recognize two (2)
distinct classes of citizens, the second of
which was intended to operate as a “franchise”
with the District of Columbia.

This conclusion is strongly supported by the
section of that proposal which amounts to a
SECOND privileges and immunities clause.

If Congress has truly intended to confer
State Citizenship upon all freed blacks,
there would have been no need for a
second privileges and immunities clause,
because the organic Constitution already
had a Privileges and Immunities Clause
for State Citizens!

Then, consider all of the horrible machinations that
ensued while State Legislatures were deciding to ratify
or not ratify the 14th amendment proposal.

The Southern States initially voted NO,
while the Northern States were voting YES.

Then, the Northern States got wise and
changed their votes to NO.

Finally, under duress of another military invasion
and military occupation, those Southern States
that had voted NO initially were forced –
at the point of a bayonet — to change their votes to YES.

It was the re-invasion of the Southern States,
under color of the Reconstruction Acts,
which really tipped the hand and revealed
the real intent of Congress.

And, despite all of that extra turmoil
– after the Civil War had ended –
and the twisted way in which only YES votes
were counted by the Secretary of State,
there were STILL only 27 YES votes.

These crucial historical details are recited
in Dyett v. Turner, which is a MUST READ
for anyone who wishes to study this problem
seriously .
Let’s spend some time during the interviewgoing over some of those details:  this may be the very FIRST time that your listening audience has ever heard this shocking story!!

If a State voted YES initially and changed its vote to NO after
comprehending the real intent of Congress in proposing the 14th amendment,
the Secretary of State counted that as a YES vote!

If a State voted NO initially and then changed its vote to YES
under duress of a military re-invasion and military occupation,
the Secretary of State also counted that as a YES vote!!

But, even counting in this crazy and fraudulent manner,
there were STILL only 27 YES votes.

For now, REMEMBER THIS:  27 does not equal 28,
it never has and it never will!

After Nebraska joined the Union, the Secretary of State declared
that 28 States were needed to ratify the so-called 14th amendment.

Footnote 8 in Dyett v. Turner reads:


(8)  For a  more detailed account of how the Fourteenth Amendment
     was forced  upon the Nation, see articles in 11 S.C.L.Q. 484
     and 28 Tul. Rev. 22.

We found both of those Law Review articles on the Internet,
and added them to this Table of Contents in the SLL:

http://www.supremelaw.org/ref/14amrec/index.htm  (see items 9 and 10)


The 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and the Threat that it Poses to Our Democratic Government,”
by Pinckney G. McElwee, 11 S.C.L.Q. 484-519 (Vol. 11, No. 4, Summer 1959)


The Dubious Origin of the Fourteenth Amendment,”
by Walter J. Suthon, Jr., 28 Tulane Law Review 22-44 (Vol. XXVIII 1953-1954)