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Reader Email on David Wilcock and Ben Fulford—What Do You Think?

People mean well, and I get that. The media stimulation creates a vortex of thoughts that stream and oscillate until we doubt what we see, hear and think. I get that. Out of respect, I have not posted the writer’s identity, nor is this intended to impugn him…he is someone who keeps me honest. Because I spent the time answering, as sincerely as I can, I felt it proper to share my thoughts following this email:


Name and Email Witheld
Subject: David Wilcock
Message: Randy,

You have been critical of David Wilcock and my personal time-line was that I first heard of this on Coast to Coast and then I heard your take on the Wilcock/Fulford interview where you made fun of him so  I never heard the original interview so I sided with your speculation that David had done some shenenigans.

Today I finally got around to hearing the actual interview that David did with Ben and right now I am listening to David falling apart on the night he was threatened.  His distress rings true for me.  I belive he is under extreme distress in the phone call with Carey Cassidy of Project Camelot.

If Wilcock is acting I admit that he has fooled me with this performance.  Here is the link:


Please give the above a listen and then go back and listen to the Wilcock/Fufford interview.

You can decide for yourself whether or not David Wilcock was threatened.  I for one do believe he was threatened.  You can also decide whether or not Fulford is lying with his story which caused the distress.

Also I am well aware that when the PTBs have a beef with a public persona and if they can’t threaten or buy them off that they character assassinate them with people they own or with people who act as Stooges who  do their bidding.

I have a question for you and I’ll be blunt. are you being paid off by someone to sublimate Wilcock?    (Emphasis added)

If are not being paid off then you may want to vet your sources on anyone coming forward at this time on this issue with Wilcock.

I admit my mistake in not bothering to listen to the original interview and I had no idea that the interview with Cassidy existed till this moment.

Camelot has made mistakes, I’m sure Wilcock has made mistakes.  I would bet that you may have even made mistakes and Ithink you have mistakenly smeared Wilcock on this issue.

If you do listen to this interview and find that you may have made a mistake about Wilcock then I would appreaciate it if you to address your audience if you so choose and relay to them that you could have been mistaken about your speculation with David Wilock’s interview with Benjamin Fulford.  If you are certain he is lying then you owe nothing and probably have not bothered to read this e-mail.

Thank you for your time Randy.

My remarks below—and I do drop some points I cannot substantiate. I will be ever so pleased to retract, with great humility, anything I am in error about. My “opponents” at Camelot drop “factoids” all the time without documentation or ascribing sources, so I level the field by saying: “You have your sources, I have mine”:


Randy Maugans
Saturday February 15, 20102 7:48 PM

to Name Witheld
You may be my most honest reader/listener!
I am deeply flattered that you could front the notion I am paid to do this—given the puny audience I have vs. Project Camelot. But thanks! I still work a regular job and drive a 9 year old auto. 
I listened to the Wilcock-Fulford audios when they were released. I read the particulars of the $Trillion Lawsuit and the endless verbiage that David spent his days compiling. Yes, I heard the famous Camelot interview where David is threatened and breaks down. One question:
In that interview with Cassidy and David, there was a third person. An Aussie accent, who was called “Anonymous”. We were told that Anon was David’s protector. But no one on the show would admit WHO “Anonymous” was. Well, I know who he is, and he is NOT “Anonymous”, his first name is Jack and he is an intelligence operative from Pine Gap Australia, who is (or appears to be) Kerry Cassidy’s handler!
So, if David’s intentions are pure, and Kerry is not playing the emotions of the audience, then Jack should have been introduced properly. Truth is, I still think  it was all contrived; I am unconvinced that any of this hoopla over the White Dragons and White Hats (and white undies) is anything more than a gigantic stooge play to keep the “community” off balance and distracted. At the least, the audience should have been told who Jack is…because David and Kerry both know who he is, and what he does.
Yes, you should have listened to  the audios if you care so much. No, you should not take my word for anything, and I could be wrong about many details because I cannot prove everything—yet. My question is this: at the core of all this drama, what does a $Trillion Lawsuit and gold in the Philippines mean to you? 
Assuming this lawsuit is ever heard, will it result in a reform of the global money system? Remember whose courts these documents must pass through. People with that much wealth pay judges. Assuming all this gold is recovered (and the gold story is true, buy the way), I hope you have dumped your gold investments well ahead because the price of gold will tank! 
Assuming that Fulford’s White Dragons are not just another layer of deception, do you think they care about the exploitative practices of the American banking system; the IRS; the World Ban and IMF? And can they really stare down the gun barrels of the troops aligned across the Middle East? Does ANY of this, at the end of the day, really prosper you and your family and bring “peace and prosperity”? Look, this type of stuff has been around for over a decade—go look u[p NESARA.
These are the questions I can’t ask David Wilcock because HE doesn’t answer email from “puny” websites like mine. Kerry Cassidy won’t answer these questions whilst looking down her nose at the “rabble” who feed her ego and bank account. It might be that Ben would…he seems the one guy in all this that is actually human. Maybe I am all wrong.
I have spent months reading the daily dispatches—from Wilcock, and a half dozen “Galactic Federation” type off world councils—ALL claiming that any moment now the Bush-Rothschild-Kissinger cabal will be rounded up and jailed…that a new currency is in the making…that humanity is “ascending” into a nerw consciousness, and yet all the while this insanity grows wilder and wilder. WTF?
I have NO idea what David Wilcock’s agenda is. He has jumped merrily from subject to subject—from interplanetary climate change to CONVERGANCE, to this investigation into the global economic system. His book, “The Source Field Investigation” is a wonderful piece of research, but most of it is information already published, just regurgitated through Wilcock’s world view. At best, he is a dilletente who may have found his “voice”…as he virally re-blogged through the meme machine of like-minded bloggers. 
Worse, as you would hear in my show with William Henry, that Wilcock PLAGARIZED Some of Henry’s work—without credit—for his own. You may also recall Wilcock’s response to James Martinez’ January 1, 2012 announcement on Conscious Media Network, about another group working on a global economic reform—David went ballistic, and claimed Martinez was a “hoaxer” and “publicity seeker”…two things I can say that Martinez is not. This is, by the way, why James Martinez spoke to me and not Kerry Cassidy. 
So…based on the best evidence, what do YOU think, my friend? Because that is what matters. If I am wrong about David Wilcock I doubt he will care since I doubt he is but vaguely aware of me. Kerry is VERY aware of me because I have been up her ass for several months. Jack is in Australia, so I doubt he is hanging around David’s house with a Glock…though he does fly in to MALIBU to visit Kerry at her beach house (pricey place to live for a “guerrilla journalist”, eh?)
Humanity needs to wake up and stop following media divas off the cliff. If you learn from David Wilcock, then follow his teachings and own your awakening; use your higher self to determine truth, and understand that while WIlcock claims he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he is not the reincarnation of Christ. 
I appreciate your comments, and I see your sincerity, but I would like more than just feeling bad to back down from my gut feeling that this is all a gigantic charade. Hey, maybe ET does come down and set us free from our global masters….maybe we get lemon drops and lollipops to boot.



Shootout At the Camelot Corral-Part 2: Mental Hate Crime

Related: Shootout At the Camelot Corral-February 10, 2012

The Bill Wood Disclosures:

I have now gone through nearly 12 hours of the audio, and the video of the first interview, with Bill Wood from Project Camelot…some of these twice! I have witheld any substanitive judgements of the level of information provided in those interviews, but have commented on the hubris surrounding the “Beyond Looking Glass” marketing campaign launched by Camelot to feature the interviews on their site. 

Even as the videos went viral, it was clear that Kerry Cassidy was unhappy with Bill’s performance, so much so that David Wilcock was brought in to shore up the shaky foundations. The problem lies, not in the information Bill Wood provided, but in what was EXPECTED by both the collective of Project Camelot and the audience. Forget for now, the accusations that Brockbrader/Wood was not a SEAL and that he is a registered sex offender…those issues are dealt with effectively on both sides. Forget that when the third Camelot video became an expose of sex rings in Las vegas and a platform for Bill’s spiritual pursuit, Wood was “lynched” via chatroom comments.  As I said, I have refrained from any comments until I have spoken with Bill Wood, personally.

What IS clear is that Bill Wood failed to provide the level of “sizzle” required for a whistleblower on Project Camelot. So, Wood was thrown under the bus by Cassidy because he failed to live up to the hype promised by Camelot, who of late have a shortfall of new dislosers. Cassidy’s pale “love and light” veneer gave way to outright denunciation after Wood issued some corrections is his subsequent interview with Lisa Harrison on February 7, 2012.

In an email to which I was a recipient, Bill attached a lenghty statement dealing with both substanitive issues and the heightening war of words with Kerry Cassidy. The full statement is posted below as a PDF. What follows is Kerry’s reply, and my commments to her recent actions, focusing on her repeated undermining of people with which she has conflict, by invoking a “mind control” epithet.
More Truth Revealed by Bill Brockbrader.pdf 


Mind control, “programming” and other similar terms are MEMES…repeated and regurgitated throughout the internet media, removed from their context. They also act as TRIGGERS for both the victims, and those distinctive varieties of trolls who habituate forums, talk show chatrooms, and blog comments.

The act of bandying these terms around in loose fashion, especially as a means of discrediting a subject is nothing less than a form of mental hate crime! Like racial epithets, gender-based slurs, or derogatory comments on the disabled, the usage of “mind control” and its associated terms as an implied negative character disorder, desensitizes the public perception of these hideous practices, and minimizes the trauma of its victims in favor of a broader, more pragmatic usage to the detriment of everyone who works to END FOREVER these practices.

As I outline below, if Ms. Cassidy wishes to denounce Bill Wood as a “liar”, that is her perogative. The term is fairly clear, and perhaps applicable where two parties vary on details. Lies can be addressed in a substantive manner by the readers and listeners with the proper degree of discernment…the world if FULL of liars.

On the other hand, mind control must be understood as a syndrome of violence to the human soul and psyche. In extremis, it is a violent, brutal, and devastating process that strips the subjects abilities to recall or assess their own thoughts and actions. Mind control subjects are VICTIMS…not liars, in the capacity of their particular testimony. Anyone who has ever spent time interviewing subjects of mind control (including abductees), fully knows the precarious nature of both the psyche and the testimony being given.

These factors make any such interview a matter of delicacy and great sensitivity. That sensitivity must never be over-ridden by the subjective whims of the interviewer, or audience, regarding the subjects’ moral intentions. To be more succinct: lies are purposeful distortions; mind control is a subjegation of willful response and action. The two are not morally equal, and the latter is involuntary.

As a publicly denounced “liar”, Bill Wood should have slunk away. He did not do so, and in fact, roared back with a level statement on the differences with Camelot, the war of words with Navy SEAL, Don Shipley, and an offer of validation by a former SEAL trainer who recalled both Wood and Blackwater founder, Erik Prince

Cassidy, understandably upset (but with no small blame to bear due to her ungraceful handling of the entire Bill Wood debacle), shot back with one phrase that once again demonstrated a lack of integrity as regards the subject of MIND CONTROL:

KERRY at Project Camelot kerry@projectcamelot.org

Feb 13 



More lies from you.  Obviously you are re-programmed and no longer trustworthy in any way.
Please do not attempt to contact me or send me further lies regarding me or Camelot.
Thank you.

 For those who are not familiar with Cassidy’s prior attempts to smear someone with the “mind control” label I refer you to the article here: Letter To Kerry Cassidy-December 5, 2011  What follows is my response to Cassidy’s latest drive-by mind control attack:

Randy Maugans

Feb 13 

to KERRY, Bill, …

We have Bill’s written statement, and Kerry’s blog article, we are all grown-ups, let those with ears hear. I have an issue with Kerry—a pattern if you will, that persists: whenever someone turns on her, or those on the INSIDE of Project Camelot, she reverts to accusations of mind control, as she does in both her posts and this email regarding Bill Wood. She did this in the accusations made against Richard Hoagland by Gary Vierre back in December 2011, when she wrote that Gary was likely a mind control subject.

I would have to ask you,  Kerry, what substantive evidence do you have that Bill has been “re-programmed”? What evidence did you ever have about your cruel accusations against Gary—a person with which you had NO contact? 

You may ask why this matters?

Again, it goes to the very core of the work you and Bill did in Project Camelot’s early days with whistleblowers who were generally assumed to be both handled, and subjects of some form of mind control. You have had witnesses who acknowledge they are being handled…Barry King comes to mind, as he told me directly he is still handled. 

The problem is one of deploying convenient pejorative labels whenever things turn to shit on your end. So I ask: is being a “mind control” subject a descriptor of a person who is to be treated with compassion, or derision? I don’t think you can have it both ways. If you choose the negative connotation (and you have), then you place into disrepute not only those you have so labelled, but your own “body of evidence”, and any such future endeavors.  

That those coming out of such projects are subject to surveillance, handling (direct or indirect), and even ultimately being “switched” should not come as a surprise to you, a veteran researcher of these subjects. That you have a repeated pattern of such behavior demonstrates either a double standard towards such subjects, or a naïveté beyond your experience. 

It appears this is your last resort epithet when all else has failed. In a sense, you, being a researcher of mind control, employ mind control by invoking mind control—even where a lack of such is absent. You wonder why your whistleblowers are drying up? Do you not sense that even your own audience is growing fatigued with your sharp elbows and tactless manner in attempting to pry the last ounce of substance from your victims (er, interview subjects)? 

I think you have fairly stated that Bill’s testimony was not in line with your standards in this statement:

“…a lack of familiarity with what Project Camelot is all about. And therefore Bill and Eva are not able to assess accurately what is new and what is well known to the Camelot audience.”

You also seemed to evoke the proper tenor for a person in your field when you wrote:

“I suggest that rather than judging him you consider the impact that simple mass mind control has had on your own lives and then try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has that and on top of it joins the military and becomes the focus of intense mind manipulation over long periods of time. Then you will begin to understand what it truly means to be a whistleblower, or someone who has chosen to break ranks and come forward to tell the truth about what they have experienced.”

That was then, this is now. So there are double standards, or what we would call “conditional love”….nice!

In your haste to rush out the Bill Wood material, did you ever vet his testimony? Did it occur to you that the fact he presented material similar to other whistelblowers was to be considered more “corroborative” than the stunning next big thing that your (perceived) adrenaline-addicted listenership demands? Part of the art of media is knowing how to frame things, and present in a manner appropriate to the presenter. When the first interview failed to yield the appropriate “buzz”, did you really need three people to handle a second interview…or is this just Camelot’s manner of “handling” a subject?

Kerry, you have a problem: you are completely disingenuous about mind control. IF…I repeat…IF, Bill has been “reprogrammed”, then he would not be the culprit, but those who are his handlers. On the other hand, if “mind controlled” “reprogrammed”, or other similar terms are to be bandied about in hostility and anger, then it can be presumed you lack the appropriate insight and sensitivity to work with such people.

 I suspect those who have watched these repeated “blow ups”, especially witnesses presently not coming forward, are also seeing the big picture in this regard. I suggest you clarify your perceptions and responses with an attunement of sensitivity toward subjects of mind control programs, and resist taking (once again) the “low road” when things go bad. 

Grace under pressure is the real sign of a professional…not the name-calling and hurled implications which you cannot know or prove. 

Randy Maugans-OffPlanet Radio

 In his written article, Bill Wood proposes a serious solution to the constant churning of “information” at Camelot, and one I support: an alternative to the white knuckle atmosphere of Project Camelot-type forums:
“I would only suggest that, as Kerry states, that Project Camelot is not the proper forum for first time whistleblowers and that many people, including myself, agree with her statement. It is my greatest wish to establish a forum in which whistleblowers can disclose seeming unbelievable information and not be discredited simply because they don’t possess a level of proof that nameless, faceless people in the chatrooms and forums

I get a steady flow of emails form listeners and readers who voice concerns over the goings on at Camelot/Avalon, usually of the type that indicates they feel captive to the millieu of such turmoil. YOU HAVE A CHOICE: Dump them and begin to dig out the truth for yourselves! Camelot may be the “big dog” (for now) of truther-type media, but they are certainly not the only one.

In fact, be suspicious of “big dogs”—they are usually “well fed”, if you catch the drift. Certainly, the tone of arrogance indicates that Kerry & Co. feel justified in deploying the mind control meme to their advantage whenever it suits them. That arrogance worries me…how about you?


Monarch Media Mind Manipulation

Monarch Media Mind Manipulation

Sometimes stories from the “underground” bleed into the mainstream media…this was posted at Amarillo, TX rock radio station, KISS FM 96.9…funny, they don’t even know what MKUltra is…guys! there’s this new thing now called the internet, you may have heard of it…anyway, Miranda’s story may yet go viral…maybe we finally get to blow the lid off the connections between mind control and entertainment?

Shootout At the Camelot Corral

Shootout At the Camelot Corral

The Bill Wood/Brockbrader debacle continues…

Nexus 2nd Interview with Don Shipley – Ex Navy Seal – Responce to William Brockbrader
Don Shipley now well known to members of Nexus and other sites for his efforts in debunking individuals claiming to be SEALS is interviewed again here by Scott and Charles on the latest developments with the Bill woods/Brockbrader fraud. For those who don’t know Don, he retired after 24-years as a SEAL Senior Chief in 2003. As a SEAL, he preferred the challenge of Mountain and Arctic Warfare but began his career in the equally hostile desert environment, spending much of his time in the…
by: Scott, at: 02/07/2012 – 15:14pm

While Don Shipley is a very credible and honorable (true) SEAL, and his debunking of Project Camelot’s star witness of the hour, Bill Wood a/k/a convicted sex offender William Brockbrader is valuable service, the focus on Wood deflects the real source of the problems: Kerry Cassidy. Or, shall we say, the collective behind Project Camelot

After milking the Wood “disclosures” for all they were worth in a whirlwind of rapid-fire media assaults, Cassidy glumly began shoving Wood under the bus, all the while maintainging her plausible deniability by decrying his own lack of familiarity with the Project Camelot ethos:

Unfortunately some of what was initially promised by Bill prior to the Livestream event was not delivered. If nothing else, what becomes evident is that what one person considers to be earth shattering or mind blowing can easily be seen as run of the mill to someone else. It all has to do with your frame of reference. In addition to that, as the interview progressed, what appeared to happen is that Bill Brockbrader had stretched his security oath as far as it would go. From that point on, it is evident that he is primarily talking from a personal/philosophical point of view.

It also became obvious, at least to me, that there was a lack of familiarity with what Project Camelot is all about. And therefore Bill and Eva are not able to assess accurately what is new and what is well known to the Camelot audience and so both he and Eva Moore, although well meaning, ended up discussing concepts and experiences that are already out in the public domain and therefore not at all novel or new. You be the judge.  (attribution, as REQUESTED, Kerry: Kerry Cassidy/ Project Camelot Productions)

Errr…excuse me…but here’s a thought: Kerry, why do you not vet your sources in advance of them becoming the flavor of the week at PC? And really…we asked this before: WHY was David Wilcock brought into the second video interview (we get why Bill Ryan was there: there has to be some pretense to a team at PC)? Aside from plugging his book, and interjecting his plagarized opinions, Wilcock was there to “manage” a shaky Wood’s disclosures and “mold them” to the current oeuvre. Think of it as sort of new age hamburger helper

Still…one suspects that Cassidy could make great hoopla over a cage match between Wood and Shipley…she is now hosting the exchanges between the Whistleblower-Who-Couldn’t and Stolen Valor on her blog.

Wood, it seems is still clueless to the level of manipulation he has received by way of Project Camelot at this point. His throw down showdown dare to Shipley went like this: 

On Feb 7, 2012, at 3:04 PM, Bill Wood wrote:

One – you accept my challenge and risk that I am who I say I am. You know that if I accomplish drownproofing and you give me your trident that it is the way that every SEAL becomes a SEAL. A SEAL only becomes a SEAL when another SEAL makes him a SEAL. So after that point…no matter what anyone says…I will be a SEAL because you, another SEAL, made me one by giving me his trident. (attribution, as REQUESTED, Kerry: Kerry Cassidy/ Project Camelot Productions)

To wit Don Shipley replies:

Dear Mr. Brockbrader, 

I will admit that the thought of drowning you has crossed my mind and it is appealing, but I have already proven you were NOT a Navy SEAL and passing a silly drownproofing test hardly qualifies someone as being a SEAL. 

Your statement that, “A SEAL only becomes a SEAL when another SEAL makes him a SEAL,” is inaccurate. A Man only becomes a SEAL when he satisfactorily passes the Navy “Standards, Conditions and Requirements” to become one. And as far as giving you “My Trident” goes, I’d rather eat a bowl of boogers… 
The threat to blast me on “every blog and SEAL forum” should I fail to accept your challenge is troublesome and I’d appreciate you attaching a link to the YouTube video I did about you when you do blast me.http://www.youtube.com/​watch?v=CgtXjRwtfyE Thanks, Bro… 

Your message about “honor, courage, commitment” mean little coming from a scab like you. You’re no Messiah, Bill. Just a confused little man who has made some big mistakes and attempts to blame and discredit others (the Navy) for those mistakes. 
Don’t try and bullshit me about saving the world; short on money and unable to gain employment from that dishonorable discharge and pesky sex offender registry, you must seek “self-employment” for income. Attempting that on the backs of Navy SEALs hasn’t worked out very well and I’d suggest some other “Fairy Tale Story” take its place. I don’t recommend Marine Recon or Army Rangers either… 

I envy one thing about you, Bill, you have a “Life’s Mission” and I don’t really think I do, not one that comes to mind anyhow. 

You keep flappin that ‘Suck’ of yours about SEAL Team and I’ll make you my “Life’s Mission.” 

How about them apples??? 

Don Shipley…

So , Bill Wood, not knowing HE was already under the bus…then throws Kerry under the bus (but WHO is driving ze bus?). And now the whole beautiful scenario spins mercilessly down the porcelain facility in a tirade of “he said/she said” (you just KNEW this was going to go bad):

 February 10, 2012


It is amazing to me that putting our lives on the line for our whistleblowers to get the truth out to the people sometimes ends up with them turning on us and telling lies.  The dynamic of what went on with Bill Brockbrader/Wood is a case in point.  He is not the first one… yes Pete Peterson did as well.

While I am happy to hear he has found another outlet for his ideas… the following information must be clearly made public.  

1.  I did not call David Wilcock in distress over someone unearthing his “channeling”… this is not only not surprising to me but as a matter of fact it is my observation that almost without exception our witnesses; researchers and whistleblowers all end up “channeling” some more than others.  I have stated this publicly in my Sedona Presentation a year or two ago and others.

2.  Pete Peterson has held a grudge and has been working hard to turn a certain person against us for a while now.  What actually happened… and I have a witness, both Bill Ryan and I were involved in that interview process. We waited a month for his PENTAGON SOURCES to VET THE INTERVIEW… Finally he gave us the ok on the phone.  We posted it to youtube and then several hours later he called and wanted it taken down and changed.  At that point it was too late.  People had already seen it and downloaded it.  Anything taken out at that point would simply make it go even more viral.  Be aware:  He doth protest too much..now as he did then.. I didn’t hold a gun to his head and I didn’t give him drugs, torture or mind control.. something he knows a LOT ABOUT.  And yes I could get killed, as he said several times for saying so… 

What he and BILL BROCKBRADER and anyone else out there needs to know is WE ARE FREE as interviewers to ask whatever questions we choose.  Just as the whistleblower is FREE to take the 5th and not answer.   He’s a big strong man… I don’t think he was afraid of me but then again you never know.  There was nothing to take out there because he never admitted anything.  He simply got a lot of flak from his PENTAGON HANDLERS (along with some possible rewiring) and this made him uncomfortable… 

3.  Regarding Bill Brockbrader — the only thing I asked after consulting a lawyer… because originally he had said he was going to release NAMES and EVIDENCE that would as he said “shut the SEALS up”…etc.  I simply said we don’t want to get caught up in useless lawsuits for slander etc so please ONLY USE first and last initials or ROLES… FOR EXAMPLE I said.. if it’s a Police Chief say that.. do not use names… and then put the evidence which presumably would have the names on a site we can link to. … Why he would choose to lie about this now is something only his handler can say for sure…

4. Regarding spiritual matters… If you pay attention, on my first interview and on the second Livestream with David Wilcock and Bill Ryan .. we delved into Looking Glass, the timeline convergence and so on.  He had plenty of time to speak about this and answer questions and he did so…  I am a HIGHLY SPIRITUAL PERSON… that is why I do what I do… And why I don’t lie about anything.  Unlike some people.  

What I don’t care to do is give a whistleblower a platform to repeat himself over and over again or spout rhetoric and philosophy for hours on end.  The 3rd Livestream was hugely problematic… And it is public record.  Judge for yourself.  (attribution, as REQUESTED, Kerry: Kerry Cassidy/ Project Camelot Productions) (Emphasis added)

Ummm…if I recall, Kerry, it was YOU, with banner ads and great gust, who continued the Bill Wood debacle long after “Elvis left the building”…midway through the video with Wood, Ryan, and (gulp!) Woodcock (gotta love the name). The “deer in the headlights” could not have been more obvious…but, no, let’s roll even one more video and bring in another “mystery guest (at least not named “Anonymous” this time). 

And notice the Camelot informers that just seem to go sideways: Pete Peterson…and let us not forget Dan Burisch (who is still intoned for his “valuable” Investment ‘Psychic’ Accused of Financial Fraudcontributions to the Camelot legacy). The bottom of the bus is smoking!!! Perhaps it’s the bus seen in the Beatles’ video, “Magical Mystery Tour”? Another ill-advised freak show, but at least enduring legacy for the great music. When in doubt, roll out Sean David Morton, the psychic stock trader…yeah, that’ll work! Yeah…that’s the ticket.


I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. 
See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly. 
I’m crying. -The Beatles, “I Am The Walrus”



Gate Keepers and Handlers –Part 2: The Pendragon Juggernaut

Gate Keepers and Handlers –Part 2: The Pendragon Juggernaut

Gate Keepers and Handlers –Part 1

Truth is best digested S-L-O-W-L-Y. The internet culture of mass-consumption of what is called “truth”, vis-à-vis the cut-and-paste mentality of proliferation is quickly producing a hyperbolic group acid reflux syndrome. After I posted my last major article, January 16, 2012, Gate Keepers and Handlers –Part 1, the Bill Wood saga commenced on the internet via Project Camelot

We discussed some of the particulars on the live OPR show with Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelly, but even as we were on the air, Project Camelot was doing another show where Wood appeared—and has now done yet another show with Wood (LiveStream-Saturday, February 4), for a total, so far, of roughly 9-10 hours of  coverage. I don’t think it is over any time soon…the drama is clearly too rich (and en-riching) to just stop. No one can accuse Kerry Cassidy of a lack of opportunism in milking every aspect of a story.

At this juncture, I want to leave the reader with some rather cryptic clues as to what is being played out. If you can “read between the lines”, rather than being deflected by the sheer mass of the information being divulged, you will grasp where the “spin” lies in this entire saga of, not only Bill Wood/Brockbrader, but Camelot itself.

Connecting dots from a mere “factual” basis can be elusive, at best, or a preconceived path of distortion by design is scripting “new realities”. It is also part of the modus operandi of any good intelligence operation to seed crucial information into the open view, while retaining plausible deniability by using encoded memes to signal the true intentions to the intitate. This seeding of memes serves the viral nature of the internet—and again, recall my closing arguments in the  Gate Keepers and Handlers –Part 1 article: 

“Were certain social experiments of the 1950s and 1960s, by intelligence agencies, a test run for a time when humanity could be targeted and voluntarily re-programmed to BELIEVE the unbelievable?  Or to DISBELIVE the truth?” 

 Nearly instantaneous signalling, whether positive or negative, creates maximum effect. Do not believe that Project Camelot is not served by negative reactions—it is the negative which creates the critical updraft for such stories to oscillate through cyberspace. It is the perceptions of such disclosures that serve to build a significant movement to install larger and larger memes into the collective mindspace. At the collective level, these memes, or gestures result in the evolution of a culture, to borrow from Richard Dawkins’ memetic theorem.

To understand the function of a Project Camelot in this memetic universe, it is useful to consider the stated intentions of Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan in their own words:

Project Camelot is based on an idea generated when we first met and spent the weekend in Tintagel, England, overlooking the sea in the home of King Arthur. We named our project in tribute to the vision behind the utopian idea of the Round Table – and have structured all our efforts in this inspiring spirit.” 

With all its populist shaped statements about disclosures via “whistleblowers”, which are aimed at informing and empowering its universe of media consumers, understand that the concept of a “round table” is NOT a populist concept, but rather an ELITIST concept in the Arthurian mythos. Nor, is the Arthurian legend “utopian”, except in the most Orwellian sense. The roundtable concept, when stripped of the mythological lore, is, in fact, an elitist construct connected to Medevial warriors ruled by a monarchial structure—the concept that the “little people” required defenders and enlighteners. 

Camelot is directly linked to “Pendragon”:

Pendragonor Pen Draig, meaning “head dragon” or “chief dragon” (a figurative title referring to status as a leader), is the name of several traditional Kings of the Britons: • Uther, brother of Aurelius and father of King Arthur, is called Uther Pendragon because he was inspired by a dragon-shaped comet (In the Vulgate, he took the name from his brother).

The term “Pen Dragon” also is a Fennian (Ephraimite) form meaning, Pen “child(ren) of” Ap”Son of” combined with “Dargon” or “Dragon” the symbol of the Tuatha de Dannon (Danites) who were warriors that married the Irish widows, hence the Gaullo term Welch (Ue Lach) or “woman of a warrior.”

As in all mythology, there is both a “light side” and “shadow side” to the mythos that needs to be acknowledged. Karl Gustav Jung wrote of this that:

 “shadow is instinctive and irrational and thus is prone to projection onto others: turning a personal inferiority into a perceived moral deficiency in someone else.” 

Truth is a personal quest—we can share our journey with others, but it is the process of integration with oneself that creates the field for enlightenment to occur. This cannot be accomplished en masse, as the promoters of a mass “ascension” have so painted. The expositors of “darkness” often employ the very same tactics as those involved with obfuscation, i.e.- the “global elites” and various intel agencies around the globe (which are, themselves, all connected to the overlords). Behind the curtain may lie cloaked agendas, intertwined intentions, and even more subtle deceptions, not even discerned by the operatives, themselves. 

Gatekeepers and handlers generally think of themselves as these selfsame “lightbringers”, while failing to deal with their own inner “shadows”. Ulterior motives and allegiances can be masked behind the seemingly good-sounding motivations, but they will often reassert in the subtle manipualtions used by these same operatives: 

“Learning to discern, cross-correlate and understand the complexities of right and wrong, who the good guys are etc is an intense discipline and takes years of experience, a level of detachment and discernment that few people are able to master at this time.” -Kerry Cassidy, Kerry Cassidy Blog, defending Richard C. Hoagland’s attacks on Gary Vierre while herself labelling Vierre as a “mind control subject”

The “few people” to which Ms. Cassidy refers as “masters”, is very much the unmasking of her own “shadow”. Her tactics and subliminal insertions into the very stories that she, herself, creates; her motivations in utilizing deft re-directs in interviews; and the usage of a group (“roundtable”) treatment of her interview subjects (example: connecting Bill Wood/Brockbrader to David Wilcock) is the method of intense installation of memetics into a public consciousness where objective reporting melds with subjective motivations, i.e.- the evolution of a culture

There are factions at work. There is more to this story. It is both subtle and apparent, IF one digs a bit. Truth is best digested S-L-O-W-L-Y. We will let the saga unfold and provide the backdrop at the appropriate time. Or—you, the readers may unravel it in your own manner if you are so disposed. You require no such gatekeepers.