Duncan O’Finioan -Walk In Two Worlds Sacramento, CA-June 22, 2012

This will be the first of a number of blog posts this weekend…there is a lot occurring and it needs to be discussed. We did a brief interview with Duncan at the opening session in Sacramento over Skype that cover some points I will take up in later posts.

Duncan O’Finioan news conference from the opening session of the Sacramento, CA Multi-Dimensional Survival Training and Healing Seminar:

Mission statement

The demonic storm apparition in Minnesota (see notes in comments below regarding the validitiy of the photo location)

Goals in training 

Scoffers, critics and cynics

Music and warfare

The gathering of the family 

Interview and video production by Randy Maugans for OffPlanet Radio

Sarah Stanga: Psychic Stalkers and Predatory Triggermasters…

Anyone reading this blog for a while knows I have been dissecting the culture of the “truther”  and “whistleblower” media outlets for some time. There is a thin line between the “exposers” and expoiters, and a double-mindedness about the operation of mind control by these same media figures. 

It becomes all the more oblique when certain devious, cowardly, and morally bankrupt “operatives” deploy a campaign of ludicrous, deceptive, and exploitative assaults against witnesses who come forward about mind control projects, ritual abuse cults, and pedophillic death rite rings—all with the smirky nod of a certain high profile “whistleblower” site. 

Sarah Stanga’s latest article calls out some abuses that cut  to the heart of the dangers to disclosers. I have reports from several such witnesses that concerted efforts are underway to “flame out” the survivors of these Satanic cabal operations by massive waves of abuse on every level. As the most recent months events have played out, notably in the wake of the Bill Brockbrader/Project Camelot fiasco and the emergence of the “Former White Hat Operative” site<wink, wink>…the agents who populate the internet culture have been busy using every means to destroy any unified efforts to push for public disclosure of these hideous cults and projects.

As Sarah writes:

“I am also concerned about the “truth movement” at large from this, as these people are also closely connected to other well known “truthers”, especially Anya Briggs, and this gives me pause for thought as to what these people are all really up to and what any agenda is. Can we trust people who will attack those most in need in our society and who need help, who claim to be victims themselves? Where is their compassion and empathy for others who have gone through the programmes?

Yes, naming names and calling people out is propoer! Damn right, it is even necessary. I have repeatedly called out Kerry Cassidy to settle the questions I have about HER complicity with FWHO website…how is it that she links to the site ONE DAY after it posts it’s first article? How is it that after this collective, callled “Former White Hat Operative” posts a series of posts savaging innocent victims/survivors, and even the webmaster of Project Camelot, that Ms. Cassidy still found them “amusing” (and linked to them—oh, by the way, she would not link back to Wolf Spirit Radio on the same blog)? (And where DID Kerry really go on that 3-day speed cruise to Belize?) 

The “old guard” media have been co-opted. The CIA storefront websites (you know them…) are going gaga! over anything that leaves a slime trail, and IF these agents and their inept lackies could succeed…the people like Sarah, with stories to be told, would be silenced…mocked into suffering in silence,. Abused by the people who make their living selling the “official conspiracy”.

They are NOT going to succeed. A new standard is rising soon…

The article from Sarah Stanga: 

Help Required……….

After another three days of being almost constantly triggered, I am exhausted, and feel very tired. The one place I need to be open today, the Buddhist Temple, is closed for a “meeting”.

I have been sent a rather poor email by a particular “Super Soldier” relating to his wife being anal fisted in an airport by security with a rather nasty energy attachment in the form of a spell for me which entailed a red fist which entered my aura and actually was meant to make me feel having such penetration up my own anus! This person has been none other than James Casbolt/Michael Prince, in retaliation for whatever I am supposed to have done to him…………. which has been nothing. And further advised me he is also a member of a Druid Order, and has been for quite some time……….. Somebody that I was actually well advised to avoid all contact with, as many people have apparently had bad contacts and nasty energy work thrown at them by this particular “truther”, black magician he now is in my book, he also stated that he was known for anally fisting men and women to programme them sexually and he would like to do it again, and if I had the codes, could he have them as he would like that power again……… Very very sad, and a bad day for truthers…………..

I have also been triggered through all the psychic attacks by him and other “truthers”, into having repeated memories and also had many alters coming through, which has left me exhausted, tired and pretty much disabled psychically due to such enormous psychic attack and being energy depleted. They seem to enjoy what they are doing to me though, they seem to think it is fun. One of the other “truthers” has been Anya Briggs, who claims to have close telepathic contact with James Casbolt and to work with him astrally…… She has also been astrally attacking me quite viciously psychically, for over a week and a half, and has done much to trigger me and also cast rumours about me. She also claims to be in contact with the guy who is writing the “Former White Hat” blog, Louis Khan Nin, who tells her he is also CIA and has her file………. apparently and that James Casbolt really gets on with him alot……. I have received many psychic attacks from “Former White Hat” also……. who claims to know Aaron McCullom…… amongst others……..

I have also had psychic attacks from an ex-boyfriend who I believe to be programmed also, so it has been quite a time for me in one way or another, and I have to say, I have huge doubts about the integrity of anyone who deliberately triggers and psychically attacks people who are vulnerable, isolated, have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and mind control issues. To me these people are satanists, nothing else.

I am also concerned about the “truth movement” at large from this, as these people are also closely connected to other well known “truthers”, especially Anya Briggs, and this gives me pause for thought as to what these people are all really up to and what any agenda is. Can we trust people who will attack those most in need in our society and who need help, who claim to be victims themselves? Where is their compassion and empathy for others who have gone through the programmes?

I am asking once more, for any true Light Workers out there, who know love, to send this situation, healing peace and compassion. To help these people to move on, to get help and assistance and to get back to God. This is no way to be a truther, at all.

I am naming names for one reason, people need to know that some of the most vulnerable people, are themselves the perpetrators of such things I have described, are getting themselves into a mess, casting poison arrows and sending hate and fear rather than love, consideration, compassion and peace. These people need our help and support too, and maybe they will learn not to attack out of fear, but to trust the cosmos and to know God and love and peace themselves again. I feel that this may also be the only way to help heal this situation, by aiding them in this way. I had trusted Anya and James and others, and know they have their own programming so do forgive, but this has to stop, it is no way to be human, and they need to learn forgiveness and heal, that is all that I ask, and that they get the hell away from Satanist porn fiend”Former White Hat.

Former White Hat Operative Louis Kahn Nin-Sleaze Bag Internet Tailpipe Sucker

Former White Hat Operative Louis Kahn Nin-Sleaze Bag Internet Tailpipe Sucker


Louis Kahn Nin-Sleaze Bag Internet Tailpipe Sucker

WARNING: This post does contain elements of “adult” (so-called) behavior and graphics of  sexually explicit nature. STOP HERE if you are someone with sensitivities which could be inflamed!

Louis Kahn Nin-or an incrdible facsimile

There are several more posts to come on this subject…

Misinfo, disinfo, misdirection…or the use of a convenient sleaze bag wannbe…it all adds up to the same thing: a culture so rife with innuendo and paradox as to render it all MEANINGLESS! And that is the point of this particular post: to dissect (like a frog on a slab) one such vile puke, who goes by the name of Louis Khan Nin. (Note: there are speculations about alternative identities for LKN/FWH. For the purposes of this post we will simply stay with what is uncovered to date. Remember, that in the virtual world, there are many alternate identities and scenarios that can shift into play. That also is part of the “game”.)

 It all begins here on the blog of Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy with this jaunty little note from Kerry

Ha!ha! Funny stuff, eh Kerry? And, hey, let’s encourage Louis who JUST started up his blog…yep! March 6, 2012 is when the first post squirted off the page. And Louis…lucky Louis…he lands on the Camelot (oops! Kerry’s) blog with a great big link to his site! Coincidence? Wethinkest not.

Now that one little episode would have gone unnoticed (certainly by me, I had sworn off Project Camelot for good, and even ended the endless Kerry Cassidy/Camelot  comments threads on  the website because I just couldn’t stomach it anymore) had it not been for the post Mr. WhiteAss posted about Sarah Stranga and the subsequent intel that popped up via Duncan O’Finioan’s informant about this “Louis Khan Nin” character.  You can read that here.

OK—making fun of celebrities and public figures, like George Nouri, Ms. Cassidy (who really IS beyond parody at this point), Alex Jones, Aaron McCollum…even Duncan (he’s a big man, can take care of himself)…even little old me…all within the realm of parody and satire…great fun! BUT—there is a line that is drawn when mental cruelty kicks in and this sick freak crossed it on several levels.

Louis As the Erotic Warrior of the Illuminati

As we ran through Louis’ various web assets, something disgusting came up: this guy is not even a clever parodist or satirist. He is a BOTTOM FEEDER PORNO WRITER who exploits vicitims for CA$H. But Louis, of course, is a true blue fan of himself. He wanted to participate in the weeny roast (ooops! Sorry there Louis) so he subscribed to Duncan’s blog:

Former White Hat just followed O’Finioan’s Blog.
 Blog URL: http://duncanofinioan.wordpress.com
 Here is their info:
      Name: Former White Hat
     Link: http://louiskahnnin.wordpress.com
     Gravatar Profile: http://gravatar.com/louiskahnnin
     Location: San Diego, California, United States

If one located this original Louis Kahn Nin WordPress site, one was greeted with blog posts featuring salacious prose and semi-pornographic graphics pimping (I use that term quite literally) Louis’ recent “literary” works…all featuring nubile young women in sexual poses with Illuminati/CIA/Mind Control themes.

Within hours of the time that we discovered this other side of Louis…’lo and behold, all the posts are DELETED!   For a “former white hat operative” this guy is pretty dense…REAL insiders cover their track BEFORE they get found out, eh, Louis? Fortunately, Google did cache a sample of the now-deleted site:

Click to enlarge image

Louis, how come you dumped the site contents so quickly—you should be so proud of yourself…a little “premature evacuation”, eh?

Fortunately for us, Louis is a true blue AMERIKAN capitalist and he cannot resist having his wares out there for the occasional coke-bottle glasses, drooling geek boy nutter to find—great fun!  And the PayPal dollars do add up. So, thanks to EBooks publisher, Smashwords, Mr. Kahn’s prodigious  output is still there all to see.

Just so we are clear (as clear as we can be in this “Alice-In-Wonderland” latrine): “FORMER WHITE HAT” is Louis Khan Nin, porno writer.

You Wanna Peek At Mine?

Let’s look at a couple of examples of Louis’ wonderful imagination, shall we?

 “I’ve strung you up like this for a reason,” she said. “I needed to know, for certain, that you could take my kind of pain and remain sexually stimulated. I also needed to demonstrate this fact to you, if it were true, which it clearly indeed is…You’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. You’re handsome, intelligent, articulate and,” grinning as she noted, “impressively hung. “ -My Afternoons of Agony & Delight

“Three stories, three confessions of a taboo nature by one perverted fellow. “ - Three Perverted Confessions

A Google search on Louis turns up pages of links to his little cottage industry business of writing grade B pulp fiction for wankers. The TWIST in his recent works appears to be attaching the MKUltra/mind control/black projects angle to his otherwise pathetic parade of useless porno. Yes, Louis is simply deploying good marketing here…ablbeit, marketing with a decidedly cruel spin to it.

Victimizing The Victims

Would you, for instance, find it funny if Louis used Down Syndrome patients in his books…or what about amputees…or perhaps deaf-mutes, or schizophrenia patients? Well, why NOT? After all, they too are ripe for the picking. In Louis’ world, EVERYONE is a slut, a “ho”, a slab of meat for ejaculatory pleasure…mind control victims—c’mon in!  After all—KERRY thinks it’s amusing.

Well, it’s not funny! What most people on this sicko planet do not grasp is that EVERYONE is under some form of mind control. The disclosers from secret projects are just the ones who have had the ability to narrowly escape out from under it and reveal details so that the rest of us might WAKE UP before we are all assimilated.

People like Miranda Kelly, Sarah Stranga, Barry King, Andy Basiago, and dozens of others NEVER did any of this for money! Not ONE of these witnesses have profited from their activites, and in most cases, have PAID DEARLY for coming forward. There is no money in the dark revelations by ex-project survivors. There is no profit—even in the “cottage industry” scale for books and videos by former mind control subjects, sex slaves, or MiLABS abductees.

Now, for Louis…well…it does appear there is a market—a squalorous, wretched , smelly market—for people who just want something quick to “get off”.  Pornography, on whatever level, whether you are the pathetic scraper like Louis, or the mega-hits, high gloss video mavens like Vivid, have always done well, financially. In fact, before there was a “web”, there was BBS and USENET with its thousands of private rooms where lurid little people exchanged grainy, cheesy porno GIF files.  Nothing new under the sun!

So glueing an MKULTRA/mind control/black projects theme onto carnal acrobatics is NOT new…it’s not original…and it is not even clever. Hiding behind a bogus blog that makes use of faux revelations about insiders…and mixing it up with an obvious doofus like Sean David Morton or David Wilcock simply muddies the waters. Funny, huh?

What is NOT funny is that all this serves to just create more public rejection of truths about our military-industrial complex world that places the average (or sub-average in the case of readers of Mr. “FWH”) into another layer of hypnotic trance state. We laugh, we point fingers, we smile, and CLICK! Back to FOX News or MSNBC for the REAL stuff. The surrealistic pillow falls into place for the sleepers who cannot ever wake up.

What is even more NOT FUNNY is that what was at one time a, presumed, serious “whistleblower” website like Project Camelot (a/k/a Kerry Cassidy) is now completely smeared by having posted such noxious bile in the first place*. FWH, a/k/a  pornographer, Louis Khan Nin cleverly used her (like the models on his porno book covers) to pull hits onto his bogus site—AND to his book site. OUCH! Even better, Louis serves his masters (who pay him nothing) in the deliberate abortion of the entire truth movement on the internet.

(*Even as this article was being prepared, AGAIN, Kerry Cassidy, was yucking it (LOL!) up with yet another Louis/FWH post:

Kerry is well aware that each time a FWH link is posted the numbers on the blog go up…encouraging this snickering, smack onthe back, “atta boy” comeraderie with pornographer Louis Kahn Nin’s cheesy mockery of the truth movement. THIS IS THE SURREAL ASPECT OF THE PUBLIC MEDIA MIND CONTROL!) Given the mocking tone of the articles, and the complete lack of sensitivity to certain subjects, it appears that Project Camelot is completely duplicitious in this regard. I will also note that Ms. Cassidy has long been fond of employing the term “white hats” in her work to distinguish supposedly “good” operatives inside the cabal.

In a media where click-through rates are measured in milliseconds, a site that can capture and hold attention for even a few minutes of cursory reading is considered to be effective. There are people, stupid and gullible enough, to actually follow this clown, and worse, even believe some parts of the glopped-together articles spilled across the pages. 

Kerry Cassidy knows this…her handlers know this. Project Camelot is VERY well-versed in the metrics of the web;  how to game it, and how to exploit every single nuance. Anyone who has studied even the titles and blurbs to Camelot videos understands the immediate impact they create. The grainy, hand-made videos. The erratic, “WEB 1.0” style of the site…the graphics that are designed to pull the eyes…and the subliminals that are laced into the interviews and articles. All great fun! And ”they” win, because, as McLuhan said: “The Medium IS the Message”.

At a time when serious issues have arisen in the alternative media: the Bill (Wood) Brockbrader videos and subsequent divisions; the current “stolen valor” lawsuit by Don Shipley filed in Florida; strife and name-calling, ridiculous and unconfirmable tales of elite arrests coming from Fulford…the endless litany of promises issued from “Galactic Councils” regarding “Peace and Prosperity” settlements…it goes on and on…WHY would Kerry promote an obvious sleazeball like Louis Khan Nin? Or why would she not? (The answers to these questions are partially cast in my article, The Alice In Wonderland Trance State).

Marginalizing “Mind Control”…The Media Ploy

Volume XXIV


I’m noticing on the forums, blogs and places like YouTube, there are some unfortunate situations arising. There is no doubt the diabolical sinister “Powers that Be” are engaging in some counter-intelligence  measures to dilute the efforts of many REAL Monarch, MILABS, MK Ultra conscriptees/survivors.  All of a sudden, we now have stereotypes forming for that dreaded word, Super Soldier. Apparently, they (Super Soldiers) are all military men of a hunky, handsome and youthful nature. Bullshit, it could be any man or women, even in your neighborhood and you would never know it!  I’m seeing videos on YouTube romanticizing being a “Super Soldier” and how they really don’t want to kill people, while they smile and laugh on camera, but it’s all done against their will.  Then there are the claims to be this generation and that generation Super Soldier and on and on and on.

Let’s get something straight.  I really don’t want to feed the word “Super Soldier” because it’s already been romanticized in movies like The  Men Who Stare at Goats etc.

It’s NOT  trendy nor romantic to: kill, rape, maim, torture or humiliate children.

It’s NOT  trendy nor cool to: assassinate people or damage property.

I’m really disgusted at all the smiling happy faces of the alleged  “New Generation”  Super Soldiers and MK Ultra/Monarch survivors. There is no doubt most of these people popping up are there to intentionally create confusion and disorder. Not all of them, but we know how to sort them out!

So, I ask the readers if any of these symptoms below are romantic, cool or trendy:

  1. Nightmares
  2. PTSD
  3. Shakes/Trembles
  4. Relives/Abreations
  5. Fear
  6. Panic  Attacks
  7. Rage
  8. Depression
  9. Sexual Problems
  10. DID/ MPD (Multiple Personalities)
  11. Health Problems
  12. Implants ( Having Implants Squealing, Buzzing)
  13. Being Abducted
  14. Cognitive Problems
  15. OCD
  16. Strange Obsessions
  17. Memories (Horrible Memories)
  18. Strange Capabilities ( Destroying Electronics being Near them)
  19. Constant Harassment
  20. Inability to Be “Normal” or make Friends or have Relationships


I could go on and on, but I think the readers will get the point. It is not trendy, romantic nor cool to be taken from your parents and tortured, given multiple personalities and forced to do things to other children and people that are nothing less than diabolical. Enough of this horse sh*t that it is awesome, fun or cool to be a Monarch, MILAB, or MK Ultra survivor.

If you really ARE a survivor, then you know the only word to describe your life is:


Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy – Skynet Rising: The A.I. Threat to Humanity’s Existence,

Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy – Skynet Rising: The A.I. Threat to Humanity’s Existence,

Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy | Skynet Rising: The A.I. Threat to Humanity’s Existence, March 14, 2012

Humanity Must ‘Jail’ Dangerous AI to Avoid Doom, Expert Says