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Sandy Hook: AI, Sleeper Activations and Time Stream Manipulations

Sandy Hook: AI, Sleeper Activations and Time Stream Manipulations

Sleepers Awake and Dream Warfare

The scope of reporting on the Sandy Hook shootings, from the alternative media is all over the map, and that is not criticism. Given the multi-dimensional components of mass mind control, it is reasonable to draw lines, intersect data, and beaware that these are also time stream manipulations (as  outlined in the post, James Holmes: Torture, AI, and Time Stream ManipulationOffPlanet Radio on July 29, 2012). 

I’ve been working with Temporal Illusions, it’s an illusion that allows you to change the past.” -James Eagan Holmes (December 13, 1987

 “In conclusion, my ambition – is for informing literate dreamers about a new currency; in a few days, you know I’m conscience dreaming! Thank you!- Jared Loghner-January 8, 2011 from his YouTube Video

We previously outlined the Dream Warfare strategies in our interview with reporter, Jon Kelly

Dream Warfare with Jon Kelly - Radio Show Podcast – OffPlanet 

Then, there is the mainstream media script, running incessantly to underscore the “talking points”, as we reviewed in the post, Sandy Hook: It Doesn’t Add Up
The time stream aspect is more compelling given the interval of 7 days prior to the December 21, 2012 solstice. Ritual blood-letting is the cabal’s method of intoning power prior to key time events, especially when coordinated to lunar and solar-based events. The Aurora, CO “Dark Knight” shootings took place 7 days (July 20) before the opening of the 2012 London Summer Olympics (July 27). The Sandy Hook School Shootings occurred on December 14…7 days before the highly celebrated 2012 Winter Solstice. Both events coordinated with the New Moon (Dark Moon), when an elliptical longtidue  conjunction places the moon closest to the sun.  

In a world of “coincidences” (we think not!), the triangulation of Sandy Hook in three seperate, seemingly unrelated, high profile events seems statistically unlikely. Yet Hurricane Sandy caused record waves (+30′) at Sandy Hook, NJ on the dark night of October 29, 2012 (the night of a full moon, also called the “harvest moon—remember that…we’ll come back to it in a moment). Then, December 14, 2012, is the Sandy Hook CT School Massacre, which is mirrored in the “Dark Knight Rises” film, as also is Aurora


 “Dark Knight Rises” Sandy Hook — click to see high resolution

The autumnal full moon called “harvest moon” is a fascinating image from the occult perspective: it is a time of harvesting and also the period when the seasonal “death” of fertility is celebrated. the image of the harvest is the siclkle, or scythe, a curved instrument used for cutting. It is described also as a “hook””


hook  (hk) n.

1.a. A curved or sharply bent device, usually of metal, used to catch, drag, suspend, or fasten something else.

b. A fishhook.

2. Something shaped like a hook, especially:

a. A curved or barbed plant or animal part.

b. A short angled or curved line on a letter.

c. A sickle.

3. a. A sharp bend or curve, as in a river.

b. A point or spit of land with a sharply curved end.

4. A means of catching or ensnaring; a trap.

Public domain image: Path of Hurricane Sandy-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sandy_2012_track.png(l)There are no “coincidences”: even the path of Hurricane Sandy resembles…a hook!


As Duncan O’Finioan stated (regarding the Tuscon shootings and the murder of Hollywood publicist, Ronnie Chasen):

“In my opinion, based upon my experiences and training, this was a hit.  This was not some random jerkoff, pissed off at the world, who decides one day to go out with a double stacked Glock and commit this incredibly heinous act…But the way this was done and the symbology indicated through the alleged writings of  this alleged shooter was, in my opinion, partly done to wake up sleepers.” - Duncan’s Blog-01-08-2011  (the blog is not longer online, quote is cited here for the record)

It does, indeed seem that the sleepers are waking up; or more correctly, being activated in sytematic patterns. The eymological hooks that connect Aurora, CO Hurrican Sandy ( Sandy Hook NJ slammed by Hurricane Sandy—a storm that was completely anomalous, even daunting meterologists as to its actual designation), through “The Dark Knight Rises” film, which is implanted with a data stream that points to both Aurora and Sandy Hook! 

This is NOT a Test!

Then, there is this nugget reported at the Daily Paul

FEMA Was Running a “Drill” Between 9am and 4pm on December 14th, in Connecticut!

Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection –in conjuction with FEMA — was running a drill at exactly 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, December 14, 2012, in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

This drill was called, “Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters.” 

(Special thanks to TommyPaine who came up with the original links!)



How many now recall this report:

Posted 4/18/2004 10:22 PM     Updated 4/19/2004 3:08 PM

NORAD had drills of jets as weapons
By Steven Komarow and Tom Squitieri, USA TODAY
WASHINGTON — In the two years before the Sept. 11 attacks, the North American Aerospace Defense Command conducted exercises simulating what the White House says was unimaginable at the time: hijacked airliners used as weapons to crash into targets and cause mass casualties.
One of the imagined targets was the World Trade Center. In another exercise, jets performed a mock shootdown over the Atlantic Ocean of a jet supposedly laden with chemical poisons headed toward a target in the United States. In a third scenario, the target was the Pentagon — but that drill was not run after Defense officials said it was unrealistic, NORAD and Defense officials say.
Validated independently in a post by Michael Kane:
On September 11, 2001, the Air Force was in its second day of annual wargame drills, titled VIGILANT GUARDIAN, designed to test national air response systems, which incidentally involved hijacking scenarios. In addition the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) which is staffed by military and CIA personnel, and is in charge of most American spy satellites, was running a drill for the scenario of an errant aircraft crashing into its headquarters. NRO headquarters also happens to be located just four miles from Washington?s Dulles airport ? where Flight 77 (the flight said to have hit the Pentagon) originated… 
Plausible deniability is always an operative in psy-ops. The presense of any agencies of the government, military, or intel agencies will be cloaked in “official”cover. The presence of government, military, and intelligence operatives is the pretext for an actual event, foreshadowed and paralleled.

The Media, AI, and Dreamtime Neuropathy

Understand, that these operatives, from the grunts on the ground to the men in the mission rooms—all of them—are pawns of a much more diabolical agenda. This does not absolve culpability. The mind controllers are, themselves, mind controlled. The scripts, if you will, are so finely nuanced that every detail has been mapped through AI (artificial intelligence) grids and time stream manipualtions that overlap media embeds into the fabric of “real time”— even flowing back and forth perceptually. 
Such events are holographic in their execution, compartmentalized in commission, and thematically woven into dream time neuropathy. Because they defy critical and logical assessment, the details escape untrained human detection and are subject to constant “re-writes” through media manipulation. They are mass trauma events designed to short circuit natural intuitive detection; yet, they operate subliminally to trigger pre-programmed responses—AND those responses are also injected into the collective by constant viral streams of information energetics via news and entertainment.
Since the JFK Assassination, hundreds of these mass trauma events have played out in the field of collective attention. Each event is orchestrated for consumption via media outlets which will map the information to best serve the agenda. Each event has multiple purposes, and are timed according to occult charts, utilizing deeply distorted spiritual principles. Discernment comes with turning off the media stream and turning on the intuitive, natural flow that is called wisdom.

Illuminist Predictive Programming: Sandy Hook & Aurora in Dark Knight Rises Batman Movie! Illuminati Genocide Psyop to Kill the 2nd Amendment ! (Good overview of the Batman connections—not a fan of the “2nd amendment” theory

The real, inside scoop on school shootings - Charts the media escapades around the Sandy Hook shootings

Tricked By The Light - great site to resource info. on matrix programming, soul harvesting, and media programming.


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NASA Senior Scientist Threatens Cold Fusion Advocate James Martinez

NASA Senior Scientist Threatens Cold Fusion Advocate James Martinez

Lest anyone forget: the road to alternative and free energy is littered with bodies, including Cold Fusion researcher and proponent, Eugene Mallove, whose 1989 book, “Fire From Ice”, documented the suppression of the successful “table top cold fusion” experiments by Fleischmann and Pons. Still suspect, as well, were the circumstances around the demise of Stanley Meyer, who developed 9 patents for a water fuel cell in 1990; and the claims by Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (Ret.) Thomas Bearden, over claims of suppression by government agencies and corporate interest.

Real simply: Alternative/free energy is a dangerous game.

The disclosure by James Martinez of a very specific threat by Dennis Bushnell, NASA Chief Scientist atNASA Senior Scientist, Dennis Bushnell  the Langley Research Center, is the sobering warning to the present generation of developers and researchers that forces within the establishment do not want cold fusion, and other alternative energy technologies released to the public. 

The following article was posted by Sterling Allan, the CEO and founder of Pure Energy Systems, Inc. and the New Energy Congress, and it details the facts behind a chilling conspiracy and one of its operatives. I spoke with Mr. Martinez from his home in Los Angeles on Friday evening, November 16 about the details of this report. Mr. Martinez will issue any additional statements about the events in this article at his website, coldfusionnow.org

James Marinez has previously appeared on OffPlanet Radio:


NASA Senior Scientist, Dennis Bushnell threatens James Martinez

YouTube Video

In preparation for the Global Breakthrough Energy conference in Holland, Martinez contacted Bushnell about speaking at the conference. Apparently pushing a button, Martinez instead received a tirade, including a threat of repercussions from Navy Seals.

By Sterling D. Allan 
Pure Energy Systems News

James Martinez made a shocking disclosure at the Global Breakthrough Energy Conferencein Hilversum, Holland, on November 11, 2012.

I knew what was coming because he had primed me for it earlier with some hints. So I had my camera out and shot a video of his statement when he made it during his scheduled lecture at the conference.

James lives in Los Angeles where he has many friends and associates in the world of Hollywood. His bio at http://globalbem.com/conference/speakers/ reads:

A media ecologist by trade, James Martinez has been spreading the word about the benefits of Cold Fusion, which he describes as man’s greatest invention since the wheel. Coming soon he will be appearing in the film “The Believers”, discussing the ramifications of Cold Fusion and the technological effects that face the world. Mr. Martinez aims to wake the public up from the deep electronic, hypnotic sleep where he believes most of America resides.

Martinez said that in preparation for the conference, he was seeking to find a high-profile, credible scientist to speak about LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, colloquially referred to as “cold fusion”). Someone had recommended Dennis Bushnell, Senior Scientist at NASA, who has given various presentations on LENR.

So he called Dr. Bushnell.

Apparently, in the course of the conversation, James said something that set Bushnell off, pushing a button, so to speak, and Bushnell launched into a tirade about how “dangerous” cold fusion is, and that James should do something else. When James reminded Bushnell that driving the streets of LA is pretty dangerous too, but that doesn’t stop him, Bushnell then said something about there being Seal teams on the East and West Coasts, as if to threaten him that if he didn’t comply and stand down, that there could be consequences.

Well, James isn’t that kind of person, one to be threatened and just remain silent.

Here’s the video of Martinez’ report.


On November 13, 2012, I phoned Bushnell on a recorded line (disclosed), to get his response, and he said the allegation was “crap.”

I asked Martinez what he thought of Bushnell’s response, to which he responded:

“It’s a lie. He knows the call is being recorded and he probably doesn’t want to confess anything. I don’t care either way. I’ll deal with it later. He’s shown his colors. End of story. I recall quite well…. Thanks for all you do.”

My Experience with Bushnell

While talking about Bushnell, I should share my personal experience with him when I met him at the Conference on Future Energy (COFE) in D.C. in 2006. Here was a high-ranking guy from NASA, so I asked him what he thought about UFOs. This was a one-on-one conversation at an outside-the-box conference, and I was kind of hoping he would say something like, “Officially, NASA doesn’t endorse this, but it is clearly obvious that we have visitors.”

But instead, he said something to the effect: “There is no way you can travel through space because of [cosmic ray] radiation.” 

To which I replied, “Surely an advanced civilization could come up with ways to shield against that.” 

But he tersely responded: “You can’t shield against it.”

I found that very lame, and lacking in imagination at best; but for someone as smart, informed, and connected as he is, he struck me as a cover-up agent, spouting a lie in support of a particular meme that NASA has turned into: namely giving the appearance of pushing the frontiers of space, while simultaneously denying the whole UFO/extraterrestrial thing; when in reality, the black budget projects, for which they are covering up, have had advanced flight technologies for decades.

My experience with Bushnell was consistent with the account that James gave at the conference. 

One other thing about this exchange that is troubling is that Bushnell specified the “Seals” as being agents at their behest to carry out such bully tactics.

I have a hard time believing that Constitution-loving Seals would have any involvement in such things, unless they were given some lie about their intended victim. I’ll tell you one thing: I couldn’t fathom serving in the U.S. military at this time in history, when the US has become more about empire than freedom. I wish some of those who have sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic, would do more to clean house than to follow orders by corrupt administrators.

Other Developments

Also in his presentation, Martinez said that his present focus is to bring funding to cold fusion technologies. When I was having breakfast with him on November 10, Martinez said he was tired of all the talk and wanted to see action.

Andrew Basiago On the Colbert Report…Very Funny!

Undoubtedly almost viral right now…Project Pegasus discloser, Andrew Basiago appeared on The Colbert Report Thursday October 11. The opening scene of the piece is a complete send up of Jessie Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” and totally hilarious. Disclosure by humor? Andrew is running for President in 2016…other candidtes could do worse. Hell, the disclosure movement could do worse.

Listen to the January 2012 OffPlanet Radio interview with Andrew Basiago:
Project Pegasus and Life On Mars with Andrew Basiago - Randy Maugans on January 30, 2012

Related article:  Project Pegasus-Andrew Basiago, Time Jumper - Journal Entry by Randy Maugans on March 19, 2011

Andrew Basiago: Project Pegasus | Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS)

Sarah Stanga and the Global Elite Satanic Matrix

Sarah Stanga and the Global Elite Satanic Matrix

This will be the second of three blog posts (part 1 here) related to what is occurring with certain “TIs” (targeted individuals) of our acquaintance.  I will just note up front that certain of the so-called “truth movement”/whistleblower websites /”white hat” operatives on the internet, including one that is widely known, will NEVER deal with this information. In fact, they will actively ignore, scoff, and discredit our information and even aid the cabalists in their attempts to shut down a proactive campaign to assist and empower TIs. (You know who you are, and so do we. We have named you!)

Sarah Stanga has been actively disclosing her involuntary participation in secret government programs, Satanic Ritual Abuse cults, and negative ET encounters in the UK. These programs run through the bloodline families of Europe, right up to the highest levels, and Sarah became entangled as an infant (in fact, identified before her birth) and has suffered torture, mind control, and  sexual abuse for ritual purposes.

As I discussed on the Wednesday night live show, the global elites revere the solstices as high events of opportunity for their rituals of debauchery and desecration. We knew that Sarah was travelling from Europe to the US to spend time in Sacramento, CA as a guest of Miranda Kelly, and to attend the Sacramento Duncan O’Finioan Survival Training sessions.

Behind the scenes we worked hard to weave protections around Sarah, and to cut off the negative energies that were coursing through the planet at that time. Sadly, Sarah was in an extremely vulnerable situation, as air travel is completely controlled by the global Illuminati minions. TIs, especially designated sacrificial vessels whom they have marked, and moreso, a TI who has broken programming, will never be allowed to travel freely, or to interact with those who offer them safe haven.

For Sarah, and many others like her, there exists no safe haven on Planet  Earth at this time. Designated TIs are effectively captured in a 3-D/astral matrix that continues to maraud, plunder, and desecrate human souls at levels which are still suppressed (yes, even by your so-called “truthers”).  The following is a reminder of WHY we do what we do, and why we seemingly oppose certainthe others in this space of the internet who appear to be exposing the dark cabalist matrix, yet impugn and denigrate certain witnesses…these do the bidding of their masters, and are controlled agents of the cabal under guise of “truth tellers”.

The following is from her blog post dated June 23. 2012:


I was supposed to be in Sacramento, California today, I was supposed to be at a seminar held by Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelly.

I am however in England instead after a hellish 38 hours of travel to the US and back.

I never actually made it out of the US Airport Charlotte, I landed in, as I was taken to US national Border Security offices, and interrogated for hours. They went through all of my personal email correspondence, all of my health records, my blog, my connections to Duncan and Miranda and other people in the “Truth Movement”. They decided that I was a threat to American Citizens, and also a possible illegal immigrant! They told me that I can never use the ESTA to gain entry to the US and if I wish to travel there again, will need a full visa to gain entry to the country. I was psychically interrogated also, had agents scanning my thoughts and memories, I know I was in trance for several hours and there is missing time, as the interrogation took 2 hours but I was held for at least 6. I was made to feel like a criminal, and also made to feel plain crazy and deluded. I was bullied, an understatement, and treated like an animal. I was made to sign a sworn statement, which does not include all of the information I gave them in the interrogation, and as such has twisted the information I gave them about myself. No witnesses were present on my behalf so it is my word against theirs. They said I had no way of supporting myself once in the US, and that there was no proof of any residence I was going to be staying at (even though there has been email correspondence minimum in that regard).

Let me make it plain, I had a renewed and updated passport, ESTA and there was nothing to really prevent me from entering the US.

I also started menstruating at about this time, and on my way back to England, was further detained at Frankfurt Airport in Germany, and again, threatened and warned about speaking out about anything that has ever happened to me. there were satanic and NSA and MI5/MI6 agents wherever I went and a heavy police presence. This was on the day of the Solstice, and there is missing time at Frankfurt also, and I believe that my feminine condition has been potentially used in that regard for ritual. I have also been told never to return to Germany either.

I have been threatened with my life, had satanic attacks all the way through my journey, and also remote viewers, there were agents even on the planes I flew on. There was also grey alien visitations on the plane on the way to the US and I saw people sleeping who were astrally abducted.

I am exhausted and the threats continue and they are serious. The threats relate to any information I could give on my memories and experiences. The threats are to take my life should I speak out any more.

So, to those of you who still think this is a game, or that this is glamorous or funny, think again. I have had many attempts made on my life over the years, before I even came forward with my life story, so I really never had anything to loose and knew the risks I was taking.  They are angry at me coming forward and this is their revenge.

The third article I will post shortly will detail why the true whistleblowers—victims of this global system—are being harrassed, intimidated, and constantly stalked; and the outcome when one decided to step back rather than risk the horrible consequences that arise from actively disclosing and resisting the Illuminati and their league of agents, operatives, and enforcers. We should all weep at the disgraceful way in which a dvine human soul is pillaged, and we should never allow glib, well-backed disinformation artists to seize control of our consciences in support of the masters of death.

Duncan O’Finioan -Walk In Two Worlds Sacramento, CA-June 22, 2012

This will be the first of a number of blog posts this weekend…there is a lot occurring and it needs to be discussed. We did a brief interview with Duncan at the opening session in Sacramento over Skype that cover some points I will take up in later posts.

Duncan O’Finioan news conference from the opening session of the Sacramento, CA Multi-Dimensional Survival Training and Healing Seminar:

Mission statement

The demonic storm apparition in Minnesota (see notes in comments below regarding the validitiy of the photo location)

Goals in training 

Scoffers, critics and cynics

Music and warfare

The gathering of the family 

Interview and video production by Randy Maugans for OffPlanet Radio