The Cult of NASA and the Hoagland Factor

The Cult of NASA and the Hoagland Factor

Was Dick Cheney’s acolyte, Dr. George A. Keyworth II, Hoagland’s “funnel” to gain public acceptance of militarized deep space project?

“Hoagland is a highly charismatic individual who possesses an enormously bloated ego. Extremely articulate, he has an ability to persuasively argue a case even when basic facts speak against him. Though by no means the genius he believes himself to be, he is nonetheless endowed with above-average intelligence and is capable of thinking quickly on his feet.”- John C. Haich, Do the Owls want to shut down Richard C. Hoagland? 

Theories abound on the internets, nowhere more abundantly than the conspiracy theories that wrap around Secret Space Programs and the murky culture of NASA. In the microcosm of this millieu, one figure stands tall in the saddle: Richard C. Hoagland. He elicits any number of responses, from rapturous adulation for his fearless “outings” of NASA agenda, to a feel of the clammy, cold touch felt in his presence by those who feel he is far too smarmy and facile with facts and scientific principles. 

We hold the view that, at best, Richard simply runs a cottage industry on the fumes of his somewhat ambivalent career with the agency. At worse, he may be far deeper into the heart of the beast than anyone suspects. There is a hierarchy within the conspiracy/whistleblower “community”. One with perks for the successful…the ones who can step gracefully between the stages of the conferences, where sales and speaking fees abound, and the cordons of power where they are “fed” the doses presented to the crowds. It’s a nimble action, and one that is rarely done well. Mr. Hoagland appears to have learned his dancing lessons well!


“It should be noted that Mars anomaly researchers and their followers comprise a particularly unsophisticated target audience with firmly entrenched beliefs and the community as a whole exhibits many of the characteristics associated with a cult. When confronted with apparently official claims or data which tend to reinforce these beliefs they have repeatedly demonstrated an inability to do anything other than accept them at face value. On the odd occasion when blatant evidence of manipulation has come to light they have either been inclined to discount it on the grounds that their small community is far too intelligent to be so easily duped or if they do recognize it to form ludicrous conclusions usually involving some form of New Age psycho-babble.”- John C. Haich, “Do the Owls want to shut down Richard C. Hoagland?”

crop “circle” in Hampshire, England depicting a cartoonish alien holding up a disk.This is a long read, but offers insight into the Richard Hoagland background that deserves review from those who WANT to be objective. Most interesting is the inclusion of Goro Adachi‘s 2002 End Game” series, a synchronistic analysis of the Hoagland infrared photos he proffered to Art Bell as proof of Cydonia structures, and a 2002 crop circle in Hampshire, England which was encrypted with a warning message about DECEPTION:
“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. EELRIJUE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)”
For the  reader who is fluent in the Adachi language of “Time Rivers”, this may be the best interpretation of all…logic fails where deep deception abounds”
The article: 


  • Richard C. Hoagland is an agent of influence for the Center for Security Policy.
  • Hoagland’s handler is Dr. George A. Keyworth II, former science advisor to President Ronald Reagan.
  • The Center for Security Policy uses Hoagland and his “Enterprise Mission” to bolster public interest in Mars exploration in order to apply pressure to President Bush to support a significant increase in funding for the space program under the auspices of Project Prometheus.
  • The goal of Project Prometheus is the development of enabling technologies for the military control of space under the cover of peaceful space exploration.
  • The program has the backing of Vice President Dick Cheney and NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe.




Dream Warfare, MKUltra, and Death Cult Operatives

Dream Warfare, MKUltra, and Death Cult Operatives

One of the recurrent themes on OffPlanet is MKUltra mind control; this article covers some developing memes that tie in to, not only high profile mass shootings, but also ET Technology, creepy occult and ritualistic signatures in many violent “staged” events, and the probability that “Dream Warfare” technology is being deployed on citizens, globally, by agencies like FEMA and NSA….Developing….

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By Jon Kelly

Erich “Mancow” Muller“This guy would call me on my radio show and say, ‘I visited you in your dreams last night’”, explained US syndicated talk radio host Erich “Mancow” Muller while speaking to this reporter during an interview that aired this week on The Mancow Experience.  Mr. Muller was responding to descriptions of AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ secret messages heard in audio recordings of her voice played through a mirror filter during the 15-minute segment. The messages disclosed secret unconscious political intelligence relating a “nightmare” scenario in which she saw former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin receiving news of the representative’s death. previously covered this story, along with an article in which Jared Loughner’s secret messages revealed his unconscious intent to “load guns and kill” over 3 months prior to his alleged involvement in the Tucson, AZ shooting tragedy during which 6 people were killed and 13 injured.

“I began to feel a foreign presence in my dreams. He would tell me what I dreamed about.  He’d also tell me about what I did before I went to bed. And in great detail.” This reporter, Jon Kelly, theVancouver UFO Examiner for Examiner,com, spoke to Mr. Muller’s Chicago-based broadcast via telephone from his local Vancouver, BC mobile audio lab, where the forensic audio samples of unconscious disclosures from Gabrielle Giffords, Sarah Palin, Jared Loughner and many others had been developed over a 12-year period. Next week marks the 10-year anniversary of a bold and ground-breaking report from the Vancouver lab that described 2003’s “Shock and Awe” strikes against Baghdad at the beginning of the US-led Iraq War. The report was released to the public in late January 2001, 2 years before the war began.

Targeting Civilians has reported that Dream Warfare is ”a method of invasive unconscious subversion and control employed by death-cult black operatives to intervene and disrupt the normal rest states of civilian populations, These attacks induce the mind of the victim to experience traumatic and psychologically devastating scenarios during sleep. According to confidential sources, one such scenario involves receiving news of death. Due to their intensity, dream warfare incidents can potentially induce heart attacks along with other side effects and are considered by experiencers to be extremely dangerous.”

Mr. Muller clarified: “[Y]ou talk about Dream Warfare. We think about the movie Dreamscape, which was with [Dennis] Quaid. But also the critically acclaimed movie that was out a year or so ago calledInception. I had a listener visit me in my dreams and also told me about what was going on in my bedroom in very specific detail. I know what I dreamed last night.”

He confirmed to the Mancow audience how, due to his personal experience, he could relate to the possibility that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was subjected to the same kind of treatment, during which invasive nightmares were generated in her sleep by agents of a death-cult agenda committing acts of psychological warfare against targeted civilians. Other major US media outlets related to the description of these events as well. The conservative Dallas Morning News indexed this reporter’s initial “Dream Warfare” story upon its release.

A frequent contributor to FOX TV’s FOX and Friends, Mancow Muller described what for him became a personal self-defense solution against Inception-like dream invasions, a tool that helped him regain dominion over the sanctity of his personal dream-space. “[T]his listener called me several times. I bought a white noise machine that played beside my bed and that was able to block him … [H]e called me and said “You’re playing a noise in your bedroom now. I can’t break through.”

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Journal Entry by Exotica on January 15, 2011
Jared Loghner-January 8, 2011 “In conclusion, my ambition – is for informing literate dreamers about a new currency; in a few days, you know I’m conscience dreaming! Thank you!- Jared Lee Loughner from his YouTube Video “The preliminary profile of Mark Lee Loughner indicates that …
Journal Entry by Exotica on January 29, 2011 

Duncan O’Finioan: Part 2-”Stormbringer” Journal Entry by Exotica on April 2, 2011


Time Travel at CERN , Or Dimensional Rift?

Time Travel at CERN , Or Dimensional Rift?

Time travel may find home in Large Hadron Collider

Vanderbilt University researchers to try out time travel theory - By Layer 8 on Wed, 03/16/11 – 10:56am.

Vanderbilt University researchers hope to check out in theLarge Hadron Collider - the world’s largest atom smasher located in Switzerland (CERN). “

The mission of the Large Hadron Colider (LHC) at CERN, Switzerland, has always been murky. Although scientists, using arcane technical jargon seem to have mapped out the mission of the super collider project, the actual end game of this monstrous “instrument” have nevertheless eluded the average person’s understanding. 

Amid the numerous safety concerns (no pun intended) and shutdowns, are unsettling questions about the theoretical science that underpins the assumptions of the working groups around the LHC. Reports, often unconfirmed, hint that CERN LHC already exhibits capabilities to open portals, may be either more disinfo, OR a “hint” as to the agenda at CERN. Again, because the theoretical science, itself, is inconsistent, specualtion on outcomes of key experiments remains veiled, but begs the question: “What the hell are they doing?”

In two recent Exotica shows with ex-Project Talent asset, Duncan O’Finioan, listeners have heard a far more ominous tale: that CERN is a portal for bringing onto the planet an army of nearly immortal interdimensional beings. An experiment so dangerous, that it must be stopped. According to O’Finioan: “…they crossed the line…” (hear the interviews: Part 1 and Part 2).

The current status of the LHC, as reported January 2011, is in a post-shutdown evaluation. It is reported that CERN now plans to run the LHC in 2011, and continue full scale LHC runs into 2013. While press reports continue to available from the CERN consortium, the substanitive data is currently locked down on the website.

Given the above article issuing from Vanderbilt University, regarding possible “time travel” experiments, and the persistent expectations from researchers that the LHC has the potential to unlock “parallel universes” (“CERN scientists eye parallel universe breakthrough” at – links now dead!), we should watch carefully what is going on at the CERN LHC. The information I am seeing indicates that the pronouncements by Duncan O’Finioan have far more weight than the casual listener may understand…largely because there is, in my opinion, deliberate obfuscation of the intentions at CERN, and likely more black science of the type evidenced at Montauck and other earlier attempts to manipulate space-time. 

The grave consequences of the Manhattan Project (1942-1946), which unleashed the deadly power of the nuclear bomb, and opened the era of unthinkable destruction…even,according to Robert Oppenheimer, “…Shiva, the destroyer of worlds…”, pales in comparison to the enormous consequences of humanity faced with the potential rupture of the membranes between dimensions, and the attendant “dark matter”—of which we hold only a clue as to potential consequences. That same “Shiva” now stands on the grounds at CERN…a grim harbinger of what may well be the final excursion by man into the realms of powers he does not comprehend, not can control.

Tuscon Shooter and the “Randomness Effect”

Tuscon Shooter and the “Randomness Effect”

MKUltra Family Tree

“Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails just call me Lucifer
I’m in need of some restraint

So if you meet me, have some courtesy 
Have some sympathy and some taste
Use all your well learned politics
Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, mmm yeah

Pleased to meet you…Hope you guess my name, 
But what’s puzzling you 
Is the nature of my game…”-The Rolling Stones, “Sympathy For the Devil”

Stringing together the long list of “coincidences” in so-called “random acts of violence” soon becomes a game of kamikaze jigsaw puzzle. Randomness by no means equals unplanned. The recent Tuscon shooting has imprints of both MkUltra and Satanic ritual events…always ask: what connect the dots? What does Jared Loughner share with….oh, lets say, Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Whitman (the Austin clock tower shooter ca. 1966), Charles Manson, the Columbine HS massacre perps, and Oregon school shooter, Kip Kinkle……Seung Hui Cho, VA Tech in 2007…all seeming randomness. How does the shooting of a Hollywood publicist intersect with the “random” shootings in Tuscon…look deeper…and on it goes.

Randomness by the Numbers

The toll: 6 killed, 13 wounded.

The NINE year old year girl, born on 9-11-2001—nine is a deeply occult number connected to Crowley, The Beatles, the Ennead or triple trinity of the 33 (degree)—her death symbolically resolves the mystery ritual of 911 which began the NWO/Mystery Babylon take down of America, and moves the numeric sequence from 11 to 13.

9 is, according to Blavatsky, the number of Belial, the Waster, and chief of the 9th order of demons.





Tuscon is at the  32° 13′ North latitude

The astronaut husband is a TWIN—Gemini; scheduled to go up on NASA’s STS 134 mission.

Tuscon is the city of the twin sun (Two Sun(s))

Then, I found an article where a woman located the 32nd shell casing from the event lodged in her purse a few days ago. this is a signal that there may yet be one more bullet in the ritual (the one reserved for the perp)—the VA Tech shootings in 2007 by Cho had 33 victims:

from CNN

In addition, authorities said Wednesday that the gunman apparently fired 32 shots, one more than previously thought. A woman found a bullet casing in her purse several days later, Kastigar said.

“A woman who was around the shooting scene that day found the casing and reported it to police,” he said. “It fits right into our investigation. We always knew Loughner had one round in his chamber and 31 in the magazine.”

Mind Games

Still threading through it, but there are earmarks of MKUltra in the YouTube postings by Loughner, including key trigger phrases such as “conscious dreaming” —- or controlled hallucinations.

While not all these events were likely direct MKUltra planned, they bear the fruits of over 60 years of mind control projects that intersect the use of heavy drugs from the M-I complex, obscure Satanic inferences, and direct or indirect military influence. Understand the mystical matrix orchestrates media intensive focus…what ELSE is going on? what message is being sent? Inconsequential operatives become integral parts of the ongoing trauma-based conditioning of the masses. Randomness, so-called, is merely a ruse for the REAL picture…the message embeds in the public conscience.

Jared Loghner-January 8, 2011“In conclusion, my ambition – is for informing literate dreamers about a new currency; in a few days, you know I’m conscience dreaming! Thank you!-Jared Lee Loughner from his YouTube Video

Pundits Weigh In

“The preliminary profile of Mark Lee Loughner indicates that he may be a person going through genuine programming under MKULTRA by mind control methods and programming by on-the-ground MKULTRA agents designed to disorient the individual mind and turn the individual into a ‘Manchurian candidate’ type assassin.”-AZ Congresswoman assassination scenario has MKULTRA profile, drug & space target -Alfred Lambremont WebreSeattle Exopolitics Examiner January 8th, 2011

I kept quiet about the hit on Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, but I cannot keep quiet now.

In my opinion, based upon my experiences and training, this was a hit.  This was not some random jerkoff, pissed off at the world, who decides one day to go out with a double stacked Glock and commit this incredibly heinous act…But the way this was done and the symbology indicated through the alleged writings of  this alleged shooter was, in my opinion, partly done to wake up sleepers.  Anyone with even a tangential knowledge of the government’s mind control programs such as MK ULTRA can readily and immediately see in these videos posted by the alleged shooter that they smack of programming, suspiciously worded phrasing, numbers, and direct mention of mind control and brainwashing.” -Robert Duncan O’FinioanDuncan’s Blog-01-08-2011

Video: “Aleister Crowley: Prophet of Evil” – William Ramsey

Video: “Aleister Crowley: Prophet of Evil” – William Ramsey

William Ramsey:

Announcing a new documentary detailing the life of devil worshiper and
drug addict Aleister Crowley, a man called the “Wickedest Man In The World” and “A Man We’d Like To
Hang” by the British press. Also includes some information about his followers from the forthcoming book, “Children of the Beast: the Disciples of Aleister Crowley.”  

Documentary video-90 minutes.  

Trailer: Aleister Crowley: Prophet of Evil