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Andrew Basiago On the Colbert Report…Very Funny!

Undoubtedly almost viral right now…Project Pegasus discloser, Andrew Basiago appeared on The Colbert Report Thursday October 11. The opening scene of the piece is a complete send up of Jessie Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” and totally hilarious. Disclosure by humor? Andrew is running for President in 2016…other candidtes could do worse. Hell, the disclosure movement could do worse.

Listen to the January 2012 OffPlanet Radio interview with Andrew Basiago:
Project Pegasus and Life On Mars with Andrew Basiago - Randy Maugans on January 30, 2012

Related article:  Project Pegasus-Andrew Basiago, Time Jumper - Journal Entry by Randy Maugans on March 19, 2011

Andrew Basiago: Project Pegasus | Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS)

“Drake” Protected by ETs/EDs?

From JohnKettler.com

ETs/EDs, Spooks, “Drake” And The “Plan”

ETs/EDs Involved In The “Plan” “Drake’s” Talking About–Paying Off A Karmic Debt

ETs/EDs who owe humankind a great karmic debt are apparently an integral part of “The Plan” being publicly discussed by “Drake” and widely reported on the Internet. ETs/EDs’ involvement may explain how the security lid has been kept on–for decades–on a secret supposedly now known by 90% percent of the Pentagon officers, yet unknown to the writer’s highly cleared contacts.

ConspiracyHidden HistoryNewsNWOUFOs ,
Alex Collier-The Return of the Demi-Gods

Alex Collier-The Return of the Demi-Gods

Alex Collier interview with Shiny Demise Radio: The great deception now riffing through the internet about global financial reform. Collier says that Fulford and Wilcock info are sincere—BUT (and we have said this)–-there is a whole other level of deception by the elites and the offworlders/Annunaki…

Download Alex Collier – 03-02-2012-Interview/Statement

Note: Alex mentions YouTube videos from Steve Quayle and Tom Horn in this interview. BE WISE: Quayle and Horn come from a level of internal deception as they hold to a literal, fundamentalist view of the Book of Revelation. As Alex points out, this is a collective meme implanted into the human collective conciousness for hundreds of years, and a self-fulfilling prophecy. Likewise, be very wary of channeled information coming from “galactic councils”, “archangels” and offworld beings that are promoting a “new age” of liberation for humanity—this is all part of a huge web of deception!

Alex Collier is a contactee of the Andromedan Council, who have given him a great deal of information that can be viewed and assessed here: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_andromedacom.htm

Dan Fogelberg- “Make Love Stay”


UFO Fleet Over Homestead, Florida USA -16TH February 2012


Uploaded by  on Feb 17, 2012

Credit tubeding

Witness report: I’m not a “UFO” “aliens” “I believe” type of person but this was intense -* I saw this on my way to work this morning in Homestead Florida. It was a huge fireball at first that broke up into smaller pieces. I thought it was a huge comet or a piece of the space station. They were coming down hard and fast and then they just stopped in mid air and started hovering back and forth slowly in curved S like movements. They then just disappeared. They were very similar to the el paso UFO sightings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEtTl9cGrJc I know this cause I looked it up after the fact. I have never been into alien ufo sightings. If anyone saw this this morning hit up the comments. It left me shaken for a bit.

Orbs and Chemtrails?

Orbs and Chemtrails?

Wonderful website…amazing material—this is a huge connection:

PLANET DOVE’S JOURNAL - Inter Dimensional Photos of Orbs, Fairies and Others

Orbs and Chemtrails?

Dear Light Walker ~
One year ago I began to wake up to ‘chemtrails’.   I had heard about them, and dismissed them as too bizarre to believe, and no big deal.
One winter evening there were chem trails in the sky at ‘orb time’ (twilight) and so these photos have both elements.  Since that beginning I began to pay more attention to what was happening in the skies. Over the summer I spent 100 days studying and observing the jets, the persistent trails and the patterns in the clouds triggered by electromagnetic frequencies. (EMF) So now I know, from first hand observation, that there is definitely weather/sky tampering going on all around us, every day.
I was staggered to discover how intense this daily activity of spraying has become and that it is happening in many countries (G20 countries) around the globe.  The most visible results of heavy spraying are long white streaks in the sky, ‘white skies’ without clouds and ‘dimmed sun’, plus the very weird cloud patterns stimulated by EMF.
So these photos mark the beginning of my year long journey of discovery ~

One Love~  Planet Dove~

ps:Think Blue Sky!