Lisa Harrison Interview with Mars Jumper Brett Stillings

Lisa Harrison interview with Mars jumpers, Brett Stillings, who was a colleague of Andrew Basiago. Mars, teleportation, jump rooms, Barry Sortero (a/k/a-Barak Obama)—a team of ten children trained to travel to Mars…Remote viewer, Col. Ed Dames as trainer; a Mars colony with MILLIONS of settlers…???


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Leah Haley on Alien Abduction: “It Doesn’t Happen” ????

Military mind control linkages to ET abductions…read between the lines…

I am not prepared to abandon all ET abductions to what Leah Haley describes in this article, but it does shore up my suspicions that many abductions were/are military-related. That does NOT wipe out the testimonies of credible survivors of ET abductions, it simply—in an extreme way—adds to the sense that the military-intelligence-industrial complex has deep hooks in these proceedings. One theory does not exclude the other. Leah Haley is entitled to her views, and her position. Her testimony provides much anecdotal proof of the MiLAB phenomena.

“The most important thing about my case,” she said, “is that my memories were of alien abductions, and that after spending thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars and years and years and years of research trying to find evidence that alien abductions occurred, the only evidence I found is of human-instigated mind control.”  

It is also worth noting her comments regarding hypnotic regression from the MUFON director of abductions, John Carpenter:

Carpenter conducted some 14 regressive hypnosis sessions with Haley, encouraging her to accept alien abduction, before selling her case file. In what became known as the Carpenter Affair, Carpenter betrayed 140 clients and alleged alien abductees when he accepted $14,000 for their case files. The purchaser was Robert Bigelow, whose activities and associates never stray far from controversy. Non-lethal weapons expert and consultant to the CIA, Colonel John B. Alexander, was termed a science advisor to Bigelow at the time.

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The Sarah Stanga Blog

The Sarah Stanga Blog

Sarah StangaHighly recommended: For those interested in, or survivors of elite programming, sex slavery, mind control, SRA, occult ritual techniques, and/or negative ET contacts—Sarah Stanga, who has a series of videos released on the internet as Bases 10: THe Sarah Stanga Blog—now has her own blog presence with updates and articles. 

Sarah has been subject to all kinds of torture and harassment which continues and has even escalated of late with her coming forward. She has paid a very large price to bring YOU this information. She is subject to astral and electronic attack, being followed, having complete strangers accost her and scream at her in public, and being messed with on every level – mental, emotional, psychic and physical.”-Miranda Kelly, ex-Project Talent survivor/discloser 

Sarah Stanga’s Blog

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UK Rendlesham Forest Incidents NOT ETs?

UK Rendlesham Forest Incidents NOT ETs?

A government-implemented test on nuclear workers using a plasma generator?

“Not only was it a behavioural sciences research project but it was also an opportunity for them to field test various very highly advanced technologies.”  

This article seems to be shaking up the UFO/ET research community right now. Below some excerpts, please read the entire article and decide for yourself. I have two opposing sources for this story and we will discuss it on the Wednesday Live show with James C. Horak.

Article posted February 3, 2012 by UFO ivestigator/contactee, Sacha Christie

Friday, 3 February 2012

Rendlesham Revealed

What Really Happened

I think it’s fair to say that I have found something that totally puts the Rendlesham Forest incidents in to context. A hollow victory on my part… I wanted it so desperately to be an Extra terrestrial event, but it was not. For the past few days the implications and realisations have been hitting me one after the other. I feel bruised all over, not so much maybe as the people involved but never the less this has been the most eye opening shocker of a life time. for 30 years this has been a riddle that has grown out of all proportion.

Maybe this will all fall on deaf or indignant ears but I was in search of the truth and I have found that truth, and I shall deliver it as it is because it’s what I set out to do. After all the hostilities and the anguish of the men involved, I just hope this helps in the sense that Justice for Bentwaters is finally delivered, for all of them, but especially for my very good friend Larry Warren who out of all of them “remembered” and NEVER changed his story, not like some. When you have finished reading this you will know that Larry Warren is the most reliable witness in history.
The events that occurred over that weekend were the actualisation of a joint forces research project into the behavioural science of staff on nuclear bases. This exercise involved all three forces and was instigated by the DNA and developed between defense agencies and contractors. It was all planned.

The lights seen zooming about the forest… Plasma…. They employed a plasma generator. Here is a communication from Andrew Pike to me a few years ago.

“While we were investigating, there was also a report of a group of UK Army personnel guarding an object on the roadside. These objects, including the one by the roadside, were described as cylinder or torpedo shaped, with a molten metal appearance, fluid-like, with rainbow colours across their surfaces, some were actually dripping molten metal. Then on 26 December 1980 I was infomed about red, plasma lights and ‘UFOs’ which had been seen in Suffolk close to Rendlesham Forest. These ‘UFOs’ were dripping molten metal and had posssibly crashed into the forest. There was also reports of lights seen off the coast of the now famous Orfordness Lighthouse. There was also a report of something either crashing into the North Sea or leaving it around 9pm on Christmas night”. 
He ends with “What of the cylinders from the sea with rainbow colours and fluid surfaces”?

I’ll tell you Andrew/everyone…  Along with just a few patents of the technology used.

Plasma Charged Bolts. 
Plasma generator. 
Ion beam. 
Charged particle beam accelerator .
Leaky coaxal cable device developed from the “Stafish”
Solid state Doppler radar.
Triaxial tactile sensor… was this what Jim touched? 
ELF visual, audio and emotional stimulation
From James Horak on Facebook:

  • James Horak commented on
    Has the second technology or hidden technology this capability? That is the question to be asked. 1977 might seem early on, but had it existed the need to employ it might have been aroused by incidents such as the lengthy Colares UFO event in Brazil that occurred the same year. I believe this is a cover for just such concerns to keep people from knowing the real reason behind such a monstrous deployment of secret technology…the need to safeguard against intrusion from those that has expressed such off-earth abilities as those exhibited at Colares. JCH

    Breaking News of upmost proportions. This article was totally inspired by friend Sacha Christie and was worked on and presented with her support and heavy

      • James Horak Or, even more significantly, to suggest, imply or deceive that government military elements can handle ET technology. A myth that will help foster later on the hostile alien thesis. The thesis doesn’t work unless there is an implanted (but invalid) suggestion that mankind here has any way of countering actual ET threat. JCH

Sarah Stanga

Disturbing, raw video interview with Sartah Stanga… 4 hour interview in 2 parts. The details require a strong stomach and the replay button. Marred by insensitive questioning by interviewer, Miles Johnson, but required viewing for anyone who wishes to grasp the whole childhood stolen phenom:

Bases 10 The Sarah Stanga Blogs

  • In what is the most traumatic and highly disturbing BASES to date, we introduce Sarah Stanga, who came to The AMMACH Project for help. She has compiled a series of long blogs, parts of which are included in this major 4 hour interview in 2 parts.
  • The subject matter involves ritual child abuse, Shadow Beings (NOT ETs) US, UK & German Military, MILABs, training very young children in psychic warfare.
  • This further connects Shadow beings, which are known for their involvement in Crop Circles, Circle makers, UFOs, Greys and UK military.
  • 10ft tall German “Non Humans”, in German Castles, Greys, at MILAB BASES IN THE UK, All material alluded to in Bases One, by Barry King.
  • James Casbolt is mentioned, in one of these groups, as Sarah describes her life from a very early age and alluded to in her Blog.
  • Now she is being “Gang Stalked”
  • Highly disturbing material.
  • Stanga independently deducted much of the material sourced and researched at a major West London broadcaster, so accurately, she was initially thought of as a “company” plant, to discredit the investigation.

The Cult of NASA and the Hoagland Factor

The Cult of NASA and the Hoagland Factor

Was Dick Cheney’s acolyte, Dr. George A. Keyworth II, Hoagland’s “funnel” to gain public acceptance of militarized deep space project?

“Hoagland is a highly charismatic individual who possesses an enormously bloated ego. Extremely articulate, he has an ability to persuasively argue a case even when basic facts speak against him. Though by no means the genius he believes himself to be, he is nonetheless endowed with above-average intelligence and is capable of thinking quickly on his feet.”- John C. Haich, Do the Owls want to shut down Richard C. Hoagland? 

Theories abound on the internets, nowhere more abundantly than the conspiracy theories that wrap around Secret Space Programs and the murky culture of NASA. In the microcosm of this millieu, one figure stands tall in the saddle: Richard C. Hoagland. He elicits any number of responses, from rapturous adulation for his fearless “outings” of NASA agenda, to a feel of the clammy, cold touch felt in his presence by those who feel he is far too smarmy and facile with facts and scientific principles. 

We hold the view that, at best, Richard simply runs a cottage industry on the fumes of his somewhat ambivalent career with the agency. At worse, he may be far deeper into the heart of the beast than anyone suspects. There is a hierarchy within the conspiracy/whistleblower “community”. One with perks for the successful…the ones who can step gracefully between the stages of the conferences, where sales and speaking fees abound, and the cordons of power where they are “fed” the doses presented to the crowds. It’s a nimble action, and one that is rarely done well. Mr. Hoagland appears to have learned his dancing lessons well!


“It should be noted that Mars anomaly researchers and their followers comprise a particularly unsophisticated target audience with firmly entrenched beliefs and the community as a whole exhibits many of the characteristics associated with a cult. When confronted with apparently official claims or data which tend to reinforce these beliefs they have repeatedly demonstrated an inability to do anything other than accept them at face value. On the odd occasion when blatant evidence of manipulation has come to light they have either been inclined to discount it on the grounds that their small community is far too intelligent to be so easily duped or if they do recognize it to form ludicrous conclusions usually involving some form of New Age psycho-babble.”- John C. Haich, “Do the Owls want to shut down Richard C. Hoagland?”

crop “circle” in Hampshire, England depicting a cartoonish alien holding up a disk.This is a long read, but offers insight into the Richard Hoagland background that deserves review from those who WANT to be objective. Most interesting is the inclusion of Goro Adachi‘s 2002 End Game” series, a synchronistic analysis of the Hoagland infrared photos he proffered to Art Bell as proof of Cydonia structures, and a 2002 crop circle in Hampshire, England which was encrypted with a warning message about DECEPTION:
“Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. EELRIJUE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)”
For the  reader who is fluent in the Adachi language of “Time Rivers”, this may be the best interpretation of all…logic fails where deep deception abounds”
The article: 


  • Richard C. Hoagland is an agent of influence for the Center for Security Policy.
  • Hoagland’s handler is Dr. George A. Keyworth II, former science advisor to President Ronald Reagan.
  • The Center for Security Policy uses Hoagland and his “Enterprise Mission” to bolster public interest in Mars exploration in order to apply pressure to President Bush to support a significant increase in funding for the space program under the auspices of Project Prometheus.
  • The goal of Project Prometheus is the development of enabling technologies for the military control of space under the cover of peaceful space exploration.
  • The program has the backing of Vice President Dick Cheney and NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe.