Syria/Iran News Blackout?

We do agree that the mainstream media are deliberately locked down on the Iran/Syria pressure pot right now. This is a hellish scenario, inflamed by triggered religious and cultural pressure points…this is the war that would trigger a Biblical Armageddon—which is the “script” for the elites.

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Subject: latest news
Message: Hi Randy,

What’s your take on the current media blackout on Syria and Iran?  3 weeks ago, before I went on vacation, the news was heating and ramping up like WW3 would be just around the corner.  Now every news outlet is nil…just a lot of silly, pointless, political news and documentary re-runs.  What’s up?
Like to know your thoughts.  Be well…em

Randy Maugans
10:06 PM (5 minutes ago)

Like you say, it’s a blackout. “They” have been trying to get this Syria/Iran war going in some form since the 1970s when they sparked the deposal of the Shah and back the first round of Islamic uprising through the Ayatollah Khomeni. “Something” is not allowing this war to occur—call it God, or Angelic forces, or ET/EDs who are intervening.
I think that IF this war ever sparks it would go completely nuclear (Israel and Russia) and woud have horrific repercussions not just here on Earth, but galactically. For that reason, this war has not been “allowed”…yet. Humanity is in this shift and the human collective will is on a feather’s edge, but trending away from this “Biblical” Armageddon…I hope! 
Right now, the blackout serves to hide the fact that this long-planned war is not happening, and may well stall pending a new president; in which time, we may well see other ripple effects that offset the probabilities. If you have listened to Bill Brockbrader’s interview with Lisa Harrison, you will see how these “parallel time lines” are presently in flux. 
Also, there is no “news”…it is, and always was a means of programming. Right now the cabal is served by screening out these stories…they can re-appear in a heartbeat when the time is right and the masses (99%) require new formatting. We need to screen out ALL media that seeks to limit human intention and focus…ALL media, including manipulative/false “alternative” media; and direct our purposes toward truth, positive intention, and teaching others about their spiritual and emotional connections to the things that occur in “real” time (so-called).
Good questions…complicated to answer in 3-D