Siriusly Lovejoy

From Goro Adachi at Super Torch Ritual

(Calling Richard Hoagland—one more chance to get another prediction out. This time it’s SIRIUS!_

2012 is almost upon us (can you believe it?). New Year’s Eve/Dayis coming and that means (as discussed previouslySirius culminating due south (highest point in the Earth local sky) right at midnight or the momentthe calendar turns to 2012. (This happens every year.) It’s also Earth’s closest point to Sirius. We are paying extra attention to this alignment this year because: 1) Comet Lovejoy our “Sirian Messenger” is a spectacular sight at dawn around late December (southern hemisphere), and 2) NASA’s GRAIL twin probe will enter Moon orbit on New Year’s Eve/Day.
In this post I’d like to show in more detail how Lovejoy comes from and goes back to Sirius from Earth perspective.