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Crystal Clark: Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns

Crystal Clark‘s latest work flows from her own experiences in “perceptual reality”. She’s been there, done that and has a unique skill set that allows her to dispassionately dissect the landscape of the planet with precision. This article fills in the gaps on what we need to know about the Controller’s agenda, and their methods. It would seem “they” do all of this with our sanction! 

Crystal Clark appeared on OffPlanet Live-04-25-2012-Crystal Clark-Sacred Science - April 25, 2012


“In order to know if they are being successful at changing your mind, they first have to read it. While there are specific technologies that can do this through direct application, that approach is ill-suited when dealing with a global population in the billions. The right tool is needed for the right job, and in this case, all they need is access to your personal information. This information is provided through electronic records that include everything from where you shop, what you buy, what you read, what you write, who you associate with, and which posts you like on social networks. Further information is collected through surveys you answer, census reports, music sales, show ratings, and even your political party affiliations. Through a process called data-mining, all of these records are consolidatedand then sifted to find thought patterns that can be interpreted as your personal disposition, i.e., your personality and character matrix.” -Crystal Clark, THE WINNERS WRITE REALITY: Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns

YouTube: The Hundredth Monkey on Truth Frequency Radio Network-December 4., 2012-Crystal Clark


Crystal’s blog: http://drowninginabsurdity.wordpress.com/

The End Game On Dis-Info—Alternative Media Is a Front

I am posting all of this now because I was called to task over my rant  on the 11-21-2012 show  about the blogger, Former Whiter Hat Operative, and specifically, Kerry Cassidy‘s complicity in what can only be called a sleazy circle of deceit. The “game” ends here. The audio (and the YouTube) stand as the evidence against ALL the complicit parties, direct and indirect. If you see a problem and you don’t take care of it—YOU are the problem. Khris’ original blog post is also archived (below) as a PDF for download, and is securely stored in the event his website experiences any “problems”.

The 11-21-2012 rant

YouTube Video: The Alternative Media Disinfo: Game Over

PDF: Michael Hemmingson is Former White Hat & Louis Kahn Nin – Period! « clandestine rage revealed

I was informed by Dave Corso at Wolf Spirit Radio that, following the release of Khris Neal’s article and my on-air commentar,y the owner of Revolution Radio had taken pains to place a video camera on the talk show host, Michael Hemmingson on a certain night when the FWH, who now posts as the Idylwild Group, had posted a blog article. It is reported that Hemmingswood was not recorded blogging in that period. Thanks for the effort!

The problems with this scenario are several: 

  • First, I have examined Khris Neal’s article, and all the data points therein, several times over the last few weeks. Much of what is presented in that article is parallel to findings that several others, including myself, had also discovered in tracking FWH from a previous pseudonym, Louis Kahn Nin, a blogger and writer of grade B porno novels with a mind control twist (see my March 23, 2012 article); and tracking various IP addresses associated to these names that appeared in FWH’s other activities, including comments on blogs such as this, Khris Neal’s and the Duncan O’Finioan blog; as well as comments on YouTube (where IP addresses are VERY identifiable).
  • The links made in Khris’ article follow a very logical progression and make CLEAR CONNECTIONS between these various fictitious entities up Michael Hemmingson. While mistakes, and even coincidences, can happen, it appears to be statistically improbable that IP addresses could be tracked so precisely as to link these three entities; that overlapping references in posts made by all three could bear som any common “markings”; and that by his own admission, Hemmingswood enjoys using fictitous identities and blogs to character assassinate his prey. (I like to make fake WordPress blogs to slam people — WordPress has the best indexing with Google.”-Michael Hemmingson)
  • Connecting FWH to the Louis Kahn Nin is pretty much a no-brainer, connecting FWH and LKN to Michael Hemmingson (and we can deduct that is not the end of his fake names) was more elusive, but Khris’ article ties it all up tightly with enough linkages as to escape being mere “coincidence”.
  • While I appreciate the report that Revolution Radio attempted to clear Michael Hemmingson with “voluntary surveillance”, that proves NOTHING! 

    Being the savvy internet mole he/they is/are, it surely would not have escaped Mr. Hemmingson, who is savvy in the use of WordPress.com, that WordPress has a feature that allows blog posts to be SCHEDULED—a post can be composed and uploaded, then timed to go “live” at a set date/time by the user. So, any such “proof” still falls into the well-traveled realm of deception and trickery. Sorry!

  • To date, Mr. Hemmingson has not contacted me directly, nor has anyone from Revolution Radio. I have not seen the video, nor has anyone attempted (to my knowledge) to rebut the proofs in Khris’ article, or my commentary. If Mr. Hemmingson is an innocent victim of some kind of almost incredible series of “coincidence”, then we need to go back over all the proofs with a fine tooth comb. What stands in the body of evidence is a strong conclusion that Mr. Hemmingson is, in fact, the FWH blogger and Louis Kahn Nin (as well as several other names I located but cannot conclusively link at this time).

    That Mr. Nin is a disgusting misogynist expoiter of both women and mind control subjects is beyond speculation. That FWH has literally libeled and defamed innocent people is also fairly obvious. Parody and satire do not cover the malicious, vile intent behind the Former White Hat and Idylwild Group websites. Also, Mr. FWH, in persona, has stalked and wrecklessly imperiled several of his “subjects” in a manner highly reminiscient of black operatives under certain government programs.

  • Ms. Cassidy is busted! From day 1 of the FWH blog’s inception, she has been promoting, with tongue in cheek, this nightmare of a human being. Whether she is clueless, callous, or completely in league does not matter. Her words and actions betray her.  
  • “Guilt-by-association” falls on those who are also so inclined to mingle themselves with this ilk. Lorien Fenton, her “super soldier” group, the cozy nest of networks, promoters, and radio talk show hosts, who all sqabble and scramble for a piece of the action inside this venue (and I have witnessed the blind ambition and opportunism first hand), are complicit morally for the devastation of the landscape. 

 Long before the FWH came on the scene, I was warning that this EXACT scenario was all part of an exquisite game, in the two part series called “Gatekeepers and Handlers” (Part 1, Part 2) where I wrote:

The key elements of secret projects are compartmentalization, obfuscation; deliberate misdirects within the ranks, and of course, the never-ending re-scripting of events and scrambling of data. The best researchers quickly learn that the evidential trail is rarely linear; that it is often jumbled and random; that verifiable facts can be elusive at best, and inconclusive even when revealed.”  

The methods shift and adapt, but the underlying actions never change. The goals are to de-stabilize, obfuscate, install fear, to create shame and mockery; and to foment the psychic breaks that lead to ruptures and eventual erosion of a group fidelity to truth.

The entities known variously as Louis Kahn Nin and Former White Operative—and by connection, Mr. Hemmingson, have succeeded well in driving a schism into the alternative media communities. Ms. Cassidy, who has often declared herself a “light worker”, is found in the shadows of these murky denizens along with a parade of willing dupes who trade integrity for some fleeting glimmer of noteriety and perhaps filthy lucre.

I do not retract my comments, and as far as I can see (which appears to be rather intuitive), if anything, those of us who were maligned, smeared, and harrassed by this itinerate spook have been far too careful in our comments and actions. It costs something to have integrity, and I have no doubts that this will cost us more. So be it.

Age and Wisdom: Neil Young’s “Walk Like A Giant”

Age and Wisdom: Neil Young’s “Walk Like A Giant”

Aging rock stars either die, retire, or fade into complacency. Few remain vibrant and relevant (Bob Dylan’s recent “Tempest” clearly dodged that bullet). Even fewer of the 60s icons can retain both the righteous anger of youth and the spiritual grace of age, and Neil Young‘s new album, “Psychedelic Pill”, defies all conventions and carries the idealism of the 1960s forward into the 21st century. At just under 16-1/2 minutes, it is one of the shorter songs on the double CD album.

Video: Walk Like A Giant by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Walk Like A Giant 

Tried to have for long and strain
We were riding on a desert wind
We were pulling in the spiritual
Riding on the desert wind
We could see it in the distance
Getting closer every minute
We saw the lights and spiritual shining
Getting closer every minute
Then we skipped the rails, and we started to fail
And we folded you, and it’s not enough
Think about how close we came

I wanna walk like a giant on the land
I wanna walk like a giant on the land

Whenever I see the big fire coming,
Coming to burn down all my ideas
I try to hold down to my thinking, and remember how it feels
When I’m looking right in your eyes
And hearing your happy laugh
When I’m seeing your blue eyes shining
And hear your happy laugh
So the moment came, and the big sky rained and
and a ṗool of fire served in my desire

When I think about how good it feels
I wanna walk like a giant on the land
I wanna walk like a giant on the land

[Lyrics to Walk Like A Giant by Neil Young & Crazy Horse]

First seen on LyricsPremiere.com


Andrew Basiago On the Colbert Report…Very Funny!

Undoubtedly almost viral right now…Project Pegasus discloser, Andrew Basiago appeared on The Colbert Report Thursday October 11. The opening scene of the piece is a complete send up of Jessie Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” and totally hilarious. Disclosure by humor? Andrew is running for President in 2016…other candidtes could do worse. Hell, the disclosure movement could do worse.

Listen to the January 2012 OffPlanet Radio interview with Andrew Basiago:
Project Pegasus and Life On Mars with Andrew Basiago - Randy Maugans on January 30, 2012

Related article:  Project Pegasus-Andrew Basiago, Time Jumper - Journal Entry by Randy Maugans on March 19, 2011

Andrew Basiago: Project Pegasus | Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS)

Video Blog: James Martizez-Illegal Lawyers Judges Courts


Published on Jul 1, 2012 by 

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B78kgTyUQB0&feature=plcp

This video is excerpted from the 06-26-2012 Cash Flow radio program on Achieve Radio.
The original text on the internet is: http://usa-the-republic.com/jurisprudentia/bar%20card.htm

James Martinez reads an email about the BAR Association’s history in the United States, and how union card lawyers and black-robed judges under the London’s Lawyer Guild effectively took over BOTH the judicial and legislative branches of the US and have established a FAKE “legal system” in the place of a lawful Constitutional judiciary. 

Everyone needs to become aware of the hijacking of our system of law, hence, our freedoms. How these illegal impostors have corrupted legitimate lawful rule, and replaced it with a system of paid barristers who use a closed system to not only adjudicate, but legislate for $$$MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. 

These “legal” parasites not only drain the economy by defrauding “we the people” of our legitimate rights to redress, but, in fact, they are the very basis for the decay of the American system and its economy and morla structures.

BEGIN HERE: This is Law School 101 for those who wish to take their power back.
The Revolution begin s NOW…it begins with you, and IN you.

Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)


Music provided by makerofmusic.com:
“Crackle And Pop”Published by Rob Reed 
License #: 373

Video produced by Randy Maugans for OffPlanet Radio


Duncan O’Finioan -Walk In Two Worlds Sacramento, CA-June 22, 2012

This will be the first of a number of blog posts this weekend…there is a lot occurring and it needs to be discussed. We did a brief interview with Duncan at the opening session in Sacramento over Skype that cover some points I will take up in later posts.

Duncan O’Finioan news conference from the opening session of the Sacramento, CA Multi-Dimensional Survival Training and Healing Seminar:

Mission statement

The demonic storm apparition in Minnesota (see notes in comments below regarding the validitiy of the photo location)

Goals in training 

Scoffers, critics and cynics

Music and warfare

The gathering of the family 

Interview and video production by Randy Maugans for OffPlanet Radio