Child Ritual Abuse Cults, The Media MONARCHy, and Far Too Late Disclosures

Child Ritual Abuse Cults, The Media MONARCHy, and Far Too Late Disclosures

My friend, Annalie Cummings, has posted an extensive article on some of the details of  a “breaking” investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse at the exclusice Horace Mann School in New York City (Flashback: the McMartin Preschool abuse trials of the 1980s). On the heels of the conviction of former Penn State asst. coach, Jerry Sandusky, this scandal is the tip of an iceberg.

Note the name of the Horace Mann yearbook: The Mannekin? (Click to enlarge to full size)The well hidden enclaves of elitist pedophillia are, in some ways breaking down. But far too late, and with no thanks to the well-financed insiders, including adminstartors, alumni associations, and compliant “silence keepers” (like the late PSU head coach, Joe Paterno), who stood by and said nothing, in order to preserve the integrity of these bastions of occult ritual abuse.

Worse, these “retrospective” disclosures generally fail to ever thread through a much wider skein of abuses that connect into secret government projects that have gone on for over 50 years in the US, as well as other countries like the UK. 

Annalie draws the parallels from her own past experiences (including her own attendence at Mann’s Nursery School) with occult embeds aimed at chldren by the media; the widespread practices of exploiting the access to children in an institution (Sandusky founded his “Second Mile” children’s charity to gain access to young boys) for sexual exploitation, and the legacy of projects such as the now seemingly innocuous “Project Talent“* to recruit potential mind control subjects into government experiments and programs like MontauckProject Monarch and Project Mannequin. I was shocked to note the year book for the Horace Mann School is called “The Mannekin—see the photo enlargement above from the New York Times. Then go read the testimony of James Casbolt on his recruitment into the UK-based NSA Project Mannequin which has also been discussed by our informer, Barry King in our interviews.

These are NOT just “crimes of opportunity”. They are heinous assaults on the sanctity of human lives of the innocent. Access granted by placement of children into institutions, public or private; elite or “common”, have sustained the Satanist systems for hundreds of years. in fact, this is an ancient pattern of “child sacrifice” (on the soul level) that were prefigured by the ancient rites of Molech worship found in the Old Testament of the Bible.

The mass media, for its part, have deployed sinister hypnotic embeds into the minds of children via Disney and PBS (the distributors of “Sesame Street”) since the earliest days of television.  As Annalie outlines in her article, there is nothing “harmless” about the occult imagery, subtle erotics, and musically entrained subliminals streamed into childrens subconsciousness by media. An entire culture has been infiltrated, the innocence of childhood betrayed, and our children en masse turned over to the Satanic ritual systems of the secret socieites who rule this dark planet. We can only scream it from the rooftops in hopes that some will begin to dig deeper. ALL of these scandals are just the bubbling up of a much deeper quagmire that lies beneath the surface of our “civilized” socieities.

*Project Talent-I used the term innocuous sarcastically. Today, Project Talent has been covered over as a seemingly benevolent “search for the best and brightest students” (see This is the cover story for a far deeper project that was conducted over a much longer period than the reported 1960-1963. It also was not limited to just high school students, but actually included elementary schoolers from the same time periods. How do I know? I was one who was repeatedly tested under this program as an elementary student. These “tests” included utilizing screenings for psychic abilities, rapid memory access, verbal skills, and certain genetic qualities; and targeted bright children who possessed above average IQ scores. It was also the recruiting grounds for passage into advanced government training facilities similar to the UK Peasemore bases, Montauk, and various para-military facilities in numerous areas inside the US and UK. 

I decided to add this footnote after considering how I, myself, was tested; and taken to several “facilities” in grade school through middle school. I have spoken with several people who corroborated my own memories, including Duncan O’Finioan. Many who were tested and recieved additonal “training” were not used by the projects, but did receive programming. The numbers of such subjects can only be guessed, as the cited statisical numbers given on the website are merely the “official” cover numbers given as part of the “story” that was sold to the general public.




  1. Thank you Randy for your insightful and well-researched article. I have another follow-up article on my page, if readers here are interested in that as well. The rabbit hole is long and deep. It may be 'too late' for folks of my generation, as what has happened has happened. I am committed to ensuring the next generation at least has the tools and resources available to see what is going on, understand it for themselves, and learn how to self-heal. Virtually everything else that's been offered is useless. thanks for all that you do to not only expose this stuff in your own, intelligent way, but also to provide healing resources for the aftermath.

    Follow Up Article Here:

  2. Excellent Randy! Thanks for your service! A huge thanks to Annalie also!


  3. We need only think of the recent (and shocking) allegations of former child actor Corey Haim, and what he has said about the rich and powerful within Hollywood, or, for that matter, the statements of Gordon Northcutt, convicted and hung for the Wineville Chicken Coop murders, who stated that he was simply acting on instructions from very hidden and powerful players. It is a ritual, human sacrifice ring, and I strongly suspect this ring is international in scope and deeply tied to the power elites. Making that case a solid case is going to require hard work, and….here comes that word that so few in this community like…. research.

  4. I heard this asked rhetorically the other day and have had it stuck in my head ever since because it really puts things into perspective– "Child molestation is the absolute worst form of terrorism imaginable! When is NATO gonna bomb the VATICAN???"

    OH HILARY…….how about a UN resolution on this one? Humanitarian Intervention maybe…..?

  5. Incredible disinformation found in that ‘Leave it to Beaver’ Project Talent literature. I wonder if there were other subprojects or extensions covered under the same umbrella of funding? I can personally attest that intelligence scouting continued in some capacity in public U.S. schools well past 1963 and, indeed, included elementary school students as I myself was pulled from regular classes on a daily basis starting at the age of six during the 70s. It was not two and a half days of standardized questionnaires as the literature suggests. It was several years of daily sequestering for, as I was told, “high potential evaluation” which consisted of watching flashing images from a projector followed by memory recall, various 2D and 3D puzzles, pattern association recognition, mathematical equations, vocabulary and reading comprehension as well as physical testing.

    Why were just some of us selected for this testing, and what were their criteria for selection? What was the purpose of ongoing evaluation for “high potential” if not to advance a grade? How was all of this able to take place in the public school system? Did our parents give consent? Plenty of questions … and some unexplainable “missing” time. Perhaps my personal experiences were entirely different from others’ as I do not recall participation in projects. But I am still attempting to put together the puzzle pieces, and I would be interested to learn of others who may recall similar experiences.


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