Clues of a dissident faction inside the military?

Given the recent spate of rumors and informstion (unconfirmed) of high level military displeasure with the course of the US, this March 25 article bears some attention:

Former White House Speechwriter Suggests Military Coup Could Oust Obama

“…America could be unrecognizable by  2012, prompting a coup to “restore and defend the Constitution,” a  prospect that is “weighing heavily on the intellect and conscience of  America’s military leadership,Perry says that such a move could be accelerated if  Israel were to bomb Iran, causing the Middle East to explode and a  massive destabilization of the free world.

The Blade Report March 25, 2012

Former White House speechwriter John L. Perry has  courted controversy by suggesting that the U.S. Military, upholding  their oath to defend the Constitution againstdomestic enemies, could stage a bloodless coup to oust President Obama.

In an article originally posted on the Newsmax website, Perry wrote, “There is a  remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene  as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as  unrealistic.”

Despite the fact that Perry was not explicitly advocating such a coup, Newsmax later removed the article to ensure it “was not misinterpreted”.

The article outlines how military officers, outraged at  Obama’s “trampling” on the Constitution, nationalization of American  institutions, rising deficits, unemployment and taxes, could peaceably  seize power from the “radical-left commissars” of the Obama  administration.


  1. well, isn't life going to get more interesting and adventurous>………getting more like a stupid ship of fools…,<as the old and accurate saying goes….thank goodness for islands of sanity like here…thankyou….cat

  2. Somehow a military that hasn't the intelligence to mention a doctored birth certificate taking over isn't quite living up to the ideals of diligence before considering a coup. Perhaps it doesn't really matter to these people.

  3. Is anyone surprised at this revelation? I think when one takes an oath… and believes in the fidelity of their promise, and the fabric of their nation, it becomes a very simple revelation to those who do not know.

    We keep our oaths. We love our country and what it stands for. Raping our economy, pillaging our resources, and killing our spirit will not go unnoticed.

    This is something that I have sensed for a long time now. I do not advocate violence, anarchy or civil disobedience. It's the opposite. I want the law to be employed for the people by the people. And those who shall perpetrate this injustices to be tried, and punished fully and fairly.

    Let freedom reign

  4. i can see that coming to fruition…we are one in the same country Canada/US….a lot of Canadians don't get that yet…i wonder how this will play out up here north of the 49 th………..military intelligence..oxymoron supreme…if it happens, may it not take out a bunch of innocents……cat

  5. Hi Randy,

    This is something I really am certain will take place. I think Obama knows he is going to be removed. I can't give the reason why, but I think LaRouche had this right when he spoke about the coup that was in the makings. I'm equally concerned his ousting will begin another civil war or worse.


  6. Let's add Alien Invasion Preparations into the Dialogue: First MSM broadcast I've seen introducing this meme [forcast by many 'alternative' sources] to appear as News [I don't have TV]…Feels significant. Made my stomach hurt. The disonance between the fat guy's [?State Dept? commentor] words & the visuals being projected to rt. brain = fear porn tell me another Propaganda Launch has taken place.


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