Clues To the “Shift”

Clues To the “Shift”

Posted by Randy Maugans | Exotica| Articles

I keep trying to understand, and explain, what the nature is of this period we  are entering, called “The Shift”. It is spiritual, and it involves an expanding of our present consciousness—but what is this thing we call consciousness? 

An article by the philosopher of science, Ervin Laslo, goes far in helping to define this paradigm:

First of all, what is consciousness? The commonsense assumption is that consciousness is a stream of experience produced by the brain. As long as the brain functions, there is consciousness; when the brain shuts down, consciousness vanishes. This, however, is not necessarily the case. It could be that our brain no more produces consciousness than the radio produces the symphony that comes through its speakers. The symphony, too, disappears when the radio is shut down, yet we know that it’s not produced by the radio. Both the radio and the brain pick up signals, transform them, and display the result in our stream of conscious experience.

A truly evolved consciousness would have the quantum-receptivity of deep prayer and meditation, but it would operate also in the everyday context. It would display a broad EEG wave-spectrum, embracing alpha and theta as well as beta waves. And it would show that the two brain hemispheres are highly coordinated, so that the information processed by the quantum-mode receiving right hemisphere is readily communicated to the sensory-information processing left. An evolved consciousness is wider and deeper than the everyday consciousness of people today, and more functional than the consciousness of those engaged in deep prayer and meditation.

In the past this kind of consciousness has been limited to exceptionally sensitive and creative people: to healers and poets, prophets and spiritual masters. In the future it could spread to a wider segment of the population. Humanity could be evolving its consciousness. – Excerpted from “Cosmic Symphony — A Deeper Look at Quantum Consciousness”, by ERVIN LASZLO on APRIL 9, 2010

As we learn more about our own consciousness, we also begin to grasp the immense power inate within us as spiritual creations—expressions of the GODHEAD—and the deeper mysteries of who we are, and how we transcend space, time, and physical being states. The shift is about those in humanity who want to move out from the stagnant states of carnal thought. In one sense, there have always been those who transcended the conditioning; those we would call adepts, avatars, messiahs; but humanity is bifurcating now—the veils are being rent.

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