Considering the Latest Drake Interviews: Ascension and Liberation Pitfalls

Listening to the audios coming out from Drake, along with posts from David Wilcock, and the news stories that indicate Obama is listing towards collapse…these are all fascinating tidbits…but I have never seen this President as succeeding, rather as failing to complete his term. That said, there are major issues not addressed by Drake’s information, AND there appear to be factions on the edges of the media stratum which either do not ask the right questions, or operate from surface level perceptions:

We agree that certain elements of medfia are fear-mongers. Alex JonesSteve Quayle, Bill Deagle and many of the so-called “patriot” media operate from a fear basis (for profit…survival supplies and gold are a huge profit center for these hosts). That said, it does not mean they are completely incorrect.

  • We have the issues of underground bases—both human and negative ET hives. Unless the military forces presently outlined by Drake and Co. are fully equipped to deal with these forces (who made pacts with the military in a technology-for-human specimins deal in the 1950s) and their military counterparts, the feet-on-the-ground assets could be overrun.
  • Drake does not directly assert the presence of benevolent ET forces working with human assets, but this would clearly help to clear up those issues…we still have a layer of potential deception regarding ANY extraterrestrial presence.
  • It now seems Ben Fulford is backing away from his “White Dragons”, realizing they are part of the cabal disinfo media ruse…David Wilcock’s Monaco Group…is likewise splintering apart because they were infiltrated from the beginning by agents of the cabal to usurp any financial resolutions (please refer back to the January 1, 2012 James Martinez video) …The Thrive Movement under Foster Gamble was never a viable solution, merely another paper tiger to appease the restless with “nice” solutions” that have failed in the past.
  • This is a complex series of scenarios playing out: there is the multi-national aspect; very complex information, especially coming from the Wilcock/Fulford axis where we are seeing the seams fraying on original sources. AND— I still do not discount Alex Collier’s information that there is a massive ET deception planned.
  • …and then there is CERN…(listen to Duncan’s remarks on this, and article here). There is also a book I am reading that connects to the CERN scenario, and while it may not mesh completely, I do recommend checking it out: Beyond 2012: Watch Where You’re Going by Jaimy Mauricio (paperback or Kindle)

“In December 2012, the world learns the horrifying unimaginable: a reactor from a large hadron collider in Geneva, Switzerland has malfunctioned. Despite their frantic efforts, scientists are unable to control the damage and as a result, a black hole forms and it will begin to consume the earth; the world will be destroyed.”

I am NOT a “doom and gloomer”, nor do I simply believe that this global cabal (with off world handlers) will be simply resolved without significant hardships. I am a realist and a dreamer: humanity is deeply involved in a complete spiritual war that affects every aspect of our lives. Concurrently, we are in ascension on the soul and planetary levels, and the various dark control grids have sought to circumvent this evolutionary process’ rapid conclusion.

We need to be VERY CAUTIOUS regarding armed insurrection, even insurrection headed by “patriotic” military types: the cabal has been embedded for thousands (if not millions) of years. This war is not simply about assets, logisitics, or strategies (legal or military). This war is spiritual on every level, and the individual humans, who do yet apprehend their own spiritual dimension, are at risk of becoming spiritual cannon fodder! 

Consciousness operates on many levels from the individdual soul to the collective streams of consciousness inside the 3-D/4-D matrix. We are ALL creatorson the individual layers, and also collectively impact the destiny of our planet and the human occupants. Every measured atack on ONE is an attack on ALL. We are connected by the threads of the 5-D realms and need to escape the gravity well of the closing age.

Each one of us elected to be here for this phenomenal period in the ascension of the galaxy and earth, each one of us has the capacity to choose our ultimate reality; and each of us can either assist in the ascension, or pull down the collective efforts. Operating in higher discernment will aid us in deciding what is disinformation vs. genuine efforts in this process. Educating those around you, at whatever level is appropriate, goes a long way towards preventing a “still birth” of the processes. Our own personal spiritual state impacts those around us on a scale that must not be underestimated. Ultimately, understand YOUR role in this time, understand you CHOSE to be here along with 7 billion others, and above all: follow your peace. 




  1. amazing article randy.

    wonderful observations.

    great articulation.


  2. randy this is your best blog yet written perfectly if fulfords claims dont come true soon im gonna agree with cliff and conclude he was full of shit.

  3. I'm starting to wonder why following the trials and tribulations of DW is sonimportant. I also find it weird that if we were really worried about Wilcock's latest bit of drama, we'd find it but instead this normally enlightened site tells us how he is 80% full of crap but then feels the need to describe and analyze the crap.
    I don't think it's any more valuable than the drama with occasional bits of real knowledge that comes off the comedy and soap opera sites like godlike and rumor mill. Is it really worth all the analysis?
    I may be in the minority here but I much prefer your work Randy and the work of your guests' than hearing his questionable circular, rehashed, gossip laden, wanna be pseudo -entertainfo.

  4. Hi Randy,

    great insights as always- yes, there is a complex of scenarios playing out- I just think we must take nothing for granted and be ever vigilant-

    as for Clif High: he's only had about a 10% success rate of predictions and now wallows in orthographic profanity- one needs to do the math

  5. The reason why I cover the Wilcox/Fulford/"Drake" info. is because very few people analyze what they hear. Listeners on web radio sit in chatrooms joking around when they should be asking questions. Whoever/whatever Drake represents, this is some potent shit he puts out, and clearly a lot of people are buying it! Like everything else, this whole ball of wax has a shelf life. Fulford is running out of gas, Wilcock papers over his research with so much verbiage that only the superficial actually digest it…and Drake…well, Drake will probably never give me an interview (I asked…and then he shows up on the network I air on!) I think he knows I will call bullshit on the details of this

    So, for the record, we cover it, and offer some balancing. It's clear to me that the other talk show hosts who have interviewed him are too busy drooling over their shoes with this guy. If anyone ever corresponds with Drake, tell him I will give him the best interview he's ever had…and it will be done with no holds barred.

    As for Cliff High—he's a cranky old fart who is quite full of himself. Who knows what the statistical field of his webbot is…statistically, even blind squirrels find a nut ocassionally. But i do enjoy his candor.

  6. We can never know if what someone else is telling us is true. They can be anything from mildly misinformed to seriously diabolical. The only way we can find out is to test what we are told. I have been recently told by a contactee, ex military, not one of yours, that the reps from 4D are gone, leaving only their human servants. These people will, of course, keep fighting to maintain their power and status but without direction and control from above, they will implode eventually.

    So how do we test this? We can ask our higher self and above, if we can trust ourselves not to interfere with the answer. We can watch what is happening around us and see if we can detect a lack of direction that indicates the controllers might be gone. We can start living as if they are gone if we can work out what that means for ourselves personally, and see if our plans are now supported rather than thwarted.

    I am also told by the same person that physically the earth has been surviving in 80% darkness to 20% light and that ratio is now changed to 80% light to 20% darkness. This has occurred for purely physical reasons related to our trajectory through space, earth activity and sun activity. That gives us a whole lot more light to work with.

    So how do we test this? Well, pretty much in the same way. We can ask our higher self and above, if we can trust ourselves not to interfere with the answer. We can watch our own energy levels, health and moods and the same with those around us. We can continue to function as a light worker and see if our plans are now energized rather than falling flat. Those around us who have been directed by the controlling group mind will probably degenerate for a while, as direction is removed and they have to mop up the mess they have caused and structure their way out of whatever dark game they are playing, but light workers will turn around very fast and start succeeding.

    So this is what I am dong. Rather than endlessly debating who is lying, who is stupid, who on the payroll, I am testing the implications of these things potentially being true and living as if they are true until evidence starts to come in, one way or another.

  7. If Drake is authentic it would be unwise to mention ETS which would alienate wider audiences. He's alluded to them in the past. Presumably he knows about the bases and if the military is on board as he says they sure do.

    Fulford is obviously wrong about Fukushima but since the Yakuza are part of his protectors (as far as I'm aware), they would be apt to mislead him since they supply the workers for TEPCO.

    Incorrect about Fulford backing away from the White Dragons. Another group approached Fulford claiming to be part of the organization but were found to be dissembling.

    James Martinez has regularly announced on his broadcasts that there are earth shocking changes happening behind the scenes. He's independent of both Drake & Fulford. Fulford is independent of Drake as well.

    The meeting of the BRIC non-aligned nations has not splintered. They have agreed to a new financial system & Japan, Russia & China are part of that. This is mainstream.

    The Thrive media may not be for those of us who follow the alternate media, but it appears excellent for the majority of people in its overall coverage and it doesn't get too esoteric for mainstreamers.

    Drake is not advocating armed insurrection. Arresting the Illuminati is an absolute necessity. Their psychopathic personality will not allow for peaceful negotiation. The military has attempted a coup in the past during the Clinton administration as per Sherman Skolnick. This & the Cruiser Nuke incident as well as the B-1 bomber incident in the Middle East suggest there are positive military out there. Many sources have affirmed the military will not shoot US citizens.

    One way or another, we should have an answer before the end of June 2012.

  8. g7enn (

    I will be interviewing Drake in the next week or so.
    Like you, I am parsing through a lot of information: some true, some false, some deliberate mis-directs. The most reputable players are those with a consistent story and at least some provable facts—which means, right now, almost no one. To continue ignoring the ET issue even for a wider audience is to just delay the shockwave the public will experience.

    I DO NOT believe that the BRIC will become the defacto currency system—and the Monaco Accord is splintered, and not part of the group for which Mr. Martinez spoke. I find Drake credible on the surface, but this plan has gaping holes in terms of what we would call "the public". However viral these audios and videos have gone, they are microscopic even in terms of the web. The mainstream TV-watching public is CLUELESS!

    Furthermore, the military has in the past fired on Americans…it was called Jackson State and Kent State in 1970. Under the proper amount of pressure…given that the populace does NOT understand the issues involved, we could rapidly wind up with massive riots—just from interruptions in fuel and food and VERY confused and pissed off people. The issues relating to the real condition of the economic situation. Fed. Executive Orders, and a complete lack of education about Common Law all bode poorly for gaining confidence of the general poulation. I, personally, am not seeing this going down quietly at all. Add to that the anger level, and trigger-happy patriots and we have a bloodbath.

    Trust me, if this goes down in June, most people will not be prepared…very flawed logistics! I give them the benefit of the doubts, but bloodless coupes are rare,

  9. Before you get too drunk on righteousness, you might want to take the time to listen to this guy:

    on the matter of how radioactive it is, and where, in Japan. And here's his paper on it:

    Clif High's sophistry is potentially more lethal than Ben's reporting the results of his little field trip with a Geiger counter, and if I had to choose between the first guy going out to check and reporting his findings and somebody appealing to the mental conditioning of the masses to score some unearned points off the first, I'm going to go with the guy telling the truth every time.

    I'd like somebody honest to take up the position of Morality Monitor if people are going to stay too hypnotized to see clearly. Sophistry is always about self-aggrandizement, Randy. It's great you want to point out the deceits abounding but one is either OUT of the box and speaking impartially, or still in it and cranking out more stink they only like to call righteous.

    It ought to be self-evident that Fukushima is a calamity of global proportions, but it ALSO ought to be readily apparent to everyone that continuing to scare the shit out of everybody is ONLY harming. Ben isn't saying it's not horrific. He's saying his measurements didn't show anything for people in Tokyo to be alarmed about. AND SO DO OTHER MEASUREMENTS BY IMPARTIAL PEOPLE.

    That could change, but that still doesn't make Fulford a killer.

    People are made witless by alarm. It's why they want us always terrified. Simply trying to bend the alarm to one's own uses is NOT "ascension". It's just more delusion barking for popular support.

    HOW does this arc toward remediation of any of our problems, let alone Fukushima?


    Shame on you.

  10. Randy, thanks for your thoughtful response. Agreed, the military has fired on US citizens in the past & could again. The difference now is that the word is getting out about this possibility and the troops are being made aware and not just by Drake. Bob Chapman (of the financial newsletter) repetitively assures that the troops will not fire on US citizens. He claims to have many contacts and is past CIA.
    Thus far I haven't heard a broadcast saying the military would fire on US citizens and many that have said they would not, although, admittedly, that is always a possibility.

    Karen Quinn Tostado asked Drake some very skeptical questions (some you've posed) here:

    By the way, I was at Cal during the Kent State time when the national guard attended the university. There were provocateurs there attempting to create a wider problem. There are a million negative things that can transpire no doubt. If as Drake says (and I have no way of determining if anything will happen) the arrests are a done deal, then all we can do is take the lead in keeping people calm & informing. How fast the information is released on TV will be critical. They claim videos with trustworthy recognizable personalities are ready to go. If true, this is a big positive. We all know how most Americans rely on TV.

    What if it's all a ruse, an excuse for martial law? Could be. What if nothing happens? Very possible. On the other hand, those who criticize the movie, "Thrive" for not going far enough and at the same time criticize the populace for not being prepared leaves me wondering if some are not caught up in their own fears? "Thrive" is a big leap for most people. I think we are fortunate it came out when it did, particularly if Drake is correct.

    None of us were prepared for the riots during the sixties and few knew about provocateurs, yet we came out pretty well with few exceptions. Yes, today is different but we are much better prepared and we have the internet. If Drake is correct this may be the great wake up call, the awakening.

    If this transpires, I agree, most people will not be prepared. That is a given in my opinion. All we can do is keep cool, continue informing like you do so well on your show & I do in my own way.

    The importance of being cool & calm cannot be stressed enough. This worked for me at Cal during the riots. Granted one can be unlucky. A number of times I could have been in big trouble & came through untouched because of being cool even after facing 100's of police. As I feel an uneasiness in the pit of my stomach for some of the reasons you denote, I remind myself of this experience. As you infer, people can get real crazy during a riot. There can be nut cases on both sides. It's up to the rest of us to provide stability.

    So, is it time? Don't know. However, my stomach anxiety is up and more than one person is claiming there is action behind the scenes. We'll see.

    I look forward to your interviewing Drake.

    Drake appears to have a very broad array of knowledge. Since he claims to have been working with the military since the 70s, I'd be interested to know if Drake is aware of this planned Clinton arrest (Sherman Skolnick article). Also, if I heard him right, he claimed the Red Chinese in Mexico were friendlies?

    Somewhere embedded in U.S. History is the tradition that if the Commander-in-Chief is to be arrested for treason, that the ones to do it have to be the Navy and Naval Intelligence. So a group of dissident Admirals and Generals was formed. In military jargon called "flag officers", they had compiled proof that under the Uniform Military Code, they are authorized to arrest their Commander-in-Chief for treason. If he has them arrested for mutiny, the flag officers, if not assassinated, would prove at Courts Martial, that Clinton committed treason, aiding and abetting sworn enemies of the United States of America. Namely, that Clinton and a gang of confederates were conveying U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets to the Red Chinese Secret Police. Further, that Clinton, like his predecessors, was allowing, permitting, condoning, and acquiescing in, that the Red Chinese Secret Police were, with impunity, operating in sizeable numbers. on U.S. soil. And were committing mischief and murders to the detriment of the U.S.

  11. Hi Randy,

    if you do get to interview Drake, and given his word (and Wilcock's) that he is indeed a military 'insider', please can you question him on what his knowledge is regarding the on-going drama of the Fukushima radiation?

    The mainstream media are virtually playing dead on this issue, yet alternative media are telling us conventional containment logistics are failing to halt the radioactive spread, and the state of the plant is such that the entire Fukushima plant is poised and ready to go into total meltdown that even a modest earthquake in that region could trigger.

    Given this is the case (?), then it is likely we are all toast anyway, as such a meltdown would likely lead to a mass extinction event for our planet.

    In such a circumstance, what significance would any coupe (bloody or otherwise) of the type Mr Drake assures us is imminent, have for any of us? If you're toast, you're toast, right?

    Please grill Drake on whether we're about to become toast, and if we are, ask him what he and his insider buddies are intending to do about this Fukushima situation, as surely this will need to be their very first point of business, yes?


  12. For those who are afraid of Fukushima radiation on a personal level, there were many articles posted when it first happened that explain what you can eat to protect yourself. If you recall, many Japanese survived Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and this has been attributed to the food they ate which is known to neutralise radiation.

    Were I living in the US or South America directly downwind of Fukushima, I would be taking ALL possible foods and dietary supplements that neutralise radiation toxicity.

    However, it is complex subject with lots of different types of radiation to deal with, so don't stop at the first article – keep searching until you find a definitive one.

  13. What can I say that hasn't been said before – since just about everything has been said, concerning these things.

    There's a cabal out to depopulated the earth through nefarious means, both economically and physically, and they want to rule the world under an NWO. That's been said.

    The NWO is a figment of conspiracy theorists' imaginations. That's been said.

    You can't believe anything that is said because the NWO needs to fill the world with mis- and disinformation to be able to carry out their nefarious plans. Hear that a lot, too.

    What is left to be said? Should we, instead then, look at facts? If we do this, what facts should be looked at? How about the facts that would affect us all?

    I do not have enough ink in my computer to list all of the facts that would disprove that the NWO is simply a figment of conspiracy theorist's imaginations, so we can eliminate that one. The NWO is real and they intend on affecting us all. Great, that eliminates the first one as well. Agreed? If so, then please read on…

    What other facts affect all of us? Something needs to be done to stop the NWO for the sake of 90% of us. At least that is a substantiated fear as it is “written in stone” (not very often that expression can be used literally, but The Georgia Guidestones appear to make this possible).

    So who is doing something about it for the sake of the 90%? Who can we believe or, more relevantly, would the people working for the NWO be intent on passing to the public mis-/disinformation? I would think so. I do not claim to be an expert on intelligence operations but this is common sense to me. So, believing that this is possible, and even likely, we do need to ask who we can believe – and why we need to believe.

    We need to believe it is possible that at least someone is working against the cabal and that they are making some sort of progress because, if it is not true, then we (the 90%) are in big trouble. Question answered. Now, who to believe?

    If we are to believe that the NWO has concocted such an elaborate scheme to control the entire free-thinking world without having to co-opt nearly everyone who has critical thinking abilities, then we need proof of this scheme as having been considered, proposed and implemented. Do we have that proof? Yes, unfortunately we do. The future founder of the Illuminati, when commission by Rothschild to detail the plan for this, did so, and Zwack's book laid it all out in a concise and purposeful manner. When an act of God killed the messenger while he was on his way to deliver this book to France to disrupt a few countries, the book (and plan) prematurely fell into the hands of some of these people who happened to have some of these wonderful traits of critical thinking. This, as we all (should) know, led to Belgium blacklisting and banning the Illuminati and all of their known outposts. It appears as though the roots were not pulled out with the weeds and the plan, in all of its familiar glory, is still working today. There is ample proof of this, and again I say that there is so much proof that I don't need to specifically mention it here but, if it is required, I could simply point out literally thousands upon thousands of documents, which would just be redundant for the people reading this. Most of them would know more than I about these things.

    But, since we need to answer the question of whether or not there is an undeniable plan of this sort, the intentions should do well enough to justify action against it, in self-defense, and the outline and bullet points of this plan are common knowledge and proof of the fruits of its accomplishments are readily available to anyone with either an eye or an ear. So, would we even have a chance against a plan that is so far entrenched so deeply into its completion? Of course. It is just a plan and I will match my wits against theirs any day of the week.


    This document is classified Top Transparent:

    Patriotic Asset: An Introduction

    The purpose of this post is to help potential civilian patriots become effective in fighting the enemies of man and still remain essentially anonymous and unaffiliated with any particular group, and its main purpose is to merely spark ideas and help others to realize the importance of relying essentially on themselves, since trust in one's self is the only true trust, and yet still work towards a common goal of freedom from tyranny for all people.

    This is geared toward a specific type of person, who is both very rare and many in number yet it is, secondarily, stated publicly for the purpose of letting everyone know that this type of person actually exists. This will address how to become an asset, pointing out possible duties of an asset and a short narrative on the implementation one of those possible duties in particular.

    The key to building a patriotic asset with the least amount of collateral damage is to sever the outermost personal ties as humanely as possible and repeat this process inwardly. All that would be left to do, once this is accomplished, is to dowse the sparks at the frayed ends. Allowing time to cauterize these severed ties is the final part of this process. The longer the better.

    This can be done most effectively, not by the asset ending contact himself, but rather to pose a finalizing statement that has a tendency to allow personal connections to voluntarily disengage the relationship. This helps to minimize the questions, curiosity and feelings of attachment on behalf of the personal ties. A simple description of this process would indicate a situation where the asset has the last word, literally. This is actually easier than it would appear, as the more estranged the relationship, the easier it is accomplished.

    The perfect asset has no family, no close friends and, ultimately, only acquaintances who, if caught in the collateral crossfire, would be of a greater loss to the opponent's accumulation of assets. Blackmail, extortion and/or bribery techniques would only be effective, at this level, if they were solely directed towards the asset itself and then only that path of attack needs to be anticipated and dealt with. More energy, education and practice to this end can be purposefully implemented.

    Eliminating the chance of collateral damage has a paramount purpose of potential attackers having to find an alternate plan and, in so doing, narrowing the path of attack, resulting in the asset having less openings to guard against.

    The duties of a patriotic asset can range from elimination to propaganda and everything in between. Anything that can be seen as consistent with the goals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on the behalf of each and every individual should be considered necessary to meet these obligations.

    Inherently, even the oft ill-conceived attribute of self-preservation can, in at least one way or another, be considered a decent quality, even if only in the sense that self-preservation, in and of itself, is a protection and continuation of life. The potential of any individual, regardless of past actions and/or current motives and intentions, is always an unknown factor and is to be considered a malleable tool. This includes both patriotic assets and enemies (opponents).

    Communication amongst multiple patriotic assets will result in a conceivably enormous potential for a network of very effective and essentially indefensible infiltrating troops working towards a common goal.

    The opponent has relied upon compartmentalization techniques such as top-secret and need-to-know and the weaknesses have been identified with these techniques. Consequently, they can now be effectively exploited and the effectuation of antonymous ideals should be considered essential in the attainment of victory. In this case, opposites detract, not attract. These types of ideals can be found between each and every line of America's founding documents which were written to defend aga
    inst our enemy's current system. Their exploitation of these ideals were vital to the victory status in which they currently revel, and the transposed regression which can be returned will be indefensible for the very same reasons.

    To understand how compartmentalization can be effectively exploited, one first needs to understand the purpose of compartmentalization. To put it simply and succinctly, its main purpose is to protect, in a multitude of ways and for multiple reasons, the levels above each other.

    The ultimate culmination of all levels reveals a very small group, or even a single person, at the top. It is my belief, and theory, that the sole intent of a “secret society” is the attainment of as much power and control (for ONLY a single person) as possible, while the secondary purpose is to manipulate the “second” small group in such a way that this sole intention is still implemented, except for the fact that the secondary group is baited in such a way that they are led to believe that they themselves are considered at the top and even crucial and indispensable in their positions. The very nature of a secret society lends itself to this truth, the use of fear as control and the elimination of individual rights being the proof.

    Exploitation, with this understanding of compartmentalization, is now a only a matter of the utilization of the individuals in each department. The purpose of compartmentalizing, which is now clear (protection), acts on the value system while simultaneously ignoring those same values (of those individuals). The realization that the tasks appointed to a person in a particular department are actually carried out for the purpose of a higher goal (largely unknown to that individual) and the true intentions of that higher goal, in most circumstances, may prove to be important with regards to that individual's value system in the sense that the higher goal may not comply with the individual's values. A breakdown in this top-secret system, at any particular level, is one possible goal for the patriotic asset, with the intent of compromising a compartmentalized person (an opponent's asset). This type of sabotage is not all that uncommon and has proven to be effective in weakening the overall structure. The damage control implemented in these cases, on behalf of the enemy, is a drain on both resources and morale. It would also be rational to expect that the higher the level inflicted, the greater the effect would be, but this is not always the situation. A rash of infections at the lower levels actually tends to spread faster in both directions and can sometimes lead to affecting higher levels, the probability of which, when directed at higher levels, is not necessarily true and, in fact, more unlikely. The individuals chosen at the higher levels tend to be more loyal to the cause, although still should not be seen as in-malleable.

    How does one force a break in this chain of top-secret compartmentalization? The most effective and direct way is the implementation of second or third-hand communication with the level (or levels) below you, or below any individual's level (always working on the level BELOW). This can be in the form of information (provable truth) or a manipulated first-hand witnessing of facts or events which are otherwise unexplainable and which will lead to a conflicting of the values of the target. The more breaks in this chain of command the weaker the system becomes overall and, with each and every break, if performed in a timely and organized way, the quicker, more efficiently and the more effective the collapse.

    Ideally, there should be no formation of groups in a patriotic structure and this would also include the absolute absence of titles, both of the individuals and the movement itself. Without an easily identifiable target, due to the detachment and solitary orientations of patriotic assets, the enemy cannot organize an tenable attack and any such attacks, additionally, would not result in the type of collapse which lends itself the their type of system. We can assume that, especially with the amount of compartmentalization in place, that most of these attack plans would be influenced and dictated by the only structure they are aware of – their own. Their knowledge, or lack thereof, of a different (opposite) system is a weakness of theirs and a strength of ours. Even their consideration of its existence would not aid in implementation, for obvious reasons, and any energy spent on this futile attempt will not only be superfluous but will most likely provide openings in their defenses. Eventually it will become clear to many of them that most advantages lie with us and an increasing accretion of the decreasing morale of their ranks will only prove to be yet another advantage.

    This treatise is written in such a way which precludes the need for secrecy by implementing a process of complete honesty and transparency. To fight (and win) against a system of compartmentalization, a system which mirrors the devices and intentions of their now-exposed system is necessary. There is no information here that, if shared with the enemy, can be effectively neutralized for the simple reason that secrecy has no effect on it and basing a strategy of defense against it is nearly impossible with a secret society whose system is based, fundamentally, on the compartmentalization of its members. In other words, if you see the importance of it, you should have no fear of distributing it in places where it can be accessible to as many potential patriots as possible and even to people, who you may know, who may be able to make use of it in an well-conducted fashion. It is especially valuable for those who may already be entrenched in various levels of an organization and/or various levels of awareness. A dismissal of this document by unwilling participants is nothing more than that – a dismissal. As was previously mentioned, this is geared for a specific type of person.

    In life, there may very well be two ultimate sacrifices. One would involve the sacrificing of one's soul. The Bible, as it is written and interpreted, just might have bred into many people a weakness which prevents them from battling the forces that threaten to enslave and destroy them. War is neither optimal nor is it always unavoidable and even angels have participated in them, with the blessing of God. This is merely something to consider if one feels a need to assist in a cause, since the possibility of redemption is always a concept which can be factored into the equation at any time. Only the conditions may change for an individual and/or his or her surroundings and a cause implies a desire for a change of current conditions.

    Continued in reference document titled,
    Advanced Patriotic Asset Duties: Top Down Affliction

    You see? I can fill a few pages full of bullshit just as easily as they can. I have not exactly delved into what I wrote with exacting precision but I do believe that it is a pretty solid framework which addresses most of the aspects of their plan and effectively details a plan of attack which would be successful if carried out faithfully, if I do say so myself. What could a person come up with given a full day or two, I wonder?

    So, what are the odds that somebody else in this great wide world has done something, or is currently doing something, about our plight? Don't know and, frankly, don't care to know – the odds. The question is, simply, is there somebody doing something?

    Fulford, Wilcock and Drake are just three that claim to be doing something or, at the very least, know of somebody doing something. But what is being done? Where is the proof?

    Let me take Drake, for example, since he is the latest to be making such claims. Everything he said sounded great, right up until the end of one of his interviews, on 4/12/12, I believe it was. All was good and nothing could be said to really disprove that what he said was happening really was and the reasons all appeared so
    und, too. Then he said something which scared the hell out of me, especially if things were going as well as he claimed, and that was that he said we would need “boatloads of lawyers and CPAs” to assist in the formation of our new (revitalized) system. I am not a major history fanatic but I am pretty sure that lawyers and bankers were the scourge of the earth as far as our founding fathers were concerned. And they were proven right. Drake knows this – or he SHOULD know this, that is. Hmmm…interesting. But beyond that, before he made those statements, I had some “interesting” exchanges with the Freedom Reigns site. I merely requested to see these ancient Sumerian texts concerning common law which he claimed to have gotten a hold of so I could compare with current laws and documents and I was backhanded and stuffed under the rug. Recognizing that I was being brushed aside, I replied that I was not satisfied with their answer and another request was returned with more of the same. Even though my requests were addressed directly to Drake, the only communication I had was with “Freedom Reigns” people, so I cannot actually take issue with Drake himself. The issue I must contend with is that of the compartmentalization which is so prevalent in the Bad Guys' structure, except in this “new” system of “freedom, liberty and transparency for all” instead. Needless to say, my request was simple, straight forward, addressed directly to Drake and free of any malicious intent and the dismissal of it left a bad taste in my mouth. Now, suddenly, it appears that there is a falling out between Drake and Freedom Reigns, and my gut tells me it is not over money issues, although there does seem to be some bad blood somewhere in the mix. Now that Drake is moving his message to Wolf Spirit, there is a chance that he might actually see this post and I would welcome him to address it, if he wishes. I have the string of emails and he could decide for himself if I was justified in my accusations. It's all there, and then some.

    As for Fulford, I have always trusted him based on his actions. Just the fact that he would occasionally address me personally said a lot, as I would not expect that kind of attention from a cabal agent, but that is not the only reason. The fact that he does get information wrong, so terribly wrong, would seem to indicate to me that he is being fed bad info deliberately. Putting his reputation on the line, unless it was for a generally well-intentioned purpose, wouldn't seem to be a worthwhile pursuit, when he has so much personally invested in that pursuit. The elaborateness of the disinformation would, likewise, seem to suggest that he is close…to something. One of two things are likely to be true with these facts as I presented them. One is that he is completely working for the cabal as an insider (his videos of his calling for their arrests and even executions would still indicate this as a possibility, as being part of the scheme). The other is that he is merely getting fed bad info deliberately, the cabal using his plan of attack against the cabal against him. There is a third possibility which is that everything is a made up fantasy in his own head, but I tend to dismiss this one, since the info he got had to come from somewhere and some of it is at least corroborated and many things, although not on the time-line he suggests, do come to pass eventually, which is an interesting phenomenon to say the least. He is never one to brag when they do, either, he just trudges on with his reporting, apparently somewhat accepting that he will get some things wrong and even admitting it and suggesting scrutinizing discernment for the followers of his posts.

    Wilcock seems to be in the middle of all of this, somehow, some way. As an admittedly third-party corroborator in all of his reporting, Wilcock, strangely enough, would seem to have the most to gain monetarily from it all. I am not accusing him of anything, obviously, but I think of these three, he seems to be the most susceptible to the games elites play, but that is just my opinion as an outsider. He would be the “mark” I would go after of all of these people, if I were the cabal. He could, consequently, be the largest thorn in their side if he could play this angle to his advantage – and I think he is smart enough to do it. If he realized that he was being played, he could turn it around against them, if just he plays it cooool…

    It still comes down to the question, “Who do we believe, if anybody?”

    Hell, I don't know. I just used this comment to get the transcript of the patriotic asset out to the public. The rest is all just window-dressing. The subject matter seemed to be slightly on-subject, but at least I am being honest, forthright and transparent. Yes, also a bit sneaky, I'll admit that.

    I will take this opportunity to ask, however, that Drake be questioned quite poignantly about the need for lawyers and accountants. Also, I would like to see (with specific passages in these Sumerian texts) how and what changes he suggests for our standing founding documents. Personally, with experience now under our belts, I see a need for lobbying the government as the most important issue to be addressed and permanently placed into these documents. With all of our forefathers' great insight concerning the worries of banks taking over, it seems odd that these issues were left relatively unattended. They had the right idea with not allowing titles to be shared when in office, but this has been greatly ignored, to our detriment. Clearly, non-tolerance is necessary in allowing lawyers to hold office in government. Even the Judicial branch has used their lawyer-speak skills to the distinct advantages of ulterior motives and agendas, while working hand-in-hand with the moneychangers to rewrite the laws to benefit them and not the people. Last, and certainly not least, is an issue which can be broken into two parts. We can learn from history if we choose. The first part is that of diligently and continually weeding out the corruption (as opposed to Jefferson's suggestion of once every 20 years or so). If this is not done on a daily basis, with perhaps an annual celebratory dismissal of any government servants not upholding a certain grade or criteria, then we will be right back where we started, eventually. This has been proven, so why not learn from this, our largest mistake to date? The other side of this corruption-removal coin, is a participation of American citizens, in previously unprecedented amounts, in their own governance and societal changes. While this cannot be forced on everyone, I believe there are enough of us, currently, who do see the dire need for this.

    The changes we must deal with moving forward, by essentially going back and removing and/or changing the laws which our legislators and judges have incrementally put into place by twisting the ideals of our founding documents, will be great but not too much to handle. If we can get our personal property rights back, as was originally intended, we will no longer have a need for all of this government dependence on which we currently rely. We may need to be slowly weened off of these programs of decay (since we let it go this far) but we will be better off in the end. Now is not the time to underestimate mankind. There is a perception, wielded by the corrupt forces, that regular citizens cannot rule themselves and this is an inherently and exaggerated falsehood. Every word of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution is built upon the principle of a governing of the people, by the people and for the people – solely. Can I get a HOOORAH on that, Obama? (Didn't think so.)

    I would like to hear Drake address these issues specifically, as the answers to these types of questions should not be a risk to the success of any military operation taking place. And, if he could, please have him alleviate any concerns we citizens might have regarding any and all contingencies which m
    ay result in taking candy away from a kicking and screaming baby-elite – who happen to have troops, WMD's, heads of states up the wazoo, and all of the money in the world. While they may have all of these things and may lose them all to the good factions of the MIC, it should also be understood (by everyone) that even if the good guys win this battle, the war would probably be far from over and any subsequent shenanigans on behalf of any appointed CPA's, lawyers and military personnel will most likely be dealt with by real patriots, who will not let an opportunity like this be passed up. Once the seal is broken, it will not be allowed to be temporarily patched up again.

    Just my opinion.

  14. Below are listed the latest Drake claims. On the broadcast he said that these were unconfirmed but from a very reliable source. Given the claims & the lack of confirmation, why bother to give an update regarding such rubbish, hardly fit for the National Inquirer, unless that's all you have. In my eyes, at least, this discredits him. Why has the plan changed from mass arrests to taking down one at a time? We don't have forever. Right now it sounds to me like Drake is being duped

    Randy, appears you were correct.

    Drake claims as of 4/19/2012:

    1. The generals under the Joint Chiefs of Staff told everybody to “shove it”
    2. The Secret Service and Delta Force are ticked off because they’ve been “dumped on”.
    3. The Secret Service has pictures of Hillary Clinton partying in Columbia while Clinton was supposed to be at a nuclear conference in Turkey. Israel is “livid”.
    4. The United Nations is under heavy investigation.
    5. The Central Banks are in an uproar because of several items that have been filed against them.
    6. Panetta was told that he is not the boss of the military.
    7. The arrests of the politicians, banksters and others who have been working against the best interests of humanity will happen “one at a time”. Drake stated, “I guess they’re going to shoot at the big guys and carry them away.”

  15. "Patriotic Asset" Cringe. Anything that is part of dehumanising human beings is wrong. Listen to the language. Anything that would use this dehumanising language "patriotic asset" is part of the brainwashing. It is also American jingoism. This language is not used anywhere but America and is part of what is viewed internationally as indicative of a deep sickness in the American soul.

    "Now that Drake is moving his message to Wolf Spirit." Oooops, Randy, sit up an pay attention. You are now a subset of Wolf Spirit. You are no longer Randy Maugans, independent truth seeker.

  16. Poor Margaret…always the one to piss on the camp fire. So nice to have YOU to tell me who/what I am. Maybe the America-haters like Margaret will one day have a real champion to follow…somewhere in EUROPE…home of the Dark Lords.

  17. Yes, summed up neatly in 7 easy to read yet impossible to fathom points, Drake’s story has more holes than a pair of fishnet stockings. But, false hope sells. I think it’s time to caution the sincere against these snake oil salesmen that are bleeding the energy from the magnanimous “wanting to believe in something good” folks. And that includes the Fulford/Wilcock ilk and their cultish, half-baked, unsubstantiated claims of deliverance — into a new mafia of all things (!) — spun around a very strange dynamic of secretive information and special interpretation.

    So, the Dragon Family will supposedly replace the Bavarian Illuminati and all will be well? Hello? Ninjas and Asian mafiosos will scour the existing power structure and bring harmony to the good of all? Are we living in a comic book?

    Two things to remember, the Queen still controls 23% of the land mass of the earth, second only to the Vatican.

    What I resent is being tooled, as if it’s real information. And many sincere folks are falling for it because it brings hope. Meanwhile, we’re busy here trying to survive and help others transcend in a very real matrix-ruled world and working our way around and beyond it. Don’t screw with us!

    I like activism. I like to encourage participation and self empowerment. I love to see people expressing their passion for freedom and a better world – as long as it’s going somewhere – most importantly towards a fully conscious awakening to the big picture.

    This is simply new age religion. The well-intentioned are strung along on supposed “facts” from doctrinal or channeled information and ethereal suppositions. Religion preys on false hope. Yes, we all are searching for something to work towards our favor following this dystopian nosedive that our civilization has taken, but we must not pin any energy on false hope and blind faith. This is exactly how religion operates. Anyone who has had a conscious awakening and come through some of these paradigms can recognize them when they come back around. It’s all based on belief. Either know, or don’t know. It really is that simple. But the matrix programming will fight that. Learn this precept. Have a good heart, use your intuition, and do not be misled.

  18. I have requested SPECIFIC questions—questions of substance to be asked in the upcoming appearance on Freedom Reigns with Drake. Please see the article here:

    Questions should be presented IN THE COMMENTS of the announcement.

    The difference between a skeptic and a cynic: skeptic-to look, to consider. Cynic-a faultfinding captious critic. If I were to debunk Drake, then I need to examine openly and question honestly. I am neither a "believer", nor a "scoffer"…I am doing my job, which is INQUIRY, and doing so in an open forum.

  19. Brilliant, Patricia. Back to what christine margaret said in an earlier post. Trouble is, not many people want to take personal responsibility.

    …and Randy, I don't follow anyone. American, European, black or white, moslem or christian, ET or demon. I am my own person, I lead my own life, I make my own decisions, I follow my own conscience, and for better or for worse, I take the consequences of my own stuff-ups. So less of the "poor Margaret".

    However, I do confess that, from time to time, I take it upon myself to crack through American brainwashing. I can't say that my shock tactics have any more success than any other approach, but judging by your anger at me, when you are normally such a rational man, I might just have hit a nerve. I do hope so. You have engendered perhaps the highest calibre conversation on these issues on the web. It would be nice if it stayed that way.

    …and you know there IS a deep sickness in the American soul!

  20. Randy, agreed – and my questions have been posted as requested.


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