Counting the Cost: MASS ARRESTS or French-style Revolution?

Counting the Cost: MASS ARRESTS or French-style Revolution?

I’ve had enough time to digest the whole scenario mapped out by Wilcock’s “Financial Tyranny”, Fulford’s headlines from the Asian underground, and the recent tour de force of the Drake messages (which mercifully have slowed to a trickle—he did actually shut up). As I wrote in a previous post:  Just because a thing CAN be done does not equal that it SHOULD be done. 

Some of the commenters here noted Drake’s statements about executing certain cabal operatives with great horror. I have been circumspect on one level because the sheer scope of the crimes perpetrated against humanity by these beings is so immense that it almost demands shedding of the blood of the guilty. And for the ones who would be without remorse, that still seems fair to me. I am not averse to execution where the crimes are in extremis.

Recent history around both the Nuremberg trials and the South African Truth and Reconciliation hearings affirm that humanity views bloody despots to be deemed worthy of mortal vanquishment. The level of damage to humanity, collectively, would likewise demand the ultimate penalty, no doubt!

What bothers me is not the actual final rendering of justice, but that we, as flawed beings, could ever take solace in such proceedings, much less the gleeful cries of the masses as bodies hang from trees. On one scale, evil has no actual accounting system because we collectively participate in its existence. What we should contemplate in any such event that we are “liberated” is IF we, as a collective consciousness can finally accept responsibility FOR freedom, Because doing so will require a brutal level of honesty which humanity has rarely accepted.

While the American revolution proceeded from a premise of freedom and only acted in a military action after the entreaties for peace were rejected. The American experience, severely flawed by the rancorous divisions of Federalists and anti-Federalists, nevertheless proceeded with some measure of moderation which yielded the product of the Constitution and the even more disputed Bill of Rights. Americans wished to return to their industry rather than risk internal warfare.

The French revolution proceeded from a collective rage against Louis XVI and moved toward his subsequent execution. From its inception, it was prone to corruption by radicals like Robespierre, the wholesale slaughter of over 16,000 people, and the rise of dictatorship by the Jacobians. Tyranny most often merely changes faces—and they are the faces of the collective temperament.

Wilcock’s voluminous “Financial Tyranny” documentation outlines clearly the linkages between bloodline elites, occultist bankers, and the Satanic practices of pedophilia and human sacrifice by these cabalists. On one hand, we have the $TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT of Neil Keenan and the “Dragon Family”, on the other, a military faction within the Pentagon who appear to have long planned to implement an American liberation without martial law or violation of posse commitatus.

My questioning to Drake, in the interview, included a challenge to him about the character of the people who would be liberated. It seems that we, collectively, have suffered immensely, but that suffering has been vitiated on a larger scale by the sense of well-being reflected through mind control media and the drug of easy money. The elites in America understand that their own power lies in maintaining the illusions of wealth and the promise that anyone can “make it”. Unlike the early American revolutionaries, modern Americans have not yet had to “bet the farm” to sustain their perceived freedoms—we are still far too free to feel oppression intolerable. Our “frog” is still alive in warming waters.

Looking around America, one sees the edges fraying, the slow uptick in those who are beginning to see that something is profoundly wrong. The 2008 financial crisis was so extreme that it risked waking up the natives. Like 911, it had the potential to begin a domino-effect wake up that the elites could not risk. Hence, the bail-outs, and a new President who mouthed the platitudes of “change” as a mantra to quiet the collective. We still have no suffered enough…

The moral climate of America is tilted: the “haves” are doing QUITE well. And there are still enough of  them to maintain the American Illusion. The “have nots” are still too scattered and ineffectual in their own responses to make a movement like Occupy gain traction. Most people are just distracted, drugged, and enamored of their own vanities. Selfishness and greed are the dominant motivators on every level of western culture.

Drake and his military plan for taking out the cabalists MAY actually succeed on the tactical level. We have to consider that. As I stated in a comment recently, I do NOT think this man is lying. On the other hand, I worry about the motives of the new leadership who would fill the vacuums left by the forced expulsion of the corrupt ones. I also have to ask: who gets to enact a new GLOBAL economic system? While toxic debt-based economies are an evil easily understood, the more base motivations of the human collective leave plenty of space for “gaming” any system, even one based on substance and equity.

Both Wilcock’s unfolding scenario for replacing the decayed monetary system, and the one presented by James Martinez on January 1, demand hard questions about the people who claim the right to “issue” any such economic order. Any group which presumes to be of sufficient power to proclaim a “new order” is, themselves, subject to the present state of human moral depravity that brought us here today. The problem is one of the state of collective human consciousness.

An America…a global system …which is “liberated” from the current criminals who run it, would require complex systemic problem-solvers on a scale never before experienced. This would not be a “turnkey” operation, by any means. Moreover, it requires a complete re-think of our relationship with materialism, and each other—or it will quickly devolve into a mutation of all the failed experiments of history, with horribly violent consequences.

Despite all the best efforts of men and “angels”, my take is that the present model of humanity is far from capable of existing in a system free of despots. We created them in the first place to assuage our own shadow sides, which have not yet fulfilled the work of purification. Optimism, righteous anger, and the desire for “justice” can all be eclipsed by the unreasoning animal mind that still exists in the mass of humankind (and in saying that I mean no disrespect to our fellow beings, who actually operate in their own best natures).

For over a year I have followed the continuous outpourings from “ascended masters”, Galactic Councils, Archangels and various soothsayers…all chorusing the expectations of NESARA-style economic justice, elevated human consciousness and a “golden age “of possibility and hope. People like David Wilcock harness these genuine hopes that many hold, and garnish it with righteously researched data. We all know why we “deserve” this revolution, but do we understand that it comes with a PRICE…one that humans have not yet ever wished to pay. The downside is one that promises even worse oppression until we understand the dynamics of OUR roles as both oppressor and liberator.


  1. Complex systemic problem-solvers,,,,,,,,,,,,,SPIKE's, boy i hope there are enough of us.

    yet i agree, it is not as cut and dry as some would put it.

    """"An America…a global system …which is “liberated” from the current criminals who run it, would require complex systemic problem-solvers on a scale never before experienced. This would not be a “turnkey” operation, by any means. Moreover, it requires a complete re-think of our relationship with materialism, and each other—or it will quickly devolve into a mutation of all the failed experiments of history, with horribly violent consequences.""""""

    We must begin in a systemic way, freedom of speech is the way to lay the ground work so that they will have to and forced to allow the problem solvers to mature as well as florish rather than keep us down and harvest solutions and other such things from there farms.

    forgive my abstract verbage as i am atempting to not be generalized while covering a large swath of things.

    I tend to get animalistic when on my own, cornerd and wounded surrounded by the enemy,,,,,,,,,those in charge are that way even when they are well fed and healthy so i have to say giveing them what they want did not work, there still shitwads.

    This is why some are done with all this BS and are considering more dirrect actions, yet most still want to try it in a more calm manner.

    Thing is we have shot many warning shots over there bows, and they know we dont want to go the public all out slug fest route, not because we wont win.

    you could say just like MArion Kqomo said in 83 about religions.

    probley spelled his name wrong.

    and i just found out about his speach.

    Thing is for change to take place takes the people of America to back the good guys, in whatever from that may take.

    ok my rant is done, for now.

    here is a thought, why not help me get my family titles, that should make a shift.

    But then im not som Luciferian or pretender backed by the Cabal like the place holders were that left there posts right after i tagged them.

    So how come im not in Malta like Laffosse was, or Interviewed like DEvere VonDrakenborg was and books written based on my interview, .

    maybe i should mention some of this on the Camelot topics, but since im hear might as well just say it.

    So if my experience and the players involved that anyone can google and put the time lines together, and for the real savy computer types just hunt fo my emails to Laffosse, Devere, VAtican, Prince of Monaco and Templar orders.

    Trust me, i would not have put my farm on the line in this if i was not holding a Royal Flush,,,,,,,.

    When the prince of monaco flew to the white house the day after i sent an email to him expressing what i suspected was going on and made a suprise visit tothe white house, that same day Bush SR was trying to fly to Vensuala and his plane was grouned twice to do weather and mechanicle issues.

    So i just felt i should give a bit of background of why i tend to sound like imight now a few things that go on at the upper levels of this all.

  2. Nobody is coming to save us!

  3. ive been called nobody many times,,,,,,allot of nobody's in the world.


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