Crisis, what crisis? Bad actors and criminal media

Crisis, what crisis? Bad actors and criminal media

See: Behind The Scenes (literally) at Sandy Hook: Crisis Actors

Whatever really happened that morning of December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary, we can say that there was enough prefabricated theater to ever trust the mainstream media again. Truth is now so elastic it can be scripted, staged, and executed (errr, sorry…bad term) by bad actors with full complicity of major news outlets who need to sell ads over the bodies of alleged dead children. 

The emotions of an entire country(in fact, the world, as has been related to me by some friends in Europe) have been willfully, maliciously manipulated and exploited on a grand scale to what end? Installation of fear and paranoia? Acceptance of more jackboot tactics by the HLS/FEMA goon squads?

Public mass trauma is a very old game now. I recall as a child seeing network news footage of children burned by napalm in southeast Asia. I dimly remember that Sunday morning in Dallas, TX, when Lee Harvey Oswald was gunned down on live television—I was watching. My children were treated to the 1987 live TV suicide of  Pennsylvania State Senator, R. Bud Dwyer on a day when schools were closed due to a snowstorm. Then was the wall-to-wall live coverage of 9-11…images do not fade easily.

Real violence occurs in the world, and it shows up in front of our eyes often uninvited. But it now seems that a nation which feeds on violent imagery through films, gratuitous TV shows offering endless autopsy scenes, and first-person shooter games, is now so conditioned to death that we manufacture it as a way to manipulate the collective psyche. So-called “reality TV” is consumed without the average viewer being aware that it is also scripted, with camera angles, make up, and re-takes. Now the reports from the so-called news media are exposed for the frauds they are. I guess when we accepted the blurring in our consumer viewing we also elected to be deceived by the “legitimacy” of TV journalism.

Viewing the evidence below, everyone needs to be put on notice that your news media are liars, whores, and shameless child abusers; complicit in a deception of criminal proportions. If there are truly dead child victims at Sandy Hook, their deaths are a mockery simply by the deployment of fictitious witnesses and extremely poor performance by Crisis Actors, their financiers, and handlers; and most of all by the major network news outlets, who betrayed their public trust by collaborating to deceive the world.

Moreover, every pubic official, the police, emergency workers, and Federal Offcers who acted in any capacity are to be held in scorn, and appropriately prosecuted for potentially conspiring to obstruct, giving false witness, and falsifying public records. They should also be civilly sued for damages down to the last threads of their suits! I, for one, have already stated as much in an email to the officials in Sandy Hook, the State of Connecticut, and several media outlets. The media outlets, which enjoy use of public airwaves, should be likewise fined and sued for their betrayal of the public trust; and their advertising patrons publicly boycotted and pressured for funding these liars.

Given the preponderance of evidence to the use of Crisis Actors in padding the Sandy Hook events, Congress, were they to have any credibility, would hold public hearings investigating the deployment of HLS/FEMA funds to pay for scripted “fake” shooting incidents. At the very least, we stop it with our refusal to read, watch, and listen, any longer, to the mainstream press. They are dinosaurs at the point of extinction anyway, dry up those salaries and send them off to mothballs. 


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  1. hi randy…here is another ordinary, basic and intelligent person with some good points on the "psyops"…i don't watch football, so this guy's point is interesting to me…
    i hope more and more ordinary folks will speak out…our voices must be heard.

  2. Nice work Randy. I think Sandy is a staged shooting to far. Some people will never get it but a lot are beginning to scratch their heads. At long last.

  3. Just when i thought i could no longer be surprised by any new info…well, i am stunned and surprised….no idea this kind of heinous behaviour was in play………my mouth is still open. Thanks for pulling all this research together to reveal more on the evil side of human beings…(dare i call them that?!) Cat

  4. It's a sorry state of affairs when nothing surprises me anymore. (Troubles me and disturbs me, yes, but surprises me, no.) I think that the "cabal" folks are pushing the envelope. A 20 yr old troubled kid killing his mother I could believe, but not this.
    What I am still trying to figure out is the following: the entire town of Newtown can't be involved. Assuming that there were people murdered, are they so brazen as to interview these fake people knowing full well that the Newtown community can see exactly what's happening? If you had a child who was friends with the victim "Johnny Doe" and you were acquainted with "Johnny Doe's" parents, then you would know full well that the parents who were presented as "Johnny Doe's" parents were "fake parents". I can only surmise, then, that the "parents" interviewed are the parents of fictitious children that never existed. (I would like to think that no murders occurred and that it is all fictitious; that is probably wishful thinking on my part.) There have to be plenty of Newtown residents who recognize that the people being interviewed, such as the school teacher, aren't "real". How do they silence the community? I fear that they have been somehow threatened into silence.
    This applies to all of the recent "false flag" shootings.


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