Crystal Clark: Cosmological Ignorance and Slave Mentality

Crystal Clark: Cosmological Ignorance and Slave Mentality

The BIG issues regarding humankind on this planet, in this age, are seldom dissected so well as this post from author/researcher, Crystal Clark, who will join us this Wednesday night to discuss these issues.

“In accordance with the idea that it is impossible for an individual to understand something their power and income depend on them not understanding, financial benefactors of mongering aren’t going to be much help in changing things.”


Ignorance being a necessary counterpart to emotional manipulation goes well beyond ignorance of biological systems,  or even who the “real” terrorists are—it applies to everything—even cosmology. In each case however, the same pattern should be observed: the shadow of fear and doubt is either eliminated with proper knowledge, or cruelly exacerbated and exploited among the uneducated. In the biological sector of this pattern, fewer and fewer unwitting parents are eagerly lining up to inject their babies with toxic chemicals and live viruses because proper knowledge has overcome the relentless fear mongering/marketing of pharmaceutical companies trapped in the greed-to-death cycle. The same thing has been done with GMO’s—proper knowledge of GMO side-effects has finally overcome the baseless (fear mongering) claim that GMO’S are the only way to feed millions of starving people. [NOTE: The definition of fear mongering: abaseless fear designed to $ell you something—snake oil salesman].

In other words, this form of emotional manipulation is equally (and almost always) tied to financial gain. When gossip mongering morphs into fear mongering in money markets, stock prices are simultaneously manipulated by speculation—very public and repetitious speculation. Further, character assassinations are based on the same premise: dubious rumors and speculation are often enough to destroy an individual’s reputation, long before they ever get the chance to defend themselves and prove those accusations wrong. This is often referred to as “being tried in the court of public opinion” but in truth it is based on being tried in a court of emotional and social manipulation.

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