Dancing Backwards Over the Abyss

Dancing Backwards Over the Abyss

David Martin at Inverted Alchemy (and who appeared on the show recently) posted an article,  Intrepid Into the Unknown, that is most insightful on current events and trends in the economic arena—but also a broader view into the HUMAN problem that is really the over-arching issue. I offer some views here with excerpts from the article.

Read the full article here: http://invertedalchemy.blogspot.com/2012/01/intrepid-into-unknown.html

Problems cannot be solved with the same consciousness that created the problem,” needs to embrace the corollary that “Solutions cannot be manifest through the application of metrics conventionally used at the time the problem was defined-David E. Martin, 

This view cuts through the myopia of most of the “change movement” (call them #occupy, the truther movements, or the disclosure crowd), as well as the complete fictions of the de facto government, a/k/a The United States of America, Inc.  In fact, pretty much all of us have been dancing backwards.

What hasn’t changed is the mechanics of consciousness: the same people using the same tired paradigms, shopworn slogans, and a thin veneer of “love and light”, but who still hold onto a “comfortable” postion in the middle of the abyss. The global systems are in a freefall, and structural changes are on the frontal lobes of the collective psyche. But the changes are merely another layer built on the old assumptions and the prior platforms.

From the 20-something Occupite who cannot find gainful employment with her liberal arts degree with a specialization in conflict studies to the recently engorged Goldman Sachs executive wondering how he’s going to make ends meet with his paltry slice of his government-subsidized $1 billion profit sharing bonus, the future holds terrifying opacity for both.

Without fundamental changes in the human heart and a profound willingness to sacrifice the comfortable for the unknown, we are simply in “re-do” mode. Worse, most everyone wants a champion, a sage, a seer, or an architect for change when, in fact, they themselves are unwilling act on their own behalf—or of humanity-at-large. 

Regrettably, however, I have encountered, during this same time, the thus-repulsed masses clinging relentlessly to the agents of the incumbency as they clamour for an alternative experience. “Give me change,” they cry, “but make sure that it comes in a form that I find palatable.

There ARE changes coming…make no mistake. Some of these changes are more of the same old backwards dance…others will be a complete revolution of thought, practices, and social-economic practices. The mind that can embrace the hardest changes…the ones that WILL benefit mankind long term…will also be the mind which has drastically tilted itself toward the HEART of the matter. 

A clue here: most of the so-called “change agents” out there are status quo. They sell you bromides instead of solutions; they pump the air with their fists, claiming they are winning…when, in fact, they have made themselves comfortable with convention. They have large audiences, book sales, and insider handlers that steer them—and you toward the nearest safe harbor when, in fact, the safest place to be is out in the deep waters.

But what I find the most amazing is the number of individuals who profess a desire to learn how to engage transformative processes that we’ve demonstrated can be reliably replicated throughout the world but would like them to have boundaries of time, budget, logistics, and hierarchical (un)certainties – NONE of which exist when you’re truly operating outside the enslavement of the mechanized colonial industrial complex and memes.”

The “crowd” that gathers itself in admiration…in hive mind mode…venerating the so-called “visionary” that dazzles them with the latest “whooh whooh”; that distracts you from your most important work—your development of spirit and consciousness; these are no different than the cheerleaders of the cable network news, daily papers, and yadayada websites.

Martin writes in conclusion:

Your reflex to look for both the utilities with which you’ve become comfortable (schedules, budgets, creature comforts, etc.) and the validation of others (encouragement, praise, peer validation, etc.) through which you’ve come to expect affirmation are in absolute error. If We the People seek to engage the needs of humanity and the ecosystem in ways that alter our collective experience of enslavement and extractive wont, we must embrace a liberty from the trappings of convention at all levels and accept that the world we seek will be unrecognizable through the optics with which we’ve existed in the consensus illusion of the present.

Anything less is not “change”, it is a re-do of the same old paradigms. It is the slavery of the soul which dances backwards over an abyss from which there will be no return. Taking back one’s power is solitary, but it moves into the collective with power once affirmed.

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