David E. Martin: Bribes at the Supreme Court for Thermodynamics

David E. Martin: Bribes at the Supreme Court for Thermodynamics

Following up on the James Martinez disclosure (NASA Senior Scientist Threatens Cold Fusion Advocate James Martinez)  at the Global Breakthrough Energy Conference in Holland, this article from David E. Martin sheds some light on the issues the alternative energy movement MUST deal with, including their own evolving paradigms.

Bribes at the Supreme Court for Thermodynamics

“…incredible is the insistence that, with adequate financing (do we recall that the money is distributed by private institutions for the benefit of their shareholders?) we would be able to unleash alternative energy that would economically harm the shareholders that actually mint the thing that we “need” to destroy them.” -David E. Martin  

David E. MartinSpending two days in Hilversum (Netherlands) at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference provides ample cognitive deuterium to power cold fusion reactors for the foreseeable future.  All kidding aside, Global BEM did a phenomenal job of doing something I last saw elegantly executed by John Petersen’s Arlington Institute.  With an aptitude somewhat unique to the Dutch, they assembled one of the most improbable of audiences from all corners of the globe and exposed them to content as dimensionally complex as the attendees.  Under the moniker of “Breakthrough Energy” – a more suitable term than the ecosystem disrespecting term “Free Energy” which fails to account for the constituents contributing to the system – they appealed to an expansive consideration of how we animate our future.

I couldn’t help but marvel at the allegedly uninvited guest that seems to haunt gatherings such as this.  From Foster and Kimberly Gamble’sThrive: The Movie to the coffee breaks in Hilversum, the ghosts of Bretton Woods, the IMF, and David Rockefeller were running amok again.  The evidence of the homicide of alternative energy efforts seen to threaten the global financial system was presented by speakers ranging from Canada’s Honorable Paul Hellyer to George Bush’s Former U.S. Assistant Secretary for Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts.

While in years past, these voices were seen as fringe and discounted as conspiracy theorists, in the wake of the continued accountability and performance failure in the global financial sector, current headlines lent a certain credibility to what is very old news.  This post is NOT about the fact that, since 1913 and unquestioned since Bretton Woods cum International Monetary Fund, the current monetary system is controlled by and for private interests at the expense of public interest.  Rather it is about the apparent cognitive dissonance that should disprove the First Law of Thermodynamics.  By observation, in an isolated system (the passionate advocates for alternative energy paradigms), energy expended in blaming the global financial cabal for non-adoption of vital technical solutions is infinite. 
Why the title for the post?  Well, for a bunch of reasons.  Read the rest of the article

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