Divine Illumination (Cosmic Consciousness)-Walter and Lao Russell

“In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation.”

From Matt Presti and Robert Otey – http://thesecretoflight.com/

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The Secret Of Light with Matt Presti 



The just released TEC Unit 11
From: mattpresti  | Dec 30, 2011  |  

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All words read herein are from the various works of Walter and Lao Russell. This unit explains Divine Illumination and Cosmic Consciousness both spiritually and scientifically. Divine Illumination, the ultimate goal of all mankind, which when understood and practiced, will bring about a real and true “civilization” of world brotherhood and sisterhood between all mankind. The supreme mystics mentioned herein, are to give the example of what man can become through the knowledge and inspiration of the kingdom of heaven within himself. We do not endorse or support any single religion or belief system. We are simply stating that every man is as connected to the Creator as much as these supreme mystics of antiquity. To the degree that you desire the light of illumination is to the degree you may express that power in your own creations and in your very being. This is the spiritual light of mind which the “profane”, may in no way approach or enter into. Be pure of heart. Seek, and you will find.
A very special thanks to our group of guest narrators (in order of appearance):
Patrick - http://youtube.com/snordelhans
Jacquelyn Porter
James Porter
John Kale - http://cosmicgnostic.com
Tracy Kieffer
matt presti - http://mattpresti.com
Lori Presti
Robert Otey - http://feandft.com
Michael Leas - http://moonfeather.org/
Daniel Alva - http://youtube.com/spritmatterman
Jason Verbelli - http://youtube.com/therealverbz
Ronnie North - http://rnorth.com
Raui Searle - http://youtube.com/rau369
Music – “Trinity of Illumination – I, II & III” – matt presti
Produced by matt presti and Robert Otey
Not For Profit – Educational Only Video.



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