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“Drake” Protected by ETs/EDs?

From JohnKettler.com

ETs/EDs, Spooks, “Drake” And The “Plan”

ETs/EDs Involved In The “Plan” “Drake’s” Talking About–Paying Off A Karmic Debt

ETs/EDs who owe humankind a great karmic debt are apparently an integral part of “The Plan” being publicly discussed by “Drake” and widely reported on the Internet. ETs/EDs’ involvement may explain how the security lid has been kept on–for decades–on a secret supposedly now known by 90% percent of the Pentagon officers, yet unknown to the writer’s highly cleared contacts.

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  1. Overview

    The languages used to program networks today lack modern features. Programming them is a complicated and error-prone task, and outages and infiltrations are frequent. We believe it is time to develop network programming languages with the following essential features:

    High-level abstractions that give programmers direct control over the network, allowing them to specify what they want the network to do without worrying about how to implement it.
    Modular constructs that facilitate compositional reasoning about programs.
    Portability, allowing programs written for one platform to be reused with different devices.
    Rigorous semantic foundations that precisely document the meaning of the language and provide a solid platform for mechanical program analysis tools.

    The Frenetic language addresses these challenges in the context of OpenFlow networks. It combines a streaming declarative query sub-language and a functional reactive sub-language that, together, provide many of the features listed above. Our prototype implementation handles many low-level packet-processing details and keeps traffic in the "fast path" whenever possible.

    Not to be a bummer Randy, but Drake does not sound credible, not saying he's not in on the game,,,,,,,just seems there is way to much alien programing talk,,,,,,,so the Aliens are running a programing operation for the Aliens that are in karmic debt to us,,,,,,,,soulds like the abuser saying in round about ways, we screwed you.

    So if Drake is credible he has told on himself as a programer to controle what, people or computers

  2. There it is, i knew i jumped to conclusions, i was going on other than listening to a drake interveiw, i got confused as to the intent you might say, crossed wires, it happens,,,,,not often but it does, sometimes i intentionaly cross wires to jump start things.

    There are allot of things coming to the surface Randy, inhibitors leaving, hard to explain and this is sorta a differnt topic, yet where i fit in all o fthis is a bit difficult to explain.

    I wanted to share something that is on topic yet may not apear to be so and will explain how the cabal operates,,,,,,AI artificial intelegence has been around long before computers.

    For the last hundred years AI has been in over drive,,,,,,,,,1's and 0's, on of, profit loss, statistics, by the numbers status quo, binary logic,,,,,,,,,2 dimensional logic being used to guide society in a 3 d world, it is a tool that if used properly inhances the 3 d logic. Now we are leaveing the 4 th world, the lesson of 3 d is it has to understand the proper use of Ai or 2 d.

    That is the simplest way i can explain it,,,,,,,,,,the short term for AI is Status quo,, it is eitehr on or off.

    I just watched the TV show Grimm, you could say im sorta like that, a Grimm.

    Finnaly a modern main stream refernce that fits.

    So i just wanted to clean up what i wrote, not out of guilt or shame ego stuff, more out of a good example of how i can even jump to a conclusion without having anyone tell me hay Joel you mixed him up with someone else.

    And well i did, and i acan also see the slip stream of it, as in it gives me the place to show an example of what a person should do, and cleen it up.

    Im not saying that people that i lumped Drake into do not exist.

    I mistakenly lumped him in with a few of those that prefer to focuse on Aliens solving all our problems.

    So if some of what i just mentioned confuses some it will get a bit clearor.

    Freenetic programing, setting a stage caste franticaly at the last minute if done by intuition, instinct and for good intent leaving statistics, numbers and otehr such status quo AI(artificial intelegence) out of it then it can be used as a good tool.

    So ya, saving face aint in my nature as most know what honor is about.

    My code is built on a 1 D, 2D, 3D,4D, and i can glimpse the 5D.

    most operate on 2D alone, some delve into 1d in good ways and bad,,,,most speak of 3D, some practice it, some even learn to walk in a 4D way, Budhas and such,,,,,,but all five few ever attain.

    how i know this has baffled me until i cam across writtings on the five wisdoms, the five Vadjras and such, i could not quote them, but ive found what i see lines up with these things.

    What was done to me was to hinder me from being my full self,,,,,,Alien and extra dimensional, i suppose it in ones perception that such things exist.

    An Arctururian i would welcome as a brother, a reptilian i would make sure he did not have a knife in his hand when he tried to hug me. But like i know a Pleadian can go bad so can a Reptilian go Good.

    what am i, well sometimes i wonder if i have some other world DNA in my code.

    What if i can activate it in others and free them from programing bonds or other such things.

    A GRimm (or Arcturian)))perceptions))))

    Grimms, hunters who fight supernatural forces, a line of "guardians" known as "Grimms," charged with keeping balance between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world.

    In my study's and life experience i found this in my line, not whitch hunters as most know them, more like spiritual cops, magical as well.

    Cunomaglus Apollo, Belinus Apollo.

    So Aliens, ED's, Magical bloodlines, Warrior Bloodlines, and many aspects of humanity expressed in the extremes in all forms.

    So Aliens i have to ask, which time period, intermixed lines of human and Arcturian, Pleadian and Reptilian, Sirrian, ETC.

    im not to savy on those aspects, i dont discount them but i dont think its all about aliens, just maybe some Angels, maybe God is at work, and could be some Aliens involved but that is not dramtic enough, so a pitfal of AI in the statistical selling points to be heard, this has to change is all im saying.

    And again in all this my bad for lumping Drake into that group. oops.

    as far as the author of the whole Alien stuff i have no opinion on that.


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