Duncan O’Finioan: Of Trolls, Evil Twin, and the Camp Hill II Gathering

Duncan O’Finioan: Of Trolls, Evil Twin, and the Camp Hill II Gathering
by Duncan O’Finioan
Well, it didn’t take but minutes for the internet “trolls” to start their “dis-info” smears about this event.
Bravo guys, good job.
Just one problem…..It didn’t work!! AND…It never will!!
You wanna know why? Really?
I made the statment a few days ago that the people who are going to be there are worth it.
Damn right they are! So, put that in your pipe and smoke it!
Now, I think it’s time I said a few things. Set some things straight. So here goes.
When I wrote that piece, “I quite!” It didn’t mean what so many out thought it did.
It meant we quit trying to do things the accepted way. The right way in the common every day way.
NOT in our way!
BTW,,,Yes I do have a twin brother, and we are NOT friends!
My twin stands on one side and I on the other. But he is very good friends with several people in the media…
You can figure it out for yourselves.
Now, about CAMP HILL II.
Miranda and I are going to take three days and cram as much information and training into everyone who joins us as possible!
Like I said, each and every person who attends with us is worth it, and more!
We charge just enough to break even. NO big profits here. So all you people yelling to the world that we are only after the money,
two words for ya. “Shove it!” Were doing our jobs!
We are not promising people false hope, ( hell, we tell people to get ready for the sthtf!! ).
We are not telling people to, don’t worry, be happy!
NO! We are telling, and training people to be ready!! Because no matter what you think or believe,
THE SHIT IS GOING TO HIT THE FAN! In ways most of you could never imagine!
So that’s it.
Take it for what it is, or don’t.
We hope to see you there….
D & M



  1. Hey Duncan,
    It's good to hear your doing well. It gets to me, that whenever someone tries to do any good – suddenly the maggots appear – with complete disregard for anyone. IS there a machine somewhere, that alerts the 'ptb' whenever a good deed is done? It sure feels like that sometimes.
    Also, I get sick of hearing the majority of people waxing lyrical about the sanctity of life – yet – most people look the other way, when people who try to do good, are being hounded out of existence.

    Keep on keeping on, Duncan.
    All the best.

  2. Please don't disregard this reply as a hoax!
    I need, some way shape or form to make contact with you.
    I have some unexplained experiences happening within.
    As these occurances are becoming more painful and of energy depleted!
    Guidance is needed! So, if anyone is out there?, Mr. D. Please help!

  3. Awakened Sleeper-
    Contact me via email and we can communicate. Your comments don't contain any email contact info.

    Email: host@offplanetradio

  4. Training People to be Battle in a Couple of Days? Sorry I didn't know You were the Messiah! Good luck with the Loaves and Fishes! Mal

  5. Training People to be Battle ready in a Couple of Days? Sorry I didn't know You were the Messiah! Good luck with the Loaves and Fishes! Mal

  6. Mal, EVERYTIME you put Duncan down, you are putting all of us down. WE are the ones learning from Duncan, being inspired, and taking what we learn to create/pursue our own path(s). Yes, we learned some moves to defend ourselves and maybe even strike back at an attacker….yet you criticize and step on our efforts and the efforts of Duncan to pass on some of his knowledge, as if they mean nothing. What I did after Camp Hill I, was to take a sword class to learn forms and strikes, to become more disciplined. I was SO inspired by the 3 days of training that I took additional instruction when I went back home. I was and still am SO inspired by the kindnesses and helpfulness and PATIENCE of Duncan and Miranda that I had to write to you. I needed to explain to you that your words have consequences. You are so good expressing hate, you're like a professional, a power hater.

    I have concluded that your hatred of Duncan has made you very twisted and cruel. Your putdowns and pushdowns are penetrating. Not to Duncan & Miranda, but to those in our group who have been weakened by people like you throughout our lifetime. You have made yourself the enemy to people like us, and I don't even know you! We are striving to improve our lives, our skills, mostly our confidence in our abilities, old and newly acquired ones. D & M lift people up and provide support and assistance. And there you are with your putdowns, criticisms, cruel remarks, stabs to the heart….it's not Duncan that you are affecting, it's US. Many of the people in these gatherings have been controlled, tortured, beaten and worn down, by controllers/parents/handlers who say the same things that you write. You are the exact opposite of what I've seen in Duncan and Miranda. I hope to Heaven that you are not a parent, or we'll be seeing your child(ren) in these gatherings trying to help repair the damage you purposely wielded.


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