Duncan O’Finioan: The Holidays Daze

Reposted below is Duncan’s latest blog post, wherein he vents mightily on the upcoming season…to wit I only will add: “Dittos!” (with apologies for Rush Limbaugh droogies). 


The Holiday Days

by ofinioan

Oh,  joy to the world. They’re here . . . AGAIN!

The Holidays. You know — Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hate ‘em. With a red burning passion. I much prefer to call them “The Horror Days.”
Now, just hold those fingers from the delete key for just a few minutes and hear me out. These are my thoughts. From my experiences and my beliefs. Mine and mine alone. Just because I have a slight speech impediment from being shot in the chin and have a Hillbilly accent does not mean that I don’t have my own thoughts. I don’t act like it, but my IQ is over 200 (Yes, I do read the forums for a good laugh).
Now, I am not going to go into what most everyone already knows about the true origins of these two Holidays. Not my purpose here. What I do want to talk about is all the damn hypocrisy I see at this time. Let’s see, where to start . . .yeah. Toys for Tots. What a fu***** load of horse****!
Do people really think that a child laying awake at night with their belly’s rumbling and freezing because there ain’t enough heat or blankets, gives a rat’s ass about a damn toy? Give me a break! I know I didn’t. Yeah, I was one of those kids more than once. And what about after the “Season for Giving?” Most people go back to doing what they do best. TURNING THEIR BACKS!
You see, the way I see this is that these people try to make themselves feel good. They don’t really give a damn about others. Just themselves. We’ve all seen them. They walk out of a store, on their way to their $100,000 SUV and drop a few coins into the Salvation Army bell-ringer’s pot. Makes ‘em feel all warm inside. “I just helped a poor child have a wonderful Christmas with a used toy. It makes me feel so good about myself.” I wished people like that had those “used toys” shoved up their asses!
Oh . . . and to those “Bell Ringers.”  The next one of you that points that damn bell at me and wishes me a Merry Christmas is going to get that bell rammed up your ass.
The Salvation Army. What a joke. I have witnessed how those “Army of God” soldiers really treat people! They treat them like crap! The comedian Robin Williams once said, “Reality, what a concept.” No shit! The “reality” is that millions of people, and so, so many of them are children, are homeless and hungry. But most only care or pretend to care about this during the Holidays. That’s reality. Damn, what a concept.
Until the human race can care about itself, care about each other, truly care about those in need, it will stay covered in darkness. No matter how much love and light you believe you are projecting, it will not matter. You can have love and light coming out your ass. But until you are ready to physically, emotionally, and spiritually ” take care of each other” you will have nothing but darkness masquerading as love and light.
Over and Out
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  1. Could not agree with you more Duncan. After all your stating the obvious. Which shows if it is not obvious, there is something wronge. Proving your point there is mass mind control. I also agree the human race has not been given a fair chance. This means there is no justice, which is unfair to humanity. Which makes whatever ego controlling entity dangerous to themselves and the Universes.
    Peace and Love to you Duncan and Miranda.


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