Farsight Institute: Did we dodge the bullet on the coastal global Earth changes?

In what some have referred to as “weasling out”, Dr. Courtney Brown has issued the following video explaining that the very large February 13, 2013 Russian meteor shower, which hit Siberia, WAS the predictedf event seen in the Farsight Study of 2008. While some will criticize Dr. Brown for his comments, and have even hinted he was “paid off” by TPTB, I will remind the readers that I wrote abou this PROBABLISTIC ASPECT of RV in my article of August 1, 2012:

“One other important point: Remote Viewing is PROBABLISTIC. Bear in mind how probablities are compounded when analyzing data from multiple sources. There are X-Factors is all of these RV outcomes, and multiple time lines and the influence of the collective human consciousness all play into the results relative to predictability….

Above all—no outcome is a “done deal”, nor should one assume a fatalistic attitude. Each human is the determiner of their own individual fate. Never neglect the spiritual aspects and focus on the leading of YOUR intuitions and spiritual development. Doomsday scenarios have a balance in the intentions and personal soul state of each person. The “take away” is be awake and trust in the Divine spark that is within each one of us.”

Alfred Lambremont Webre reports:


In this video update, Dr. Brown concludes that 15 February 2013 meteor event over Russia, the largest since the Tunguska event, coupled with the close approach of the roughly 50 metre asteroid2012 DA14 thar occurred about 15 hours later may constitute the meteor or asteroid event referenced in the Farsight Institute study, which predicted a global coastal event destroying most coastal cities on the planet in June 2013. Dr. Brown states he does no expect any other meteor or coastal event between February 16, 2013 and June 1, 2013 based on the Farsight study. Dr. Brown refers to the holographic nature of reality and to the his remote viewers having possibly viewed a global coastal event happening in June 2013 on Earth in some other timeline or holographic version of Earth or parallel universe.


  1. Things can change in a nanosecond that efects outcomes.
    Most only speak about things AFTER an event occurs. Hats off to those
    who put our early warning!!

  2. to the people who seem to feel that 'prophecy' did not come true…did you seriously want an asteroid/whatever to hit earth just to prove someones views….offs gimme a break ! timelines people, timelines……..

  3. That's what amused me after the Olympic Games in London. People were really, genuinely pissed off that an atom bomb DIDN'T go off while they were there! Am I crazy or are they?

  4. This reminds me of a repeat of Hoaglands Comet Elenin hype except with an opportunity for a early rescind.. just in case? The attention and profits (in many ways) Hoagland recieved from Elenin infuriated me also because he had my full attention and belief. I never gave C. Brown's prediction credibility, furthermore, all the years I can remember back C. Brown was the only remote viewer that claimed to see beyond 2012. Hmm…Just saying.


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