Former White Hat Operative Louis Kahn Nin-Sleaze Bag Internet Tailpipe Sucker

Former White Hat Operative Louis Kahn Nin-Sleaze Bag Internet Tailpipe Sucker


Louis Kahn Nin-Sleaze Bag Internet Tailpipe Sucker

WARNING: This post does contain elements of “adult” (so-called) behavior and graphics of  sexually explicit nature. STOP HERE if you are someone with sensitivities which could be inflamed!

Louis Kahn Nin-or an incrdible facsimile

There are several more posts to come on this subject…

Misinfo, disinfo, misdirection…or the use of a convenient sleaze bag wannbe…it all adds up to the same thing: a culture so rife with innuendo and paradox as to render it all MEANINGLESS! And that is the point of this particular post: to dissect (like a frog on a slab) one such vile puke, who goes by the name of Louis Khan Nin. (Note: there are speculations about alternative identities for LKN/FWH. For the purposes of this post we will simply stay with what is uncovered to date. Remember, that in the virtual world, there are many alternate identities and scenarios that can shift into play. That also is part of the “game”.)

 It all begins here on the blog of Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy with this jaunty little note from Kerry

Ha!ha! Funny stuff, eh Kerry? And, hey, let’s encourage Louis who JUST started up his blog…yep! March 6, 2012 is when the first post squirted off the page. And Louis…lucky Louis…he lands on the Camelot (oops! Kerry’s) blog with a great big link to his site! Coincidence? Wethinkest not.

Now that one little episode would have gone unnoticed (certainly by me, I had sworn off Project Camelot for good, and even ended the endless Kerry Cassidy/Camelot  comments threads on  the website because I just couldn’t stomach it anymore) had it not been for the post Mr. WhiteAss posted about Sarah Stranga and the subsequent intel that popped up via Duncan O’Finioan’s informant about this “Louis Khan Nin” character.  You can read that here.

OK—making fun of celebrities and public figures, like George Nouri, Ms. Cassidy (who really IS beyond parody at this point), Alex Jones, Aaron McCollum…even Duncan (he’s a big man, can take care of himself)…even little old me…all within the realm of parody and satire…great fun! BUT—there is a line that is drawn when mental cruelty kicks in and this sick freak crossed it on several levels.

Louis As the Erotic Warrior of the Illuminati

As we ran through Louis’ various web assets, something disgusting came up: this guy is not even a clever parodist or satirist. He is a BOTTOM FEEDER PORNO WRITER who exploits vicitims for CA$H. But Louis, of course, is a true blue fan of himself. He wanted to participate in the weeny roast (ooops! Sorry there Louis) so he subscribed to Duncan’s blog:

Former White Hat just followed O’Finioan’s Blog.
 Blog URL:
 Here is their info:
      Name: Former White Hat
     Gravatar Profile:
     Location: San Diego, California, United States

If one located this original Louis Kahn Nin WordPress site, one was greeted with blog posts featuring salacious prose and semi-pornographic graphics pimping (I use that term quite literally) Louis’ recent “literary” works…all featuring nubile young women in sexual poses with Illuminati/CIA/Mind Control themes.

Within hours of the time that we discovered this other side of Louis…’lo and behold, all the posts are DELETED!   For a “former white hat operative” this guy is pretty dense…REAL insiders cover their track BEFORE they get found out, eh, Louis? Fortunately, Google did cache a sample of the now-deleted site:

Click to enlarge image

Louis, how come you dumped the site contents so quickly—you should be so proud of yourself…a little “premature evacuation”, eh?

Fortunately for us, Louis is a true blue AMERIKAN capitalist and he cannot resist having his wares out there for the occasional coke-bottle glasses, drooling geek boy nutter to find—great fun!  And the PayPal dollars do add up. So, thanks to EBooks publisher, Smashwords, Mr. Kahn’s prodigious  output is still there all to see.

Just so we are clear (as clear as we can be in this “Alice-In-Wonderland” latrine): “FORMER WHITE HAT” is Louis Khan Nin, porno writer.

You Wanna Peek At Mine?

Let’s look at a couple of examples of Louis’ wonderful imagination, shall we?

 “I’ve strung you up like this for a reason,” she said. “I needed to know, for certain, that you could take my kind of pain and remain sexually stimulated. I also needed to demonstrate this fact to you, if it were true, which it clearly indeed is…You’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. You’re handsome, intelligent, articulate and,” grinning as she noted, “impressively hung. “ -My Afternoons of Agony & Delight

“Three stories, three confessions of a taboo nature by one perverted fellow. “ - Three Perverted Confessions

A Google search on Louis turns up pages of links to his little cottage industry business of writing grade B pulp fiction for wankers. The TWIST in his recent works appears to be attaching the MKUltra/mind control/black projects angle to his otherwise pathetic parade of useless porno. Yes, Louis is simply deploying good marketing here…ablbeit, marketing with a decidedly cruel spin to it.

Victimizing The Victims

Would you, for instance, find it funny if Louis used Down Syndrome patients in his books…or what about amputees…or perhaps deaf-mutes, or schizophrenia patients? Well, why NOT? After all, they too are ripe for the picking. In Louis’ world, EVERYONE is a slut, a “ho”, a slab of meat for ejaculatory pleasure…mind control victims—c’mon in!  After all—KERRY thinks it’s amusing.

Well, it’s not funny! What most people on this sicko planet do not grasp is that EVERYONE is under some form of mind control. The disclosers from secret projects are just the ones who have had the ability to narrowly escape out from under it and reveal details so that the rest of us might WAKE UP before we are all assimilated.

People like Miranda Kelly, Sarah Stranga, Barry King, Andy Basiago, and dozens of others NEVER did any of this for money! Not ONE of these witnesses have profited from their activites, and in most cases, have PAID DEARLY for coming forward. There is no money in the dark revelations by ex-project survivors. There is no profit—even in the “cottage industry” scale for books and videos by former mind control subjects, sex slaves, or MiLABS abductees.

Now, for Louis…well…it does appear there is a market—a squalorous, wretched , smelly market—for people who just want something quick to “get off”.  Pornography, on whatever level, whether you are the pathetic scraper like Louis, or the mega-hits, high gloss video mavens like Vivid, have always done well, financially. In fact, before there was a “web”, there was BBS and USENET with its thousands of private rooms where lurid little people exchanged grainy, cheesy porno GIF files.  Nothing new under the sun!

So glueing an MKULTRA/mind control/black projects theme onto carnal acrobatics is NOT new…it’s not original…and it is not even clever. Hiding behind a bogus blog that makes use of faux revelations about insiders…and mixing it up with an obvious doofus like Sean David Morton or David Wilcock simply muddies the waters. Funny, huh?

What is NOT funny is that all this serves to just create more public rejection of truths about our military-industrial complex world that places the average (or sub-average in the case of readers of Mr. “FWH”) into another layer of hypnotic trance state. We laugh, we point fingers, we smile, and CLICK! Back to FOX News or MSNBC for the REAL stuff. The surrealistic pillow falls into place for the sleepers who cannot ever wake up.

What is even more NOT FUNNY is that what was at one time a, presumed, serious “whistleblower” website like Project Camelot (a/k/a Kerry Cassidy) is now completely smeared by having posted such noxious bile in the first place*. FWH, a/k/a  pornographer, Louis Khan Nin cleverly used her (like the models on his porno book covers) to pull hits onto his bogus site—AND to his book site. OUCH! Even better, Louis serves his masters (who pay him nothing) in the deliberate abortion of the entire truth movement on the internet.

(*Even as this article was being prepared, AGAIN, Kerry Cassidy, was yucking it (LOL!) up with yet another Louis/FWH post:

Kerry is well aware that each time a FWH link is posted the numbers on the blog go up…encouraging this snickering, smack onthe back, “atta boy” comeraderie with pornographer Louis Kahn Nin’s cheesy mockery of the truth movement. THIS IS THE SURREAL ASPECT OF THE PUBLIC MEDIA MIND CONTROL!) Given the mocking tone of the articles, and the complete lack of sensitivity to certain subjects, it appears that Project Camelot is completely duplicitious in this regard. I will also note that Ms. Cassidy has long been fond of employing the term “white hats” in her work to distinguish supposedly “good” operatives inside the cabal.

In a media where click-through rates are measured in milliseconds, a site that can capture and hold attention for even a few minutes of cursory reading is considered to be effective. There are people, stupid and gullible enough, to actually follow this clown, and worse, even believe some parts of the glopped-together articles spilled across the pages. 

Kerry Cassidy knows this…her handlers know this. Project Camelot is VERY well-versed in the metrics of the web;  how to game it, and how to exploit every single nuance. Anyone who has studied even the titles and blurbs to Camelot videos understands the immediate impact they create. The grainy, hand-made videos. The erratic, “WEB 1.0” style of the site…the graphics that are designed to pull the eyes…and the subliminals that are laced into the interviews and articles. All great fun! And ”they” win, because, as McLuhan said: “The Medium IS the Message”.

At a time when serious issues have arisen in the alternative media: the Bill (Wood) Brockbrader videos and subsequent divisions; the current “stolen valor” lawsuit by Don Shipley filed in Florida; strife and name-calling, ridiculous and unconfirmable tales of elite arrests coming from Fulford…the endless litany of promises issued from “Galactic Councils” regarding “Peace and Prosperity” settlements…it goes on and on…WHY would Kerry promote an obvious sleazeball like Louis Khan Nin? Or why would she not? (The answers to these questions are partially cast in my article, The Alice In Wonderland Trance State).


  1. all this crap makes my stomach churn….kick them all under the bus……

  2. Ya Randy this guy is seriously sick, and sick guys like these seem to permeate the web & our collective consciousness. It's like swimming in a beautiful pool….enjoying the bliss and connectedness of the moment and you look down in dismay to discover a big turd floating in the water…you look over & see the guy that did it…& you KNOW he did it…but he turns away & tries to look innocent. I think for now it's best stay out of filthy swimming pools where foul and ignorant children are playing and pooping in the water. Let the little shitter stay in his poop pool and let's go body surfing instead. The ocean is mother's milk. KC can play in the dirty waters too if she wants to…what you guys are doing on your site & Miranda & Duncan & Dave & Sarah & all the good people on the blog sites that are coming out and forming meaningful communities…this is the ocean of goodness that we immerse ourselves in…next time we go swimming & see another rotter straining as though passing a pumpkin….just put a diaper on the brat and send him to the festering kitty pool.

  3. I didn't realize Kerry was helping get traffic to this guy's site.

    What the heck happened to her, anyway?

    Well, time to reevaluate a bit.

  4. Thank You Randy!! It is sad to see how easy to pull people into this trapp! But, the good news is i can see in this war how those RATS running around try to save themselves from the sinking ship Unfortunately a few good man go down with the rest of the ship.. Randy!,, You did so much and a wonderful job we all so apprecieted. I think if people didn't get it by now? that's to bad,,,,Thanks

  5. Hey, AssHat,

    Keep thinking I am a loose cannon, keeps you far from the truth. Do you really believe those books are real? Hey, have you considered I am Kerry Cassidy? Ben Fulford seems to think I am some former global elite banker wanted by the Russian gov for helping steal trillions with the CIA. Then he thinks I am some guy connected to the Fed Reserve in Hawaii. Maybe I am. Or maybe I am Anthony Forewood as Duncy Osmegma Unit197 thinks…

    But all of you are so far off. Does it matter who I am, really? I am what I say I am: a former intel officer with 20 years in service who was connected to the white hats and then left to form the Brethren of the White Robe. We work closely with the Plejarans and Andromeda Council to battle Cabal tyranny. We expose te ugly truths, like we have with phony Dunc and his transvestite CIA handler, Dave Corso. You don't have us fooled, Ass Hat. We know who you reallly are.

    And oh…yes…2.5 million hits on my hpung blog…and only three links to it from your article here.Guess you don't have the kind of audience Kerry and I enjoy. We reach people, you reach crumbs with your insane conspiracy theories about super soldiers.


    Your Friendly Neighborhood Former White Hat

  6. Anyone who feels this "White Hat" blog is committing defamation of character should report them to the URL below. He's using a site, and they are fairly strict about taking down blogs that violate their terms of service.

  7. What Goes on Here?……Serious attempt & attention to derail alternative news committment to expose lies to find truth. Serious interference with normal forum conversations discussing 'information' abroad. Taking it down to the lowest publically allowable level of consciousness.

    I commented in a post when Randy 1st started this "can-of-worms" expos'e of 'truth attacks' [attacks on truth by spurious, virus-like invaders from the 'blog-o-sphere'..pointed out by Clif High over a month ago to be a March Theme] that it gave us an opportunity to do an in situ study of disinformation campaigns in action It's really been coming up roses.!

    There are 3 things that came together in my mind on observing this one. (1)The memory of reading at the beginning of the year that the "Pentagon" had hired 1000 hackers to counter 'cyber-attacks'.
    Could we turn this around in this 'Thru the Looking Glass' world to say "hired 1000 hackers to cyber-attack". I think so. Demonstrated across the net during talk shows & on blogs like this. So flooding the Internet in the last 6 weeks, it's almost impossible to read my favorite news spaces.

    (2) A concept conveyed by Gudjieff [in his teaching last century] that "Everything Turns Into It's Opposite". This is how I see "Camelot" which started out simply & had live interviews w/new information. A guy, a gal, a camera, & a 'whistleblower'. Well all have blown out & become their opposites & Kerry links to this foul-mouth entity dripping in contempt, vile mimicry, character assassination, & old, old, crusty, dusty bids to shock & disorient… far away from clear, clean, truth as could be.

    (3) Mind Parasites. Frank O'Collins [} has ID'd The Elite as being insane with a Mind Parasite. This subject well discussed in Colin Wilson's 1967 the Mind Parasites. From the kind of garbage that is being 'hacked' onto prominent alternative news sites or discussion forums where people are getting close to some kind of a handle on the Matrix Game itself, we can witness the invsion of these mind parasites in action. We witness their language, the twisted thinking, the desperate grand-standing to demand attention to their parasitic selves.?What do they produce? Shit. Emzu's image of turds floating in our clear channel of communication is spot on.

    Note these programs on-going 12 years [2000-2012]:
    Ref's:* – Technology – For hire: Hackers to help Pentagon prevent ……/…Cached – Similar
    Aug 1, 2000 – At the annual Def Con, Pentagon CIO said the government's doors are open to hackers who want to help prevent attacks.
    *US Is Hiring Hackers For Protection | NBC New York
    <…/US-Is-Hiring-Hackers-For-Protection.htmlCached> – Similar
    Apr18, 2009 – US Is Hiring Hackers For Protection. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the Pentagon will increase the number of cyber experts it can train …
    *Napolitano: Cyberattacks Came 'Close' to Shutting Down Parts of …
    Oct 28, 2011 – Hackers have come close several times to shutting down elements of the … is in the process of hiring about 1000 cybersecurity specialists to combat hackers. …

  8. Such a sad little life for the little shitter who just can't stop pooping in the pool. Jeeeeeze….doesn't this guy have a job….or a family…or a LIFE?! Must sit around 24/7 sitting in front of a computer…working so hard to get some attention from anyone. One lonely and sad individual. Only an absolute NOBODY would work so hard to convince people he was someone important….like this ridiculously fake WH character. It's the worst schlocky shit ever. More boring than watching "hoarders" on the telly.

  9. I was going to respond to above comment by alleged FWH but a voice inside me said NO….DON'T FEED THE TROLLS

    I completely respect your restraint. I really had ignored it for quite a while. The problem is that twice now this shucker has been linked from Kerry's blog. I have to believe that, for whatever reason, this site is being promoted subtly by Kerry. WHY? I do not know. I took the high ground last time, and then Kerry began sniping after I pulled back my articles and comments. I think it is time for the serious among us to discern WHO is responsible for this disinfo campaign and why. It seems that there is an intense effort at serious dissimulation going on. I don't wish to engage a long war on this, but it had to be addressed.


  10. I like it! You readers of this site GET IT! See guys, while Mr, Former White Undies Operative, spokesperson for the Order of the Bath Robe brags about 2.5 million hits on his site (yeah, right!), and Project Camelot claims millions of listeners (again…yeah, right!), what we know is that numbers are irrelevant. The power of a small minority is far more commanding when they are are focused on this issues and the solutions.

    Of course the intels wanted a piece of the net. As post-911, people began to wake up, it required a new methodology to penetrate, introduce viral memes, then undermine legitimate info sources from within. As regards Project Camelot/Avalon this became apparent with the "Charles"/Atticus debacle at Project Avalon.

    Duncan O'Finioan, in an early interview on this show correctly identified Charles as a hireling thug who was placed in Bill's path to take down Avalon. It worked. Bill and Kerry, already split up, destroyed Project Avalon. We have expected for over a year that the pressure would step on up on the other alternative sites through similar techniques. Sadly, Kerry has needed little more than a few pushes to begin crumbling the remaining cred of Camelot. Burning Bill Wood was the beginning. Now, her total pimping of this phony FWH site erases any doubt that she lacks discernment or integrity.

    Do the math on WHEN this clown started posting and look at the date of Kerry's initial post of his website link: one post, 1 day and Kerry is posting this? There area few possible answers: either this guy is a Camelot insider (like a "Jack Burns"), or this is a PATHETIC joke by Cassidy to upend certain people who are outside Camelot's grip.

    The bottom line: people who buy this crap deserve it. The posts are all fabricated, and for a guy who claims he is a former intel officer of 20 years, there is NOTHING on this site of any substance except a juvenile mindset and some sloppy research that barely add up to even a poor parody site .

    No, this guy is no "cyber expert"…he's just some tool being used (poorly) to create minor little splashes in the mud puddles of alternative media. I am surprised Fulford wasted any time on this putz…Notice, too, that while he posts a comment stating his counts and how small my site is…he bothered to POST a comment here. He is pathetic and desperate and not worthy of the attention he has drawn.

    One more thought here: this does NOT "divide the alternative community"…there IS no community, as regards Project Camelot. Just a feeding trough for Kerry to bilk donations for her "vacations to Belize". The REAL community has already formed in small, mobile units of people…tribes; the aggregator sites that claim big numbers are simply intel honeypots for the hindmost, who will be devoured by the lizards. FWH is simply bait for the clueless.

  11. Some weeks back I took a trip to the weird FWH's blog, and read some of his posts, and it was some of the funniest stuff I have read for a long time…..I seriously thought it was comedy and laughed myself silly. It was SO ridiculous, how could it be anything other than comedy at its best? Had a few good belly laughs till it dawned on me (yeah, I can be a bit slow sometimes) this poor sod actually believes this crap he is posting!

    While I'm by no means an expert on such matters, there seems to be one of two (or more) things going on my opinion. 1) Either this poor guy is very seriously mentally ill (some sort of 'delusions of grandeur' type of 'melt-down' illness, where a person starts believing they are in some way special and important to the planet), or 2) He is under some sort of mind attack by an outside force (arcontic mind parasite? electronic weaponry? or something else along those lines?).

    Whatever might be the cause, despite the good laugh it gave me initially, I had to stop going to this poor fellows site, as I realised laughing at his absurd posts was no better than making fun of an intellectually handicapped child or laughing at a paraplegic attempting to walk. The poor chap is making such a dick of himself, he is obviously in a very bad way, so the best we can hope for is that a close friend or family member will realise what's going on with him, and how ill he is, then rally to get him some much needed support.

  12. I LOVE finding that people have exposed this idiot! FWH… does that stand for FUKN WHALING HOAX:)

    What I find sad is that recently awakened uninformed people buy into this crap! Anyone with a brain would know to question, oh well!

  13. Here is an example of lack of knowledge, or light glaringly displayed by 'the one who shall not be named'.

    Someone asked in a post on the blog of this individual, how to activate the pineal gland.

    The 'one who shall not be named' replied "moonshine"!!!!

    Clearly, 'the one who shall not be named' has no idea about anything to do with evolution of consciousness, and the role of light, or the role of the pineal gland.

    A true lightworker or lightwarrior knows how to discern the energy behind any words for the highest truth – it is the 'bs meter' in the heart core – the high frequency divine light, energy and essence. it that is easy – and obvious.

    Yet everyone has this divine spark within them. The most effective tool we have is to expand the high frequencies of divine, and higher than divine light, energy, essence and love that we can access without limitation from within our own divine core. It is not about destroying anyone, or anything. We have the right to expand our being in this way. Any negative that does not obey a command to leave our 'energy universe' then has the choice to either remain and be transformed by the high frequencies of divine unconditional love, or leave, and remain as it is. The fact is that the negative cannot remain in the vicinity of the light, and love, unless it is willing to change; heal; evolve. It is so simple. We have that unlimited power within each of us. That is what evolution is all about.

    With Highest of Love to All

  14. I am here because of the interview with Paul Mitchell. Paul grants very few interviews. HIs wealth of knowledge has given me power beyond my wildest imaginations. Carry Casidy has done a few good interviews with the author of the Py Ra mid Code and in particular Jim Stone. Stone is a hot potatoe whom no one will touch. But Cassidy did. But she also goes on vacations which means she has funds coming from somewhere. Somewhere sinister perhaps?

  15. Even the elect will be fooled…….Watching it in action now. FWH is the only one along with Idylwild that even attempts to tell the truth. Follow your hearts, people. Not the crowds and the drama.


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