Gate Keepers and Handlers –Part 1

Gate Keepers and Handlers –Part 1

“A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.” -Marshal McLuhan

As I had stated in my interview with William Henry on January 11, 2012, this will be the post (see below, as this will be multiple posts) about an overview of the “truth movement”, whistleblowers, disclosers, and insider/informer-type programming, that is so popular on the web.  As I stated in my closing remarks in that interview, the criticisms leveled at various high profile media figures, on this blog and in the shows, are NOT personal; nor are they inspired by a desire to “take down” media outlets like Project Camelot (assuming I so wished, or could even do that), which have provided valuable insights into the black budget projects, elite rulers, and secret programs, from the UFO/ET cover-ups, ritual  Satanic sacrifice and pedophilia  to large-scale mind control.

In fact, almost anyone who ever works in the area of investigative reporting on these subjects is inevitably confronted with bewildering contradictions, conflicting information, deliberate distortions, as well as the lapses  of memory and judgment that attend the human witnesses. Those imperfections are part and parcel of the process of research and reporting which are unavoidable. In fact, a mark of authenticity is the highly nuanced nature of any such disclosures.

The key elements of secret projects are compartmentalization, obfuscation; deliberate misdirects within the ranks, and of course, the never-ending re-scripting of events and scrambling of data. The best researchers quickly learn that the evidential trail is rarely linear; that it is often jumbled and random; that verifiable facts can be elusive at best, and inconclusive even when revealed.

No simple blog post can do this subject justice: the readership stretches far and wide, and a context for any such article requires a bit of background to establish the premises for what must be seen as both a sociological and phenomenal subject:

  • Facts and proofs are decreasing as the currency for persuasion in the new electronic environment. The new currency is the “effect” in an amalgam of ideas, preformed concepts, and a conditioned willingness to suspend critical thinking, or, as Marshal McLuhan intoned:  “precepts over concepts”.
  • The sheer volume of “data” now present in the environment supersedes even the most ardent researcher’s ability to “pan for the gold”, and locate all the critical connecting points in any given topic. Moreover, the information field is in constant flux. Information today, can be “disappeared” tomorrow.
  • Finally, the shrinking attention span of the consumer is so challenged that “memory” is now measured in nanoseconds, and is only underpinned by the deep emotional connections formed between the dispenser and consumers of information…or more accurately, the group mind of the consumers—with few rare exceptions.

The Modern Age of the Whistleblower

Arguably, the model for this modern age of investigative reporting has a fairly obvious beginning in the Watergate scandal which played out in national media from 1972 to 1974, and took down the Nixon administration. The centerpiece of that epic period in American history was the reporting of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post, who relied heavily on an anonymous source, known cheekily as “Deep Throat” (after a popular porno flick of the day).  From this source came the leads that opened up a Pandora’s Box of damning revelations which resulted in an effective coup d’ etat  and the conviction of 48 public officials. The era of the whistleblower was born.

In fact, while Watergate was the most dramatic public demonstration of the whistleblower effect, it was the earlier events in Dallas on November 22, 1963, which installed the mechanisms of Machiavelli into the structures of the U.S. government. Watergate’s precedent was the coup de grâce of the young JFK, as a nationally staged form of traumatic mind control—followed in rapid succession by the deaths of Malcom X, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King; and the period of late 1960’s upheavals in response to the Viet Nam war.

Age of Conspiracy

William CooperEach event holds elements common in the ongoing work of numerous “alternative media” reporting outlets working on the fringes of disclosure. The earliest template for the work of internet outlets like Alex Jones’ Prison Planet, Project Camelot, Red Ice Creations, Godlike Productions and Above Top Secret (to name a few) is the work of (Milton) William Cooper, a  shortwave radio broadcaster “(Hour Of The Times”) and author of the apocalyptic “Behold A Pale Horse” (1991). Cooper cited his Air Force background and exposure to secret documents about government involvement with extraterrestrials, and connected the ETs and military to the Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Masons, Skull and Bones,  and Majestic Twelve; as well as exposing the dark side of officials at high levels  with occult oaths and rituals at the Bohemian Grove. He also connected the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to the Illuminati and installed the memes of the substituted Jews, or Khazars, as the seed bed for a Biblically-inspired global order of elite bankers known as the Rothchilds.

The Web Effect

In effect, Bill Cooper was the prima materia which spun off an entire genre of rabbithole diving that would spawn countless chat rooms on the then-developing internet. The basic elements of deep conspiracy, aliens, secret societies, black projects, and dark practices were all present in the work of William Cooper, and had both a direct and subliminal influence on the new open frontiers of an emerging media called the web.

As this new media platform took rapid strides, it also produced a heretofore not seen phenomenon: a wide-scale access to multimedia. First, as text on web pages; then, as audio compression allowed, and following the introduction of iTunes in 2001 and the the Atom and RSS feeds in 2003; distribution of what became known as podcasts. Video followed in 2005, as YouTube took form…and the common man, with the aid of inexpensive computers, was able to begin producing multimedia for public consumption. The global media village was assembled in just half a decade as the children of McLuhan took over.

No surprise then, that the overlap of a post-sixties culture of challenging authority, and this new instant access to media—and the millions plugging in—would find among its earliest adopters, those whose  leanings were decidedly NOT mainstream. The earliest forms of “online”, the USENET groups, dial-up communities on BBS, CompuServ,  and AOL had been a haven for the disenfranchised and decidedly fringe groups of the disaffected. Suddenly, the arena became larger.

Was William Cooper “real”? Many have questioned his background, motivations, and his shift away from his original ET claims. Cooper was shot to death at his home in November 2001, under circumstances that many have questioned. His behavior in later years became more erratic and paranoid, his vitriol turned increasingly toward the New World Order, and his sympathies aligned more with the militia movements, along with his fascination with the esoteric.  Like any template, he stamped the alternative media with both his virtues and flaws.

Was he “taken out” for his over the top presentations…or was he a plant? Was he, himself, a mind control subject like those he reported on— gone bad? The questions he left behind still hang in the background of the many online groups where information is the currency, and the counterfeit blends with the truth.

The internet, after all was the child of academic-military research (ARPANET) projects in packet switching for data sharing between military assets. Like all communications modalities, it was “given to us” by the same government entities which became targets of disclosure. 

While the web (a subset of the internet) has been a “wild west” of sorts, lacking the censorship and controls of the mainstream media of TV, radio, and film—and with fairly unrestricted access. One needs to ask: HOW free it is, really? Are there deeply embedded intelligence controllers behind major websites? Is there a hidden strategy to use this new media platform to, in fact, establish new methods of control and to embed even wider streams of misinformation and deception?  

Are certain online media outlets, forums, and groups really part of an ensuing “hive mind” effect to aggregate and harvest various “affinity” types; and to create artificial realities? Just as standards of accepted social norms were gradually altered by the mass media of the 1960s—is it possible that the internet is a tool to now “soften” the perceptions of masses; to blunt critical thinking by substituting group values for individual judgment? Were certain social experiments of the 1950s and 1960s, by intelligence agencies, a test run for a time when humanity could be targeted and voluntarily re-programmed to BELIEVE the unbelievable?  Or to DISBELIVE the truth?

Part 2…coming soon.


  1. Awesome Awesome awesome. I need a coffee and smoke to think about this a bit deeper.

    Thanks Randy

  2. I think it's brave of you to open this whole can of worms up & very necessary. My sense is we [who are interested in truth] are now being called to become disinfo experts in these InfoWars..that is recognizing the tactics of disinfo. Become a "Lie to Me" expert, a "reverse speech" practioner, a forensic facial analyst to sort out what's true. I think you've made a good beginning to highlighting this for consciousness. Take a look at Ed Chiarini's work to further pierce the veil. I think I'm recognizing a new story being spun on latest Camelot interview, especially as Wilcock is being brought in to play on Jan 24th.

  3. Dear Randy,

    Here's a ping-back from the Anti-Zionist forum, "The Information Underground" with host Ognir. I hope that your approach to sifting out the hype will be copied by Zio-skeptics and Judeo-skeptics, another field of revisionist research prone to all the same dangers you have named so accurately.

    And although Project Camelot was dismissed by the Jeff Rense program, which ties into both the audiences spoken of above, the Rense program itself is not really investigative-but tabloid journalism. The Info Underground people generally reject Rense and UFO claims, and stick to serious primary historical material on Zionism, Judaism and Rothschild banking.

    I think that your approach is the most likely one to uncover useful knowledge of the hidden projects, paranormal encounters and provides epistemological perspective to the whole mess, making it easier to cope with rationally.


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